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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch

Submitted by on October 29, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 4,202 views

VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Tom says:

    Customer Rating Very Good Product, but some problems, 2011-03-15
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    I just purchased the tv from Sams and I’m impressed with the ease of the setup and even more impressed with the quality of the picture. I also bought the Vizio Router, Soundbar, and Blue Ray 3d player. I’ve noticed a few problems with my set:

    1. Upon initial setup, the remote control refused to work. I called techsupport and the representative (American) was very helpful. The solution was to reset the TV to the factory settings.

    2. The AV hookup (red, white, yellow RCA cables) caused a lot of feedback that sounded like a humming noise. This sound continued even though nothing else was hooked up to the TV (except the wires) and the RCA cables were bare. The representative stated the sound should not be coming and the TV’s connections were causing the interference. The solution, register the TV, send a digital copy of the receipt to Vizio and they will have a technician to the house within two weeks. Else, I could return the TV.

    3. The Netflix Vizio aps does not contain a search by title mode. The representative stated the engineers were aware of the problem, and the problem will be fixed in the next firmware update.

    4. When you have more then one Vizio product, and you program the TV’s universal remote, you loose capability of the original remote, and the functions of the universal remote changes depending on what Vizio device you are using. I wish this feature was a little more intuitive.

    Many others complained about the remote not being flimsy. In my opinion, the remote is compact and more solid then some others.

    PROS: Good value for the money, excellent tech support, easy set up, crystal clear picture

    CONS: Sound straight from the TV was adequate, problematic AV hookup, lacking side AV connectors (for older games), picture set-up controlls took some getting used to (finding the interface)

    The problems I’ve had were minor, but I really appreciate the English speaking tech support! I’d buy from the company again!

  • Justin says:

    Customer Rating Some problems that need a firmware update, 2011-08-02
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    Some issues with the game mode and smart dimming.

    Game mode flickers a black screen when playing games on your ps3 and xbox360. and smart dimming goes completely dark when its blue. but a good tv.

    Hopefully the firmware fixes.

    1. The ambient Sensor that makes the screen too DARK

    2. The black screen that flashes and annoys when playing games or movies on the ps3 with game mode on.

    3. Artifacts with smooth motion on when objects move fast.

    4. A full dark blue screen makes the tv go blank with smart dimming on.

    5. SRS Surround audio and Truvolume that makes voices so quiet.

    Haven’t tried 3D. Hopefully next month.

  • Camel485 says:

    Customer Rating Good Features but lacking of Full Array LED and has poor black level, 2011-08-24
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    I bought this unit about a month ago and have since sold it for about the same price I was able to purchase it for.

    Picture Quality…

    I’ve had experience with numerous brands such as the Sony nx810 and the Samsung D6000 series and this one by far has the worst black level and overall worst picture quality. The blacks generally are tinged slightly blue and do not go near the depth that they should with the local dimming capabilities. I have seen the full array LED Vizio version of this model and it greatly improves upon this 42inch edge-lit set.(I would recommend purchasing the 47inch model in this series that takes advantage of Full array technology and shouldn’t even be considered the same category as this model.) The local dimming seems to be somewhat over-active and truly does not help as much as I have seen on my Sony nx810. The one area where this set excels at is bright scenes. It has a fairly saturated color and looks better than any dark moments in movies where its flaws become too distracting for viewing. The 480hz processing does a fairly good job of smoothing out the picture but does introduce some artifacts and can often be very choppy in a detailed scene. Overall picture quality is about 3 stars out of 5.

    Sound Quality…

    Sound is a little above average on this unit mainly due to the fact its speaker bar is not hidden in the back like my Sony and Samsung. It can reproduce decent sound quality but as always if one were looking for the best I recommend a separate sound system any day. The sound gets 4 stars out of 5 when compared with similar flat-panels.

    Internet Apps…

    I am pleased with the format of Vizio’s internet apps and the speed by which you can surf through various video services. However, the aesthetic look of the menus themselves cannot compare with Samsung’s Smart TV applications. All in all it works good and streaming via wifi works great. I’ll give the internet capabilities and VIA a 4 star rating.


