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Best HDTV of The Month

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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch

Submitted by on October 31, 2011 – 5:55 am10 Comments | 2,980 views

Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

Why Amazon?

Because Amazon provides one of the largest databases of products from top brand names to up and coming manufacturers. The products are reviewed by professionals and customers from around the world. Specifications are displayed in detail and there is that classic Amazon customer service that keeps deep track of every sale, every seller, and engages in great effort to make sure you get the best price from the best seller available.

The products come with full warranties, tracking, shipping details like no other and that historic Amazon background that established marketing on the internet as it is today. Rest assured, any purchase from Amazon will be carefully guarded and bring you the multiple options any shopper for a high ticket item like these needs. You’ll be able to surf for sellers of that particular product directly via Amazon and each one is tried and tested beforehand.

Should something go wrong you’ll have the top notch staff at Amazon working with you night and day to get the matter resolved. It’s this kind of service that has made them legendary and a staple of commerce globally.[amzn_product_post]Now that you’ve seen the products here you know it’s time to act. This offer for Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch may not last long as these items can be gone in a flash. People around the world know a good deal when they see one and that’s why you should jump on these items right now. The prices might go up or the items will sell out as they usually do. You won’t want to be left out as you can see these items are of great interest and with the holidays coming up, birthdays, and more, you might turn around and find that they’re gone and you’ll have missed out.

How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • M. L. Wilson says:

    Customer Rating Better than the Sony it replaced, 2011-06-10
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    I bought this to replace a Sony Bravia that developed a black line across the screen about 1/3 way down the display after the warranty ran out. It is bright, clear and easy to setup. I connected to my wireless router and was streaming Netflix in just a few minutes. This is my fourth Toshiba and they’ve all performed great.

  • Customer Rating Great TV, connections for wall mount not ideal, 2011-07-03
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    Bought this with the Cheetah wall mount recommended from Amazon, Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket. The bracket is well designed, necessary spacers and screws were compatible, and for our viewing area it’s fine. But the bracket leaves the TV close to the wall at any angle, and the placement of connections at the rear of this unit makes connections difficult to access. It’s a minor inconvenience on initial setup, and once the system’s in place it’s no longer a problem. However, if you have reason to access the connections with some regularity, and plan to mount it on a wall, that would be an annoyance.
    Otherwise, so far we’re totally happy with it. We’re running the digital sound to a receiver, and the only way I could find to disable the TV sound was to turn the volume all the way down. The documentation is minimal for setup, and they provide a link to a more extensive online manual.

  • Papa Tom says:

    Customer Rating Nice Picture!!, 2011-08-05
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    This new Toshiba is a good value. The only thing it is missing is a post volume control audio output. You would think with all the advances in switching today they would apply an option for this on the back of the TV.

  • Mair Heller says:

    Customer Rating Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    I could not be happier with this purchase. The TV itself is aesthetically beautiful, thin, small frame, attractive base. The TV also swivels on the base which is a big plus since I decided not to mount it on the wall. The picture quality is amazing with many options as far as brightness, color and size. The TV has wifi and is loaded with streaming Netflix, blockbuster, vudu, facebook, you tube and other apps which is great. The only issue was sound quality. As I understand is the case with many LED TVs, the sound on the TV itself is really crappy. However, using one cable, I was very simply able to attach it to my stereo and now have theatre like sound quality. I chose to buy a Toshiba after much shopping because my last TV was a Toshiba. While it may not be one of the better known brands nowadays with TVs, my last TV, a 27″ big old box, tube TV, lasted me over 12 years until I replaced it with this one, and when I got rid of it, it still worked perfectly with pretty good picture quality for what it was. So I was very confident in making a major Toshiba purchase. For this price, do not hesitate to buy this TV, I am thrilled.

  • G. Shockey says:

    Customer Rating Want to love it, but significant flaws!, 2011-08-09
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch

    While waiting for my scheduled home service visit my problem worsened to where the sound and video would cut in and out, and dead pixels started appearing. The last service visit was a joke. After being told by Toshiba and Pinnacle services (the contractor conduct the second repair) that the main board would be replaced, rescheduling the appointment to make sure the part would be in so the tech could conduct the repair, the technician came WITHOUT the part to do a “diagnostic visit” on the television. He concluded the MAIN BOARD and the PANEL needed to be replaced, and he would order both parts.

