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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch

Submitted by on November 8, 2011 – 5:55 am10 Comments | 3,129 views

Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

Why Amazon?

Because Amazon provides one of the largest databases of products from top brand names to up and coming manufacturers. The products are reviewed by professionals and customers from around the world. Specifications are displayed in detail and there is that classic Amazon customer service that keeps deep track of every sale, every seller, and engages in great effort to make sure you get the best price from the best seller available.

The products come with full warranties, tracking, shipping details like no other and that historic Amazon background that established marketing on the internet as it is today. Rest assured, any purchase from Amazon will be carefully guarded and bring you the multiple options any shopper for a high ticket item like these needs. You’ll be able to surf for sellers of that particular product directly via Amazon and each one is tried and tested beforehand.

Should something go wrong you’ll have the top notch staff at Amazon working with you night and day to get the matter resolved. It’s this kind of service that has made them legendary and a staple of commerce globally.[amzn_product_post]Now that you’ve seen the products here you know it’s time to act. This offer for Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch may not last long as these items can be gone in a flash. People around the world know a good deal when they see one and that’s why you should jump on these items right now. The prices might go up or the items will sell out as they usually do. You won’t want to be left out as you can see these items are of great interest and with the holidays coming up, birthdays, and more, you might turn around and find that they’re gone and you’ll have missed out.

How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Mike in NYC says:

    Customer Rating Not like the Toshiba’s of the past, 2011-08-29
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    Got the tv on sale at Amazon. Delivery was fast and no problems. I immediately saw that the picture quality was sub par to my 16 year old Quasar(by panasonic) set. This was a huge disappointment. The sound, which I’ve read some complaints about, was not the greatest, though my focus was on the picture more than anything. I could have lived with the poor sound, since my living room is quite small.
    Finally, the remote control was awful. Felt and looked like something you would see in a 99 cent store. Toshiba also used to use good batteries. These were cheap no brand batteries from China. I also have a small 13 inch 1993 Toshiba set. The remote on that set is made of high quality plastics, has Toshiba batteries made in Japan(which still work after 18 years of light use), and is easy to use.
    I returned this 32 inch set to Amazon and I am glad the process was smooth.

  • Greg Burton says:

    Customer Rating Possible Workaround for Audio, 2011-08-16
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    I read the reviews that criticized the audio quality of this television and I purchased the TV anyway.
    What I have noticed is that when the TV sits on a tabletop on the supplied stand, that the sound from
    the bottom mounted speakers bounce off of the table surface and seems somewhat distorted. But, when I
    mounted the TV on the wall, the speakers were no longer obstructed and the sound became acceptable.

    The video quality is as good as described in other reviews.

  • Customer Rating Don’t like the sound, bad HDMI port, 2011-04-17
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    Sounds like a transistor radio, even with the bass turned all the way up and the treble all the way down. It’s going back. Also there was a problem with the HDMI port, the slightest move caused a disconnect. Nice picture though.

  • Richard G. says:

    Customer Rating Beautiful clear picture, 2011-06-26
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    I had already bought the 26″ version of this set and was so pleased with the picture quality that I went for the 32″. I have satellite TV and the HD image run through these TV’s is stunning in it’s clarity. If you can, do use the cables from your cable box to connect up, instead of just the standard coax. It’s a knock out. Toshiba makes good quality televisions and they kept the price down, with these budget sets. Oh, and if you are like me, and you were agonizing about whether to spend the extra dough, to buy a 1080p TV versus a 720P? The need for the 1080p only comes into play when you get into the 46″ screens and beyond. Don’t throw your money away thinking that you’ve got to do that. The clarity of this 32″ is perfect. My friend just bought a 46″ Sony 1080p for about a thousand bucks. Yup, the picture quality is the same as mine. Speakers: the TV makers pretty much assume that folks are running their sound through their home audio or stereos, as I am, so the cabinet speakers are not deluxe for that reason. It’s a non issue. Also, rear port damage is usually caused by overly strained cables (the morons who make the HD cables seem to think 6′ is long enough, I use a longer and softer cord for the connections to the back of the TV). Lastly, many thanks to the folks who took the time to review this television on the site here, because it helped me a lot, as usual.

  • Customer Rating Recommended (if you don’t care about sound), 2011-04-22
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    I bought this TV to be used in my bedroom for basic cable and Netflix via Wii or Roku. This is my second Toshiba LCD, as I was very pleased with the 42″ I bought 3 years ago.

    I generally like everything about Toshiba TVs… good performance for moderate price, sensible menus and controls, quality, etc…

    That said, this TV sounds bad. If you care about sound and don’t want to break the bank, I highly recommend Samsung’s entry level models. I planned from the beginning to plug this Toshiba into a Pioneer receiver for sound, so I didn’t even check the sound in the store. So, the poor quality sound doesn’t effect me, but if you don’t plan to use external speakers and a receiver, the sound might be a deal-breaker for you.

    Otherwise I am thrilled with everything else about this purhcase and have no regrets. I would have given it 5 stars if it had excellent sound.

