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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron

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Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron

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  • SteelRing says:

    Customer Rating Still not a plasma, but you could fool me, 2011-08-26
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    – Picture looks stunning with nothing lacking in detail and the color is more vibrant than anything (assuming proper picture setting)
    – Backlight brightness is adjustable (different from the regular brightness/contrast setting present in all TV) and it can go really bright in case you put it in a spot that is already brightly lighted.
    – 120Hz really works and you can tell the difference with how the movement becomes dizzyingly jagged when it’s turned off. You can enhance it even further with Film mode that practically turns everything into looking like daytime soap opera feel. I had to tone it down to just 120Hz Low (there is low and high) and Film mode off to strike the best balance of beautiful smooth picture without the weird feeling of seeing everything as if they’re cheesy soap opera show.
    – Great viewing angle, from side to side should be almost equal to a plasma.
    – Sound is pretty good, not home theater quality, but very decent and loud enough.
    – Netflix picture is surprisingly awesome quality, better than the output from my LG BluRay player and Logitech Revue Google TV, and the TV is actually the farthest from my wireless router with the lowest signal possible.
    – Panel is light and fairly easy to set up with a sturdy stand

    – The stand only has swivel, no tilt and height adjustment. Presumably not an issue since most people probably gonna hang it anyway.
    – Remote should have at least been printed with glow-in-the-dark marking if they’re not going to make it backlighted. As it is, while functional, it looks easily the most outdated remote in the house.
    – Being edge-lit there seems to be slightly darker regions in the corners. I was not even looking for it, but while watching certain scenes you just kinda have that feeling why the lighting is unnaturally darker in some spots, then you localize it to just the corners of the TV.

    My 5-year old Vizio plasma somehow still look better despite being 720p (and did I mention 5-year old?). This is no plasma, but I reckon this is as good as it gets with LCD and for consuming only one-tenth the power the plasma does surely makes you feel less guilty about having it on all the time. With the 120Hz turned on you can hardly notice any movement blur, but push it all the way and suddenly it turns everything into daytime soap opera. If motion smoothness is what you’re looking for, this TV does not disappoint AT ALL, but you may be disappointed since at the highest setting it will weird you out.

  • Picky Parker says:

    Customer Rating Great TV lots of inputs, 2011-07-02
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    I purchased a 37″ LG 37LV5300 and the picture was good but the speakers were horrible, there was some motion blur (even though it was also 120hz) and whenever the screen was supposed to be totally black you could see the LED bleeding through on the corners. This TV is so much better! It is a bit more expensive but I plan to keep it for a while and it really is worth the price difference. The blacks are really dark and the picture is very stable and the 120 hz refresh rate allows you to watch movies at 24 frame a second rate that they are filmed in (most US movies are filmed at 24 frames per second so if your tv has a refresh rate of 60 hz then the tv has to double up on some frames. It isnt very noticeable but it makes a difference. I believe broadcast is 30 frames a second so it doesn’t make a difference. For a flat screen it has amazing sound and while not a house shaker the speakers are not tiny at all (a huge improvement over the LG). Another nice feature is that the screen will adjust the back lighting to match the light level of the room, it works really well, and is much better than a similar feature on my laptop. The screen has a semi matte finish and it does a great job of reducing reflections and has a very wide viewing angle which is great because our tv room does not have the best setup. The tv also has energy saving features like one that will turn it off if it has been idle for 3 hours.

    The TV has lots of features and an Aquos link that allows it to control other devices like your DVD player when you select your DVD input. The TV over the air receiver is pretty good although with the newer digital tv there is a slight lag. I think the LG had a better receiver but I don’t watch too much over the air. It does have 4 hdtv inputs which is good for me as I can plug in my DVD player and PC (it also has a VGA input if your pc doesn’t have a HDMI. It also has a mini plug input that works well with my computers sound (my video card does not have sound over HDMI although some do). The sound input is shared between HDMI 1 (with ARC, read below) and the VGA input.

