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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch

Submitted by on October 16, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 2,912 views

Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

Why Amazon?

Because Amazon provides one of the largest databases of products from top brand names to up and coming manufacturers. The products are reviewed by professionals and customers from around the world. Specifications are displayed in detail and there is that classic Amazon customer service that keeps deep track of every sale, every seller, and engages in great effort to make sure you get the best price from the best seller available.

The products come with full warranties, tracking, shipping details like no other and that historic Amazon background that established marketing on the internet as it is today. Rest assured, any purchase from Amazon will be carefully guarded and bring you the multiple options any shopper for a high ticket item like these needs. You’ll be able to surf for sellers of that particular product directly via Amazon and each one is tried and tested beforehand.

Should something go wrong you’ll have the top notch staff at Amazon working with you night and day to get the matter resolved. It’s this kind of service that has made them legendary and a staple of commerce globally.[amzn_product_post]Now that you’ve seen the products here you know it’s time to act. This offer for Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch may not last long as these items can be gone in a flash. People around the world know a good deal when they see one and that’s why you should jump on these items right now. The prices might go up or the items will sell out as they usually do. You won’t want to be left out as you can see these items are of great interest and with the holidays coming up, birthdays, and more, you might turn around and find that they’re gone and you’ll have missed out.

How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Customer Rating Great TV for the $, 2011-06-06
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    Having owned the TV and enjoyed it thoroughly for about 2 months I must say that its a very nice TV for the $. I shopped and compared many models and side by side the Samsung quality could not be matched. The apps feature is sub par as there are few useful ones and the only 2 that I tend to use are Netflix,Pandora and of course the smart features of being able to access my external drive directly for music and video are nice. The number one feature that should be on this set is an internet browser since 50% of the TV I watch is streaming TV shows that I miss (and are not available through Netflix, or Hulu). Nonetheless there are no shortage of HDMI ports so I hook up to the laptop to stream browser content since Samsng felt that an internet connected TV need not have a browser to actually consume internet content (they felt child’s cartoon apps were more useful).
    The speakers are okay if sitting close and have a small room but fall short of true surround or good sound quality so I’m using a Yamaha home theater system to solve that.
    All in all I’m very happy with the purchase.

  • Customer Rating Love it, 2011-05-01
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    Just bought this 55-inch hdtv and I love it. Thin border, great quality screen, big, etc.

    I am not using the sound on the tv; I instead hooked up my BOSE iPod dock and it works awesome. I highly suggest it for anyone wanting a cheap sound system.

    I’m hoping to find out later that 3D can be added on.
    If anyone knows or hears any way 3D can be added to this model, please comment on this review;
    I’ll be notified of your comment.

  • Larry says:

    Customer Rating 55″ Samsung LED, 2011-06-21
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    This smart TV is exactly what we wanted. It is not 3D, but it is LED and is easy to connect to the internet. Picture quality is exceptional even when not on an HD channel.

  • Sanjay says:

    Customer Rating Excellent picture quality!!! Great TV!!!!, 2011-07-07
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    Bought this TV a couple of weeks back – and has ever since been patting my back for the right choice I made.


    This TV has amazing picture quality, is easy to set up, provides several options to connect to other devices (DVD players, cable boxes, Wii console etc.) and has decent internet connection capabilities. There is no built-in wireless card – but that is no big deal as you can always run a wire from your router to the TV and perhaps a wired connection is faster and sturdier than a wireless one; so I do not consider it a con at all.


    AllShare (proprietary software to connect various compliant devices with the TV and vice versa) documentation in the user manual is sketchy – you may have to go online to learn more. YouTube app sucks – every time you turn it on a non-family friendly video comes up; also, hard to search for videos; wish the remote made it a bit easier by having a keypad.

  • Customer Rating Good TV, 2011-05-20
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    Overall I’m very happy with this TV. This is my first big screen LCD/LED model. It has great picture and sound. The only thing I notice is a sl … (View Full Review)ight lag in picture when I compare it to my 42″ plasma. I tried to enter the big screen LCD market 5-6 years ago and the lag was horrendous. The technology has improved greatly, but in this size, it’s still not as good as a plasma. That said, it’s not greatly noticeable and I do like this TV.

