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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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VIZIO 32 Inch E3D320VX

Submitted by on November 4, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 3,575 views

VIZIO 32 Inch E3D320VX

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  • gooacu says:

    Customer Rating The wait is over, affordable 3d is here!, 2011-05-28
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    I am extremely stoked about this tv. I have been waiting, as have many, for a tv with these features to to hit the price point of 500-700$ so this is a a big deal to me. My previous set is almost the same one from 2 years ago minus the 3d and online features and I have to say vizio has really improved the picture quality. The blacks are blacker and the 2d performance is just great. I was very pleased with my first vizio so I had no problem throwing down the dough for this one and after a weekend of use all I can say is “wow”. They have hit one out of the park with this one and I’m starting to call it “the little tv that could”.
    The first thing I did after hooking it up and setting up the wifi, which was a snap with the onscreen prompts, was fire up COD black ops on my xbox 360 and turn on the 3d feature. Holy cow is the effect great, your weapon feels like it is in your hand and the game world gains all kinds of depth. No disappointment there, crysis two also supports 3d and while the effect isn’t as dramatic there it is still darn good. I searched online and stumbled across an xbox live arcade game called 3d infinity,I recommend grabbing the free demo at least. It is a simple 3d shooter but it made me blink thinking objects were going to smack me in the face on more than one occasion. Then onto the Ps3. I picked up motor storm apocalypse just for this tv and I’m glad I did great game, great 3d, Nuff said.
    I snagged a 3d blue ray IMAX wild ocean and the once again I was very satisfied with the 3d performance. The glasses (they provide 2) are stylish and comfortable and are not gaudy or goofy looking at all. All my connections are hdmi so the digital sound is delivered from the source in that manner so once again super simple the digital optical output of the tv plugs right into my yamaha 5.1 receiver and I changed the settings the Dolby digital and the sound is superb.
    I didn’t really care to much about the online capabilities of the tv, I was more about the 3d but after playing with it I now adore this new dimension and will be using it all the time. The weather,yahoo and flicker are all great but the icing on the cake is the rhapsody widget I am a subscriber and a huge fan of the service and the ability to digitally deliver my library and playlist and their radio stations to my receiver almost brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know if the music is in 5.1 surround or not but the way the music wraps around you and fills the room is some of the best implementation I have ever heard. By the way a 30 day free trial of rhapsody is offered on the widget and only a fool wouldn’t try it for free.
    So there you have it, the tv, the glasses,the remote and yes even the screwdriver all deliver. Kudos Vizio for bringing the next level of media enjoyment to the masses for five measly c-notes and thanks for the sweet screwdriver which you should really print the vizio logo on to remind me of my great tv every time I open my toolbox. Come to think of where my sharpie?

  • Customer Rating First Class 3D TV, 2011-05-18
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    The impressive thing about the Vizio E3D320VX is the way it is packed and the attention to detail. They give you a full sized Phillips screw driver to install the base, and eight stainless bolts when you need only six. The remote batteries are Mitsubishi alkaline, not some cheap “heavy duty” items. Both the panel and the glasses come with Vizio supplied cleaning cloths.The TV is easy to set up, and the remote has a rubberized alphanumeric keyboard on the back side, making data entry easy. The two supplied 3D glasses are of the passive, polarized variety, with the premium one contoured and the basic one flat. (However you might want to liberate a pair of Real D 3D glasses from the movie theater if you wear glasses. Both of these bend in at the temples to hug your face. The Real D 3D glasses accommodate glasses better.)The 3D and 2D pictures are both great as is the TV off-air picture using a Terk HD digital antenna here in the NYC area. The 3D (using a Panasonic 3D player) is bright and truly 3D. (The TV indicates with a dialog box that it has detected a 3D source and asks if you want to switch to 3D.)It has a built-in wireless Wi-Fi receiver (not an expensive extra like my Panasonic plasma) and is easy to connect using the alphanumeric keyboard on the remote.I am still exploring the various extras. But things look good so far!ADDED 5/21/11:

