What is SAMSUNG DLNA Technology

Samsung DLNA
To take a look at what is Samsung DLNA technology we need to clear up what does DLNA mean and how does the Samsung company use it.

DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance and is a non profit trade organization that was created by the Sony corporation back in June 2003. With over 250 collaborative members in several electronic areas such as PC, electronics, mobile, ISPs, and other services. It’s basically an agreement of compatibility so that all manufacturers and services related can have their products interact with one another making life for their consumers much more easier. This allows for what we see in pictures, movies, games, and other things that allow for consumers to download, share and more. Getting a DLNA Certification is something quite common and has led to greater expansion and profits. Almost half a billion devices now are DLNA certified and more on the way as new devices are invented and put on the market.
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