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Best HDTV of The Month

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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch

Submitted by on October 26, 2011 – 12:12 pm10 Comments | 4,226 views

VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Customer Rating After 3 months of research, the Vizio was the best value, 2011-02-06
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    I have now had the Vizio XVT3D554SV for 3 weeks. It was a difficult decision for me to choose Vizio, as my last 5 HDTV’s were either Sony or Samsung and I was generally very happy with those TV’s, however, when it came to buying a 3D HDTV there were not many reviews to help me.
    I went to several big-box stores, and viewed the 3D sets they had. I asked the attendants (when I could find one) to let me adjust the pictures to my liking. As usual, all the TV’s were poorly adjusted on the floor, and the picture could be significantly improved. Only two times was I able to view 3D content, and in both cases I was only able to stand 4 and 6 feet from the screen… not enough for a 55″ display, however it was clear to me that the Vizio glasses were comfortable, and that the 3D effect was stable and clear.
    I have been very happy with the Vizio, and despite the lack of good 3D software, I feel was an excellent value.
    My favorite 3D disk is the IMax “Under the Sea”. If you are looking for a 3D HDTV, buy this disk, and take it with you to view on TV’s that interest you.

  • BIG TV Fan says:

    Customer Rating So far so good. Possible 3D interference, 2010-12-07
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    I went BJ’s to check out some T.V.’s and to my surprise I was standing in front of this model. Since it is out of stock on amazon and the vizio website this was a shock so I bought it. As I hooked it up and turned in on I was in awe of the picture. Law and Order Los Angeles was on and it looked like it was live, no exaggeration. I had to stare at it for just a moment. I then set up my Netflix and that works beautifully. At 7.99/month and direct streaming to TV the premiere movie channels should be scared.

    Now the remote just sucks to put it harshly. I am sticking with my comcast remote even though the vizio remote can perform the same functions. It is just not comfortable. The keyboard is a pain. You just need to to access your setting and the VIA apps aside from that just don’t bother, in my opinion. It was a cool idea but the keyboard should just be a separate stand alone option. In their haste to integrate the ruined a simple device).

    I did have issues hooking it up to my stereo receiver. For some reason the AV out jacks on the TV did not work. I don’t know if I just did not have the settings right on my TV or receiver or it is just malfunctioning. In either case I just decided to use the optical output and it works just fine.

    So aside from the remote and the some issues with the hookup it was worth it. The picture is great and that is our sole/main purpose for TV. The VIA apps are okay but I do not put too much stock in that feature except for the movie streaming.

    Added 1/12.
    Still pleased with the TV but I came across something and was wondering if it may just be an issue of mine. I recently recieved my Vizio 3D glasses and decided to try it out on some Comcast 3D content On-demand. It appears that when then I use the glasses it keeps by cablebox from recieveing signals from the remote control (thats either the vizio or comcast remote.). Only after turning off the box manually and shutting off everything does it return back to normal. After severla trials I found this to happen only after using the 3D glasses. has anyone else expired something similar?

  • Eric Cencer says:

    Customer Rating A great TV, 2011-01-16
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    I’m very happy with the specs and performance of the XVT3D554SV. I have to admit that I’m on my second one already. The first was delivered exactly as scheduled during the checkout process on Amazon. But after setting it up, I noticed a whistle that changed pitch with screen color. I called Vizio support and they diagnosed a power board problem and sent a new one to me within a week and picked up the old one. The whistle is gone.

    Setup – My hookup is cable TV into a Tivo HD with two cable cards; HDMI from Tivo to A/V Receiver; HDMI from receiver to TV. Additionally I have a PS3 going into the receiver. So, I’m essentially only using a single HDMI into the TV and using my receiver to switch between the sources. I’m sure i will need to revise this setup and add the audio going back from the TV and into the receiver if I want to start using the streaming features built into the VIA apps. Finally, I have the new Vizio 802.11n dual-band router (also very happy with) and the TV recognized it and connected without problem.

    The remote – I also have to disagree with other reviews about the remote. I agree that the size is a bit awkward, but I like that it’s Bluetooth, I like the slide out qwerty (true, you won’t type up a paper on it and fingers work better than thumbs on the top row), and I like that it works with my other components. It even works well controlling the Tivo (I can do all the Tivo menu functions).

