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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30

Submitted by on November 23, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 24,367 views

Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • willdeng says:

    Customer Rating WONDERFUL 3DTV FROM PANASONIC, 2011-06-15
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    I’ve owned and seen a lot of TVs in my lifetime. When I was searching for a midrange TV, something around 30 to 42 inches for the den, honestly the Panasonic wasn’t my first choice (because I didn’t know about it). I started with the Samsung UN32C6500. This was a 32 inch LED TV that had a very pretty design and the picture quality was okay but it just wasn’t enough and it was way too overpriced. I sold that TV and then looked elsewhere. I looked at Sony, LG, Samsung, and Panasonic LED TVs. That was when I found out the DT30 series. This is the first time Panasonic has jumped into the LED TV fray, so it was difficult to find reviews and information on the TV. The reviews that I had read had only good things to say about the series. The design wasn’t as sleek as the Samsung that I had or the one that I was also looking at (the UN40D6400) so I was unsure of what to buy. The difference came down to picture quality. To be frank, I didn’t think that I would be paying attention to color reproduction and picture quality as much as I am now with this new Panasonic. I don’t mean that in a bad way, this Panasonic produces some of the best color, black levels, and image that I have ever seen and it continues to amaze me even after the first month. Combined with essentially an all in one package, this is an wonderful TV.

    – Black levels and color reproduction is amazing. No backlight bleeding. Words can only say so much, find this TV somewhere and see for yourself.
    – Plenty of connection ports
    – Panasonic VIERA Connect (internet applications) is simply and easy to use. A lot better than Samsung’s Smart TV application set up.
    – Settings menu is very easy to use.
    – No dead pixels
    – 3D picture is also one of the best that I’ve seen. I’ve watched movies and played video games (Killzone 3 and COD Black Ops) from my PS3 in 3D and have noticed no ghosting or artifacts. Produces good depth too. Way to go Panasonic!
    – No input lag. I probably didn’t get better at video games but my controls are registered much faster than my previous HDTVs and that can mean the world in a fast paced game.
    – Includes everything that you would possibly need. Wi-fi adapter and 3D glasses. One of the things that annoyed me with other TVs is that none of these things were included, which meant added costs for these accessories. Panasonic provides everything in the package, which is a major plus.

    – The power plug is integrated into the TV. Although Panasonic provides a good way to hold the plug close to the TV when moving, I would’ve liked a plug that could be detachable.
    – Streaming Netflix from the TV doesn’t produce a very solid picture (probably because the TV has to download and process the picture) and sometimes the audio is choppy. I just use my PS3 for that.
    – The wifi dongle adds another two inches to the back of the TV. Not a problem for me but just so that you know…it would’ve been nice if wifi was integrated as well but hey, at least Panasonic includes the dongle.

    A+, get this TV if you’re looking for the perfect midrange TV. I bought the 37” (cause it was cheaper than the 32” for some reason) and I was not disappointed in my purchase. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed if you decide to purchase this TV.

  • LoveMyToys says:

    Customer Rating Best TV under 40″ Period, 2011-06-27
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    I just received my 37″ DT30 from Panasonic this past weekend. I purchased it from Amazon Warehouse in “like new” condition for a SUBSTANTIAL discount. The TV arrived in excellent condition and was, indeed, like new (except for the packaging). I purchased this TV to replace a 32″ Sharp 720p TV in the bedroom. I choose the DT30 because it was essentially a 37″ tv that has the dimensions of a 32″ tv and was able to fit in my wife’s armoire (which I would ditch and put an even larger tv in its place if it were up to me). I have to say though that, for a 37″ tv, this Panny really packs a big picture. The image quality is truly jaw dropping right out of the box. The color gamut is remarkable and vibrant. The blacks are inky dark and even in high contrast scenes, I saw no evidence of blooming of flashlighting that is often complained about on some other LED-LCD TV’s like the Samsung UN40D6500. The IPS panel makes a huge difference–there is no meaningful loss of clarity in the picture when watching from wide angles. This is a TV designed with gamers in mind. According to many of the techies that post on AVS Forum, the tv’s 2ms response time is no joke and there is absolutely no lag on this tv. For gaming this is the number one tv on the market period.

