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Best HDTV of The Month

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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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LG Infinia 55LV5500

Submitted by on October 19, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 10,977 views

LG Infinia 55LV5500

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get LG Infinia 55LV5500. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Boss Lumpia says:

    Customer Rating I think LG is giving Samsung a run for its money, 2011-07-19
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    I just received my LG 42LV5500, which is a major upgrade from a 32″ Samsung LCD I was using. My sole purpose for purchasing a larger TV, especially an LED one, was due to a demo I saw at one of my local retailers for this set. I was floored by the demo because of the incredible visual quality for Blu-ray and HD gaming. I didn’t purchase it from the retailer as I was debating between this one and the Samsung UN40D6300. In the interest of saving some money, I went for the LG which has comparable video quality and features to said Samsung LED.

    I wised up and waited on a good deal. Amazon provided a deal that I pulled the trigger on and I am satisfied with the fact that shipping was free, no state mandated electronics disposal fee, and of course no tax.

    Sure I had some concerns about delivery, specifically will the delivery people mess it up? Fortunately, UPS was my shipper, and they were very professional and courteous to ensure safe and proper delivery to my home. So thumbs up to Amazon and UPS for flawless delivery.

    I will say that if you’re transitioning from a smaller LCD TV to something of this caliber, it will take some getting used to. In my case, it was with LG’s “TruMotion” feature. I used Tron Legacy as my Blu-ray test, and it looked fantastic. Also, to assuage any apprehension from fellow gamers out there, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mass Effect 2, L.A. Noire, and Red Dead Redemption were used for my visual tests. Don’t worry boys and girls, you won’t get buzz-killed if you go with this LED TV. Red Dead Redemption in particular looked very stunning.

    The reason why I said “TruMotion” took some getting used to was because it makes Blu-ray movies and HD Games look like you’re in a vivid acid trip. You can of course turn off the “TruMotion” feature, as this TV has a “picture wizard” which walks you through different display types and criteria that will help you find what works best for you. The “picture wizard” uses what I’ve likened to a “powerpoint” presentation to walk you through the display set up process. It took me about five minutes to find my optimal setting.

    TV audio on this to my surprise was pretty darn good. I have this setup in my living room. Compared to other LED TV’s, I thought the sound on this transmits the best in comparison to Samsung, Toshiba, and Vizio…ESPECIALLY Vizio (Or should they be called, “Vizi-NO”). I plan to augment my setup with a soundbar in the near future, but for now it sounds really good as it is.

    If you’re a person who’s into apps, I suppose this LED TV will fit the bill. My only knock on this (as with any TV manufacturer that has an app interface) is consider having a QWERTY keypad on the remote. Vizio managed to do that and do it well. But the set up for apps on this TV can be hell on your dominant remote thumb. A QWERTY keypad would have been nice instead of a Wii remote…err, I mean a “Magic Motion” remote.

    This segues into network connectivity. I have no problem since I have it hard wired from my router. It does come with network USB adapter so you can connect wirelessly. But I kind of found this to be a pain in the rear as it took me three to four tries to get the network adapter to recognize my access point. I would suggest a direct connect from your access point to get you the best results.

    In closing, I think LG did a fantastic job with the 42LV5500. Amazon had a good deal, and delivery was safe and flawless for me.

  • Customer Rating First day impression, 2011-04-23
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    See my uploaded pictures. I selected this TV based on size and the good picture I saw on this model at Sears. Purchased from Amazon after price shopping. UPS delivered a slightly scuffed up shipping box. The shipping box said it had the AUSYLJR panel. I compared the LG web site contrast ratio to the two different Amazon stated contrast ratio and none agree. Installing the base with eight screws was easy. After my DW assisted me in carefully lifting the TV to the top of my dresser I was ready for the smoke test. But first I noticed a small factory nick on the frame under the protective sticky tape. One star deduction for this blemish. On power up the set went into a simple set up mode but I was stopped cold when it first wanted to scan OTA channels. I hooked up some powered rabbit ears and let it automatically do it’s thing. Once that was done I switched the input to an HDMI cable from my cable box and all looked good. It was quite easy getting a WiFi connection. All I had to do was enter my Linky password. Then I clicked on Netflix and got an authorization message. Meanwhile the TV started updating its software which took maybe 10 minutes. After it rebooted I discovered that it erased my Linky password so I entered that again. Now for the Netflix test.