    One really nice feature is its internet applications. I only use the Netflix but the interface is great, you can even search for movies using an onscreen keyboard function and when you finish watching an episode of a tv series and go back to the menu the screen prompts you to play the next episode without going back to your queue. This is much better than the blu ray player or Netflix’s own Roku box where you have to add the episodes with a computer before watching.

    If I could I would take a half star off because it has some time lag issues with the sound with my DVD. I have a Sony 770w blu ray and it synced up fine with the LG but I had to adjust the player so that the sound matched the video on the Sharp. If your DVD doesn’t have that ability it might be a problem. I also noticed the same thing with the PC but it is very very minor. I haven’t tried it with other devices such as a xbox or playstation. I called tech support and they said I might need to unplug and then plug things back in to allow the devices to sync better but that didn’t work. I did try to reduce the processing effects and smoothing but it did not help and really reduced picture quality. Another minor issue is that only one of the 4 HDMI has ARC audio return channel which should reduce the audio sync problem although it didn’t. ARC allows audio to go back from the TV to your receiver which should help remove any lip sync issues or allow you to pass through audio when say watching over the air tv back to your receiver without an extra cable.

    Lastly the HDMI cables go in on the side so you have to bend them down at a sharper curve than I prefer so that they do not poke out from behind the side. If you use a small strap to bundle them or to keep the wires from the edge it is not a problem. (or use 45 degree adapters).

    Overall it is a very nicely made TV with a great picture and sound.

    Quick update: TV still working great, the remote is just okay and is a bit long for the number of buttons. One issue I am having is with the Aquos Link which allows you to control devices like the bluray through the tv. A huge downside is that when you change the volume it adjusts both the TV and the device you actually want to control. I think I will program the remote buttons to work with the DVD directly which should provide good DVD control without the volume issue.

    I also found a setting that turns off the illuminated insignia on the front that lets you know the tv is on (only visible when the TV is on so you cant see it in any of the stock pictures). It is a bright white symbol that was a little annoying. Now it turns on when you turn on the tv but fades to off after a couple of seconds. Downside is that it is hard to tell if is even on although an issue as the set turns itself off after a bit as mentioned above.

  • Customer Rating Excellent T.V., 2011-08-21
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    I don’t usually write reviews but just noticed this as the deal of the day and went, “THAT’S THE T.V. I JUST BOUGHT!” I figured adding in my 2 cents might help since I had a hard time finding reviews when I bought mine. I’ve had it for about a month now. I bought it at a brick and mortar store that was selling it for 600 on sale. My two major questions were what effect was the 4th yellow subpixel going to have and how well would this t.v. respond to inputs for gaming. The t.v. is extremely thin, no more than a couple of inches thick, gives off no discernible heat (unlike my old t.v.) and uses little power. Another nice thing is that most of the jacks/ports are on the side as opposed to the back which provides easier access. The t.v. also has a swivel base as well which makes it easier to access the back if needed or to adjust the viewing angle if necessary.

    The yellow subpixel, doesn’t seem to really do anything. I haven’t conducted controlled testing or anything but I just don’t really notice anything in particular about yellows. Now as for the image quality as a whole, I love it. Vibrant colors, sharp images. I have a small room with my bed in the middle so I end up watching t.v. typically from about 4 feet away. I can’t notice artifacts or distortion at this distance, it’s amazing to me. Now again, some people have much higher standards than I do but the contrast also impresses me. My last t.v. as well as some of my old flat screens had weak contrast, black was a light blueish sort of color. I’m not sure if it’s the switch to LED with this t.v. or something else but the blacks are more than dark enough for me.