    Besides the horribly out-dated and generic looks utilized in the making of this model, its stand seems very fragile and causes the entire tv to lean forward. I had to fasten some paper underneath the front to simply keep it from toppling over. The one area Vizio did improve upon was the thinness of the tv itself. While not entirely up to competition’s standards, it is improved. Design is poor and merits 2 stars.


    I wouldn’t necessarily condemn this unit to the worst in the industry but its poor design and sub-par picture quality, when compared with competing brands and models, does not hold its own in the fight. I would only recommend this unit to those on a tight budget simply looking for an average HDTV that has internet and 3D capabilites. In an ideal situation, the XVT423SV or the larger 3D model in this series the XVT3D474SV, both of which utilize a full array backlight, would provide much better picture quality overall and I would recommend those to be purchased instead.

  • Customer Rating Vizio – I’m a believer!, 2011-09-08
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    OK, well here goes. I’ve had this TV now for about 5 full days (got it right before Labor Day Weekend). Ordered it off Amazon and paid $3.99 for PRIME One-Day Shipping (This is NOT one of those TVs that Amazon has special delivered through a TV delivery service as it is super-thin and light [<50 lbs]).

    EASE OF SETUP [9 out of 10]

    Pretty easy TV to setup. I am using it primarily as a computer monitor, however the PC I have plugged into it has Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, and TV Tuner functionality, plus I’m playing a few PC Games on it, so I consume a pretty wide variety of content on this TV. The boxing was very well thought out. The boxing? What? Yeah I know its a weird thing to mention, but Vizio has a really neat box for all of their TV’s (my Uncle bought a 55″ Vizio last year with a similar box). Basically, you stand the box upright, remove four black tabs from the box, and then the entire box, with the exception of the base, just pulls right off. Then you can remove the styrofoam from the TV and you’re good to go. No having to make it a 2-man job and having someone hold the cardboard box exterior while you tug a snug-fitting styrofoam shell out of the box. None of that crap.

    Got the TV out of the box. I didn’t wall mount so I can’t speak to that. Installing the base was a sinch. Just slapped it on (it did take a wee bit more pressure than what I would have imagined) and used the provided thumbscrew to secure the base to the bottom of the TV. Then, I just propped it up on a table (I live in a college dorm, so no room for an entertainment center), plugged in the standard power cable, and was just about good to go. That’s where I hit a little snag.

    For some reason, I wanted to try it out by DIRECTLY plugging it into the cable first (my university uses a direct ClearQAM via Coax distribution system. No set-top boxes) instead of just plugging in my computer via HDMI and using my computer’s TV Tuner. Vizio clearly intended to make the wall-mounted experience as seamless as possible and, as such, the ports (both HDMI and Coax) on the TV face DOWNWARDS (so that the cables can run PARALLEL to the TV, not stick out a few inches perpendicularly (which would be problematic for some wall mounters)). The only problem with that design is that the little indented area where you plug in the cable isn’t very large and, as such, you have to use pretty flexible cables otherwise it’ll be a PITA to plug them in. Well, the only coax cable I had sitting around was an old stiff one. Add to that that it was the style that you have to screw in, as opposed to just pushing in. I literally spent 15 minutes trying to screw in the coax cable but was unable to, as coax cables need to go on straight – an impossibility with a stiff cable and the small caveat where the cables are plugged in. So I decided to forgo the direct coax hookup and just use my computer’s tv tuner via HDMI. I had a few non-rigid HDMI cables, and was able to get those setup without issue. I just want to warn that if you have very STIFF cables, you might run into some issues plugging them in the COAX and HDMI 1-4 ports.

    Once I got the computer plugged in, I turned on the TV and was able to whiz through the basic setup. Most of the setup steps didn’t apply, as they were meant for setting up cable boxes or direct COAX connections or the like. For me, it was pretty much just (1) turn the TV on, (2) switch to HDMI 1, (3) boot up the PC. Once I got the PC booted up, I noticed that there were ~1.5″ borders around the visable computer screen area. I was able to remove these and blow up my desktop to the entire area of the visible TV by adjusting the Size and Position settings (Hit MENU, then TV SETTINGS, then PICTURE, then MORE, then SIZE AND POSITION). That was when I was running my ATI RADEON 5770 Graphics Card. Strangely enough, I upgraded my graphics card to an EVGA NVIDIA GTX 560TI later that day, and then I only saw a portion of my desktop on the screen. At first I thought that something was wrong with the graphics card. But then I remembered that the image on the ATI was underscanned and I had had to compensate in the TV Settings. Sure enough, I reset the Vertical and Horizontal Size and – voila! – the desktop was the perfect size again. I also tested my Apple TV and Xbox 360 on this TV and their pictures are perfectly fit to the TV on default settings. So, basically, only SOME older graphics cards will have the issue I explained, and it can be easily remedied.

