How about special of “Bravia” technology from Sony?

Sony Bravia
If you’re unaware of what Bravia is from Sony you’re about to find out.

BRAVIA is a brand from Sony that is part of their HD LCD TVs, PlayStation 3, Projection TVs and their front projectors and their home cinema brand of products.

BRAVIA stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. It’s been around for over six years having first hit the scene in 2005. Since then you’ll find BRAVIA in three product venues, Green TV, Mobile Phones, and Accessories. There are now several products under the BRAVIA banner and their performance is generally favorable if not stellar from both professional reviewers and customers themselves.

Example of Well Known Sony TV with Bravia Technology
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From mobile phones to big screen LCD screens, the BRAVIA brand has proven and continues to prove itself a value to SONY and it’s customers. People now look for that brand name to make sure they’re getting the best for their hard earned dollar.

Take for example the Sony BRAVIA XBR2 line of LCDs that are 1080p. They provide a superior HD picture. Same goes for the SONY BRAVIA KDL-40EX500 that is a 40 inch LCD HDTV and 1080p with a 120Hz refresh rate. Modestly priced in the $700 to $800 range. Nothing but praise comes for the big units like the SONY BRAVIA HX929 that is available in several sizes and a good number of extras. In 2011 there are new 3D models of these fantastic systems. Of the 37 available BRAVIA LCD sets, 23 are 3D capable.

Added to that the company has made their new models more compatible with Netflix and other online venues for their sets. Customers can now access more online entertainment, apps, and more. They can subscribe to streaming video sites like Hulu as well. Given the massive amounts of people now watching online entertainment, playing video games, social networking and more, these new broadening services via SONY BRAVIA are pushing sales through the roof and for good reason.

The new series of SONY BRAVIA sets are:

XBR-HX929 that comes in 46 inch, 55 inch, and 65 inch.
KDL-HX820 that has 46 inch, 55 inch.
KDL-NX720 that comes in 46 inch, 55 inch, and 60 inch.
KDL-HX729 that comes in 46 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch.
KDL-EX720 that comes in 32 inch, 40 inch, 55 inch, and 60 inch.
KDL-EX620 that comes in 40 inch, 46 inch, and 55 inch.
KDL-EX523 that comes in 32 inch, 40 inch, and 46 inch.
KDL-EX520 that comes in 32 inch, 40 inch, and 46 inch.
KDL-BX420 that comes in 32 inch, 40 inch, and 46 inch.
KDL-BX320 that comes in 22 inch, and 32 inch.

Most have the proprietary Motionflow 120, BRAVIA’s Internet Video service, Wi Fi, Skype, and more.

It goes without saying that the SONY BRAVIA brand is the reason people are piling into stores both brick and mortar and online to get these sets. Prices are modest considering the monster amount of technology and quality that professionals and customers are raving about, it’s clear as a bell. If one wants to move one step at a time, one can purchase one of the smaller screens like the 32 inch or 22 inch unites that cost a few hundred dollars. Then move on up to the larger models. These BRAVIA sets are loaded for bear and the 3D models are what the kids are clamoring for.

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