    As for gaming, I’ve hooked up my PC to the t.v. through a mini-hdmi to hdmi cable. If you want to do this you’ll have to check what video outputs your computer has and buy the appropriate cable. I play first person shooters so response time is fairly important. Fortunately the t.v. has a gaming setting. With other modes there’s an obvious delay in response time but in gaming mode I haven’t noticed any delay. Again, if you consider yourself a hardcore ubergamer master, you might have more discriminating criteria and sit there with a stopwatch but from my anecdotal aggregate experience, there’s no lag that I’m able to notice.

    A complaint I remember seeing was that the remote was too long, which was, to me, a weird complaint. It’s long, don’t get me wrong, it’s about as big as my foot (I wear 10.5 men’s US) so that might tell you something. It’s not bothersome though and you can always use a universal remote if you really want to. One thing that was really crazy was that somehow, the t.v. remote controls my PS3. As soon as I switched to the appropriate HDMI port the PS3 automatically turned on and the t.v. remote was able to control the menu. I was sitting there surprised, confused and all nerding out. Maybe this is old tech but I’ve never seen it at any friend’s house or had anything like it before. I never looked into why it works but I think the remote has some sort of wireless connectivity, probably bluetooth, and somehow automatically retrieved settings from the PS3. Either way that was just a really cool moment.

    Basically I’ve loved this t.v. so far and haven’t regretted it for a second. Buying a t.v. is always kind of a big deal because it’s one of those things you’ll most likely be using for a few years. If you end up buying this one though, I hope you love it as much as I do. Happy video watching 🙂

  • Dr Trish says:

    Customer Rating Great quality, 2011-06-29
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    I have a 3 year old Samsung 1080P flatscreen and thought it had a great picture. This Aquos is leaps ahead. Sometimes looks almost like 3D — it’s that good. The entire setup time from box to streaming Netflix through my home network was less than 15 minutes.

  • G. McBrien says:

    Customer Rating Think Twice if You Want to Wall Mount This, 2011-08-28
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    I got this TV to replace another brand that failed after several years and wanted to put it in place of the failed one on articulated wall VESA mount. I immediately noticed it didn’t match up to any of the holes on the mount and so I looked in the manual to determine the spacing.

    The manual states that you should only use the Sharp wall mount which, from the pictures, appears to only tilt downwards slightly. As close as I can measure it using an inch/foot tape-measure, the spacing appears to be 300 x 300 so I bought some adapters. These don’t quite make it. After several attempts to adjust them close enough I was able to insert 3 out of 4 screws. I’ve got another adapter on order so maybe that will work out better. I like the picture, and the sound is much better than my previous TV however I’ve spent more time on the mount than I have watching the TV. The TV is relatively light so why, other than wanting to make more money, they just didn’t make this a standard VESA mount and say so, I have no idea.

    Other than that, I don’t like the fact that they pointed the HDMI ports in the direction away from the TV and put them on the far edge. Most people I assume are going to run any cables back to the center of the TV, especially if it is wall mounted and this necessitates bending all the cables back on themselves.

  • BTideRoll says:

    Customer Rating Best LED, 2011-06-14
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    I shopped around for awhile trying to decide between plasma and LED. I went to a few stores to see the TVs in person and to compare all the different brands and features. I had seen commercials for the Sharp Quattron so I specifically wanted to check it out.

    Hands down the Quattron has the best, brightest, and clearest picture amongst the LED/LCDs. I looked at all the plasmas which just seemed so dull compared to the LEDs and specifically the Quattron. I wanted the LED because it weighed less, consumed less energy, was brighter, and didn’t have the risk of burn in or a plasma TV hum, or the glare issue everyone is talking about. It comes down to personal preference really and the debate will never end over which technology is better. But you CAN use facts to determine which to purchase. If you don’t care about viewing angle, and want a brighter picture, lower weighing and power consuming product, then you choose LED. The newest LEDs really do have good black levels compared to prior years LCDs.

    The Quattron’s colors truly are more crisp and richer than even other LEDs that I compared it to–it was so obvious with all of them side by side (especially with scenes containing yellow). I found the colors to be pretty realistic, true, bold, and rich. Some reviews I read were saying how the colors seemed unreal or fake. You be the judge. You can calibrate this TV however you want so each to his own with regards to color. I left it on standard and everything looked great right out of the box.