    I am not, however, a gamer. I want to spend my tv time enjoying a gorgeous picture–this tv delivers in spades. It blows away my 40″ Sony XBR2 that sits in my den and brings high definition to a whole new level. I’ll give you an example of how much of a difference this tv can make. Several months ago I owned a Sony Bloggie Touch (that I kept for a week). At the time, I considered the Sony Bloggie Touch to be a piece of crap. The 1080p video looked terrible on XBR2–grainy and excessively noisy, with lots of visible judder and trailing. Colors were oversaturated no matter how hard I tried to clean it up. I consider this video to be essentially unwatchable. I ran this video through the Panny, with the Cinema Motion 5 dialed up to strong and noise reduction on and…. low and behold… even this crappy video looked great!!! Now, the video quality on the bloggie is still crap (IMO), but if this tv can make that video look good, imagine what it does with high quality blu ray movies??? People, this is a true reference level TV and, in my humble opinion, this TV performs nearly as well as the Pioneer Elite Pro-111FD (still best tv ever made–if only I could have afforded one). I was just watching Avatar off my Verizon Fios dvr box and you could swear you looking at a Blu Ray. I also watched Clash of the Titans in 3d off of Fios on Demand (free) and the 3d effects were awesome. The only knock on 3d performance would be that the 3d effect may be better on a larger tv, but even watching it at 10′ away you still felt enveloped by the movie’s 3d effect (the movie’s plot itself sucked and wasn’t close to as good as the original).

    The viera cast may be great, but I am currently having problems getting the tv to handshake with either of my wireless routers. I am not ready to blame it on Panasonic yet and have a few more experiments to play with before I start calling help lines. I’ll update this part of the review when I have a fix for the problem. Honestly, this is one heck of a t.v. If you’re looking for a 37″ tv and you’re willing to spend the bucks to get performance, this is the TV for you.

    Update 6/28/11: I hooked up a wireless n router and was able to connect to the TV with no problem. It seems the wifi issue I am having has to do with the security protocols I have set up on the avtec router that Fios uses. I am running the wireless n router opened with no security protocols at the moment, which my not be all that smart–but I am only using the router to stream video and it’s not being used for networking. I’ll continue to work on a solution. That said, viera cast is a great product. The navigation and set up are easy and it actually has really good apps: Cinema Now, Netflix, Amazon on Demand, mlb.tv, fox sports, weather channel, wealth hd, twitter, skype, facebook etc. Video quality on netflix is very good–on par with my apple tv. I had no delays with streaming and there is less buffering time than with my Apple TV (so far). I just have to figure out how to run the sound back to my AVR from the TV.

    Update 7/13/11: I am still loving this tv! For the nitpickers out there, there is corner flashlighting on this tv during start up with an all black screen and there is blooming around the letter during movie credits. I have yet to see an edge lit LED-LCD TV that didn’t have these issues, but when when there is an actual video image on the screen, these problems are not evident at all! If you turn off the AI function in the menu (which controls the zone dimming), the flashlighting issue improves (but does not completely resolve). Again though, this is not a big deal unless you are insanely anal retentive. I have also since connect the tv to my router by ethernet and it is working fabulously. Viera cast is loaded with goodies. One thing I would like to see improved is the Netflix UI, which does not give you access to the full netflix library and does NOT include a search feature. This UI can and should be improved with a firmware update. To really use netflix on this tv, you need load all the content you want to watch into your instant-q on your computer and then you can access it on viera cast. Panasonic should buy an apple tv or roku to see how the UI should be properly set up. Once streaming though, I have NO complaints about the video or audio playback quality.

