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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

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Because Amazon provides one of the largest databases of products from top brand names to up and coming manufacturers. The products are reviewed by professionals and customers from around the world. Specifications are displayed in detail and there is that classic Amazon customer service that keeps deep track of every sale, every seller, and engages in great effort to make sure you get the best price from the best seller available.

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Happy Howie says:

    Customer Rating Sony LED TV, 2011-05-19
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    The picture is great! No issues. The delivery was right on time and the delivery folks put the TV on my stand and made sure it worked before they left and setup was easy. I suspected that the TV’s sound may lack good bass because of the small hidden speakers, however the specifications said it had a variable sound output, thus, I attached a small subwoofer to the variable output to make the TV sound great without turning on my AV sound equipment.

  • abe says:

    Customer Rating Review from a not-really-super-techy guy, 2011-04-12
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    *UPDATE* May 19, 2011
    I’ve had this TV for over a month now, and just wanted to provide an update:

    Picture: CUSTOM SETTINGS! Out-of-the-box, the picture isn’t the best quality. There is some graininess, a noticeable soap opera effect and some blockiness with moving pictures. EVERY owner should calibrate the settings to their liking. Also, it’s very important to turn off the ECO sensor — your TV will be much, much brighter. I followed the custom settings on flatpanelshd.com, where the reviewer tweaked the settings for best picture output, down to advanced settings like B-Gain and R-Gain. From there I messed around with the other settings until I found a picture I’m very happy with.

    Comparison: Two of my friends bought a 55-inch LG LW5600 and I’ve spent a good time watching their TVs. The LG uses passive 3D so the glasses are super cheap and comfortable — I hate to say it, but the 3D on that TV probably looks better overall. They also brag about an 8 million to 1 contrast ratio whereas the Sony EX720 is 2 million to 1. What that means is the LG has a brighter range of vivid colors. BUT after tweaking my settings, I was able to get comparable color results AND the picture on the Sony is noticeably clearer — you couldn’t get a soap opera effect on the LG if you tried. The MotionFlow 240 actually seems to make a difference as I can see wrinkles on The Most Interesting Man in the World’s face that I couldn’t see on the LG. Plus the LG had a lot of choppiness when watching sports, it might have been the cable or the TV’s 120hz processor.

    Still a five-star rating for a clearer picture than the LG and enhanced picture with tweaked settings. Original review below.

    *From April*
    Picture: Very good. Granted I was watching a 37-inch LCD that was almost six years old, so even watching a crayon drawing on wax paper would be an upgrade. But I watched ESPN HD, Avatar HD in HBO and a bunch of other random things. There was no noticeable clouding (blobs of light on the screen) at all. I was pleasantly surprised that there really wasn’t a soap opera effect on the movies and shows I watched.

    More Picture: It’s true that this isn’t a “true” 240hz TV. It’s marketed as a MotionFlow 240hz, which basically means that it’s 120hz but has some sort of technology that Sony made up to “bring the frame rate up to 240hz.” That being said, I probably wouldn’t be able to notice the difference between 120 and 240hz anyway. I do wish the picture was a little bit brighter, but it’s super easy to adjust the settings. Also, the black levels weren’t as black as I’d like. When watching a show with a lot of black screen, it still looks a little gray compared to the black frame lining the TV.

    Sound: GREAT. You know how sometimes you’re watching a DVD or a TV show and the music and background noises are super loud and the voices and dialogue are super quiet, and then you have to turn up the volume to hear the dialogue, but then quickly turn it back down because some booming music scares the crap out of you? Not so with this TV. Apparently it’s got some technology that detects dialog and will automatically soften the background sound and amplify the voices. Plus, when you change the sound setting to “S-Force Front Surround,” there really is a noticeable difference in the quality, the sound does seem to echo more under this setting.

    3D: Suh-weeeeet! Ok, there are definite cross-talk issues — which is a term I learned by reading a bunch of reviews. You will see double images at certain points, but EVERY TV review I read suffers from this issue because it’s a new technology. My DirecTV offered four 3D channels, one was a nature show channel that rotates shows about dinosaurs, ocean life, and space stuff. I spent four hours straight watching this channel and now know a bunch of random facts about dinosaurs, ocean life and space stuff. I invited three people over and the four of us watched this channel for hours. There were parts of the ocean documentary where schools of fish looked like they were a few feet out of the screen. And a freaking Brontosaurus totally peered into my living room — I wanted to pet him. Even on large landscape pans, the depth perception was amazing.