    I selected the documentary Restrepo, hooked in my headphones and began the Netflix test. Immediately I was blown away by the video and audio quality I was watching. Trust me. It was outstanding ! !

    Second day impression:

    The few free LG apps are a joke.
    The Facebook app is not very good compared to the Facebook PC web site.
    The TV broadcast image seemed a lot darker than I liked so I turned off the energy saving mode which solved the problem.
    I noticed that when my cable DVR, in pause mode, went to a black screen with a small moving screen saver image there was a less black area around the moving image.
    The Amazon price just dropped on this model. Amazon then agreed to match their new lower price – one time only.

    First week impression:

    The LED lighting slightly leaks through the air vent holes on the back of the set.
    This LG TV is still displaying an outstanding picture but I’m not much a fan of LED TVs. I prefer my older Samy 650 LCD only model in my TV room.
    This TV was assembled in March 2011 and sold to me by Amazon in April 2011.
    Amazon seems to change the price up and down on this TV nearly everyday.
    The LG shipping box goes to trashman today because I’m keeping my baby.

    Second week impression:

    Discovered that you don’t need to install any LG supplied software to easily play mp3’s or see jpg’s that are located on any of your local network’s computers.

  • Customer Rating Life is Good, 2011-05-27
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    Update 7/6/11: Firmware update 4.0.11 adds hulu plus. This will be of interest to some users.

    Nice large crisp picture
    Huge number of picture adjustments
    Low Power consumption
    Includes Wireless Network Adapter that can act as a router
    Viewing angle

    Not many apps
    Had to configure for best image quality for movies
    Auto back light becomes annoying (disable it)
    Some light bleeding is noticeable on black backgrounds with white text.

    Bottom Line:
    Nice TV. Remote is easy to use, controls are intuitive. It offers a huge number of picture adjustments for calibration purposes. Lots of inputs, and nice slim design.

    The image is nice and sharp (and not overly sharp). Browse the internet review sites to find some values for setting image parameters up for best image quality (or at least a starting point). The “Cinema” mode isn’t bad if you turn off the auto back light (this feature turns the back light off for dark scenes, but it is noticeable on this TV model as it is a global back light. The more expensive models have a localized back lights that might be less noticeable.

    Power consumption with the back light at max is about 115 watts (nominal) and about 30 watts with the back light off (measured with my Kill-A-Watt). So even though this is a 46.9″ TV, the power consumption is less than my older 32″ LCD TV that used a fluorescent back light instead of an LED light. Plus it is a lot slimmer because of it.

    Wireless network was really easy to setup. I plugged it in, entered my network settings, and was connected immediately. The software/apps are a little slow running, but the Internet stream seems fine (I only have a slow 1.5 mbps connection).

    This TV also has a great viewing angle, better than many LCD TVs and nice in a room where you need a wide range of viewing angles.

    Hopefully the selection of Apps improves soon. At least it does have Netflix and a couple others, but the number of total Apps I saw measured only a couple dozen.

    I felt the default image quality mode wasn’t really suitable (but it was in part due to the poor Harry Potter transfer). I still felt I had to make a few adjustments to it though. What I do like is that each input has its own configuration (i.e. you can have different configurations for HDMI and the TV, etc).

    Since this isn’t an edge lit LCD it doesn’t have too many bright spots around the edge, but I still notice some white that will show through sometimes when there is a black background with white text.

    Since it is running an operating system you get issues of things with operating systems. Apps aren’t available immediately after startup (but the picture from the tuner is available immediately), it might take 30 seconds or so before you can launch the Apps. I also had a random reboot (just once). On the plus side is you can get firmware updates with new functionality, bug fixes, etc.

    Overall it is a good TV with very nice image quality. The box that it comes packed in is relatively small (nice if you have to transport it by smaller car), and everything seems well thought out.