    2D picture – I expect nothing less than a great picture from an HD tv, and this one delivers. This TV replaces a Sony XBR Bravia that I really liked. The Vizio has topped it. The picture color and sharpness are incredible. Blu-ray movies from the PS3 look incredible.

    3D picture – I picked up two pairs of the 3D glasses but so far my only 3D content has been Call of Duty – Black Ops for the PS3. Sure enough, it’s in 3D. I think it’s pretty good and look forward to renting a 3D movie to investigate more.

    Extras – The VIA apps work pretty well. I haven’t done too much with them yet, but I like that I can setup multiple user profiles, including one for guests and lock out admin control.

    I highly recommend this TV.

  • Customer Rating Great TV, Great Value, 2010-12-17
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    Ordered from Amazon, the delivery date and time (9-12) was scheduled, and it arrived on time in excellent condition. [Side note. Amazon is becoming my new department store: Cosmetics, books, Kindle, 16×20 photo printer, even my new lawnmower came from Amazon! Now if we could just get groceries…]

    Someone else here described the picture as almost painfully sharp. I think that’s pretty accurate. Movies on the built-in Streaming/Netflix player are so sharp they look like video. Indeed, it was a little distracting at first. Like watching a video on “the making of…” The 480Hz effective refresh is very good with fast moving action. Blur free, almost as good as plasma. This picture is much sharper than my 32″ Sony. The Sony is 1080p, so being smaller it should seem sharper, but it does not. It could be the non-glare screen on the Sony that reduces the apparent sharpness. So the glossy screen is truly a doubled edged sword. On the one hand daytime reflections from the windows facing the screen are distracting even with closed miniblinds. I guess that’s the price for the super sharp image.

    The feature to control a cable/satellite/U-Verse box with the remote is flawed. Once you configure it, you lose the TV Menu button, as pressing it brings up the cable box menu. I finally had to do a “hard reset” of the TV to remove U-Verse from the remote functionality. It still works, and the U-Verse remote can be set to control the TV, and that’s a better solution. You can always grab the Vizio remote for special functions.

    Someone here had difficulty getting external audio to work. I did not. Regular audio cables connected to my Sony home theater amp with no problem after turning off the internal speakers. And, I found that the TV volume control will work the Sony, although the U-Verse remote will not, so I still do not have a one-remote operation. Pretty minor complaint. The built-in speakers are better than many I’ve heard, but for sound that matches the picture quality, you really need an external amp and speakers.

    The qwerty keyboard in the remote is a big time saver for all the typing necessary to operate a modern TV. My fat fingers make it a little tricky, but it’s no worse than my HTC smartphone slide out keyboard.

    Internet apps. A few…weather, facebook, twitter. It’s not a full-blown web browser, though, so it’s pretty limited, and on facebook, it seems to put the oldest posts first, the reverse of facebook on a computer. The Netflix interface is excellent. Like with others and blueray players with Netflix, you still need a computer to browse the Netflix catalog and put shows in your queue. The set supports Amazon.com streaming as well as the usual free (and worth the price you pay) streaming services. So far, no Hulu Plus. Hopefully that will be coming soon. All in all, though, having the Internet movies built in, rather than requiring an outside box, is nice (especially compared to the slow and clunky Sony Blu-ray player).

    The quality of Netflix movies, though, is the deal maker on this TV. As someone else mentioned, HBO, Starz, et al should feel threatened. I have not bought 3D glasses–and at $200 a pair, I think I’ll wait until there is some really compelling content available. Maybe a full time 3D channel, at the very least.

    Conclusion: Two thumbs up for this extraordinary home theater machine! This is my second Vizio TV, the first being a 19″ that doubles as a monitor for my file server. So far, Vizio quality is impressive. Only time will tell about the longevity.

    Update May 2011. Vizio seems to lag in getting new Internet apps, other than the junk apps. Hulu Plus is on Roku. Even ultra-lame Sony has Hulu Plus. Vizio says it is coming and will be downloaded to the TV automatically–they said that four months ago, and I’m still waiting. Thinking about getting a Roku box to use with this TV. More useful apps, simpler remote.