    It isn’t as “fast” on paper as some of the 240hz models (mainly those with 3d), but it doesn’t need to be. I’m not worried about motion because my 3 year old regular LCD with 120hz from samsung handled sports and motion just fine, and this TV does as well. As the other reviewer was stating, this 120hz motion engine is a beast. It, at times, makes you feel like you are on the set the movement is so smooth. Sometimes it may seem artificial its so realistic/smooth as he was stating so you can turn down some of the effects depending on what you are watching. I’ve compared this movement to other TVs and the movement is *consistent* on this TV and has no blur, whereas on some other LED/LCDs you will notice edge blur even on regular shows and I’d hate to see those on sports.

    I’m upgrading from a 46″ Samsung Touch of Color that was top of the line back in 2008 and this 40″ Sharp blows it out of the water in every way. I’m going to be upgrading to the 46″ version of the Quattron since I love it so much.

    Network setup was easy, it found my home wireless network. I was really impressed by the built in wi-fi. I didn’t even have to configure anything. I just turned the TV on, it found my network, and immediately asked if I wanted to upgrade to the latest software/firmware. The Netflix and other apps work fine, but honestly just about EVERY device now has all these built in apps (my ps3, blue player, and now the TV). So I prefer to use the apps via my PS3 to take the burden, if any, from the TV. Sound is plenty for this TV, but you can obviously upgrade to a home theatre system. I was satisfied with the built in sound and it was plenty loud for my needs.

    Bottom line is this is a very high quality LED. I have never invested in a Sharp product. I’ve always stuck with Samsung, but this TV has won me over. It is so high quality from the TV to the remote control (love it). You see this quality in the price, and with TVs, you get what you pay for.

    Final verdict? I am completely satisfied with this TV. It’s very thin, light weight, bright, gives an awesome picture, and has good audio. If you want this caliber of a TV, but don’t need the built in Wi-Fi (for many reasons), you can save money and get the 810 series. If you want all the bells and whistles get the 830 series, and if you want everything plus the 3D, try the 835 series.

  • T. Chan says:

    Customer Rating Great LED TV for the price, 2011-09-12
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    Reviews play a big part in any television purchase and since I relied heavily on them, it only made sense for me to provide a good review that could help others. Overall, once this TV is setup correctly and all calibration and adjustments are made, it is by far one of the best TVs out there in terms of picture quality, clarify and accuracy. The out of box setting is acceptable but will feel like you are at a big box electronics store. There are a few calibration settings out in various forums so just search for them, try them all and choose your pick. There is some clouding especially when displaying blacks but nothing that will stand out during a normal movie. It is not distracting enough to take your attention away from any movie. Overall blacks are great. TV is loaded with features and options starting from full calibration settings to internet apps galore. One big con is that the navigation menu/software is far from superior. In fact, it can be downright horrible at times. You will get used to it but it could be better. Internet WI-FI built in is great but getting a good signal is not the best. I ended up using a wired connection with a wireless repeater. The TV tuner is borderline. It takes a few seconds to switch between channels regardless of advancing channels or punching in the channel numbers. Like other reviewers said, do not count of advancing channels, just punch in the actual channel you are looking for. Finally, this LED TV is the best value out there. For the price, you cannot go wrong. It is clearly about $200 cheaper than the competition and Sharp makes their own LCD panels. Here are a few calibrations from various sources. I do not take credit for these calibrations.