  • Wallix says:

    Customer Rating Great Picture, 2011-05-03
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    *Updated 7/9/11*

    I’ve had this TV for about 4+ months now. The strongest feature is the picture quality which I would hope is also your number one priority. I find the blacks to be deep and the colors saturated and bright. This is an edge-lit LCD and does not have any sort of local dimming. But I can honestly say you won’t miss it. There are plenty of options for a video-phile to get right down and tweak the heck out of the display, but most people will be blown away with just the Standard picture setting. One gripe is that I’m not convinced you can truly disable Dynamic Contrast. Even with it, “Disabled” I will catch it doing an unnecessary dimming in low-light scenes. I’m still on the fence with Tru Motion. I mostly leave it off. It’s just a little too jarring for my brain right now. I was raised on 30/24 FPS. You’ll see what I mean (And learn what the, “Soap Opera Effect” is). Smart TV is a nice diversion. You can browse the web, Facebook, etc. But take note that at this time they do not offer Pandora as an app which is a tremendous letdown. There is also no support for an external keyboard – so have fun navigating the web with the Magic Motion remote! (/endsarcasm) I find myself using Media Link frequently. Media Link is essentially Plex running on your TV. You just need to have Plex running on any Windows/OSX computer on your network and your computer will stream right to the TV. It’s a great feature and is a tremendous piece of software. As a side note, LG includes a Wireless N adapter unlike Sony who makes you buy it separately for $100. Physically, the TV is very light and slim. The bezel isn’t the thinnest I’ve ever seen, though, if that matters to you. The Magic Motion remote is only OK. It’s nothing like a Wii remote. You’ll find yourself constantly resetting it because the pointer floats off its original center point in a matter of seconds. I ended up using the normal remote mostly. Sound-wise, the sound/speakers are pretty low-end. They make noise and you can hear stuff, but that’s about it.

    All in all, this TV excels where a TV should excel: Picture quality. Go to your local retailer and see for yourself. I actually bought this TV based on what I saw with my own eyes. Despite some minor gripes, I feel confident recommending it to anyone on the market for an LED LCD that is fairly budget-friendly.

    My Wishlist so far:
    1. Not offering Pandora as a Premium App is inexcusable these days. It’s the first app I looked for and it’s really the only one I care about. And along those lines…
    1a. …If you’re playing your iPod through the TV (Stereo mini-plug) to send to your receiver via the TV’s Optical-out, the TV thinks there is no signal then shuts itself off automatically after a few minutes, effectively killing your iPod signal.
    2. Add TruMotion to the quick menu. It’s a very situational feature. I’d love to be able to just enable/disable without digging through the menu.
    3. Would like to see release notes for updates.

  • Customer Rating Nice TV, an upgraded 42LE5400., 2011-04-23
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    This is a preliminary review that I will probably update later.

    I had the LG 42LE5400 before and that thing developed a vertical line after 60 days. Ever since then, I have been searching for a nice TV with better or equivalent features. This TV takes the cake. Higher contrast ratio, internet dongle included, IPS panel, virtually no flash-lighting, cool wand remote, netflix,…

    So far so good. Only time will tell how much I like this TV or hate it. 🙂

    BTW, I got this for $699 w/out tax, almost $800 with tax, (a steal) in CA so you can use this as a price point if you decide to get it.


    After about 4 months, I’m loving this TV. I use it primarily for gaming and movies. There is no flash lighting at all! Anything in HD looks awesome on the IPS panel. The “gaming” preset is awesome as it virtually eliminates any input lag from post-processing.

  • Customer Rating Great TV for the Price!, 2011-06-11
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    This is probably the best deal on a 55-inch LED TV for the price. Initially, I was going to buy the cheapest, largest LCD TV I can buy but I ended up buying this one because for 55-inch LED TV, this is cheaper than most LCD TVs plus the smartTV option was great for me since I don’t really watch much real TV but I need my Netflix working.

    Got my TV, hooked up the LG wifi USB stick, connected to Netflix within seconds and my kids were watching their favorite kid’s movies off netflix and we still have no cable!

    The TV is super thin, uses less energy than any other TV on the market, and the picture quality is great plus the screen is 55-inches, lovin’ it. I used to have a 46-inch but this 55-inch is definitely a great addition to my home.

    I know Hulu is coming soon through software update and when that comes my TV will be even better.

    For those of you looking to spend around $1200-1400 on the biggest TV you can afford, this is definitely it.

    And also I don’t need 3D yet and this is good since it’s not added to the cost of my TV, I rather wait 2 more years for that when 3D prices come down.

    Overall, this is the best 55-inch LED TV you will find anywhere, great prices, and forget all those smaller 42 or 46 inches with 3D unless you are a 3D freak.

