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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch

Submitted by on November 16, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 3,816 views

Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

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Because Amazon provides one of the largest databases of products from top brand names to up and coming manufacturers. The products are reviewed by professionals and customers from around the world. Specifications are displayed in detail and there is that classic Amazon customer service that keeps deep track of every sale, every seller, and engages in great effort to make sure you get the best price from the best seller available.

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Should something go wrong you’ll have the top notch staff at Amazon working with you night and day to get the matter resolved. It’s this kind of service that has made them legendary and a staple of commerce globally.[amzn_product_post]Now that you’ve seen the products here you know it’s time to act. This offer for Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch may not last long as these items can be gone in a flash. People around the world know a good deal when they see one and that’s why you should jump on these items right now. The prices might go up or the items will sell out as they usually do. You won’t want to be left out as you can see these items are of great interest and with the holidays coming up, birthdays, and more, you might turn around and find that they’re gone and you’ll have missed out.

How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • neubs says:

    Customer Rating 2nd Samsung does not disappoint., 2011-07-16
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    I used to own a 6-series 46″ tv by Samsung with 120hz. However, when moving across country, I decided to part ways with it. I decided to use this 32″ as a replacement for the time-being until I pick up a larger TV for the living room. For now, this set is in the bedroom and works great as a computer monitor and blu-ray watcher with a home theater setup.

    The TV’s styling is gorgeous and Samsung knows what it’s doing with the Touch of Color looks. this LED is lightweight and would love to have the Samsung wall mount to “hang” it on sometime soon. It is incredibly thin compared to my old CCFL LCD TV.

    As far as picture quality, I do not miss the 120hz as much as I thought I would. As many have stated, 120hz adds that weird effect of “too real,” which can make lower budget graphics look really fake or acting look sub-par. I HAVE noticed a little clouding and bleeding from the top two corners. However, the only time I ever noticed it was at night with all lights off during credits of a movie and I could see the slight leakage in the top black bar. During the film, I have yet to notice it.

    I can’t comment on the audio, as I hooked it right up to a 5.1 setup.

    I will also say that the connections are ample, yet the placement of the majority of inputs being so close to the edge of the tv (and facing sideways) means that inflexible HDMI cables will have a tough time staying behind the set.

    great set overall.

  • Robbyleerose says:

    Customer Rating Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    Ordered this LED without knowing much about Samsung TV’s. Couldn’t be happier. Great picture, sound is just fine (although many thought otherwise…can’t imagine why!) and the set up was simple to do without any help. Working with Modia was a pleasure. I would definitely use them for any future home video/theater needs!

  • Bob says:

    Customer Rating Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    Excellent – Double Duty as TV and Monitor!
    Crystal clear and sharp as a computer monitor and TV! RightOuta the box fired up, found all cable stations (digital, analog and clear QAM) as TV and switched to PC input(1920×1080) perfectly! And makes a Nice! monitor too! Nice clear font/text display, easy reading, great graphics and all around workstation monitor, and a excellent TV too…
    Exactly what I wanted as a double duty monitor and TV my home office!
    This is my 3rd attempt to find an acceptable double duty TV/Monitor(all 32″ 1080p) and this Samsung does it well and more than acceptable. Tried a Vizio M320nv, not bad, but two dead pixals(right in center of screen) and sound kept dropping out(BAD vizio service/support!). Then a Sony, good TV, but no good and difficut to read as a monitor. But this one hits it Perfectly, and works perfectly in dual monitor configuration and network integration…
    Nice, Sharp, Crystal Clear setup! Love it!
    (and that extra TV in the office can go…) Not all flat screen TV’s do well as (acceptable) dual duty Monitor/TV setups this one does Fine!I also use a Haupage TV tuner in the computer for Home/Office Theater and Business presentation) setup. WMC(WindowsMediaCenter) integrates perfectly, makes Impressive, Stunning MultiMedia presentations…Gotta give it 5 Star++ , an Excellent, versatile, all round Hi Quality LED flat screen display!

  • Customer Rating Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    This is the second Samsung TV, the first being an LCD & the second being an LED. The Led Samsung UN32D5500 is a great TV and Samsung puts out a great product.