    Finally, I noticed the image seemed somewhat dark. Not unwatchable (at least by my standards), but bothersome. I remembered something I’d read about Vizio’s Ambient Light Sensor, and went about finding where I could customize that particular setting. After I turned it off, the picture was damn-near perfect (To turn Ambient Light Sensor OFF, Hit MENU, then TV SETTINGS, then PICTURE, then MORE, then ADVANCED PICTURE, and finally hit ENTER once you get to AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR and choose the OFF option). The brightness level seemed good (some may want to increase the Backlight and/or Brightness options just a smidge still; these can be found in the basic PICTURE settings; I ended up doing this myself). The image really needs no calibration after you turn off the AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR IMHO.

    PICTURE QUALITY (2-DIMENSIONAL) [10 out of 10]

    The nice thing about this TV’s brightness/color settings is their FLEXIBILITY. I was sitting on the couch with a couple of my roommates, and we each found a mix of color and brightness settings that we liked. My one roommate prefered it with more color, the other with less color, and I prefered it with a smidge more color and a bit more brightness. If you’re super-picky or whatever, you will probably be able to find a mix of settings that you love – it might just take a while. But, this TV looks GREAT almost right out of the box. The LED backlighting really does make all the difference. I have an LCD TV/monitor (about 1.5 years old, 24″, Samsung, pretty nice monitor when I got it) in the other room, and going back and forth between the two was like night and day. The LCD appeared overly dimmed, and its colors didn’t POP. The LED backlighting, far from washing out the colors as one might expect (since LEDs lead to higher brightness levels), actually enhance colors, making them seem naturally vibrant. That’s what I mean when I say that the colors POP. OK, enough about color and brightness — let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the 480 Hz Refresh Rate. Some insist that it’s only “really” 240 Hz, but does it really matter? I mean, the difference between 240 Hz and 480 Hz is invisible to the human eye. Are you telling me that your eyes can tell the difference between frames flashed at it in 1/480th of a second (approximately 0.002 sec)??? Don’t flatter yourself. However, the difference between the Vizio’s advertised 480 Hz and the 60 Hz of a regular TV, and the 24 or 30 Hz of a standard film and TV broadcast respectively, is quite visible. Obviously, Vizio can’t magically turn 24 Hz content into 480 Hz content. But it can attempt to smooth the motion by “guessing” at the frames in between. Noone can expect this to be perfect. Typical movies are filmed at 23.976/24 Hz. This TV has the ability to show content at 480 Hz. That means that between every two frames of Hollywood film, the Vizio has to “guess” at what NINETEEN other frames would come in between. And it has to do all this on the fly in a fraction of a second. But I must say, the Vizio handles the job very well. The question is not so much whether this “Smooth Motion Effect” WORKS, but moreso whether or not you like it. Me, I’m on the fence about it. For watching live action sports, or even playing games, I love it. For TV primetime dramas, it makes the picture look a little too real, I think. But I kinda like it in that application, depending on the TV show. For movies, I generally don’t like it. There’s something about the juddery-ness of film that adds to its genuinity, in my mind. Others may disagree. But the great thing is that, not only can you turn the “Smooth Motion Effect” on and off easily depending on your tastes, Vizio actually gives you a few options (“off”, “low”, “medium”, and “high”). Last but not least, the picture has great color uniformity. Some may complain it isn’t a FULL ARRAY LED screen, but I actually like the EDGE LIT LED screen, because EDGE LIT LEDs don’t suffer from any image “blooming.”