  • Gordon8452 says:

    Customer Rating XVT3d554SV Good value, 2011-01-03
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    Let me preface this review first off with the fact that I have not yet purchased the 3d glasses, so this review is about everything else.

    I ordered mine through Sam’s club on a day when they had free shipping, so I paid $1999 plus sales tax. Purchased on December 11th.

    Superb clarity and 2d picture quality. Almost shockingly so, the picture is very crisp, details pop. Color was obviously crap from the retailer, as with any tv you will want to make sure you adjust it accordingly. Brightness for mine was way too high from factory, and colors were a bit off. If you don’t want to go with a professional calibration from someone with the hardware to do it, a good baseline is to use a THX certified dvd or blu-ray made within the past few years and find the THX optimizer in the menus. Blacks are very black, not that sort of greyish backlit black you get from edge lit or ccfl backlit models. Very impressed with black level.

    The tv has plenty of inputs, enough hdmi to hook up lots of dvr, gaming system, htpc, etc. Same with audio inputs. You do get an rgb pc input with a 3.5mm audio in to match, pretty standard on a vizio, but not included on alot of other maker’s sets. Three USB ports that are currently useless (more on that later). One good thing to note is that the hdmi inputs are downfacing, which make this set a decent choice for wallmounting. Unfortunately most of the audio inputs as well as the rj45 ethernet jack are rear facing.

    The menu system is a fairly straightforward layout. You have the regular audio and video options, the input selection, and the via internet apps stuff. It isn’t terribly difficult to navigate around and find what you are looking for. The set came with a pretty decent manual, and it’s easily findable on their website as well. I haven’t had the chance to use vizio’s telephone support recently, but I had used it about two years ago for a set my mother owned and they were really great. It was a call center in California, not overseas, and the set ended up getting exchanged with minimal hassle. Hopefully they still have great service, but also I hope to not have to use it either.

    Internet apps. These are pretty much identical in layout to all the other major brands who offer them. All the standard ones are there, and work just fine. Netflix and Amazon HD streaming worked well, I have seen no hiccups over the wireless connection viewing either for the past few weeks. Pandora also works well. Wifi worked straight up out of the box with my home network as did a wired connection.

    I did not have issues with the remote, though I am a normal user of a qwerty slideout smartphone, so it may just be me. The remote does feel very light, which gives it a sort of cheap quality feeling, but in my use the sliding mechanism is solid and it isn’t really awkward to use. The up/down/left/right arrows would be better placed on the right side, but I can see why the put them on the left as the red/blue/yellow/green buttons are on the right.

    I received it in good working order, no dead pixels, no issues with the dimming zones greying I have seen a few others on here had. After the few weeks usage I have had and the break in period, I have seen no issues. As with other full array backlit sets, there is some halo effect when you have bright white text on a solid black background. It is expected until such time as we have tv sets which can control each LED individually, or when there is a sufficient number of dimming zones to abate this effect. I haven’t had any issues with refresh or anything. Pretty quick response time.

    The screen is glossy. Alot of vizio sets come with a matte screen, this one doesn’t. This will affect some people more than others. My particular room setup causes this to be a non-issue, but your mileage may vary in this respect.

    The bezel is also glossy, not really an issue, but it displays fingerprints and dust considerably more so than a matte bezel. This is a vizio, not a samsung, so the bezel is plenty wide. Not really an issue for me but if you are OCD about this sort of thing, just something to take note of.

    A few features I wish were included:
    Use of USB ports. According to vizio – Functionality to be enabled in the future. The future is now and most other manufacturers now provide this functionality out of the box on sets of similar price and model range. Same with DLNA. Include it. Should be standard on a $2k set.

    From what I can tell the HDMI inputs do not include audio return channel functionality. I have a home theatre setup and an hdmi running from my denon receiver to the set itself for my blu-ray, htpc, etc. It works well, but when I want to use the Vizio Internet apps on the set and have the sound through the receiver I have to hook up an additional cable to have the audio go out from the tv to the receiver. This should be unnecessary as HDMI standards support audio return over the hdmi cable. The tv has both a red and white rca style audio out as well as an optical toslink style out.