  • Customer Rating good bright, 2011-04-13
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    It takes some getting use to the brightness of the color, even after adjusting and playing with the settings, but it is a solid t.v. with a decent picture.

  • J. Hardy IV says:

    Customer Rating Great 32″ option for a computer monitor., 2011-08-10
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    Bought the Samsung 5500 to use as a monitor so that is the slant of this review. It’s an impressive upgrade coming from a Hanns-G 28″ that had horrific backlight bleed problems of a couple inches in on each side. Laugh. The design is quite attractive as others have said, nice and thin edge lit LED and the I don’t mind the glossy surfaces compared to the matte of the Hanns-G. I love the super whites and dark blacks that it produces at its default brightness levels. I play a lot of arcade emulation and the black pillarboxes on the sides of the 4:3 and 3:4 images look sufficiently dark with barely a hint of corner blooming in a completely dark room.

    Regarding connections to the computer; when I tried to hook it up to my Radeon 6870 via DVI-HDMI the initial picture was quite ‘ragged’ for lack of a better word. Almost like you’d see if didn’t have your overscan settings correct in the ATI CCC settings. You also need to toggle picture size to ‘Best Fit’ from 16:9. So I went for a few days with a DVI-VGA connection, that produced a much better picture but was not a digital to digital solution. After troubleshooting w/ Samsung and lurking on AMD forums I found that the default ‘picture mode’ for HDMI is not optimal for computer connection. I had to switch to ‘movie’ mode to alter it sufficiently to give a decent desktop/text image. You can also then scale down the sharpness to 10 to get it about perfect.

    There has been no noticeable ghosting when gaming or watching HD content which I also do via Win7 Media Center and a Ceton InfiniTV4. One oddity I’m still working out though is the inability of it to sleep in HDMI mode, there are options to have the TV turn itself completely off if there is no signal for a time, but I want it to go to sleep mode rather than have to power it up manually myself. This worked when using the VGA connection.

    Overall I’m very pleased w/ its quality. It sits next to my old Hanns-G 28″ in a dual head setup and those two side by side take up a lot of desk space. 🙂 I think it’s a good solution for a big monitor compared to the alternative of the 30″ Dell Ultrasharp which is still $1400+.

  • N. Navia says:

    Customer Rating Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    I waited a while to write this review to make sure this TV was operating as it should. What can I say… I love my new Samsung, this is my 3rd Samsung purchased and the quality is great! I bought this TV for my bedroom just in time for football season since that is all that is on my living room TV while my husband is home. HD picture quality is amazing and sometimes he watches the game in the room while I use the bigger TV in the living room for movies. Great picture, blacks are great, but you should know that I watch at frontal view, as I don’t need to viewing from an angle. I currently do not have any other devices hooked up to this TV yet so I cannot say how easy the installation or compatibility is with other devices, however initial set up was simple. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  • Maki Michii says:

    Customer Rating awesome little tv, 2011-06-15
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    first of all let me say that i’m one of those avsforum trolls who sometimes overanalyze and nitpick sets to death. that being said i was looking for a little 32 inch tv to watch movies, play xbox, and use as a sometimes pc monitor. i have a ln40a750 and a ln46c750. both ccfl because i dreaded the flashlighting and the clouding that the samsungs are notorious for. I had considered the un32d6000 but was scared off by some who reported clouding and flashlighting to a distracting degree. i had also considered the ln32d550 which is the ccfl version of this set. however when the price of this set dropped 75 dollars i had to give it a try

    i have to say that i am really really happy with this set. i’ve tried it gaming and there is no ghosting that others reported with the un40d6000. Also i wanted an led so that i wouldn’t have to worry as much about color changes in the backlight over its lifetime vs ccfl. no dead pixels. perfect uniformity meaning no flashlighting from the corners. may seem lighter in tone towards the edges in the dark if you sit too close but perfect from viewing distance. there might be what some might consider very light banding looking at a flat grey field but i have this more pronounced on my ln46c750 and is caused by the coating they use for the ultra clear panel. if you prefer a matte finish i would go with the ln32d550. really really surprised how uniform this set is and very happy. led has a certain look that some might not like but its hard to describe unless you’ve had both sets in a home setting.

    tried with a pc on the vga input and seems to pass the 4:4:4 chroma subsampling test. Try later with dvi and rename input to pc/dvi and see if it passes. It is only 60 Hz but it seems that for the most part only 60hz lcd sets pass this test. I personally never use the 120 hz mode on either of my other sets so this only matters to those who prefer the “soap opera” look to the so called judder. however this set does really well with 24p input. but then i’m not that critical when it comes to that since i’m one of those that think film should like film.