    PICTURE QUALITY (3-DIMENSIONAL) [9.5 out of 10]

    First thing you gotta know about 3-D is this: if the 3-D image comes out looking bad on this TV, its more than likely a problem with the CONTENT that you are using, not the TV. Certain 3-D video games, and even highly compressed or bad;y converted 3D movies WILL have ghosting. What’s ghosting, you ask? Ghosting is basically when you see a faint extra copy of an image, kind of like a full-color shadow, while watching 3D. For certain applications, ghosting can be quite annoying if it occurs. For example, playing video games, especially shooters, where there is severe ghosting is tough – because it makes it hard to know if you are shooting the opponent or his “ghost” image. Watching movies with high level of detail can be tough too, as ghosting can have the effect of making the image appear blurry. The other thing about 3D — a lot of 3D content cannot be shown at full HD resolutions or at full frame rates. For example, 3D video games have a max framerate of 24 fps because of limitations in the HDMI 1.4a standard (this might get fixed via firmware update later on). 24fps PER EYE is good for watching film and for most gamers, but a lot of hardcore gamers feel uncomfortable playing a video game below 35-40 fps. And regarding resolution. Certain film/TV content (known as half-SBS content) that you can download from the Internet or watch on Youtube, is naturally going to be lower-res than its 2D bretheren. That’s because, when you have a 1080p half-SBS image, each eye is only receiving a 1920×540 image, instead of a 1920×1080 image. Blu Ray 3D uses a proprietary technology called frame-packing to provide each eye with a 1080p FULL-SBS image, meaning both eyes each get a full 1920×1080 image. This is one of the reasons why, if you compare Blu Ray 3D content to other 3D content (shown on the same screen), the Blu Ray 3D will be noticeably superior. 3D Blu Rays also tend to have less ghosting. For the purposes of grading this TV’s 3-D image quality, I used the highest quality 3D content only (in my case, a 3D Blu Ray for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition). I could have referenced how half-SBS or gaming looks in 3D, but that wouldn’t have been an analysis of the TV’s performance, but rather an analysis of the current mediocrity of these standards. The 3D Blu Ray looked superb. Please note that the Vizio’s 3D is not so much pop-out-of-the-TV-in-your-face 3D, but more of looking-through-a-window 3D. There’s a little POP, but not much (I tested using the NVIDIA 3dTV Play driver test image with 3d effect set to 100% and the image seemed to come out of the TV only marginally). But I actually prefer this 3D effect to the pop-out 3-D effect. This effect makes it look like there is a whole world inside your TV that you are looking into. There is great depth INSIDE the image. It reminds me of the closet that the Pensieve kids go into, only to find there’s a whole freaking world in the back of the closet (Narnia). Kind of like the whole freaking world inside my TV LOL. The image clarity and 3D effect when watching a 3D Blu Ray is superb, and I didn’t notice any ghosting AT ALL (though I did notice some while using lesser non-Blu-Ray-3D content). The Vizio obviously can’t make ghosting disappear from content where its inherent, but it doesn’t create any unnecessary ghosting or artifacts in high-quality 3D content that doesn’t have any inherently.

    AUDIO [9 out of 10]

    Well, its a TV, what can you expect? Someone somewhere along the line got the idea that TV’s should sound like they have a $300 surround sound system built in. That’s ridiculous. If you want a 1200W speaker system, BUY a 1200W Home Theater Package, don’t expect it to come out of your 2″ thick flat panel TV that cost $750!! The Vizio’s built in speakers are surprisingly good, though IMHO. They are LOUD. The highest level I’ve played them at is a 28 (out of 100). When you turn the volume up, speech is crisp, and there is no crackling. Does the Vizio make your house shake with bass? No, obviously not. However it reproduces sounds, minus the big-time bass, just fine for an immersive movie experience.


