How does Sharp AQUOS Quattron Technology Work

Sharp Aquos Quattron
One of the most talked about HD sets on the market today is the line of Sharp AQUOS Quattron. The sets are the biggest flat screens you can buy today and are a step ahead in delivering color, yet one might want to know how the system works.

Example of Well Known Sharp Aquos TV with Quattron Technology
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First of all the LED based LCD system from Sharp actual adds a fourth color to the RGB filter. That adds for greater color depth and integrity and is also referred to as quad-pixel. The trick here is that the quad-pixel technology adds another color, yellow to the standard red, blue, green RGB filter with Sharp’s proprietary X-Gen panel that utilizes a ribless pixel design that permits light to pass through more than traditional ribbed configuration.

It’s been quite the achievement that Sharp AQUOS has provided. Experts and customers are blown away at the level of superior quality and services. The LED LCD TVs from Sharp with the Sharp AQUOS Quattron brand gives a superior product when combined with their 1080p X-Gen LCD panel. It also provides a wider aperture that allows more light to get through as mentioned and the energy use drops drastically.

Sharp Aquos Quattron

Figure 1 : Sharp Aquos Quattron Technology

A real jaw dropping feature is their new 3D system which delivers the most coveted 3D system on the market some would say. It provides a dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 which is nothing to sneeze at. There’s its Frame Rate Enhanced Driving, Sharp’s quad pixel tech, X-Gen LCD panel, and LED backlight side-mount scanning and the brand new Active Contrast algorithm enhancement that makes the AQUOS Quattron 3D from Sharp so desirable that people using it can’t believe their eyes. In addition the sound system of the units is enough to make those big musical movies, concerts, videos and video game sound effects and scores sound just fantastic.

Now there’s also the AquoMotion 240 technology that has people falling out of their chairs in astonishment. It does so by enhancing the fast moving imagery that combines Sharp’s 120Hz refresh rate and Fine Motion Enhanced Technology with their 120 backlight scanning. It pushes 60 frames a second that makes images smoother and flows almost flawlessly. Watching a video, or video game on this system might make a person want to jump into the picture itself.

Next is their X-Gen Panel. Sharp brings the X-Gen panel that produces a wider aperture that allows more light to pas through requiring less backlighting elements and thus creates an astounding brighter image. Brights are brighter and darks darker making for picture quality that puts the competition on their toes.

What about their Mega Contras? A full LED backlight, luminance that achievable via the capability to modulate down to astounding rates. In combination with their other technologies mentioned above you may not find another company that gets such a sharp picture, no pun intended.

Viper Drive is for their gaming venue that has a refresh rate that allows for smoother game play thus allowing for a better gaming experience especially for the high performance action games.

Finally, these advances in their technology makes for more energy efficient products as well. So all in all, the Sharp AQUOS Quattron technology is the top or one of the top technologies out here for HDTV.

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