  • Customer Rating Great for Newbies to HDTV, 2011-07-28
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    I consider myself relatively savvy about technology but I have not had an HDTV before purchasing this LG model. Since I am not anywhere near as sophisticated as some others who have already reviewed this television, I thought it would be good for me to write a review for other informed consumers who are just moving into the HDTV realm and concerned about getting their equipment set up and working properly. I have now had this TV for a week and am overall very happy with it.

    First, it arrived well packaged, with clear instructions about setup, which took me all of about 10 minutes. I am using the included stand rather than a wall mount. The TV comes with two remotes, one of which is standard with all the buttons, bells and whistles and another “magic wand” type that is super simple and elegant to use. If you hook up a gaming system to this TV, the wand remote will put you right in heaven.

    Although I have high def cable, I first set up the TV without connecting it to the cable so that I could see how it operated on its own. With the aid of a cheap digital antenna the LG pulled in 47 different stations, all in absolutely breathtaking clarity. The picture is truly beautiful and definitely rates a 5. The sound, however, is a different story. It seems muffled and at times the TV has to be turned up quite high in order to clearly hear certain programs, especially anything that has a dramatic scene where the actors are whispering or speaking against background noise. Then, of course, the sound level blasts you out of your seat when the scene changes to a commercial or a something where the sound is less nuanced. I rate the sound a 3, which is why my overall rating for picture *and* sound averages to a 4. I plan to purchase some good speakers and connect them to the television, which should take care of the sound problems.

    When it came time to connect the LG to my cable box, I opted to use an HDMI connection because it’s the simplest, although you can also use an RGB connection and get close to the same quality as the HDMI. (The set also has standard composite connection sockets, but why accept that loss in quality after you’ve already gone to the trouble and expense of purchasing an HDTV?)

    The HDMI connection works very nicely with the cable box, with one exception. When I change from a regular standard def (SD) channel to an HD channel, there is a short break in the picture, a sort of ‘hiccup.’ The screen goes to black and then flickers a bit before finally settling down to a steady, beautiful picture. In some instances, it’s a beautiful picture without sound, however. I have to switch among the HD channels a couple of times before the sound resumes on the HD channel. After first freaking out, then asking around among some friends, I discovered that several other people have this same problem with HDTVs made by other manufacturers. It seems to be a problem with the cable company, not with the television. One friend told me that it only happened to her when she used the HDMI connector and that the problem ceased when she switched to an RGB connection. (She has a SONY television.) So I have learned to either avoid the SD channels, which is not a big hardship, or to tolerate the ‘hiccup.’

    The other things I love about this LG picture: 1) The blacks are really black, not merely gray, and scenes that take place in dark settings (alleyways in cop shows for instance) convey all the detail of the darker areas rather than letting details get lost in a sea of undifferentiated darkness. 2) Graphics are amazingly clear and bright. Scoreboards in sports programs have never looked so good. One thing, though, is that you will probably have to turn off the energy saver feature in order to get a truly bright screen. The screen automatically adjusts to the ambient light in the room, but I found that it often darkens down too much so it is necessary to just turn off the energy saver, which seems to be the default setting. Just go to the TV’s main menu to adjust the brightness and contrast. 3) Also in sports programs, the LG tracks motion very well, so you can follow the flight of a golf or tennis ball and see the jersey number of the woman who just made a futbol goal.

    I haven’t yet used the “smart” functions, although I probably will hook the TV up to my wireless network at some point. If you are an Amazon Prime customer you can now stream many, many films from Amazon as part of your Prime membership. That’s a great deal that I will want to take advantage of. I don’t care much about the other supposedly smart apps, which seems to be a good thing since other reviewers have not been impressed with them.

    Overall, this is a great HDTV for the price and a truly magnificent one for a newcomer to HD. It’s easy to set up, looks great and is lightweight, a real blessing after years of hauling around those heavy CR TVs. The only snag is the sound, which is easy to ameliorate.

  • R. Matejek says:

    Customer Rating This TV changes the way I see Hollywood, 2011-04-20
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    I know that a recent review bemoans the fact that Hulu is not supported at present. I actually turned on the TV and had been watching it for days before I wrote this review. There are lots of bells and whistles attached to this TV, more than I am likely to use. The TV works fine. Almost too good. There are default settings that didn’t sit with me exactly, but after a tweak or two, I have a TV set with amazing picture and sound which is why I bought it.