    Again, this is a TV. The Internet Apps are a nice touch, but if you really want a hard-core flawless internet experience on your TV, hook up your computer or dedicated box (Roku, Apple TV, etc.). Internet setup was a breeze — pick your wifi network out of the list, type in the password, and you’re good to go. The TV will even automatically update the apps bar when you connect to the Internet for the first time. The basic apps are pretty much Weather, Netflix, Twitter, Amazon VOD, Finance, Web Videos, and VUDU. IMO, the vast majority of people will just use the Netflix/Amazon VOD features. The Facebook App is well implemented – and I can see people occasionally wanting to update their status from the couch – but reading the news feed is a bit too cumbersome. The Netflix and Amazon VOD apps are well-done, and WORK. There are a few other apps you can download (like CNBC, which I like, and Soduko, which is also pretty good), but the Vizio App Library is overall pretty unimpressive. The Bluetooth Remote however, is quite the opposite. Reminiscant of a feature phone made for texting, the vizio remote control has a flip out keyboard. It also has a nice form factor, not to long like some remotes, but not too wide nor thick either. Its the perfect size remote IMO. The one thing they could have done to make it better was to add a backlight but hey, you can’t have it all. Speaking more about bluetooth support generally, I think its a great idea. I live in a dorm room with two roommates, and I think it’d be great to obtain a 3.5mm-bluetooth adapter and listen to my TV on my Beats by Dre when my roommates are sleeping or studying. Haven’t tried it yet, but intend to.

    STYLE [10 out of 10]

    Again, I have no idea what people expect a TV to look like. LIke something made by Da Vinci? You want Art, go to the Louve. You wanna watch the game, go to your TV. The Vizio looks plain, but classy, with an unobtrusive logo. Not to mention, I’m proud to have the VIZIO logo out there for everyone to see. If someone has a problem with me having a high-quality TV from an underrated manufacturer that actually keeps SOME of its jobs in the good ole U.S. of A. then they can just STICK IT!

    VALUE [11 out of 10]

    I picked up this TV for $750 on Amazon, plus $4 for ONE DAY SHIPPING. No Tax. Wouldn’t have paid anything for shipping if I’d gone with 2-day, but, what can I say, I’m an impatient dude :). Plus, I got TWO PAIR of 3-D glasses for $25 (normally $85-$125 on Amazon) as part of a promo for this TV (Amazon’s been running the promo off and on the past few months). So like $780 for the TV and 2-pair of glasses that got to me in one-day. That’s a superb deal. If you want to get a good (120 Hz) non-3D 42″ Class LED TV, you’re going to be shelling out around $700 already. And, if you buy from a big box store in the good ole State of California (LA Area), you’ll pay 9.75% sales tax on that AND a $10 monitor recycling fee. So basically, if I would have bought an INFERIOR TV (2D vs. the Vizio’s 3D, 120Hz vs. the Vizio’s 480Hz, potentially no Internet Apps vs. the Vizio’s Internet Apps, etc.) at a brick and mortar store here in LA, I would have ended up paying around $779 [($700 * 1.0975) + 10] anyway. And, since I don’t own a car, I would have had to inconvenience a friend to drive me to and back from said brick and mortar store (as I’m not too hot on the idea of lugging a brand new, boxed 42″ HDTV through the streets of South Central Los Angeles). And when you compare the Vizio against TVs that are ACTUALLY IN ITS CLASS, that’s when I really feel like I almost stole this TV. You want something like this, with a close-to-equivalent feature-set from Sony, Samsung, or Panasonic, you’lll end up dropping more than $1K, that’s for sure. I’d estimate that the Vizio sells for $300-$400 less than what an equivalent set from the Big-3 costs. And the Vizio has exceptional picture quality. I don’t see how you can top it, and I definitely can’t see how, even if you could top it, you could top it by enough to qualify a $400 price premium. Unless the Sony, Samsung, and Panny wake me up in the morning and serve me breakfast in bed, there is no way in hell that their price premium is justifiable. No way.

    TOTAL SCORE: [68 out of 70] = 4.86/5 STARS


  • PPK says:

    Customer Rating Vizio has made a believer out of me, 2011-01-04
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    I’ve purchased a number of HD sets for myself and for friends over the last few years. When my Samsung 46″ DLP bit the dust (CPU) a few weeks ago, I wanted to replace it with Samsung 46″ LED 3D set, but could not fit it into my wall unit or into my budget. I came across the Vizio sets in Costco and bought this set the day they were unpacked onto the shelves. The 42″ fits perfectly into the 42″ wall unit. The fact that it had speakers on the front of the unit and most plasma and other flat screens I looked at did not, also was a big plus given my space was a 3 foot deep box meant for a traditional TV. I actually returned a Panasonic and LG set of the same size for that reason.

