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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch

Submitted by on November 10, 2011 – 5:55 am10 Comments | 3,217 views

VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • J. Oconnor says:

    Customer Rating 3D is much better than I expected, 2011-01-23
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    So you know where I’m coming from, I’m replacing a 50″ Samsung plasma. I have a number of various sized flat panels around the house and a home theater in the basement. I just had my 720p Mitsy projector replaced with a Sony (STR-DA3600ES) and Avatar on Blu-Ray blew me away (108″ screen). I consider myself an enthusiast, but in no way an expert. Anyway, onward…

    Out of the box experience – Fantastic. The box is gorgeous, the instructions on the top tell you how to easily (for such a big TV) undo the clips and sleeve-off the box.

    Set up – Couldn’t be simpler. Quick start guide is accurate. Instructions manual is in English only, not 7 languages, and is plainly written, not some computer converted Chinese. I couldn’t get the Vizio remote to control the DirecTV box though. Will have to look for a code I suppose. Not a biggie. Will get it. (Edit: Thanks to AVS Forum, someone pointed out I must have my receiver set to RF mode in Remote Control set up. I changed it to IR, and voilà, all set. I had to “Try The Next Code” to get up to Code 4. All set). Luckily, my 2-year old receiver is 3D ready – HR21-700. DirecTV said just “plug it in, the receiver will walk you through the set up once it recognizes the 3D TV”. Not quite right, for me anyway, but a restart of the receiver and I was up and running.

    2D-HD – I started with Kill Bill 2 on TNTHD and it looked great. Some HD looks better than others, not surprisingly. For example, 30 Rock must use some type of softening lens.

    AppleTV (720p) – YouTube looks a little better than I thought it would. From Apple’s movie catalog, previews of 300 and The Bucket List looked sharp. Netflix streaming looked as good as it did on my 50″ Sammy, and that’s a good thing. Photos from Mobile Me via my iPhone looked great.

    3D on DirecTV – Started with n3D, which I now realize is very analogous to Mark Cuban’s HDNET back in the early days of HD. It’s where you should go for the fun initial impression. A lot of scenic/nature content. It impresses right away.

    Family take – 11-year old boy loves it. Despicable Me in 3D is wow-ing him. 15-year old daughter too. I prefer the premium glasses, but the kids like the basic ones. Daughter’s friend was tickled the basic (flat) glasses fit over her eye glasses. Wife’s first reaction was good, then made a comment about it making her cross-eyed, then backed up and liked it. She is also most impressed with Despicable Me and says it feels less gimmicky than past 3D experiences (where something just jumps out at you now and then).

    3D sports – I downloaded the National Championship game (Auburn vs Oregon) via DirecTV and although I like it better than the active shutter, I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer a plain crisp HD for sports. I watch a ton of sports, and my initial reaction to sports in 3D with both passive 3D (this set) and active 3D (the other available 3D technology) is mixed at this point in time.

    Vizio 3D Blu-Ray player – Started with Dinosaurs, IMAX Under The Sea, Alice in Wonderland, and Polar Express. The player is quick and intuitive with the Internet app screen as the main screen. Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is fabulous and I’m most surprised by how pleasing the image depths are. IMAX Under The Sea has the cool IMAX 3D number countdown at the beginning – fun. The sea images give “whoa” reactions from the family. This is THE 3D Blu-Ray to throw in first – Jim Carrey narrated and beautiful. The tech of the whole thing falls away after a few minutes and the experience is immersive from then on. The player is snappy.

