How To Choose HDMI Cable For Your HDTV

HDMI Cable
So you’ve just gotten your HDTV and you need to set it up. You’ll need that HDMI cable and that means you’ll need to know how to choose the best HDMI cable for your HDTV.

High Definition Multimedia Interface is what HDMI stands for. Your HDTV will have HDMI input and output. You’ll find that there are several types of HDMI cables and each affords it’s own specialty. Not all HDMI cables are alike but there are similarities in function that you’ll need to know about. These cables are designed to do one thing primarily and that’s making sure your signal goes through with the least resistance and provide you with the clarity and speed you desire.

Example of Well Known HDMI Cable Brands and Models
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You’ll notice right off the bat that some of these cables have what are referred to as ferrite cores. They’re a specialized adaptation that provides a dampening of excess high frequency noise that could interfere with other electronic components. If you intend on running a long HDMI cable you might want to make sure your cable has ferrite cores or you can purchase the clamp on versions.

Inside HDMI Cable

Figure 1 : Inside an HDMI Cable

These HDMI cables are designed for several applications around the home or office. You’ll find that they can either stand free or be run behind walls. You have also HDMI cables that are American Wire Gauge or AWG. You have HDMI cables that have both high speed Ethernet and other things too. Basically you need to look at what your HDTV needs are and what type of HDMI cable supports that. You need to look at distance from source to input meaning your devices to the HDTV, you’ll need to look at if you’ll have to run cable short or long distances, along floors or behind walls and even through walls. You want a cable that sends the signal through clearly so that you’ll have the less resistance possible and get the right resolution. There are some that are set for the future 3D viewing and more. You may want to invest in the higher end cables like the 24AWG CL2 high speed HDMI cable wit Net Jacket. That will bring you enough horse power for the present and the future of HDMI viewing and signal transfer.

HDMI Cable Data Transfer Capablility

Figure 2 : HDMI Cable Data Transfer Capabilities Differentiation

Think of the cable as a river. It’s going to flow, stop, curl up or get blocked up. You want it to flow, smoothly so that you get that digital information fast and clean. An HDTV may be a big investment considering their costs and you’ll not want to keep on dishing out big bucks every time something new comes along. There are even some HDMI cables that come with equalizers like the 26AWG CL2 standard speed HDMI cable with a built in equalizer. This is for adjusting speeds of data that flows through the HDMI cable.

So the bottom line is to study. Not all HDMI cables are the same as some can move data faster and more clearly than others. Some have adaptations to them for other venues like adding transfer and Ethernet. Some of the newer cables are built to take that high power for the new realm of 3D entertainment. You should consult your manufacturer and visit the online venues to shop around and ask those important questions. You’ll find that the cables need not be expensive at all. You want quality cables, safety, and durability.

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