    Honestly this is a great set so far. Those issues are pretty nitpicky. I did my research and viewed many sets locally and read regarding the other options available. At the time of this writing, samsung has no full array backlit 3d models out, all are edge-lit, and while nice, I bought this set specifically for the full array local dimming. Sony has the hx909 and lg has the lx9500 for full array local dimming sets. However I was unable to find the sony set at any retailer within a decent price difference to the vizio. Similarly for the lg, they were just considerably more expensive, and the wifi was a separate addon for additional cost. I had also read multiple reviews regarding the LG having banding issues. So I went with the vizio, for the price you get a ton of features, full array local dimming, and 3d. I am really quite happy with the choice and do not in any way regret the purchase.

    UPDATE 1/6/11: As of this morning, Vizio has enabled the USB ports via firmware upgrade, they are now accessible through the VIA apps. They only show photos and music from a usb drive though, no video.

  • dmillionz says:

    Customer Rating The Best 3D HDTV on the Market, 2011-03-27
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    I’ve had this TV since the middle of Feb and had to come back and post a review. I didn’t think anything could be better than my VF552XVT. Man was I wrong.

    I looked at several 3D HDTVs for months before buying this one and this TV, hands down, is without a doubt the best HD and Full HD 3D TV on the market in the under $5,000 price range. I looked at Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG and in my opinion the Vizio smoked them all with ease pound for pound.

    The HD will definitely have your eyes wide open in amazement but the 3D will have you stuck on stupid, only able to utter WOW every thirty seconds or so for a while. Even my wife was blown away. Their Full 3D technology and 1080p active shutter glasses are made by the new undisputed champs in the 3D world, RealD, the same company who makes the 3D tech used in movie theaters. And I guess they pulled everything they could out of their trick bag because the 3D picture is nothing short of ridiculously amazing. Some minor settings tweaking and it was all good.

    Some people complained about the ghosting and I know for a fact that this has nothing to do with the TV itself, but rather the content. The only time I have seen some ghosting is when I was watching content from my cable company. I have never seen ghosting on a 3D Blu-ray, video game or rented 3D content through the cable company or Sony PlayStation Store. The images are startling clear with amazing depth of field, rich robust colors and incredible realism.

    And as far as the glasses go, I suggest you shop around on the net. We got our glasses at amazing prices for RealD 3D certified active shutter glasses. We got them all from BJ’s wholesale club in store. Sam’s Club has them also. Our first 2 pair pack was $150. I went back a week or so later and they were $130 so I got another 2 pair pack. About a week after that I decided to get another pair and they were down to $100. So I got 6 pairs of these awesome glasses for less than $400 and now I have plenty for extra people who come by. PLUS, I got the TV for $1,799 and a pair of HDMI 1.4 cables ($39.99) from BJ’s with 2% cash back on top of that. So I got it all for less than $2,200. You cannot get everything this TV offers and comparable tech and glasses from any other company for that price.

    So my suggestion to you if your are looking for the ultimate affordable Full HD 3D viewing experience, is to purchase this TV, the Vizio HDMI 1.4 cables, a couple 2pair packs of Vizio 3D glasses and prepare to be dumbfounded every time you turn it all on. But don’t worry. The stupor isn’t permanent. Your intellect will return after a few minutes of constant viewing. 😉

  • Customer Rating It’s very nice, but there is better value out there, 2010-12-18
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    Purchased it 12/11 at the local Costco for 1999 + tax. This is my 1st large flat screen having come from a 2003 Projection screen with HD. I didn’t think there would be that great of a increase in picture quality, but I was very wrong. The picture is stunning and can be distracting for me as I watch a show. In the middle of a movie/show I will randomly say, “Man is this picture amazing”. So I have zero fault with the clarity of the picture sharpness. Also, even though I am a very nit picky person, I have noticed very little judder. (people have said the 480hz stat is a gimmic, I don’t know what to think about it)