    The extra $500 for this set was well worth it for the additional features that I use today and will use in the future. I bought it for the 480hz refresh rate and the built in WiFi and Bluetooth radios as well as the compatability with my wireless N router. It streams HD Video almost instantly with no buffer pauses at all. The universal remote/keyboard with bluetooth connectiviity is also a big plus. Setup was a breeze. My only complaint was having to spend an hour or so adjusting the picture settings to get the color and brightness just where I wanted it. Sound quality is good, but hooking the Digital Optical cable to your stereo makes for a very high quality experience. The Internet Apps are great. I hooked up my Amazon, Pandora, Netflix and Facebook accounts in a matter of minutes and I’m really impressed with how it handles them.

    My only real complaint is the lack of ACtive Shutter 3D glasses. The Real 3D ones you get in theaters do not work on any 3D broadcasts from DirecTV and I”m not about to spend an additional $200 for the Active Shutter ones to play with that technology. In a year, when it’s more prevalent, I know I’ll have a BluRay player with 3D titles and I also know Vizio supports all known 3D standards out there right now.

    A great set that keeps getting better with each day of exploration.

  • Customer Rating Constantly shutting off, 2011-04-10
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    I bought this TV about six weeks ago (two of them, actually… for different rooms) and was very excited about it. The picture looks great and it is a very feature-rich TV. However, one of the TVs is notorious for shutting off and resetting itself after about an hour of viewing.

    After owning it for two weeks, I contacted Vizio customer service and was informed this was a known problem and it would be fixed shortly with a firmware update. I decided to give them a chance to get this firmware update out to see if it resolved the problem. After about a month of waiting for the firmware update(and living with a TV that loves to turn itself off and back on at inopportune moments)I contacted Vizio again. I also informed them that the remote was periodically freezing up (controlling not only the TV, but other devices, too), along with the controls on the TV itself, forcing me to unplug the TV to shut it off. I was given the same answer as before… the TV is supposed to do this and there is going to be a firmware update to fix this with the release date unknown.

    I am very disappointed in Vizio’s quality control and customer service in regards to this TV. It is very apparent to me that there is something wrong with one of the TVs but Vizio does not feel that they need to address the problems in a timely manner. Very disappointing in regards to what would otherwise be a incredible television. It’s a shame to have to return them….

  • Customer Rating VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch Full HD 3D Edge Lit Razor LED with Smart Dimming LCD HDTV 480 Hz SPS with VIZIO Internet Apps, 2011-08-24
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    GREAT PICTURE! GREAT SOUND! GREAT PRICE! EASY SET UP! MATTE SCREEN! AMAZON IS THE BEST!! VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE! The 4th VIZIO LED TV,I Purchased from AMAZON THIS WEEK! I just found out to Turn Off the Light Sensor, And WOW!! The Picture Just POPPED!! It looks like You could Walk right into the Screen!! FANTASTIC!!! UPDATE, 2 Weeks later, OUTSTANDING!! AMAZING!! BUY IT!!!

  • O. Reyes says:

    Customer Rating Close but not perfect, 2011-01-07
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    Coming from an “old” 720p Panasonic plasma, I had high hopes for this TV and boy did it deliver. Action scenes are very fluid, the colors are crisp, HD sports broadcasts are a crisp and clear. The internet apps are pretty neat, especially the twitter application which overlays the broadcasts you are watching so you can tweet without missing the action. The bluetooth remote is very convenient, however the lack of lighting on the remote makes it difficult to type in the dark. It is very light weight and very easy to set up with an easy to follow set up guide as well as on screen instructions to get you going. I bought this mainly for 3D gaming and it does not disappoint! Super Stardust HD in 3D is the perfect game to showcase 3D gaming. The glasses are comfortable, easy to use, but expensive. I’m hoping the prices drop soon as I’d love to have people over to watch ESPN 3D.

