Is Google TV Really That Important?

Google TV
Google continues to venture out and innovate and one of their newest is Google TV. It debuted not too long ago and has become the choice for many using the latest in television technologies. If you don’t have Google TV you might ask yourself is Google TV really that important?

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Well that depends a lot on what you feel is important to you. Google TV is a new way of interactive entertainment utilizing just about everything from the latest software programming to the usage of social networking. Think of it as one big compacted internet television venue. You can watch television or watch recorded media such as DVDs or Blu Ray. You can also surf the web and interact with others while you’re watching television, recorded media, or just surfing. You can use Facebook and other social media like Twitter while using Google TV. This is a bit of a revolution in entertainment as well as computing because you can communicate with people from around the world in regard to the entertainment you all share.

Let’s say you’re watching a political broadcast, well you can use Google TV to interact with any number of options the program provides. You can chat with people of like minded interest or debate with others. You can see here with Google TV that you’re able to access such a wide variety of entertainment that you might not want to shut the tv set off.

The gaming options, your own music, record videos, search television shows live and recorded from all over the planet. It’s like something out of science fiction. You can play your games, chat and interact with other gamers, download extras and more.

Think of Google TV as a search engine attached to a television network. Like your ability to look across the world and access your personal favorites of just about anything. You can zip around the web and find that long lost movie you’ve been waiting for or that TV show you’ve heard about. How about marathons of movies you didn’t know were being broadcast. It’s like YouTube with more muscle.

Now how does that turn into an even greater advantage? Think in terms of family and friends. With the kids around they’ll want to watch their own shows and movies as well as maybe use the Google TV for homework research. With access to library reference materials from all over the web, parents can use the protective software to make the kids’ surfing and study safe.

So here father can watch his sports and news and mother can watch her sports and news. The kids can watch and study and play and even interact with family living far away. Even teachers can communicate with their students at home via Google TV. Nothing like the kids getting a reminder that there may be a pop quiz soon.

So overall, Google TV is about as important as you make it to be. How you utilize it and it’s general benefit to your livelihood.

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