Why Full HD?

Full HD
There’s a good reason to get Full HD and that reason is very simple, it’s because the picture quality is so superior you’ll find yourself staring in amazement.

Your hard earned dollar calls for the best money can buy and that quality the Full HD brings is something anyone who has seen it can testify to. The bottom line is that Full HD is the best quality picture today. It even blows away Plasma for many technical reasons and that means we need to look at what 1080p means. First of all there are three types of 1080p. The ā€œPā€ in 1080p stands for progressive which means the scanning of the picture is done progressive. The scan is done with both even and odd number lines as a single frame not in 60th of a second rate like interlaced or 1080i, but in a frame 30th of a second. This allows for smoother picture flow. The 1080 is in reference to the number of lines that make up a digital picture. 1920 x 1080 means there are 1,920 of the pixels to each of the 1,080 lines so the equation means that 1920 times 1080 comes to 2,073,600 pixels total.
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