Should you buy now or wait for 3D HDTVs

The new rage is for 3D HDTVs and the big question is whether one should buy one now or wait?

That answer depends on many factors which we’ll cover right here. The bottom line is that 3D HDTV is the newest and most sought after option for watching TV. The various technologies such as LED, LCD, Plasma, and Projection TVs need to realize that 3D is going to be a big part of the future of HDTV and more. It may not be ‘the’ feature people are looking for but producers of content are going to want that option available as it continues to draw in movie audiences and is now a huge part of gaming.
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Trend of Internet Ready TVs technology in 2012

Internet Ready TV
With the rise of Internet Ready TVs, these units are now going to be a staple in every home and that’s why knowing the new technologies for 2012 will be of interest.

So far the manufacturers have now added so much to their products that nowadays just about all monitors and screens are Internet Ready TVs. They just require a CatV hookup and a modem. As technologies increase more goodies are added along the way. When you have LED, LCD, Plasma, and Projection TVs you have to have them internet ready as they’re the most in demand screens and the public is hot after screens that allow for accessing internet venues so that movies and TV shows can be streamed. Not only that but with so many online games the public can’t do without web access and internet TV. To accommodate the demand manufacturers are packing as many new gadgets and accessories and advances as they can get.
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