    A recent Samsung ad tells the difference between the active 3D TVs that they sell (both LCD and plasma) versus passive 3D TVs like this Vizio (and some LG models). Yes, they are correct that there is a minor “venetian blind effect” (light horizontal bars), particularly on white block text, but it is not really visible when you are watching a movie. (In truth, each eye is seeing a 1920×540 image simultaneously on a passive TV whereas each eye sees a 1920×1080 image with active glasses (in succession, one eye at a time, as the L and R lenses switch on and off).) But, with the convenience and cost of passive glasses (“free” at the movies), and the cost of the Vizio TV itself, the Vizio passive “Theater 3D” is very, VERY nice if not absolutely perfect.ADDED 5/30/11:I’ve watched Avatar 3D, How to Train Your Dragon 3D, and Megamind 3D on the Vizio and enjoyed every minute.This Vizio TV has RCA audio out whereas many panel TVs do not. (They have only optical audio out.) I output the sound to a pair of Audioengine 2 – PC multimedia speakers – 30 Watt (total) – 2-way – satin black and an Audioengine AS8 – Subwoofer – 125 Watt – black in the bedroom without a receiver, so the RCA-out audio is a necessity. Reflecting on the CONS in another review: (1) Yes, the boot-up is slow for a solid-state device, but may have to do with the fluorescent lighting panel behind the screen rather than the LCD screen itself. (2) I do not get any buzzing at all. (3) The compact remote is a plus to me. The small buttons are no problem if you are used to the keyboard on an iphone. The rubberized alpha-numeric keyboard on the back is a plus as are the direct-connect Netflix labeled button (and others) on the front of the remote. Keep in mind this is a $500 3D set.ADDED 8/13/11:[SEE NOTE BELOW] This passive 3D TV does not seem to work in conversion mode with the newer players that convert 2D -> 3D, specifically the Panasonic 310. The 2D and 3D images are perfect, but the 2D->3D conversion results in a flickering image that is 3D but hard on the eyes. The same 310 works well in conversion mode on my 600Hz Panasonic plasma. Perhaps the problem is that the 32″ Vizio is 60Hz. In any case there is an apparent incompatibility problem. If I learn how to prevent the flickering I will report back.ADDED 9/24/11:In Comments, C. Anderson explained how to get this set to work in 2D->3D conversion and it works. His procedure: Turn on your Blu ray player and navigate to setup, next go to player settings, then push TV/Device Connection. Go to 3D settings and then go to 3D type, click this and change it to Side by Side. [I got a warning saying that the set is capable of Full HD, which is true, but not in 2D->3D conversion.] Once you have changed it to Side by Side, the problem is fixed. Now insert a non-3D movie you want to watch in 3D, and push the 3D button on the player remote to select 2D->3D. Your TV will sense 3D content and ask you if you want to watch 3D or 2D. You will only have a few seconds to push Yes, so be ready with the Vizio remote or it will revert to 2D.Note that there have been reports that Vizio will not act on defective sets after the 1 year warranty is up. PERIOD. They will not repair sets AT ALL. While in warranty they will replace sets with refurbished units. So buy a Square Trade warranty of your choice of length FROM AMAZON within 90 days of placing your order (not delivery). Square Trade will not sell warranties from their Website for units bought at certain stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and a few others.

  • Kent D says:

    Customer Rating An Excellent 3d TV for starters with very few flaws, 2011-06-17
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    For the past 24 months I’ve had nothing but a small, square 480i television serving as my bedroom entertainment and for my dorm in college. It got the job done, but when I played split-screen games with friends the size constraints really showed. So I decided to upgrade and I haven’t looked back after buying my VIZIO. I wasn’t in the market for a 3D TV. I liked the idea, but it seemed only huge and expensive TV’s had the hardware. Imagine my surprise when I found a 32″ (Which is fairly large for a small bedroom/dorm)with full 1080p HD and 3D support! Not only that, but its a great TV with some really nice features. If you’re on the fence, here’s a little breakdown of the pro’s and con’s of this particular model.

    -Excellent 3D imagery with light battery free glasses. (No real noticeable difference between the two types of glasses picture wise. The shapes of the frames are slightly different though.)
    -A decent sound system which I find to be rare in most smaller televisions. (Not much bass oomph, but to be expected.)
    -Plenty of HDMI ports for lots of hook ups.
    -Crisp 1080p picture that tends to rival my 64″ downstairs.
    -Compatible with my CPU to get a bigger screen in 1080p that looks great through HDMI cords (I lacked the connection cables that could connect a macbook pro through the PC Input on the back).
    -Affordable, by 3D standards. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