  • Beau says:

    Customer Rating Best 37″ LCD on the market, 2011-07-31
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    The TV was delivered before the estimated delivery date. AMAZON ROCKS. Panasonic makes very good high quality televisions. Their plasma TV’s are the best in the business. I own a 2010 Panasonic 3D Plasma. I can honestly say the picture on this TC-L37DT30 is almost identical to the plasma. If you want plasma quality picture performance in the form of a 37″ LCD TV. This is the set for you. The picture is sharp and the colors are vibrant and accurate. One of the most important aspects of picture quality is deep black levels. With a little tweaking I can actually get deeper blacks out of this TV than I can with my plasma. You have to sacrifice a little brightness, but if you turn the backlight way down and have the AI picture mode on, this TV will produce the deepest of blacks. Because the TV use’s local dimming edge LED’s you do get some “blooming”. When you have an all black background with bright text like movie credits for example. The black background around the text gets a little brighter than the rest of the screen. I’ve never seen this blooming effect while watching regular TV and movie content however. This slight bleeding of whites into blacks is inherent in all dynamic edge LED displays and in no way should be a deal breaker. Most edge LED TV’s have flashlighting in the corners, this TV does not. As for the build quality, the TV is built out of metal instead of plastic. Even though the TV is very thin, it still seems very solid and heavy duty. The sound quality is good for a thin LED. The remote is easy to use and lights up red (kind of cool). If you’re a gamer you can’t go wrong with this TV. There is virtually no input lag in game mode. Motion blur is a non issue because the TC-L37DT30 comes equipped with Panasonic’s redesigned IPS Alpha LCD panel. pixel response time is almost instantaneous, you don’t get any of the trailing or ghosting like you get from traditional LCD displays. I don’t know what it is but games look almost 3D on this TV when its not in 3D mode. You get a real feeling of depth and perspective. I’ve owned Sony, LG, and lots of Samsung, LCD’s, they all have their good aspects but none of them are the “total package” like the TC-L37DT30 is. Panasonic packed all the goods into this 37″ beauty.

  • Zero says:

    Customer Rating Impressed With EVERYTHING – A Gamer’s Review, 2011-05-30
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    I originally ordered this set in Mid-May and had it shipped via Amazon Prime, It arrived in a very timely manner and I immediately unboxed it and hung it on my wall.

    The first thing I did was plug everything in and make sure it works. It did without problem. I ended up having to go out and on the way home rented a 3D Movie to play via Playstation 3 to the television. I got home, popped it in, set up the 3D glasses and settings and was AMAZED at how great the picture was. The blacks are truly BLACK (To the point where all black screens made me do a double take, thinking I turned the television off) and the colors were vibrant. I bought this blindly thinking “Hey 3D Might be cool” but have to say I am completely hooked on it now!

    The next day I plugged in my laptop via HDMI and ran a few tests, Input lag and dead pixels mainly (Input lag will be covered later). I noticed a problem…

    Two dead pixels, One fully black on red images and the other black no matter the color.

    I called Amazon and was met with a very nice representative who helped me get a replacement shipped under the agreement I’d ship the current set back when I received the replacement. She even upgraded my shipping to 1 day (Because I called on a Friday I guess and they couldn’t ship until Monday).

    I received the replacement 7 days ago and after unboxing it and testing (once again) for input lag, flashlighting (uneven backlight), or dead pixels I saw no issues. The original television I got must’ve been an uncommon mistake.

    Over the course of the first few days having it I decided to get a calibration disk (after deciding I’d keep it) to REALLY see what this baby could do.

    After 2-3 hours of calibrating I was WOWED once again by how beautiful and picture perfect the image quality, blacks, and colors were. Everything looks natural and “just right”.