    Cons –
    The remote has been mentioned by others, so I’ll leave that one alone.
    Color settings – it’s not natural and I don’t understand why they couldn’t be right from the factory.
    Overly bright – someone earlier mentioned putting it in the movie setting to counter and I agree. At the same time, when I normally can’t see the picture during the daytime due to reflections, that bright picture does help. (I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth)
    Gaming response delay – I play Black Ops on Xbox 360 and the delay is maddening. The stats say 4ms. If that is true, than it’s too much of a delay. Initially you end up going past what your aiming at. Once you get used to it, still not the same as being able to aim at your target naturally.
    Reliability – after 3 hours of owning the tv, one of the backlit LED array zones went dim. (it’s on the left side, 2nd section, of 5, down from the top) Looks like a cloud is over that part of the picture. Maybe it lost it’s connection or maybe the dimming sensor is faulty. Either way, I’m a little freaked out and will be returning it for a different brand. That being said, went to Ultimate Electronics and found 2 tv’s that I like more for less money. Haven’t decided yet, but I like the Panasonic vt25 54″ and the Sony 55NX810. Both are $100 less than the Vizio and will hopefully be more reliable and better at gaming.

  • Kuala says:

    Customer Rating Best 2010 TV on the market for the money, 2010-12-14
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    I really wanted the CNET Best Buy rated 55″ non 3D model XVT553SV but couldn’t find any in stock anywhere. The 47″ had some good deals but is just too small when you compare it to bigger sets. I’m so happy I bought the 55″ 3D instead. The 2D picture is absolutely stunning but the 3D is simply amazing and worth the small increase in price compared to the difference in price to a non 3D Samsung. Everyone should demo a 3D in a store before writing it off as a gimmick. DirecTV already has 3 dedicated channels and more 3D video will surely be on the way soon. Games will probably lead the revolution in 3D but 3D sports broadcasts will be awesome as well. The new BluRay players are also now 3D capable. Vizio has long had a rep for the best prices but now they have the best technology and features along with the best prices.

    This is a complicated entertainment system- not just a TV. It takes a while to get used to, to set up and to test all the amazing features. Most people will never use all of them but there is something amazingly new and cool for everyone. Even the remote is way ahead of its time and needs to be used a lot to get comfortable with. Think of it as a large cell phone with a slide out full keyboard to access all the aps. The LED backlit technology, 480hz refresh rate, the 55″ size, the HD 1080p picture quality and the wireless internet all open the door for the future of internet TV and home entertainment. The 3D just adds one more exciting element to the platform that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Its not your father’s 3D! Even my wife loves it. This is one of those major innovations that if you don’t buy now to save a few bucks you will always wish you had. Your next TV should be a backlit LED, in 3D and offer wireless internet aps and firmware updates. Vizio makes that affordable now.

    FYI- Although the remote is well thought out and very functional, setting up the remote for other devices takes some practice. If you want to set up the Vizio remote to operate your DirecTV DVR you have to turn off the RF function on the DircTV remote and leave it on IR. The Vizio remote is BluTooth to the TV but only works in IR for other devices. Even Vizio support couldn’t figure that one out when my Vizio remote wouldn’t set up to run the satellite receiver. My only complaint is not having the remote backlit but even DirecTV doesn’t do that. After a short time you get the main keys memorized by feel and location just like every other remote. For the slide out keyboard you will need a light on and tiny fingers. Those who can already text or tweet from a cell phone from their pockets will find it plenty big.

    The 3D glasses are also BluTooth which makes them superior to the other brand’s IR glasses. All in all I am very impressed with Vizio in technology, features and value. I just hope it holds up better than my Sony HD Plasma did. This set totally blows away my Sony.

  • Customer Rating Terrific 2D image, Good in 3D, less than stellar remote, 2010-11-22
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    The 2D image here is extremely sharp, almost shockingly so. Remember when you first moved from SD to HD and all the TV shows suddenly seemed kind of… shabby? As if the sets just weren’t up to HD scrutiny? The image here is so clear, the colors so deep and the contrast so high, that you can have that experience over again. Sometimes it even feels like the 2D images are 3D. Compared to my earlier sets, it’s actually disorienting.

    I’ve made some changes to the review to address questions and discoveries.

    As usual, the out of the box settings tend to favor a brightness that could give you a tan. However, the default “movie” mode tones things down a lot (and looks very much like what I got after spending hours on calibration, so you may want to spare the effort and just make that quick selection, assuming all these things emerge from the box equal). Technically, the out of the box modes all seem to run a little to the “warm” side, so you’ll need to cool the image down a bit if you want the textbook values, but I find myself liking the warmer image a bit better. Somehow (even though I know better) it looks more lifelike.