    Cons: I’ll go into more detail here in case, for some reason these are deal breakers for you.
    -The biggest problem for me was the position for best 3D quality. It requires 5 and half to around 6 feet before the picture is no longer distorted. When playing shooters I tend to have to sit closer because I have a lot of problems spotting enemies on screem. I get a little distortion by going just past the recommended distance, but it wasn’t unplayable. In fact, the only thing I really noticed was that my crosshair had slightly unfocused, but while actually fighting it wasn’t a problem.
    -The remote keys stick a little. For me, I have trouble with the ‘E’ key and find myself often having to go back and retype it. This can be a hassle if you are really into the apps (which are more just a bonus to me rather than a main attraction).
    -While on that front, the interface for the apps is also a little annoying at times. But if you have a little bit of patience you should be fine.
    -Keep the remote near you when activating 3D. I turned it on in Crysis 2 for my PS3 and the TV prompted me with a YES or NO to activate, but only gave me ~5 secs to hit YES. When I didn’t reach the remote in time, it made me cycle through the TV menu to turn it on. Just a little frustrating.
    -Auto screen dimmer can be flawed at times. Light in my room may remain consistent, but the screen did brighten itself a noticeable amount once or twice for no reason. Doesn’t happen often though.
    -Had a small issue with lag in my games. Not really fair to call this a Con, however, seeing as it is easily fixed by hitting “Game Mode ON” in the settings menu (not the picture menu.)

    Aside from that, its been great. I’ll be sure to update if there are more issues that emerge, but for someone who is looking for a small and affordable 3D TV without sacraficing quality, you can’t go wrong with this VIZIO 32″.

  • Customer Rating Vizio Theater 3D: This is the game changer for Home 3D, 2011-06-22
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    Vizio 32″ 3D HDTV is a top class theatrical movie experience… At home and extremely affordable for the first time. If you want the 3D theater experience at home, this is it.

    When you see a 3D Theatrical movie, you’re given a pair of 3D passive glasses. If you feel the glasses are comfortable and lightweight (just like sunglasses), then bring a pair home(where allowed), as they work perfectly with the Vizio Theater 3D Passive series of TV (not the active battery 3D glasses Vizio series). This is a brilliant move by Vizio, and others like LG, to entice 3D movie fans to get the same experience at home, and will motivate thousands to consider this easy to use Theater 3D.

    3D PASSIVE GLASSES (The Real D 3D movie theater Glasses)
    The Vizio 3D HDTV set delivers excellent 3D at a nice range of angles, and best of all, the Passive 3D glasses sunglasses from any major theater (Real D, Imax 3D, Disney 3D, etc) work perfectly with Vizio’s 3D Theater experience, no batteries required and 100% 3D quality/effect matched to the included Vizio Passive 3D glasses. That means you can collect hundreds of theater glasses from the theaters that allow you to take it home (excluding Imax 3D). The advantage to this? Lightweight sunglasses that easily fit over prescription glasses, extremely low cost, easily replaceable, whole family can view it at the cost of one theatrical 3D movie for the family, able to tilt your head left/right and work up close or far away provided you’re head is on line with the 3D.

    I’ve compared the Passive 19 pound Vizio 32″ 3D HDTV directly to Sony’s high quality Active 3D HDTV Bravia 46″ (at a friend’s house), and can say they both look great. 5′ is the suggested viewing distance, but you can have your face directly on the screen and still see the 3D working if you prefer getting that close. Take a measuring tape and you’ll see 4 to 5 feet is perfectly comfortable for most people. Right now, I’m 2′ away from my 19′ computer monitor as I type this to give you perspective that 5′ for a 32″ TV is not very far away as some may have imagined. Under 4′ you can perceive a very subtle movie screen texture that doesn’t detract from the 3D effect. Remember, this 32″ Passive 1080 3D image has smaller TV pixels than say a 50″ LG Passive 3DHDTV dislayed at Best Buy. Even better, the Vizio Passive 3D offers a much brighter picture experience to the point the tinted shades are barely noticeable. Only downside is your head should be about centered to the center of the screen at any distance 4′ and farther, to get the best 3D effect with the least amount of ghosting; or depending on the movie’s 3D, no ghosting at all. (ghosting is the subtle image not completely hidden by the opposite eye’s lens. This also happens with Active 3D).

    3D Features: If you take home 3D pictures or 3D Video set to Side by Side, Top over Bottom, then you can easily view them in 3D thanks to Vizio’s Side by Side, Top over Bottom viewing options. The 3D offers the full depth that the film or photo was taken in. Only downside, is I still haven’t found an option to adjust the Level of the 3D effect as with Sony Bravia’s 3D, so if you have a very close object in view, best to view it at 5′ away so your eyes can focus easier on it. Really not an issue.

    TV Interface: The controller seems to be the only way to easily control all the features, so don’t break it. Thankfully, it’s sturdy, and the rubber buttons respond well to every input. Batteries included.