    So, All in all I’m VERY impressed and happy with this product, The colors and image quality were far superior to anything I saw at my retail store (Which, ironically, sells this television for $400 more). Having now played through a few games on it, watched a few movies and done just about everything I could imagine myself doing I can’t find a single REAL fault that would make me think twice about getting this again.

    INPUT LAG: I know this isn’t covered in most reviews and this is SPECIFICALLY why I went with this television. The input lag is non existent. That isn’t me telling you “I don’t see it while gaming”… That’s me telling you after testing it thoroughly. Input lag versus a CRT in Game Mode was an average of 16ms, One frame or less of lag. I’ve used this with a mouse and keyboard (which should feel it best out of anything, though the tests say it themselves) and there was nothing. Nada. Fighting games? SSF4, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat all felt or saw nothing. FPS games had the same performance. This set has been ran for gaming on a PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 and all of them are brilliantly flawless in performance via HDMI. This was NOT the same experience of my former HDTV.


    -AMAZING Picture Quality
    -Completely even backlighting
    -NO Input Lag AT ALL
    -IPS Panel
    -Fully featured settings list
    -3D Performance is mindblowing
    -Not a single dead pixel on the replacement
    -VERY Sturdy Construction compared to other designs

    -Power cable doesn’t detach from the television, Not a problem for me but might be for others
    -Original unit had multiple dead pixels


    -Be sure to note that the screen and bezel are both GLOSSY, Some people are bothered by this but I personally think it looks great!

    This has been rated 4 out of 5 stars because of the pixel problems with the original unit, though I fully recommend this set now that I have one of proper quality.

  • lidia says:

    Customer Rating great 3dtv., 2011-04-04
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    first i want to apologize in advance for my english.second this is a beautiful 3dtv.i want to say that the 2d picture is just beautiful.but also i was looking for a second 3dtv. after buying the panasonic plasma tc-p54vt25 last december(this plasma tv has just the best 3d picture of them all,and came with the avatar 3d starter kit 2 3d glasses and avatar 3d.).i was looking for a smaller and least expensive 3dtv.i tried a sony 46 inches 700 series,and a panasonic plasma 42 inches gt25 series and both had ghosting (the panasonic not much)but especially the sony had a lot of it,so i had to return those sets to my local electronics store.in this tv the ghosting just dont exist.i think in my humble opinion(im not an expert) this is just the closest thing (if not the same) to the tc-p54vt25’s beautiful 3d picture.also this tv comes with a pair of 3d glasses.i have already watched avatar3d and alice in wonderland3d.of course im gonna watch other 3d movies that i already have.at last but not least also 5 stars to amazon great sevice,great prices.

    cons:none so far.

  • Customer Rating panasonic 37 inch 3D TV, 2011-06-21
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    super quality TV set in every way and good looking, too
    picture is flawless, colors are beautiful and rich from any source and there are many ways to set and to adjust images to taste
    built is speakers have very good sound and volume
    this TV stands out on the shelf among the others like it does not belong there
    cannot be beat in any way and once you see the picture it will sell itself

    I’m glad I traded my 37 inch LG 37LE5300 for this one,
    it is a much better TV and well worth the little extra cost

    plenty of inputs with USB ports and SD card slot
    VIERA LINK controls and works with other enabled devices (blue-ray, dvd, camcorder, Lumix cameras) with using the TV remote only is a nice bonus and very convenient
    easy Internet connection with good content
    3D is perfect with the included glasses on a panasonic blue-ray player
    side angle view at about 45 degrees is almost as sharp as looking at it head on – a huge plus for me
    there is not one thing wrong with this set that i could think of
    make sure to fully update it when powered up

    no regrets I bought it, I wish I had room for a bigger one

  • jomo says:

    Customer Rating Holy Crap!!, 2011-04-18
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    This set is way better than i expected. Picture quality,color and contrast are stunning. I purchased this set for my son after reseaching every set in the 40″ range. Last years sony hx800,which blows away this years ex720,was the top contender until i found this set. I watched avatar 3D on this and the VT25 plasma and saw little difference. I also watched basketball in 3D on directv and experienced no motion blurr. I looked very hard for flashlighting and blooming but saw none. Positioning the leds on the top and bottom seems to work very well. My son played black ops and killzone 3 in 3D and we both were very impressed. I wish they made this in a 55′. I’m waiting on the xbr hx929 to come out. I saw the sammy und8000 at my buddy’s house. I was not impressed. I like this panasonic better. The wifi dongle connected to my dir-655 flawlessly. The internet works but we we will never use it. My son and i both have htpc’s connected to our sets which makes the tvs connection unnecessary. I am very pleased with this set and am glad i found it. It’s not talked about very much but worth more than it costs. Top performer in my opinion.

  • MiRSD says:

    Customer Rating Pricey, but a very good 3D/HDTV, 2011-09-20
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    I’ve had the Panasonic TC-L32DT30 (32″ LED 3D/HDTV) for about 6 weeks now and wanted to spend some time before writing a review.

    Previously I’ve had the Panasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P50G10 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV and a SONY Grand Wega(TM) SXRD 50″ Rear Projection TV KDS-R50XBR1. My reason for going to this TV was for a “bedroom TV” (something smaller than the 50″ ones) and also one that supported 3D (for Blu-Ray and videogames).

    First thing you’ll probably notice (and something brought up in most online reviews) is the price. This thing is expensive at almost 1000 bucks for a 32″ TV (you can get a 50″ 3D plasma for less).. unfortunately Plasma’s don’t come in the size range I was looking for (32-37″) so LED seemed to be the best option.

    When buying these, I looked at multiple stores and reviews for different models/technologies as I wanted something that was near ‘best in class’, not something I’d regret a month after buying. Of the sets I looked at, this was the nicest looking before going into the way-more-expensive models from SONY. Unfortunately, this set was still a pretty big jump in price from the next-best ones I looked at.

    Being an LED TV, it’s very thin (less than an inch thick) with a stand that doesn’t take up too much room. Full weight of the TV and stand is under 30 pounds and will fit nicely on any table, stand or even glass desk. The stand also allows the TV to swivel left/right easily.

    The looks of the TV are good – I’ve seen some complaints that it doesn’t have a “seemless/single-panel bevel”, but I think it looks good and better than some of the options out there from other manufacturers. I will note that the gap from table/surface-level to bottom of the viewable-area is only about 4 inches of so — this is a problem for anyone wanting to place one of those virtual surround or center channel speakers in front of it (when on a table/desk/stand) – most speakers will be too large and start to block the viewable area of the TV.

    The TV is full 1080p (which is very nice to see in this size) and has a great viewing angle (178-degrees according to panasonic). This means those watching from the side will still be able to enjoy a clear picture without it washing out.

    The TV does have built in speakers – Unfortunately I did not try these (I had it hooked up to a mini speaker system from day-1)

    It has 4 HDMI ports (also nice to see in a TV of this size) but only 1 Component input and 1 composite (red/white/yellow) input, which seems to be too few (component inputs for videogame systems, composite for older videogames, video cameras and other electronics). It does not feature any S-Video or DVI inputs. Oddly enough, it includes 3 USB ports (which seems like too MANY) and a SD card slot.

    The TV is a “smart TV” (meaning it has applications to stream video/content from the internet via VieraCast) and has either a hard-wired input (Ethernet) or wi-fi (via an included wifi adapter that plugs into one of the USB ports). These adapters are usually pretty pricey, so I have mixed feelings on it (I’m not using it, so I wonder how much it drove the price up on the TV (if any)).

    The remote control is very easy to use, with clear/large keys. It also has a Light button to enable a red backlight on most of the keys. Not the nicest/fanciest looking remote, but it does what’s meant for.