    3D thoughts, as this set is passive 3D (vs active 3D)

    Passive 3D gets everything right it claims, IMO. The glasses are light and easy. It’s nice they are inexpensive (I bought10 pairs of RealD glasses from Amazon for $25 10 – Pairs – Brand New Sealed – 3D Circular Polarized 3D Glasses same as RealD for Disney Digital -Legend of the Guardians (10 Pairs) -they work great). Also easy to sit and glance down at my lap top now and then. I surely don’t wish I was worried about the active 3D syncing, battery life, and if someone is going to sit on them. My brother-in-law walked in and I tossed a pair of glasses across the room. He slapped them on and said “Wow, that’s awesome”. He also has 3 kids under 6 years old. No way he ever buys $100 glasses (which is what the active version of 3D requires) for that bunch. 😉

    The knocks on passive 3D are a little over stated for me. You’ll find these concerns if you surf around the internet researching 3D TV options.

    – Claim: “Black lines” – They are (barely) there, however, they only are appreciable if you get within 3-4 feet of the screen. I liken it to the screen door effect. If the TV is big enough and you get close enough, you’ll see them. This concern ended up as a no-big-deal item.

    – Claim: “Turning head sideways ruins the 3D” – nope. Not an issue.

    – Claim: “The 3D-ness severely degrades with off-angle viewing” – Not for me. It does lessen a little though. Otherwise, walking around the room gives a yoyo-ing 3D image which follows you. Cool.

    – Claim: “Half resolution” thing – Didn’t even occur to me when watching it. No comments from family about less of anything as far as picture quality goes.

    – Claim: “Cross talk” – Not seeing it. Maybe if some one pointed it out to me?

    More thoughts…

    It is high gloss and I can see where a heavily windowed room could be an issue. Fine for me with flanking windows and a (non-windowed) wall facing the TV.

    Make sure your space can handle a 65-incher. I’d recommend being a minimum of 8 ft away, with 10+ ft being better. This thing is big.

    I think I’m officially spoiled by HD and now 3D as standard def is getting harder to watch. Not sure if this is the TV or just me.

    Final thoughts…

    My ordered list of priorities when I bought this TV were size, price point, and then 3D. Well, the size is significantly (not just a little bit) bigger than my 50-incher – check. The price was right at 3G’s – check. The 3D has definitely exceeded my expectations – check. The 2D has met my hopes in that I’m very happy with the black levels (although they are not as deep as a plasma). For me, this is a great gen-1 Vizio 3D TV. I’m sure future years will bring 4K2K and improved tech, but at a price. For today, this hit the spot and was an incremental improvement over my 2-yr old Samsung plasma.

    Update (7/5/11) – After 5 months, I had to come back and bump my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Long gone are the days of over-analyzing this TV. The longer I own it, the more I enjoy it. No regrets. (Tip: Get Tron Legacy 3D. O-M-G).

  • H. Khalil says:

    Customer Rating excellent black details, love the remote, 2011-07-13
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    had TV for 1 week.excellent blacks and color detail.3D is very good ( could be better in my case, but have TV above fireplace almost 6ft high with 15 degree tilt but still have ghosting). excellent user interface along with apps. love the cheap 3D glassed ( have 4 young kids..?)the remote is phenomenal but should have been back-lit as well.the sliding keyboard is ingenious and with it being Bluetooth based is convenient. controls other components very well. one gripe, the M8 18mm 1.25pitch screws required to attach TV to wall mount are not included with TV?????( for $3000 !!) had to run to Lowes to buy them. speakers are decent. 3D could be better if viewed straight on. with passive 576 lines resolution each eye, it is not as smooth looking as active 3D, but the trade off for the glasses is worth it in my case, plus the glasses are much lighter and don’t have to worry about recharging.

  • J. Robinson says:

    Customer Rating VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    We bought this TV from Costco last week. The unpackaging and set up went smoothly. The documentation that came with the TV is very detailed and easy to read. Vizio seems to prioritize customer support. The box is engineered to be easy to un-assemble. The remote control is nice and functions as a universal remote and also has a slide out keyboard. The picture on the TV is just stunning! The sound from the built in speakers is arguably the best of any big screen TV out there right now.We have not yet tried the 3D so I can’t comment on that. We did watch Avatar on Blu Ray and it was just jaw dropping clear. We were going to buy a 60 inch TV to save money until we saw this and now we are glad we bought this. Bigger definitely is better. Get the biggest set you can afford, you won’t regret it. Some things we don’t like are:

    1. Glossy screen DOES reflect everything, except at night. We have a back wall of windows facing the screen and during the day it is not possible to block the light enough to completely eliminate mirror images from appearing on the screen. After awhile though, you will not notice this. We had considered returning the TV because of this, but the picture and sound is just so good we have decided to live with it.