    I choose the ‘D’ series over the ‘C’ because it was web enabled for netflix streaming, etc. And, I went with the ‘6000’ series because I didn’t need 3D, full web browser or built in WIFI. This is a great TV for a good price.

  • Tayadidas8 says:

    Customer Rating An Awesome TV for the price, 2011-04-13
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    I have owned this TV for about a week now. It’s my 4th Samsung flat screen. I upgraded from a Samsung LN46A550 to the 46″ version of this TV but had to return it because the picture was flickering really bad in 1080i, and to be quite honest the ultra thin frame around the screen makes the TV look smaller than my old TV. So I decided to upgrade to the 55″.

    The picture quality pretty breath taking! I already notice a huge difference from going to 60hz refresh rate to 120hz. When I watch Avitar it almost looks 3D (even though it’s not the 3D version). I haven’t quite had time to fully calibrate the settins so the colors are still a little washed out but the clarity is excellent especially for a 55″. I’ll have to admit the the 46″ version of this tv’s picture did look better but it was also 9″ smaller with the same resolution.

    The sound is a lot better than I expected. Usually the sound on flat screen tv’s are pretty poor but I’m actually pretty impressed, very clear and deep.

    I have noticed some “flashlight” effect on the corners of the TV screen. And I’ve heard that this bothers a lot of people and can be a problem. I only notice it on very dark scenes or when there are bars on the top and bottom and it’s not too obvious. I’ve heard that if you loosen the screws around the bezel in the back that it will help this problem. But it doesn’t bother me too much yet.

    Overall I’m very happy with my purchase especially for the price. It has to be one of the best 55″ LED tvs for under $1600. There are obviously better sets out there but if you’re happy with 120hz refresh and not really into the whole 3D craze then this is the tv for you.

  • Customer Rating Great picture, great form factor, not so great sound, 2011-04-22
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    Weighing at at around 40lb, this is the thinnest and lightest sub $2000 ,55 inch led tv in the market. I am not sold by the whole 3dtv band wagon and I am particularly glad that Samsung made a model where I can spend the extra $$ on form and display rather than frills like 3dtv or wifi
    The goods

    + Good response time
    + Great colors
    + Ultra thin
    + Very light
    + Supports a wide range of inputs (3 usbs, 4 hdmis , vga, ethernet)
    + Controls are intuitive (I guess this would be common to all the latest samsung products)

    The bads

    – Sound is pretty bad and this is to be expected from any tv that boasts such a thin and light form factor. I am planning to get a separate sound system
    – Why in the world would Samsung not include 4 little screws that are required to wall mount the TV (especially with such wall mountable tv!). I am docking a star since Samsung made me waste my time searching for the correct screw in a hardware store

    The otherwise 5 star TV gets 4 stars for the bad sound and missing wall mount bolts

    I used the Cheetah Wall Mount (APTMM2B) and it is a perfect fit. Although irrelevant to the review of this TV, this wall mount just about managed to fit this TV, anything bigger would have not worked (just a heads up)

  • G. Schmotzer says:

    Customer Rating Samsung un55d6000, 2011-07-17
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    I purchased this TV through amazon about a month ago. I read several previous reviews, and went to a store to look at it in person before purchasing. The transaction through amazon was smooth with no problems. This TV looks fantastic. The picture is so sharp and clear that I can see things on the shows that I watch that I could not see clearly before, and I was replacing a big screen HD TV that was only six years old. People have commented that it looks like you are really there where the camera is filming. When watching the local news, you can clearly see the eye color of the news casters. I am very happy with this purchase.