  • T. Clark says:

    Customer Rating Good picture, bad sound, 2011-05-15
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    Purchased this TV from a big box store nearby after deciding it would be quicker than waiting for a Samsung from Amazon. The TV is for my daughters bedroom. The picture is fine – we have it hooked up to U-Verse via HDMI. But the sound is awful. It’s bad enough that I’m debating returning it just for that. It’s like it only has tweeters – no midrange or woofers. You have to turn it up really loud to understand dialogue. Because of its use in a bedroom the sound really isn’t that critical. I’ll give my daughter a week to adjust to the sound. If she’s still not happy I’ll take it back. It’s sad that the Emprex TV it’s replacing sounded so much better. Five stars for value, 4 stars for picture, 1 star for sound.

  • Customer Rating Great value for a selective bunch, 2011-06-17
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    This is an excellent, quality television for the price. It features your average customizable settings for picture; you can choose from presets or alter individual settings (contrast/brightness, tint, backlighting, and dynamic contrast) to your tastes. Picture can be displayed in standard 16:9, 4:3, and three “TheaterWide” options (a Toshiba thing that I never really understood — possibly put in place to fill the screen as best as possible for videos rendered in anything other than 16:9 or 4:3.)

    Inputs run the gamut of 2 HDMI ports, one component-in, two A/V-in, a digital audio port, and antenna-in. I imagine this is plenty for anyone buying a 32″ television — I use a receiver, thus, I only utilize a single HDMI port. Even without a receiver, you’ve got the option of three HD inputs and two SD inputs, not including the standard antenna/TV-in.

    For gamers, the “Gaming Mode” should NOT be overlooked — it minimizes the post-processing of the video signal to reduce the refresh rate as much as possible. This translates to quicker reaction times from controller to display. This can be especially helpful for rhythm/music games and fighting games, where split-millisecond inputs can make or break your experience. I’m a big fan of the former, and for a LCD television, it definitely satisfies. It isn’t a perfect 0ms, but it’s not far off.

    Other features include closed captioning, channel labeling, energy saving, locks based on channel rating and/or PIN code, sleep timer, and three languages for the menus — English, Spanish, and French. The remote control is no-frills, and can be programmed to control your DVD and/or Blu-Ray player. It certainly isn’t the most attractive remote control, but there are aftermarket options for those that need their coffee table or nightstand to look as good as their home theater setup.

    As for the selective bunch, there really isn’t anything to complain about IF you use a receiver and surround sound system as opposed to the built-in speakers, and if 1080p isn’t necessary for your needs. It should be noted that this television does render in 1080i, but 720p is preferred for sharpness and clarity. I tested the built-in speakers to see what others were complaining about, and they are certainly entitled to this gripe — it’s pretty bad. For that, I docked a star.

    I’ve owned this television for around six months, and I love it. Personally, I would give this television five stars for its value — I got a great deal on it. Considering current market prices, I can’t appropriate the need for LED-LCD, 1080p, 3D, etc. For those using a receiver with a separate sound system, this is certainly a five star value. My family and I have owned nothing but Toshiba and Sony televisions for the past 20 years, and neither brands have let us down yet — Toshiba makes reliable, quality televisions.

  • DMR89 says:

    Customer Rating Great image, terrible sound, terrible sound options, 2011-09-18
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    We bought this TV for a steal when it was on sale. Unfortunately, we had no idea how bad the sound actually was until we turned it on and heard it. The other reviews warned us, but we thought that if it were an issue, we could simply attach a set of speakers and be OK. We were WRONG.

    The sound quality of the TV speakers are terrible. It really does sound like you’re listening to a laptop computer. Everything is tinny. We tried to go around that by hooking up a set of 2.1 speakers we had lying around, except that this TV only has one audio out port and it is for digital optical audio (Toslink) cables. I had no idea what those were until I did more research online. As it turns out, its an audio cable format that is really only used by audio receivers and other high end audio equipment. So if you don’t have an expensive audio receiver and surround sound set, you won’t have any GOOD way of connecting external speakers.

    Not wanting to return the TV, we cobbled together the next best solution. We bought a Toslink (digital optical audio) cable from Amazon as well as a Toslink to Analog RCA converter box. We then ran the Toslink cable out from the TV into the converter box, then a set of RCA cables into our 2.1 speaker system. The end result is that we have great sound quality, but it comes at a bizarre cost. We have not been able to control the volume through the remote control. I have no idea why, but the audio out doesn’t seem to be volume controlled by the TV. Thus, we have to use the little dial on the speaker set to adjust the volume. It’s annoying for sure, but not the end of the world.

    So, if you don’t have an audio receiver, I would avoid this TV. You’ll hate the sound.

  • Customer Rating Horrible Audio, 2011-08-02
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    The sound from this television reminds of my old AM radio I had when I was a kid. Right out of the box I had to crank the volume to hear it. Plus the audio would cut out randomly. Called Toshiba Support and they could not figure it out. I tried using a signal amplifier. That made my picture sharper but still had the audio problem. Connect the TV in a different room (shorter cable length) and still had the problem. Called a TV repair center under warrenty. Now we are waiting on a part. This from a 2 month old TV. Beware. Buy a different TV.

  • Customer Rating Great Picture!, 2011-08-16
    This review is from: Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch
    The picture is amazing! Yes, it is true, the audio isn’t great, as most have commented. But then again, nobody should be buying a 32″ expecting dolby surround sound 5.1. So if sound is truly what you desire in a TV, this TV will serve you better in a smaller room or don’t get it at all. Great brand for a great price at $250. Very Happy with the purchase.

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