    Remote: Effin’ BRILLIANT. I don’t know why, but instantaneous response from the remote made me pretty damn happy. I had Time Warner Cable TV before, and it would do some crap where you’d be pressing the remote buttons and nothing would happen, and then like 15 seconds later everything you pushed would happen at once. DirecTV is better but would still lag sometimes. But this TV and it’s default remote are like sweet lovers that orgasm at the same time. There is no lag time and the interface screen is ridiculously simple to use and navigate — even for not-really-super-techy-guys.

    Interface and Settings: Awesome. Navigating the settings is intuitive and simple — it looks a lot like the PS3 interface. Everything’s is laid out in Layman’s terms and spelled out so clearly that even A GIRL would have no problems using it. There’s even little features like naming the different display inputs AND ADDING AN ICON TO THEM?? So now when I change Display modes between DVD, DirecTV and Xbox, it very coolly displays those titles on the screen, AND HAS THE ICON I PICKED NEXT TO THEM! W00T! And changing the settings is cake. You can go directly into many of the main settings (like display, sound, etc) directly from the show you’re watching instead of going into the menu.

    Wireless and Internet Apps: This does NOT come in with built-in WiFi, but I plugged it directly into my router with a network cable. Done dada. I was getting good connection speeds with Youtube, Qriocity and Hulu. My only complaint is that it probably takes a little getting used to spell anything out — kind of a weird alphanumeric style that you’d get when you spell something out using a numeric phone keypad.

  • Mr Leo says:

    Customer Rating Great LED HDTV but the 3D is Unacceptable, 2011-08-17
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    So this is the first of two HDTVs from the EX720 model lineup we have and while we love the TV for everyday (non-3D) use, both LED HDTVs have terrible 3D crosstalk (ghosting). While Sony has acknowledged the problem and stated that their engineers are working on the problem more than a month ago, there doesn’t seem to be any progress. If you have any HDTV from the EX720 model lineup, please activate and account on the Sony Support Forum (esupport dot Sony dot com then click on Support Forum in the top right corner then search for EX720) and in the post for 3D on an EX720, let Sony and the rest of us know what your experience has been. Those whom are considering this HDTV for their purchase should also register and comment so that Sony realizes all the current and potential customers they are impacting by having such a large problem with an entire HDTV lineup. Companies like Sony act based on numbers and this problem appears to be with every HDTV in the EX720 lineup and with a feature as significant as 3D, something can and should be done by Sony.

  • A. Laksana says:

    Customer Rating Not too bad…really!, 2011-05-18
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    Heard a lot of bad to mediocre reviews about this TV. I’ve owned it for about 1.5 months now and all I can say is: it’s not too bad. Like any TV out there, it’s all about the settings. Even the most expensive TV out there will look worse with poor settings compared to the cheaper TV with proper/correct settings. And there is NO such thing as a “perfect settings” for everyone. It’s all about your own personal taste. I followed the color temperature, gamma and white balance settings from CNET, but the rest I adjusted according to my personal likings and finally found a ideal settings that suit my taste. I can’t be happier.

    Some of the things it can improve on: more screen uniformity, more stable stand, better sound (it’s against the law of physics to have TV this thin and good speakers at the same time). Hope this helps your decision making.

  • hamndrew says:

    Customer Rating best thing in my room right now., 2011-05-03
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    so I am not the consummate tv guru but when i put the tv in my room i was thoroughly awed by the experience. i didn’t have time to purchase a blu-ray player yet but when i put standard def 300 dvd in my dvd player i was still blown away. easy to install and the sound quality is quite good for a LED.

    recommendation: i suggest trying to purchase this on a website that bundles the 3d starter package with this tv for only 100 more. the 3d starter package is 250 by itself and is definitely a must buy so unless you hate 3d i suggest you look for the bundle on sale right now for around 1600 usd.

    5/09/11: okay, don’t look for the deal packaged with the starter kit. i did some research and the glasses they give you are older gen. go look for the new active 3d glasses on the sony website. they were on sale for 140 and they’re a great deal. btw this tv has a built-in 3d transmitter so you don’t need to go buy one, which is 50 dollars saved.

    However, the 3d quality is not as nice as I would’ve hoped for. The reasoning is that tv ISNT actually 240hz but only true 120hz. In 3d the frame rate gets even slower, so i only suggest this TV if you don’t have a great need for 3d but really want a tv with great internet features.

    p.s. no clouding or ghosting as of yet.