    2. The sound levels from the TV’s built in speakers can jump up and down sometimes, especially when watching a recorded TIVO program. This is rather annoying. I called Vizio and they told me that this can happen when components are “daisy chained” to the TV. For example, if you connect the cable in to the TIVO and then run an HDMI from the TIVO out to the TV. He told me to connect my cable TV input directly to the TV to see if the TIVO is causing the problem. Hmm, I don’t like this. This was not a problem on our old TV. Again, we have decided to live with this because it’s a fairly minor annoyance (it occurs intermittently and it’s not a HUGE change) because the picture is so freaking beautiful. Also because we have our own sound system and if we want to avoid the problem we can just turn on the receiver and use our speakers.

    All in all, we are very happy with this purchase. Looking forward to watching IMAX under the sea in 3D.

  • Customer Rating FIRST OF THE NEW GENERATION OF 3D TV’S GREAT!!, 2011-05-16
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    If you consider that this is the very first passive 3D TV to be launched, Vizio made an excellent job. This TV is by no means perfect, but packages the most important features i was looking for: – Massive 65 inch size – Theater quality 3D, by far the best i have seen in any 3D TV!! – Super affordable maintenance free pasive glasses – Excellent 2D High Definition – Superthin for it’s size – 5 HDMI ports! – Wi-FI, and the list keeps going, THIS IS AN IMPRESSIVE LIST OF FEATURES!! and on top of this the price is great considering the size. Yes, it suffers from clouding wich is normal for an edge lit TV this size, but unless you enjoy watching your screen with a permanent black image on it, you never notice it on regular viewing. If you insist on looking for flaws on it, you are going to find them (real or imaginary). Me, i just greatly enjoy this marvel. THANKS VIZIO!!

  • Customer Rating A beautiful TV, but shop with care…., 2011-03-17
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    We bought one of these sets at CostCo. With a good HDTV source, the picture was spectacular. We had to turn the brightness down and dial back the color saturation a notch to make it look more natural, but I would assume/hope that anyone investing in a high-end set would tune it to their tastes.

    Unfortunately, the set we got was defective and we had to return it. The defect was something in the backlight. The lower two-thirds of the screen would go half-gray sometimes, usually on a fadeout. Or the whole picture would go black for a half-second. This was a repeatable error, though it did not occur at the same place every time. I don’t know if the set we got was a lemon or if this behavior shows up in other units, but it was clearly not acceptable behavior in a high-end set.

    We also noticed that when the image panned across a gray or white background that the backlighting was slightly uneven.

    We were very disappointed because we’ve seen a lot of Vizio sets in a lot of places, including all over some of our favorite restaurants, and the picture has always been good, and if it were only a defective backlight, we would have replaced the set.

    If you get a set without the backlight problem, you’ll be very happy with the 2D picture. The price is certainly attractive and the set delivers enough bang-per-buck that you will be satisfied with it for many years.

    But if you’re looking for a good 3D set, this is not your best choice. While the polarized glasses are much less expensive and much more comfortable to wear than active-shutter glasses, the 3D on this set has visible artifacts. Apparently, it uses interleaved frame-lines for the 3D image, because scan lines are visible in the 3D image, unless you move far enough back. But even allowing for that, the 3D quality is still problematic because fast movement in 3D is not smooth, it flickers. And when you have a sharp vertical line between a dark shape and a light one, when that object moves you’ll see a brief red edge, particularly noticeable on the hero’s face and hair in Monster House.