    I am very satisfied with this TV, but there are a few areas where it falls short. The best audio out method available on the TV is via Optical out. This means DTS-MA is a no go. I really wish Vizio had added an HDMI audio pass through on this TV. Screen glare is an issue with this TV; you don’t get the best picture unless the lighting is behind the TV or completely off. The TV has 3 USB ports, but you can’t use them. It would’ve been great if this TV had some sort of DLNA or picture/music/video viewer to allow you to stream movies or plug in a USB drive to show your media. Hopefully a firmware update fixes that, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Overall I’m glad with this purchase. If Vizio would’ve fixed the glare issue and added HDMI audio out, this would be *the* perfect TV.

  • JasonC says:

    Customer Rating Awesomeness, 2011-06-22
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    First off let me say I have been looking at 3D tv’s for a long time work with computers everyday and have an extensive knowledge on the technical aspects of any piece of hardware. This TV is truely bang for your buck. The refresh rate being at 480 pretty much future proofs your set and you can rest assure any format updates for hdmi or 3D technology will be able to be provided via firmware to the set. I love gaming and if you are a gamer like me that wants to expierence an awesome no ghosting picture on xbox 360, pc or ps3… I have sent this tv to the ringer and it has come out like Tyson in his prime. 3D will be availiable to this set through vudu which is full 1080p@24hz similar to current bluray players. All other formats are supported (like the ones you get from cable or streaming over youtube or downloaded videos and soon to be netflix…. these are usually called SBS or side by side, this set also supports over and under which is just another format of SBS all these formats are used in games or cable programs and the set performs top notch here keeping the resolution in HD range due to active technology.)

    To sum it up this set is at the top of the 3D market for a few reasons.

    1) Active technology running on 1080p@24hz as of now is the only tech that give you a full 1080p HD picture with no loss where passive interleves the picture cutting the resolution in half and this is a no go for most gamers.

    2) Active SBS technology takes that same 1080p signal and splits the images into two angles then recombines them to give you still an HD signal but closer to 720p than 1080p but has become the standard for most cable providers, netflix, youtube ect. due to the bandwith it saves. If your set is SBS passive then i feel bad for you cause you have 2 forms of loss happening now the first splitting that 1080p signal into two images then the interleaving for 3D effect….. giving you close to a 540i signal.

    3) LED TV!!!! And not only led but full array led. This means your blacks are darker and your colors are more defined crisp and sharp. There are litterally red green and blue leds in your set that can now illuminate to help the color portfolio of each pixel on your screen. Top of the line in LCD technology.

    3)PC 3d gaming can be done either by nvidia’s solution or ATI HD3D and iz3d drivers. Nividia’s setup is a bit simpler but performance is lacking and usually you have to scale the graphics down for the framerate to pick up. I’ve recently updated my video card to the ati HD 5670 and could not be happier. First off you will want to get the iz3d driver and make sure you chose the full install of the release canidate. Purchase the AMD 3DHD license which is half off. Make sure your LCD is connected via HDMI and in the catalist control panel select the 1080p@24hz resolution and scale it to 0 overscan. Enable the iz3d driver and you will be well on your way. Any other refresh rate will work great on the tv under normal circumstances but it needs to be running at 24hz to use the amd HD3D features.

  • William says:

    Customer Rating Amazing, 2011-01-07
    This review is from: VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch
    I purchased this TV to replace a 3 year old Magnivox LCD that developed a dark spot right after the first year of course. I don’t like the way the 480 hz looks unless I’m playing my PS3, but luckily you can turn that feature off. The picture is outstanding, it was dark but it turns out it was because the ambient light sensor. Turned that off and the picture just seemed to POP and it looks amazing. The audio is great on the TV, I had purchased the VHT510 for the Magnivox and I almost don’t need it with this TV, but of course still use it for the surround sound. The only little quirk I noticed was the widget gallery didn’t have any widgets in it, I called VIZIO tech support and they walked me through a quick process of resetting the TV and it works like a charm now. I do recommend that you have at least a 10 Mb connection if you decide to use the widgets, you’ll have a much smoother experience watching Netflix and Vudu. As far as connecting it to my ancient Linksys router, it was simple and easy. I use WPA security encryption and no problems connecting. I really haven’t utilized the 3D aspect of the TV yet so stay tuned for that review, I apologize I’m sure more people care about that aspect than any other. All in all, I don’t think you’ll find a better 42″ especially one that includes 3D for this price.

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