    Calibrations from AVS Forums
    AV Mode Movie (AVS)
    OPC Off
    Backlight 16
    Contrast 35
    Brightness 0
    Color -5 or -8
    Tint -5
    Sharpness 1

    CMS Hue
    Red 0
    Yellow -20
    Green 16
    Cyan 0
    Blue 0
    Magenta 27

    CMS Saturation
    Red 10
    Yellow -9
    Green 0
    Cyan -5
    Blue -10
    Magenta 0

    CMS Value
    Red 0
    Yellow 15
    Green 0
    Cyan 6
    Blue 10
    Magenta 0

    Color Gamut Range Expanded
    Color Temp Low

    Motion Enhancement 120
    Quad Pixel Plus On
    Active Contrast Off
    Gamma Adjustment 0
    Film Mode Off
    Digital Noise Reduction Off
    Monochrome Off
    Range of OPC N/A
    Power Savings Off

    Calibrations from CNET
    AV Mode Movie
    OPC Off
    Backlight 4
    Contrast 30
    Brightness 1
    Color 0
    Tint 0
    Sharpness 0

    CMS Hue
    Red 0
    Yellow 4
    Green -5
    Cyan 2
    Blue 0
    Magenta 2

    CMS Saturation
    Red 0
    Yellow -2
    Green -1
    Cyan 0
    Blue -7
    Magenta 0

    CMS Value
    Red 2
    Yellow 0
    Green 9
    Cyan 4
    Blue 3
    Magenta 0

    Color Gamut Range Standard
    Color Temp Low
    R Lo =11
    G Lo =7
    B Lo = 13
    R Hi = -2
    G Hi = -7
    B Hi = 0

    Motion Enhancement 120
    Quad Pixel Plus On
    Active Contrast Off
    Gamma Adjustment 2
    Film Mode Off
    Digital Noise Reduction Off
    Monochrome Off
    Range of OPC Any
    Power Savings Off

  • Twiddles42 says:

    Customer Rating Color/image needs tweaking by user, but is a good deal, 2011-09-04
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    I bought one on clearance for $600.

    First the pros:

    120Hz is fantastic. I love watching movies, and while I know a film’s FPS (24) isn’t as fluid, for some reason the “home video” fluid look that 120Hz is proving isn’t as off-putting as I had originally thought.

    LED backlighting – saves 40~50% in energy costs compared to a CCFL-backlit LCD. And should last far longer.

    Detail – images are crisp and a number of settings can smooth jagged edges (QuadPixel), add sharpness, clear up DVD compression artifacting (“noise reduction”) to an extent, etc.

    Weight – for being 40″, this weighs less than my 32″ CCFL set. 🙂

    Price. I wouldn’t pay $1200 for this model, not when one gets stuck pixels out of the box. (But no dead pixels were found, and those typically can’t be fixed.)

    digital audio pass-through, to make connecting a Blu-ray player’s own digital output port unnecessary. Especially when one has 3 HDMI devices that would make use of the external Dolby 5.1 receiver!


    Unlike the composite, VGA, and other inputs, the HDMI ports are put on the left side – making cable organization more difficult, and with cables sticking out beyond the front edge, L-shaped adapters would be needed for ideal organization… unless you like seeing cables everywhere…

    Once color is calibrated, everything looks great. Out of the box, depending on mode, there’s a blue tint or a yellow tint. I also found that disabling ‘extended color’ yields a more accurate color gamut, though I won’t deny enabling the extended mode really adds vibrancy to outdoor settings. Skin tones do end up being a tad oversaturated with it enabled, though.

    The integrated speakers produce a good range (bass/treble/midtones), but even at top volume it’s fairly quiet.

    For an-originally $1200 set, there should be no pixels. Why no QC from the manufacturer? As a customer, I feel less than cozy about this trend.

    Angled viewing – straight-on is good, but at steep angles (e.g. 45 degrees) there’s some color fading, but no color-shift is noted. The panel used is probably a VA panel. IPS is best, but I’ve read companies that use TN panels. Definitely wouldn’t pay even $300 for one of those.)