  • Customer Rating Worked right out of the box, 2011-07-10
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    First of all the Sony box is huge. The two guys who delivered it put it in the living room and started their acceptance procedure by removing four plastic clips and sliding the the top of box off its shipping base to expose a 55-inch Sony encased in blocks of Styrofoam. I plugged it in, attached the satellite antenna cable and it worked like a charm. Am I keeping the box awhile? Oh Yeah! Lets sit back and see if this puppy is going to keep functioning for the next month or so.

    For some buyers… here’s the interesting part. My current set-up includes an Off the Air (OTA) antenna in order for me to get “all” the local channels. This Sony uses one RF coax jack for Satellite IN, Off Air IN and for Cable IN. Apparently the Sony KDX55EX720 design guy has some devilish scheme to toggle between the incoming sat signal and the incoming OTA signal. And.. here’s where the 4-star rating comes in to play. The Users Guide and the iManual stored in the TV memory was not written by anyone named Hemingway. So during the very EZ initial set-up process you can get blind-sided regarding a feature called – Rovi On Screen Guide.
    The Set-Up Guide says “If you receive channels from a cable box or satellite and do not wish to use the TVs built in tuner, select SKIP. Selecting SKIP will disable the Rovi On Screen Guide feature”. So I did this SKIP thing and while the satellite signal works fine there is no way to toggle back and forth between the Satellite antenna and the OTA antenna. I guess the writer figured people would only use one of the inputs, Sat, OTA or Cable. And guess what. There is zip in the Guide or iManual about how to undo SKIP to reenable the Rovi On Screen Guide feature. I figure there has to be a trick to using the “INPUT” button on the remote but right (in my first few days) I don’t see anything in the iManual that would provide even the smallest of clues about “Undo SKIP”. I’ll see what I can find on the Sony Forum.

  • Customer says:

    Customer Rating Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    Do not expect the wow factor. I recommend going to this link […] on the Sony website to see all of the reviews from unhappy customers such as myself. The 2D and DLNA features on this TV are great. Unfortunately, the main marketing point of this television is supposed to be that it is a 55 inch 3D experience from a reputable manufacturer. I have tried to watch Satellite 3D, Narnia, Avatar, Ice Age, and Rio on my TV in 3D. I tried using two different Sony 3D blu ray players as well as my PS3. No matter what setting I used the 3D is absolutely unwatchable. I have four pairs of the Sony 250 rechargable glasses and they all show the same picture. In a nutshell the crosstalk is horrendous. In most scenes the only clear image is the main character. The background is always blurry. It usually is better towards the bottom of the screen and progressively gets worse towards the top of the screen. In fast action sequences it cannot focus the picture at all. I have watched 3D Films in theaters and on other brands. This is absolutely the worst I have ever seen. After researching this issue on many websites, and speaking with an unresponsive Sony customer service (we will try to fix it on future models, thanks for the $$$) I will be taking this back for another manufacturer. If you only plan on watching 2D and using it`s web features it is a great buy. If you want a 3D experience that is worth the money and worth inviting friends over for, then I would look elswhere.

  • d says:

    Customer Rating AWESOME, 2011-05-19
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    Ok – Three months of digging and I wanted to find a post that had EVERYTHING I was looking for before and after I got a TV – so I grouped all that I found and am posting it – hope its helpful.
    “Motion flow 240 technology” isn’t the same as the refresh rate!! This tv is 160 MHz – which is perfectly fine. Don’t be fooled otherwise! I like to keep as much money in my pocket as I can.. I assume the same for others.
    I poured over every review, article, MFG site and top ten list for about 3 months before I picked this TV. My focus was Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony. All of them said roughly the same things:
    1. 160mhz and 240mhz have very subtle, undetectable differences when viewing.. The big difference is the higher number and cost. – Marketing ploy.
    2. 3 D is great to have.. Maybe not right now but later on, maybe. The glasses aren’t great to wear, “bulky”, “cause headaches”(not sure on that one).. HOWEVER, I would rather have it as an option when spending this kind of money then not~my thought.
    3. Internet TV is a MUST HAVE (wifi OR wifi ready) -its where most everything is going now.
    4. Blue Ray player w/Internet applications and built in wifi – MUST HAVE
    Cost was a BIG factor – so based on that here is what I found
    Vizio – $
    Sony – $
    LG – $$
    Samsung – $$$
    Features was a BIG factor as well. To get all I wanted within a reasonable price – Vizio and Sony were top. The thing that I liked was Sony offered: 3D, was compatible with my Sony Blue ray (not a huge deal), only one with PiP, had won the C-net award and had the best reviews out of all of them… so it was Sony.
    Now – what I have found on this TV.
    ~ It has a PiP option but it needs a PC for this/ I haven’t tested this theory fully but I could not get the small picture to view anything, so I believe this is accurate… This isnt a deal breaker for me, I have a small computer I can use if I wanted but don’t really care about it atm… it was an option I wanted in the future.
    ~ The picture isnt great straight out of the box.. You HAVE to calibrate it.. Not hard, just sounds like it. Im not at the TV – its from memory
    Options>Picture>Warm2, color 53, picture 54, backlight 2, brightness 52, sharpness 0 or 18 (any greater looks bad), hue 0… Advanced settings>gamma +1 ,0,0, +2,+2, 0 ? I know gamma is +1 and there is nothing else +1.. The rest are either 0 or +2 (no more) but see which you like more.
    Make sure under settings – eco – everything is off. The scene select is general.. And if there is something I forgot – let me know, I will look.