    Screen glossiness
    The screen is glossy. Yup. I’ve found that it doesn’t cause a problem during the day because the set’s inherent brightness shrugs off evenly distributed lighting from reflected sources (I don’t get direct sun on the set, but that would be inadvisable for most sets). And naturally, the set looks great in a dim room. However, if you’re sitting down and have some lamps in front of it at night, they can be reflected. Some reflections even give a scattered, prismatic effect that can be distracting. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t take on the mirror-like appearance of some screens. But it is noticeable and may require that you rearrange your set position or lighting.

    The slide-out keyboard remote works fairly well, but it has a list of problems. First off, it’s not backlit, and on a remote this complex that’s a real problem if you expect to use it to replace your cable box or DVD remotes. You’ll find lots of small buttons, many almost flush with the case, that you can’t make out by touch. The slide-out alpha keyboard is fine for entering information needed to access Netflix or search for clips, but a Tweet is about the longest thing that can be typed comfortably. The handling of multiple devices is both clever and irritating. The remote associates a device with each input to the TV. So if you tell it that HDMI-1 is your satellite box and HDMI-2 is your blueray player it will (after correct setup) switch the remote function to the appropriate device when you switch input. However, getting it to control a different device -without- changing the input (if, for example, you have all your devices running through a receiver) is much less neatly handled.

    Initially, I was having trouble getting DirectTV to recognize this set as 3D and kept getting the “Your 3D TV does not support this resolution.” This appears to have been resolved, and I can now watch soccer re-runs and old tennis games while waiting for more 3D content along with everyone else. The depth of the 3d is good — equal to the apparent depth on the Samsung X500, which is the best I’ve seen. However, there is no apparent way to use the 3D effect on 2D images which, while a gimmick, is a handy gimmick when you don’t feel like watching “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” for the 20th time just to see some 3D.

    I’ve been unable to view any video off USB ports. I have a downloaded 3D clip saved to a flash drive which was provided as a test of the Samsung. Though there are 3 USB ports, none of them seem to recognize the clip (or actually, to even respond to inserting the flash drive)

    2D Image quality
    I’m still very taken with the 2D image. Even neighbors who were unimpressed with previous Vizio sets are excited by this one. Very deep blacks, color saturation nice (initial setup is slightly on the warm side… but I find that I rather like it). Brightness and contrast have a wide range and will go right up to the “torch” level that many stores seem to like. If you think it looks good on the shelf at Megamart, it looks even better on the wall at home.

    I’ve upped my rating a star after two weeks of owning the set. I still wish it came with an improved remote, but now that it’s all calibrated and connected to my system, I have little else to complain about.

  • Customer Rating Compared MANY sets before deciding on this…, 2011-01-03
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch
    I spent months doing research, and lots of review/viewing/and interviewing to come to this decision. I think the deciding factor was when I told a sales accocite at a big box store about the 480Hz and back-lit features of this set when compared to a Samsung, he said “well, hell, if they have those features for less than the Samsung, you should buy it.” We did. The picture is as good as Samsung, better than Sony, and comes in much lower in price. Research shows Vizio is using the same glass and LEDs as Samsung. Regardless of the ambient light, the picture is brilliant and well-defined. The blackest blacks I’ve seen, even when compared to most plasma TVs. Easy set up, and instantly recognized my DISH DVR reciever and trained the remote. Works flawlessly with the PS3, especially with 3D (Tron, bowling) and Move games (The Shoot, Sports Champions. I haven’t even tweaked the standard settings– just paired it with the Vizio soundbar/sub woofer, deleted a few worthless (to us) Internet Widgets. The bulit in Wi-Fi works flawlessly with our home network, and took 10 seconds to setup with the initial setup ultility. Netflix works great with no bandwidth issues. My wife and I actually love the remote. Sure, backlighting would be great, but so would free popcorn for life. You can’t have everything, but this set comes VERY close.

    3D: great 3D picture on The Universe and on 3D games. (that’s all we have at moment.) Vizio’s 3D glasses are WAY less expensive than the competition– You can pick up two sets for $148 at Sam’s Club…far less than the $200 a pop for each set of Sony, Samsung, et al.

    The only thing I can’t vouch for is reliability, which only time will tell.

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