    The Vizio TVs are good in general, but our experience with this particular unit was disappointing. We had high hopes for the polarized 3D and if that had worked as promised we might have considered an exchange. Now, we’re going to wait for the next generation Panasonic Viera.

    As always, do your research, and make sure that wherever you buy, there’s a good return policy.

  • Spiderbilt says:

    Customer Rating VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    Vizio has exceeded my expectations. Customer service was excellent and the product arrived 2 weeks after purchased – not bad considering it was estimated to take one month. When the TV arrived, it wasn’t just dropped off like some other companies. They delivered, unpacked, installed and tested it before leaving. They also provided instructions on how to use it. I didn’t expect the delivery guys from Pilot to provide this full service and was very impressed!

    The TV itself provides a very clear picture and blacks are better than expected. This had my concern prior to delivery due to some bogus reviews that noted poor blacks. I bought a few 3D movies and it was exciting to watch especially watching my 6 year old son trying to grab the fish in IMAX Under the Sea. The 3D is as clear as the theatre. The only thing I noticed is that some 3D movies have better 3D than others, but this appears to be due to the making of movie – not the TV set. 3D Polar Express was also a great movie in 3D, but make sure you purchase the one created in 2010. Any earlier 3D version uses the old 3D technology and won’t work.

    I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone.

  • Customer Rating VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    Set up was a snap, menu is a breeze, picture is excellent. Watched some of the U.S. Open in 3D… the picture was great and it was really fun, but I prefer 2D. Haven’t tried a movie in 3d yet, but I did rent “Let The Right One In” in HD through one of the services on the TV and it was amazing…the picture was so incredible. This is my second Vizio, my other is a 42″, so when I needed to replace my 60″ Sony I stuck with Vizio, and I am very glad I did. Great price for a 65″ TV.

  • moviephile says:

    Customer Rating Hidden treasure, 2011-04-05
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    I have been trying to decide what would replace my 7 year old Sony 55″ LCD rear projection, which has served me very well, for nearly a year. My requirements were 65″+ (otherwise, what is the point). 3D was not mandatory, but I was not opposed to it. My first close look was the Samsung 65″ LED, but found it was plagued with burning white spots. Not being able to find this TV anywhere to witness firsthand kept me from going ahead. I have read about Sharp’s upcoming 70″ Quattron, and was leaning that direction, especially after being very happy with the 52″ I purchased for my bedroom. Unsure of costs and just a flat out desire to get something done, I relied heavily upon the reviews that are out there on this Vizio. I found no one review condemned this TV for anything more than minor annoyances. Thus, I took a leap of faith.

    This TV does not disappoint. Now, I strictly use it as a monitor. I feed all items through my new Yamaha RX-A3000 receiver (which I recommend without any hesitation whatsoever.) Components fed through the receiver include; Blu-ray, HD-DVD, Laser Disc (I know), DirecTV HD, and the audio items. Everything works on HDMI, with the exception of the Laser Disc, which I am using S-video and Optical audio.

    I have to say that I am far more than pleased with the results of this set. I do concur, that it is highly reflective (as is my Sharp quattron). I have blinds to deal with this issue. The only technical knock I can give it, is that it could have blacker blacks. Most, including myself, could care less. I am not entering it in a beauty contest, and it will not piss me off. I am quite happy, and my movies look fantastic on it.

    The amazon pricing and delivery service only topped off my decision. One week in, I wonder what kept me from taking this leap of faith earlier. Well, I guess it was lack of reviews, so I guess I hope this will help you as well.

    Oh yeah, as far as 3D goes, I consider it a novelty, and minimal usage anyways. However, I have been more than impressed by the results, and for as much as I can see anyone actually using it, I cannot understand all of the possibel technical knocks on this system. It is far better than I could have imagined it to be. In fact with the right video sources, I can’t see how anyone knocks it at all.