    Sadly the unit I bought was the last model available and contains 2 stuck pixels (white, blue-white), for which I am looking at possible options without having to return it as I really do like this model. But only when I use the TV as a monitor do these pixels stand out, and that’s only if I have a dark background. (If companies did their own QC, imagine how much time customers AND stores would save due to less processing costs and time…)

    Uneven backlighting – this is inevitable for any TV or monitor, but once you see it, you can’t un-see it. I can handle edge bleed, but the unit I set up has a couple of rounded lit areas toward the left/middle that should remain dark. It’s only noticeable in movies involving outer space or totally dark rooms, but still – the lack of QC at the factory is pretty depressing, and that’s the ultimate point to my gripes about backlighting and stuck pixels. If the company does a good job, the store and customers don’t have to go through extra rigamarole and hassle.

    All in all, it’s a good buy for $650 – the competition doesn’t really compare; the features in this model make it too good a value. Just spend time to calibrate it, and if you do see dead pixels or find too much unevenness to the backlighting, weigh the pros and cons of getting an exchange.

    Will I buy Sharp again? Probably. Worse brands to exist, but the lack of QC is worrisome.

  • G-Prime says:

    Customer Rating Turn off Film Mode, 2011-05-19
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    At first I couldn’t believe how unbelievably clear things looked! But then it started to weird me out a bit. I felt like I was the camera man and at times it took me out of the story. Also I noticed way too much detail in animated films and they didn’t quite seem as fluid as they should be. In action based movies I started noticing that certain parts were suddenly moving a slight bit faster than seemed normal. This is when I really started to investigate all the features. To make a long story short, I figured out that the setting called film mode was giving these awkward effects. Basically turn it off to have a better viewing experience. The TV looks fantastic without the added feature so it’s pretty much unnecessary for most situations.
    Also make sure you do some color calibrations. Start with the movie AV mode and work your way from there.
    Just remember no TV is perfect out of the box no one setting is perfect for everyone. Play around with the colors and settings until it looks good to you. I’m extremely pleased with the purchase!

  • Derek says:

    Customer Rating Best 40-inch 2D LED under $1000, 2011-07-30
    This review is from: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron
    Picture Quality: Outstanding.

    – Black Levels: Best I’ve seen on same sized LEDs. Backlight on max as well (my preference) and it still looked amazing. Tested it on Alien which contains many dark and simply plain black screens. It was hardly brighter than that of the TV being off just because of the backlight.

    – 120Hz: Not the best 120Hz I’ve seen, but it does the job. A TINY amount of motion blur, but definitely not enough to remove a star.

    – Viewing angles: Excellent. I have my TV mounted wall about 3 feet higher than eye level. When I stand up to match eye level it looks as if the TV didn’t change brightness, color, or anything of the sort.

    – Color: Although some may think of that extra yellow sub-pixel for RGBY as a gimmick, it definitely is working in some way. Every color pops especially the yellow/golds. All of this is adjustable if its a turn off to those who do not prefer somewhat over saturated colors.

    – Active Contrast: Known to most as “Dynamic Contrast” where contrast will change depending on scene. It works very well here and I actually use it. It instantly gives a noticeably better picture when selected. It slowly changes depending on the brightness of the scene as on other manufacturers’ models “Dynamic Contrast” would be a flashy mess as they struggle to keep up with fast moving pictures. Here it works the best I’ve ever seen.

    Thin and sexy. Front panel has thin edges as well and simple enough to not distract. Bottom silver edge gives this TV a sleek look along with the lit Sharp logo in the middle. Front panel buttons are touch sensitive and easy to use.

    Has many buttons so I don’t have to go searching through the menu to change something when I can do it on the fly. Only problem is that the remote isn’t backlit which I would have liked.

    4 HDMI, 1 or 2 component not sure, etc. HDMI stick off the side so if you decide to wall mount this TV they’re easily accessible. I only use

    I don’t use it, but this TV has many apps and DLNA.

    Customization: Many more features and little things to be enabled/disabled throughout the menus. Probably 30-40 sub-settings just for color. Many security features on this TV as well. Most options I’ve ever seen.

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