  • Dave McIndoe says:

    Customer Rating Samsung clearly the best of the LEDs, 2011-04-28
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    I now have 3 HD flat screen tvs a Samsung, a Sharp Aquos and a Vizio. Samsung is the hands down winner. The picture approaches 3D in quality. There are no bright spots at the corners that other people complained about. It was extremely light and very simple to put on the wall. The on screen tutorial made it ridiculously simple to set up. I am just now going to set up the smart tv function, allowing me to tap into internet entertainment. I had a little trouble setting up my online passwords, but that’s my problem, not Samsungs. My buddy has the same tv and the smart TV function is awesome.

    I absolutely love it. I am kicking myself for not buying a Samsung originally when I purchased the Aquos.
    The only reason I haven’t given it five stars is I’ve detected a slight blurring effect when images move quickly on the screen. However, I haven’t fully gone through the customization. I just added a new Yamaha receiver and will reconfigure everything. I am pretty sure it’s a setting on my part and not a shortcoming of the TV. I will amend the review once the Yamaha is fully set up

  • mikedick says:

    Customer Rating Great if you like flashlights, 2011-05-15
    This review is from: Samsung UN55D6000 55-Inch
    I never write reviews, but I am aways waiting for other peoples reviews, so I figured it was only fair that I start contributing. Especially since this is a new 2011 model and I am sure people are curious. This TV was replacing a 5 year old Philips Plasma. Picked up this TV a few weeks ago from Best Buy. Great picture. Good color and decent blacks for an edge lit LED. Great design also. The apps were cool, but my Blu-Ray player already has the same apps so that didn’t interest me. I also have no interest in 3D, but most of the 2011 models all have it so it is what it is. The picture was crisp and as usual very bright with an edge lit LED and very easy to view in the daytime or in a brightly lit room. However, once the lights go out it’s a different story. Let me preface the next few sentences by saying that I did my homework and knew that this could be a potential issue. I just wasn’t expecting it to be this extreme. The lights emitted from all four corners and extended about 4 to 5 inches towards the middle of the screen. It was worse on the bottom than the top, but extremely noticeable in all corners. Watching a Blu-Ray with any type of black bars was almost impossible. It was also noticeable in any type of dark scene. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes were unwatchable. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes were drawn to the white torches in the corners. I tried adjusting the backlight down to zero which helped but it didn’t get rid of it and created a very dark picture. Oh, and before someone tries to scold me for not knowing how to properly calibrate a TV, I didn’t have it on the factory setting of Vivid or any other overly bright or unrealistic setting. Not to get off topic but I find it ridiculous that these places expect people to pay more money to have their $2000 plus TV professionally calibrated. For that kind of money, the service should come with it, but I guess that would be in a perfect world. Anyway, I was keeping the back light down along with the brightness because I didn’t want an overly bright/washed out look. The backlight goes up to 20 and I had it at 10 before dropping it to zero. On a side note my wife didn’t notice it at all until I pointed it out to her so maybe some people won’t notice or they may not even care. If I am spending almost $2000 on a TV, I expect it to not have flaws like that. The viewing angle was pretty bad also, but I expected that from an edge lit LED so I don’t count that against them. 5 inches of flash-lighting coming from the corners, that’s a big strike. Called Samsung and they said to wait 3 or 4 weeks and the problem should “correct itself”. Sure. Wait another few weeks until my return period runs out and I am stuck with it. I wasn’t taking the chance on it going away because I’ve never heard of that going away and who knows if they would have even attempted to fix it. I am not trashing Samsung’s customer service because I didn’t have a chance to really work with them, but it seems to me that telling someone to wait 3 or 4 weeks to see if an issue goes away is not the best advice. I have read other reviews about this TV and other edge lit LED’s so I know it can be a crap shoot. Some people get what I got, while others get a perfect panel and some other people get even worse ones. I didn’t want to get into the hassle of returning sets until I got a good one so I will go with my original gut feeling and that was to get a Plasma. They both have their advantages, but as a current Plasma owner, I believe it is the superior technology. Just an opinion though. I just wanted to get this information about my experience with this TV out there since so many other people have been kind enough to put their reviews out there for me so I could make an educated decision over the last few years. Thank you for that.

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