    I called toshiba “Case Managers” immediately after he left. I basically refused to get off of the phone until I spoke with a supervisor, which never happened. First, James was sarcastic, not open to listening to any problem I have, and hung up on me after arguing with me that would do nothing else but schedule another repair visit. That means I would have to stay home from work yet again, and in the meantime be stuck with a faulty television which I had bought new. After being hung up on I called back and spoke with Brianna, who I had the same result with. She was rude, closed off, and acted like I was a bother to interrupt her day. This resulted in me being hung up on again because I wanted to speak to their supervisor and make a complaint against the product AND the way I was being treated by customer service. So I called back AGAIN, and after a few minutes of arguing she finally began to answer my questions. There is a serious lack of any sense of responsibility to the consumer. They both informed me they were the highest level there I could speak to, although James had to put me on hold to speak to his supervisor on my behalf. From a customer standpoint i find this ridiculous, and quite frankly lousy!

    I waited a couple weeks, never hearing back from Pinnacle regarding the repair so I called them. They explained only one part has been ordered and after that repair, then they can re-assess and order the panel if needed. The following day I received a follow up call from Pinnacle explaining it would probably be late October before the board was received and they can send a tech out!

    I will NEVER buy another Toshiba product and advise all consumers to steer clear! not only is the quality decline unbelievable, but the customer service is a joke!

    They obviously don’t care about delivering a quality product or a decent customer service experience!


    I am so fed up with this television and Toshiba! After having my panel replaced, a wide vertical band started appearing on the left hand side of the screen, just as before. Also, I noticed the sound popping in and out on all of my HDMI inputs. This tv is GARBAGE! I have asked Toshiba to replace the unit since I paid for a NEW tv, but they insist on continuing to send out techs to repair parts. After replacing the LCD panel, the next part to be repaired is the main board. I guess we will see if that fixes the problem. I have had to miss work waiting on repair techs who do not stick to their scheduled appointments (hours late!) and would have rather just stayed with my Panasonic 37 inch (which the 46 inch Toshiba replaced). This is costing me time and money having to deal with this junk product! I NEVER had problems with the Panasonic and I will NEVER buy another Toshiba product again, I advise anyone thinking of buying this TV to stay away and purchase ANY other brand!



    Toshiba agreed to change the panel and sent a repair tech to take care of the job. The old panel was obviously defective… HOORAY to Toshiba for providing the replacement so easily, BOO to 6ave for their lousy return policy. It took a little chasing down but Toshiba made it right, no questions asked.

    The backlight bleeding and clouding seems to be fixed, no edge-lit LED is perfect but it looks as good as it possibly could. The picture is now even and crisp, and I can enjoy watching movies in the dark again.

    The channel lag is still there, but firmware updates seem to have addressed the internet apps freezing and the picture controls reseting. The update also installed skype, which you can use by plugging a webcam into the usb port.

    Not five stars due to the channel surfing lag and the initial letdown.


    I have owned various LCD TVs, ranging from Samsung to Panasonic to Toshiba. This is my second Toshiba television (my first LED) and I must say I will never buy another Toshiba television again.

    To give credit where its due, the color of the picture is great, the design of the tv is sleek and elegant, the 120hz is smooth, and the features/internet capabilities are great. BUT the flaws of the TV itself take away from the potential this TV has.

    The backlight bleed is HORRIBLE on this set. The right side of the screen is twice as bright as the left, which is very uneven and distracting. I have turned the backlight to ZERO and it is still very prevalent. during dark shots it looks like someone is shining a flashlight onto the face of the set. It’s terribly distracting during dark movies. Forget about watching movies in the dark. The uniformity of the screen is awful.

    The internet apps seem great at first, but after a while there have been several lockups and the set will not allow me to access the widgets or the Net TV features. I’ve had to call Toshiba customer support regarding this, and reset my tv several times. Since then there have been several times that my tv picture settings have suddenly reset themselves, leaving me to recalibrate my picture over and over again.

    There is significant lag when changing the channels using the remote. There is at least a 3 second delay between the tuner changing stations and the picture locking in on the set. Its very annoying when trying to channel surf. I’ve never experienced another tv like this.

    I have owned a previous Toshiba television from a few years back. I had ZERO problems with it, this television has opened my eyes to the decline of quality in Toshiba products. I bought this based on my good experience with Toshiba in the past, but NEVER again.

    Unfortunately I bought this from 6ave (from their site) and they have ZERO return policy on tv’s 37 inches and larger. They defer you to the manufacturer warranty. BUYER BEWARE.

    I am currently wrestling with Toshiba’s warranty and service department. On Toshiba’s end the phone support has been friendly enough and I’ve been informed a tech will provide onsite assistance but I’ve been given the run around by Nexicore (the 3rd party repair service). Toshiba has given me several case numbers to contact Nexicore, I have called Nexicore twice and they have no record of any case number for my situation.

    I really wanted to like this TV, but I just can’t. this is the only TV purchase I have ever regretted. Two stars for the potential the TV had, but its a fail.

  • Customer Rating Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    I shopped around and found this to be a good TV for the money and what you get with it. The TV has a thin, sleek design and has more than enough connections and types of connections for the peripherals. I have it in a 14’x20′ room on the long side of the wall and haven’t found any issues with the viewing angle. Hopefully they come up with a couple more apps for it, but it has the basics. I would recommend this TV.