    The price is not low, but in comparison to alternatives in its size; it blows away the competition. Based upon things I have read and understand, there will always be some minor negatives to any LED sets 65″ and over.

    Join the club, take the leap of faith, you will not be disappointed! And most importantly, enjoy.

  • Customer Rating This TV is bad AZZ, 2011-06-16
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    I read all the reviews before purchasing this tv. The thing that sold me was the polarized glasses, The whole reason I wouldnt buy one of the older models is the glasses cost as much or more than the tv!! I thought why cant they make a tv that uses the inexpensive polarized glasses you wear in the theaters? Instead of the expensive heavy battery powered shutter glasses. Well they finally did and the 3d is as good as it is in the theater!!! I am thoroughly impresses with this set!!!!!! The 3-D is awesome and the H-D is as good as it gets. Proir to purchasing this tv I teathered my i-pad to my tv for netflix. Not anymore this tv is wifi ready and has the netflix app built righ in. Technology is awesome!! My cable company only has 2 3d channels so far, one is their own channel with a bunch of movies full of 3d eye candy, and the other is espn-3d which is awesome!! I hate watching basketball but it was so cool in 3d I actually sat through a game!! Football was mind blowing too!!(I cant wait for 3d hockey!!!!) They replayed the winter x games and it was CRAZY!!! I’m looking forward to when my cable provider adds more live 3d channels!! The bottom line is this tv is friggin awesome it will not dissapoint!!!!! If my 5 year old breaks a pair of glasses it wont be the end of the world they are only a few bucks to replace. I actually had 5 pair left from when the family went to the movies to see alice in wonderland so with the 4 pair that come with the TV I now have 9 pair and that is plenty for when friends come over to watch movies and sports. This tv is going to help take the 3d platform to the next level!!! Not only is the 65″ relatively cheap but you can get a 42″ for $600-$700 unbeliveable for a tv with this good of a picture and 3d to boot!!! I’m putting 2-42″ers in my bar when it is finished being built!!

  • Customer Rating VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch
    I was watching this set at Sams for a couple months as it dropped in price. Every time I would go there, I would stop and watch Tron Legacy 3D and be totally amazed.
    When the price dropped to $1,820, I finally gave in and bought it, and it was the last one. One my way out the door, A man walking in with his wife pointed to it and said “That’s it, that’s the one we’re here to buy”. sorry buddy.

    Anyway, after getting it home, I was amazed how easy it was to remove from the box. The clips are a great idea and they allow you to disassemble the box instead of having to rip out staples. When you’re done, you can reassemble the box and store it, just in case you have to return it.

    The picture quality, being HD 120hz, is totally amazing. This set replaces a 55″ plasma. HD is much sharper and brighter now.
    Initial setup was easy. Only problem is that it apparently doesn’t know that Vizio sells a 3d Blu-Ray player, so I can’t program the remot for it.
    The remote is a slider with keyboard for internet apps.
    It comes with 4 pair of passive glasses, but Amazon sells more pretty cheap.
    3d pic is amazing. depending on what you are watching, it sometimes fuzzes out and hurts your eyes. But we sat through 3 movies back to back without much eyesore. Best movie so far is Resident Evil: Afterlife. It has a lot of “whoah!” scenes that my daughter constantly replays.
    Another amazing feature is no heat! My plasma heats up the entire living room, where this thing gives off practically no heat at all!
    We did have trouble with the audio at first, but after reading a couple reviews, replaced the hdmi cables with the new v1.4(?) style, and now the audio is amazing.

    Not sure why Sams was selling it so cheap, but do your homework and look around for the best pricing.
    My entire family loves it!
    I see no degradation from various viewing angles or distances. But I agree with the 10′ minimum. It still looks good even from 2′ away, but it will hurt your eyes.
    The 3d channels on DirecTV have awesome shows, but not much selection. The free ones show the same shows over and over. Still waiting to see if ESPN 3D wil broadcast any NFL games. As of week 2, they haven’t.

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