    The TV features a “Motion Picture Pro 5” mode, which adds in extra frames to eliminate motion blurring in fast scenes. I was very excited for this feature.. until I tried it! I’ve never understood the “it looks too much like video, not like film” comments until I saw this in person. Everything looks too fake and almost sped-up. I was really disappointed in this, since it is a selling point, and immediately turned it off.

    Being a LED, it features local-brightness, this means that rather than brightening the ENTIRE screen when something bright comes on screen, it brightens SECTIONS of the screen – this lets you keep good black-levels in dark parts of the picture while brightening up areas where something light is on screen. I found this to be very distracting at first (since you can see the “sections” that light up/darken) so any small bright spot on the screen (such as a Play/Pause logo from a DVD Player) will cause the TV to turn on a big light square in that section of the TV. Overall, trying with this option both on and off, I preferred it with it on — you get very-good black levels throughout most of the screen, even when lighter content comes on screen. Not as good as my plasma, but still much better than LCD’s/rear-projection tv’s.

    As a PC Monitor, it works great. I hooked mine up via HDMI as a 2nd-monitor and it looked fantastic. I would have liked to have seen a DVI input for this (it has a D-sub 15-pin input, or you can use HDMI if your computer supports it). HDMI looked great in 1920×1080 resolution.

    Onto 3D Content – this is where the TV really shines. I have mine connected to a PS3 for 3D Blu-Rays, Games and 3D Photos.. this TV looks GREAT in 3D (matching the Panasonic plasmas I looked at) and far-surpassing other manufacturers’ LED/LCD TV’s that I sampled (although in store — including LG and Samsung). Crosstalk was very minimal and brightness/color was good during 3D.

    The TV features a 2D-3D conversion (for normal 2D content), accessed by the remote control and can play various 3D formats such as Side-by-Side (like youtube videos). The 2D->3D conversion is by no means near as good as true 3D content (from the PS3) but looks OK.

    Included with the TV is 1 pair of Panasonic TY-EW3D2MU 3D Active Shutter Eyewear for Panasonic 3D HDTVs – Medium glasses and a nice case. These glasses charge via USB Mini B cables (very common amongst newer electronics). I found them to be a bit uncomfortable/small for those who wear prescription glasses, but the Xpand Universal X103 3D Glasses Compatible with Active 3D TV’s, Black work as a good replacement. With this TV using Active Shutter glasses, they’re a bit expensive!

    HDTV content looks very good, particularly from Blu-Rays and videogames. SD Content (such as DVDs) is a bit lacking, unfortunately. I was disappointed in how they looked (can’t really say “why”, but they just didn’t look nearly as good as on the Panasonic plasma HDTV).

    I do wish I would have gotten the larger Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30 37-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV which is almost the same price.. but backordered for a few months. I’m very happy with this TV and would easily recommend it – it’s definitely not perfect though (see list below to see how important the pros/cons are to you):

    = Available in 32″ and 37″ (good for bedrooms – plasmas start around 42″)
    = Uses Active Shutter glasses (more expensive than Passive, but “full” 3D resolution)
    = selective-area-lighting (good for content with both light and dark levels, but distracting because of lit up “blocks”)
    = viewable area is somewhat low (4″ or so from bottom of stand) making it hard to place a center-channel speaker in front of it.

    + Very good 3D quality
    + Very good HDTV/Blu-Ray quality
    + Light/slim/nice design
    + No burn-in (a problem with plasmas, even modern ones, especially considering how much static content is found in content like TV shows or videogames)
    + 4 HDMI inputs
    + Wired and Wifi options included
    + Vieracast included

    – Very expensive for size
    – Picture Pro mode is disappointing (especially when advertised as a selling point)
    – No DVI or S-Video and only 1 Component / 1 Composite input
    – Below average quality for Standard Definition video (DVD)

    In the end, it’s the best non-plasma 3D I’ve seen. It’s expensive (and I can’t help but wonder if some of the options like the wifi adapter included with it added to the price). If you want it for mostly DVD or 2D Content, I’d pass. If you want it for Blu-Ray, Games and 3D content.. it’s awesome!