  • V. Rogatch says:

    Customer Rating very nice TV, 2011-07-01
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    Picture quality is amazing on this TV. Colors are vivid. I was watching NBA and Stanley Cup finals on it and it looked so real! I can watch this TV from any angle (well, almost, I cannot see anything from the back of the TV).

    Plenty of ports to connect different devices. All ports are located on the left side. It has 4 HDMI ports. TV comes with adapters to connect RCA video and S-video for your old equipment. It has a VGA (PC) port as well. Two USB ports to connect flash drives or other USB storage devices. I was able to connect my external hard drive to it after formatting the drive to FAT32. The only thing I wish the TV had is analog sound out as my sound receiver is rather old and does not have a digital input.

    Net TV is a nice feature. You can connect this TV to the internet via ethernet wire or using built-in wireless adapter. Now I do not have to have a PC connected to my TV, I can watch Netflix or Youtube without a PC and I can watch movies or pictures from my external hard drive using the media player app. The media player app is pretty good, although I found out that not all video compression formats are supported. It is good for watching your photos – you can set plenty of different parameters for the slide show (background music can be selected from a folder). I did experience some problems with youtube videos: some videos were slow too load, even when I used wired internet connection, but it could be just slowness on the youtube site.

    Sound from the built-in speakers is average, but that’s because the TV is so slim! Anyway, who does not have a home theater sound system?

    Overall, it’s a good choice if you are looking for net connected LED LCD TV. And I trust Toshiba quality, my other Toshiba LCD TV has been running with no issues for 5 years.

  • Sumeet Kumar says:

    Customer Rating Great for the price, 2011-07-06
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    Following are my observations

    1) Picture quality not upto the standard of Samsung, but not bad either. This is noticeable in a showroom where both TV’s were placed side by side. I tinkered around with the settings of toshiba and was not able to reproduce picture quality of samsung (UN46D6300). But on its own, the picture quality is very enjoyable and definitely acceptable.

    2) Speakers are substandard. Will not be enough for a large living room.

    3) For the price, this TV has lots of features (For e.g. wifi internet support, helps in reducing one wire going to my TV).

    After using the TV for couple of weeks, I can say that I will make the same choice again, and do not regret this at all.

  • Customer Rating Quality product, fair price, 2011-06-25
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    Television was easy to set up. Had Netflix up and running over wifi in minutes.

    Picture is clear and crisp, tiny amount of light bleed on pure black screen, but have not noticed it on any of the content I have viewed yet. Has a superb viewing angle.

    Used built in speakers to test their functionality, they are of average quality. I would say for casual watching they are adequate. I choose to use the digital optical to an amplifier to use the web apps.

    The built in apps provide great functionality although the webtv application itself seems to not flow very well and has considerable lag while rotating through the list of available applications.

    The set itself is thin, and as a package I would say it is very aesthetically pleasing. The base feels solid and the on-set buttons are easy to press. I would say the remote, while providing plenty of functionally, it’s physical shape seems awkward.

    I am so far very impressed and glad that I made this purchase. Also, at this price with built in wifi and web applications it feels like a steal.

  • Customer Rating Great value, but…., 2011-07-06
    This review is from: Toshiba 46SL417U 46-Inch
    Received this TV about a week ago. For the price, it’s feature laden and has the potential for a great picture. Case is very thin and sleek. However, there are some limitations which may be correctable with future firmware updates. If you are AV tech savvy and want to calibrate the picture settings, it takes quite a bit of work because each input stores it’s own settings and within each input’s submenu, you can choose from about 4-5 options such as Auto, Sports, Movie 1/2, Standard… Most AV magazines will typically recommend that you turn off all the auto-calibration settings, while this TV has a number of them like Dynamic Contrast, ClearFrame, Autopicture, etc. While it takes quite a few button pushes in the main and advanced menus to set it up, my biggest frustration is that you can’t do this at all for the Internet connected sources. Say for example, you watch Netflix steaming. The TV has a nice interface and streams video nicely using a wireless-N connection (it also does B/A/G but picture definition may be limited by bitrate). When the source selected is Netflix (and also with VUDU and other internet sources), the Menu to adjust picture settings cannot be accessed and nowhere does it tell you which normal input it derives its setting from. So your picture from a Blu-Ray or TV can be made close to perfect, but you have no control over internet sources. I called Toshiba customer service– they are useless so far– I indicated that a firmware update is probably needed and the support tech told me that I should update it again- I explained that I had already done this and she told me to call Netflix for help– I said the problem is not the Netflix picture– it’s a problem with the design of the TV menus and controls– she just couldn’t grasp this. I asked for the next level up the chain of support, but haven’t heard back yet……

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