    I did no measured lag test but it suffices that i don’t really notice any lag playing black ops.

    It only comes with a 2 pt grey scale adjustment but then again i find 6500k a little on the green side for my tastes over 3 tvs and two monitors.

    i got the h303 version from amazon. not sure which of the two possible panels i got but since it looks just like the h303 set i saw at my local best buy in so cal.

    overall a great little multipurpose set with super uniformity. very very happy

  • Customer Rating 4.5 stars, only minor drawbacks, 2011-05-18
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    Did a ton of research on TV’s before making a purchase on this set. I settled on this one for a few key reasons.
    1)Cnet really likes the quality of Samsung screens
    2)I wanted an LED screen because they are thin and sleek, this one has a great look
    3)I don’t need internet apps because I have an Apple TV (seriously consider this and save some bucks(no hulu though))
    4)Almost all the screens I’ve seen that friends own with 120Hz have that function turned off (soap opera effect)
    5)Got a screamin deal off Amazon Warehouse Deals

    For all of these reasons, this TV is a great fit for me. I was worried about a few things going into it though.
    1)I read a lot about light bleeding in from the edges because of the edge-lit technology. After straight up plug and play for a few weeks now, I am totally pleased with the picture. In frames with all low level blacks, it does have a bit of a hard time blending smoothly though, and eventually I have seen a couple scenes of very low light where there are very very faint white light shadows creeping in from the corners towards the center of the screen. All in all though, it really has only bothered me once or twice, and I was trying to find them. Just watching the screen like a normal viewer, the picture is great.
    2)People have complained about poor sound quality. I live in a small studio apartment, so I don’t have a sound system, and I was worried about this, but I’ve found the sound to be totally adequate for my small space. If you are an audiophile in a large living room then you will definitely need a sound system, but you probably have that anyway. I usually have the speakers set to 20-40 out of 100 (increments of 1 are nice).

    So for all that and just another couple minor things keep me from rating this a total 5 stars:
    1)The remote looks like it was designed for and elderly person. Sure, it’s easy to read the buttons and find them, but it looks and feels like one of those big button touch tone phones. Totally functional though, and I basically only use it for volume and source selection.
    2)The HDMI inputs are just behind the beveled edge facing out to the right side, so if the cords going in are relaxed, they are visible from the side. I have a cord management piece going behind the center of the screen, so the cords have a little torque on them to turn 180 to get there. Minor inconvenience, but the screen is 1.2 inches thick, and I guess those things have to go somewhere.
    3)The box arrived with a gaping hole in it and I could see the screen through it, yikes! I don’t know if it left Warehouse Deals like that or if it was a shipping thing, but I thought someone put their foot through it. Turns out everything is fine, whew.

  • Customer Rating My two Samsung TVs, 2011-08-17
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D5500 32-Inch
    In June 2011 I purchased a 40″ Samsung through Costco, my son is a member, after comparing it with a 40″ Sony. My son had just purchased the Sony but I opted for the Samsung based on comparable specs and price.

    One thing I wanted was the caption control feature beause my wife is ill and I wanted to be able to use it when she is asleep. Everyone was telling me they all have this featue now. I am 81 years old and not hep on all the new electronics in our world.

    What I found out was that it was not simply there on either TV. The feature is not availble on the 40″ while using the HDMI mode that is required for the best picture. This 32″ requires a 16.9 and the same is true.

    I tried to get CC through Cablevision but it was too complicated and it not work with either.

    I opted for the best picture in both cases which is quite good so I will forego the CC option. Anyone have any ideas on this subject? I welcome any information.

    Otherwise the TVs are quite acceptable .

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