    I used this TV to replace an HDTV, but there is a difference with this new set. That’s why I chose the title of this review. The picture is so clear that I believe the actors are in my house putting on a play. I’ve never seen anything like it. All the TV shows (at least the modern ones shot in HDTV) will show such clarity, you will wonder why they all wear so much makeup! Talk about taking the magic out of Hollywood, you see this in every detail, more than you would really want to.

    So I get the set, plug it in, choose settings from the options, and voila, a really amazing TV at work. If the magic is no longer in a Hollywood show, you should see the sports shows on this set. Baseball double plays come in real clear, with no argument as to whether or not he was safe at first. You see it all in amazing detail.

  • dingbat says:

    Customer Rating Good as regular HDTV, but Smart TV features mostly bad, 2011-05-05
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    Picture quality is great. This is a matt screen and that’s a big plus for me. Speakers/audio is acceptable. That’s where it stops. The Smart TV and other features which were the main draw for me, are unsatisfactory and poorly executed. The “Intelligent Sensor” to adjust pic brightness is a bit of a joke – it merely reduces it to the lowest level possible; nothing intelligent about that. The Netflix streaming app works fine, and is pretty much the only one that works as expected; although it would be nice if LG had streamlined and standardized the menu choices for adjusting picture aspect ratio and video brightness presets (not available from within the app). The YouTube app is complete garbage. Hulu: I saw “Hulu” in a lot of the advertising materials but there is no app for it. You can access it via the Plex media server app, (which requires you to have the server running on your connected computer), but the menu steps you have to go thru to get to the show you want are so tedious I gave up, and continue to watch Hulu shows on my laptop. Much simpler. Which brings me to:The BIG negative! The built in browser is useless without Flash. The LG brochure clearly indicates it does not support Flash Player 10 which is fine. That suggests it comes with an older version of Flash. It appears to come with Flash 9.x according to multiple version-check sites, but I haven’t been able to get it to work, Even on LG or Adobe’s site.The menus for setting favorite channels are also tedious and not intuitive at all. There is an Add/Delete button on the Quick Menu – I haven’t been able to figure out what it is supposed to do. There are LG “apps” (horoscopes was the latest addition) but their purpose seems mainly to allow LG to brag it has this and that feature without being called out for false advertising. Overall, I think I paid a premium for nothing special. Since the bells and whistles don’t work, or are so poorly designed as to be useless, the proper comparison is with a regular 42″ plus the cost of a Rokio or other Netflix device. If you can get this TV for a price that is comparable to that combo, this model is worth it, but not otherwise. LG’s Answers forum (questions answered by LG) – four/five days since I asked how to fix the browser Flash issue, and my question hasn’t gone live, much less answered. Which is what promoted me to post this review here on Amazon.Update Sep 26,2011: Lot’s of other issues that have made this “Smart TV” frustrating to use except as a basic TV. I will just mention the most important ones: What’s so difficult to understand about QWERTY keyboard layout? It’s standard, universal and even a child knows where one letter is in relation to another. Relocating letters arbitrarily and making it harder to find and use is incompetent design. The latest software update – version 04.01.30 – not sure what it fixed but now I get a “Software update available and updated” message on turning it on but the premium panel on the Home screen says “software downloading” and I have to go to the full premium screen to pick the service I want. I’m now wondering if I should pay $120 for the LG 5 yr service plan or just chalk this up to a bad decision and sell it for whatever I can get and move on. I could stick it in another room down the road to drive guests crazy.

  • Keith Nicoll says:

    Customer Rating Great LED-LCD TV, 2011-05-29
    This review is from: LG Infinia 55LV5500
    Just recently bought this TV from Best Buy on sale (with a free XBox 250GB unit). Initially wanted a 3D TV but after an instore demo, decided against it. This TV is a great alternative. Great picture, nice and crisp, and an easy setup. A minor drawback is that it does NOT have built in WiFi, but rather comes with a WiFi dongle which was easily setup and connected without issues. Other drawback is, that contrary to what Amazon’s description says, this TV does NOT have Pandora available on it. Even Pandora on their own website does NOT have ANY LG TV with Pandora accessibility. I enjoy Pandora and was disappointed that I couldn’t have it on this TV, but it’s not a deal breaker. As long as I have a decent crisp and clear picture, then I am quite content. The internet apps it does have are nice and a good change from just a regular TV with nothing more than a fancy picture. If you want a good started LED-LCD TV, this one is for you….inexpensive ($1249 @ Best Buy) and an easy setup

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