    For me, It’s a secondary TV so the lack of good SD-Content playback isn’t a huge issue for me.. the 3D/Blu-Ray/Game quality more than makes up for it and the fact it works so well as a 2nd monitor make this a very good buy for me.

  • Customer Rating Fantastic HDTV, 2011-04-15
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    I bought this tv to replace my bedroom tv, which was previously a 32″ LG. The color on this TV is very vibrant and bright and has nice picture all in all.
    The 2d->3d feature is borderline useless. It adds very little depth at the cost of brightness, clarity, and sharpness. The 3d feature itself is nice, however I have yet to watch an actual 3d Blu-Ray movie on it due to the limited selection presently. The only actual 3d supported media is with Black Ops and Killzone 3 (both ps3 games) and on those it adds a very nice 3d effect, but once again i find it more of a novelty as it doesnt actually help you in any way shape or form and just ends up tiring out my eyes, but still a nice feature.
    The 240hz reduces motion blur alot more but doesnt get rid of it completely. It is leaps and bounds better than my old 60hz LG and 120hz Samsung however. (I had a side by side comparison with my LG and Samsung watching the Masters)
    The picture options were plentiful and allows you to change all the hues and colors to your liking. The remote is sorta cheap (arent they always?) but it gets the job done. It is missing a profile button on the remote though (the button that changes from Standard, Cinema, Custom, Vivid etc…) and I find it annoying to go into the menu everytime to change it. (I like to play games on a higher brightness than when watching TV).
    I do wish the power cord was independent of the TV but thats not really a big concern.
    The slim frame of the TV is very nice and looks amazing if you hang it on the wall. The IPS Panel is very glossy and gets dirty VERY easily (fingerprint/dust magnet). I find this TV very glare resistant too, much more so than my old LG. The auto brightness calibrator is very good too, especially at night.

    On a side note I also use to TV as my laptop monitor since my laptop has hdmi out and initially there was no sound and i had to update my VIDEO card drivers to get sound back. So if you have that problem try updating as this is a really new TV Model. (4/15/2011)

    All in all for the $1044 its totally worth it and a fantastic 3d TV.

  • Imran says:

    Customer Rating Compelled to write this review!, 2011-07-07
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L37DT30
    I usually do not write reviews. Because I am just too lazy. However writing a review for this tv is worth the effort. I’ve been through samsung d6400 Samsung UN40D6400 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black) and sharp aquos 3d Sharp Quattron LC40LE835U 40-Inch 1080p 3D LED LCD TV -Black (both 2011 models). But ended up returning both to Amazon due to severe crosstalk in 3d. Trust me, I tried all the settings to calibrate 3D on these sets but the crosstalk just didn’t go away. Finally I thought of giving this tv a try. Let me remind you that up until this point, i almost gave up hope for a proper 3D on an LCD screen. However this tv proved me completely wrong. Its not the sleekest tv out there or neither does it has all the extra bells and whistles in the tv settings. However it does a few things and it does it right.

    The IPS panel with 240hz refresh rate made me a believer in LCD 3D technology. If you need a LCD panel that does the 3D right, then look no further. The only downside is that Panasonic, doesn’t offer any screen size bigger than 37inches in their LCD 3d lineup. Which is a downer, however personally to me, I would pick a 37 inch over 40 any day if it does what its suppose to do.

    Viera connect is a breeze, and this is the only tv among the other two that i’ve used so far to offer youtube with account management. Did I mention the horrible light leaks I found on both samsung and Sharp? I am not trying to be a Panasonic fanboy here. Sharp and Samsung are both respectable brands but I sincerely believe that Panasonic is a bit underrated when it comes to tv’s.

    Finally, five stars to Amazon for their excellent customer service. I will shop at Amazon, again and again!

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