    ~ this tv is wifi ready – its NOT built in.. Built in is nice BUT if you have a wifif built in blue ray player, then getting it on your TV is a waste of money. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it would be CHEAPER to get a wifi built in Blue ray at a cost of 170ish then to pay an extra 300 or more for that function on your TV. Most of the applications that I have seen are the same..or if they are MFG specific, they offer the same functions as those that are out there and aren’t MFG specific.. Again, saying “We have Hulu, Vudo, Pandora, blah blah” is marketing because they ALL have something of that nature… regardless if its through your TV or the Blue ray.
    PS – the TV adapter (if you want internet through your tv as opposed to through the blue ray) is $80 which is much less then the $300 extra to have it on the TV. Although, get an adapter with good signal reception.
    ~ DO NOT expect a great picture on regular cable channels.. Get HD (a receiver from your cable company) – they are normally an extra $5ish per month.
    ~ Gaming on this TV is awesome… I swear on some of the REGULAR movies you can see the actor’s nose hairs, its THAT clear… cant wait to see Blue ray movies. Internet is cool! Not fun to navigate though but I can FB in 55″ now ..(not that I need it).
    ~ Price check this TV!!! I found mine on HSN (shocking!) For 1,999.00 – **in 2 installment payments!**.. Even with the shipping – its cheaper. Add the warranty and it’s the same price as most other sites without tax, shipping, and warranty. Plus they stand behind the product, amazing customer service and are 24/7. Seriously love HSN now. I LOVE amazon.. But HSN has awesome cust service!!
    Learned a lot – still learning – wanted to make it easier for someone looking. Good luck!

  • Customer Rating LED is OK at best, 3D totally unacceptable, 2011-08-28
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    Out of box the picture immediately looks like garbage. It was far too dark and I had to customize settings for over an hour to get it looking decent. Not just settings in the picture settings sections either, I finally found an Eco settings that is defaulted to ON and which auto dims the picture to look terrible. After a few weeks I finally got my 3D glasses in and tested them out. I have 2 3D games for the PS3 and downloaded several 3D movie clips to it as well. The games are simply unplayable. The videos are unacceptable to watch in my opinion. There is several ghosting/crosstalk in the image in every instance. Would you buy a TV if everything you watched had ghost images/was blurry? Of course not. I am returning this TV tomorrow to Sears as defective and they had better not dare try to tack on a restocking fee for a defective television. I wanted to leave my review here on Amazon however so the most people will see it.

    I will rate this a 2/5 because while the HD LED picture in 2D is good enough, its not great even for a value TV in my opinion, but the 3D is not usable. Do yourself a favor, if you do not believe me, insist on trying out the 3D in store if they have Sony active glasses for use, before you make a terrible buying decision.

  • C. Laires says:

    Customer Rating Super picture, 2011-06-09
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720
    I purchased this TV recently from Amazon and I am very pleased with the whole transaction and the TV itself is beautiful. I typically watch HD channels or my Blu Ray movies, so after making some adjustments on the TV picture settings, I am very pleased. Turning off the ECO settings and adjusting the white balance levels to my liking made a big difference. I really don’t plan to watch 3D because I am one of those people whose eye’s can’t really tolerate it well. Therefore getting this very thin LED TV for such a great price was a real pleasure.

  • Elias says:

    This was a wonderfully informative review, tons of great info. I was a little intimidated when I started looking for a new TV. I’m a DISH Network customer so I need something to display the best HD in the industry to full effect. As a DISH employee I have tons of knowledge on different receivers and the HD programming and stuff, I just don’t know a ton about all the newest TV’s that are out, but this site has been a tremendous help to me. Bookmarked!

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