    TV Packaging: Comes in a sturdy cardboard box, includes TV Stand 1 pound, TV 19 pounds, 2 pairs of 3D Passive Glasses (just like the ones from theaters, you can use your 3D theater glasses too and get the same exact effect). Includes a screw driver, screws, instruction manuals, removable power plug, etc.

    TV Construction Quality: This is a professionally designed TV, made of sturdy material, and well put together. It’s also 3″ thin from the side, and only 19 lbs.

    TV Performance: I counted 18 seconds for an image to appear after pressing power. A bit slow, but powering up a PS3 game or PS3 Blu Ray takes a lot longer by comparison. The performance is flawless on this end. No issues, period. Also draws $13 of energy per year, if 5 hours viewing a day _Energy Guide.

    PS3 Performance: Looks great with 3D games and 2D games provided you’ve made the right settings on your PS3. 3D Blu rays looks great including Resident Evil Afterlife 3D, Imax 3D movies, Alice in Wonderland 3D, etc…)

    TV OPTIONS: Good selection of options and adjustments.
    Sound Quality: This includes Surround Sound, thanks to multiple speakers on the 32″. Sound is solid and well done, with nice bass and treble. Still searching for the option to fine tune the bass/treble however. Also includes internet ready connections. Plenty of ports for HDMI cords (regular HDMI works with 3D here), USB for USB ports and flash drives, etc…

    So is (lightweight passive glasses) Theater 3D TV the way to go? Absolutely. If you enjoy the 3D experience at the movie theater, bring home a pair of RealD 3D Glasses to watch on your new Vizio Theater 3D. The tide has finally turned thanks to Vizio’s 32″ affordable 3DHDTV. Buy it now. You won’t regret it.

    3D Quality: 5/5. Great 3D depth just like at the movie theaters.
    3D Resolution: 5/5. 1080 res. At 5′, looks as high res on the 32″ as an Active 3DHDTV.
    3D Glasses: 5/5. The ones from the theaters (RealD3D for example) work with this set.
    3D Options: 4/5. Includes Blu Ray 3D, side by side, top to bottom, Sensio 3D.
    2D Resolution: 5/5. 1080 res.
    Color: Rich blacks and beautiful range of color.

    Overall: 10/10. Don’t miss out on an incredible value for a spectacular 3D and 2D HDTV. If you’ve been waiting, now is the time thanks to Vizio.

  • Customer Rating Vizio Passive 3D LCD TV, 2011-06-30
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    I have had this TV for a month now, also purchased a Vizio 3D Blu-ray DVD player.

    Prior to purchasing this TV I also got an Aiptek 3D digital camcorder/camera (which has 3D HDMI output), so for a month now I have used the three components together. I have also purchased 5 3D bluray discs, all of which I think are wonderful and very lifelike. This tv also displays the 3D picture mode called SBS or side by side just fine.

    At work we have several plasma monitors on the wall for displaying status in our department, etc. They crank out a ton of heat and up close the picture looks horrible, and they burn-in images from the computers they are connected to. So I have been a fan of LCD since they arrived years ago and would never buy a plasma set.

    This TV uses passive 3D by placing a mask over the display to put different polarization on different horizontal lines in the display. If you shine a flashlight at the TV when it’s off the reflection makes a 4-pointed rainbow presumably from the mask. This set uses the same 3D glasses as in the theater for most films (Real) and it comes with 2 pairs. I noticed the ones that come with the TV are not as darkening as the movie theater glasses I kept from Cloudy … Meatballs. I cannot detect any difference between the 3D picture on this set and my much larger 2D Samsung LCD set that is about a half year old. I will say that the few 3D DVDs I have seen so far I would describe the images as stunning and extremely lifelike. The difference between passive and active shutter 3D sets must be slight because the “problem” the active sets have is so tiny you really have to be on guard watching for it most of the time.

    The viewing angle for 3D is somewhat limited. You must be at or below screen level. The closer you are to the TV the smaller the viewing space. It kind of projects a 3D image in a cone that gets larger with distance, but at a 32 (aprox) inch size cannot be too far away from the viewer. I use it at about eight feet away from my eyes and it covers the entire sofa and beyond, so theoretically I could have 4-5 viewers at a time.

    This TV must manually be put into 3D mode when there is 3D content present at the HDMI port. It is continually scanning the input to make sure it is still 3D or it will jump back into 2D mode on it’s own. And it only accepts 3D input from the 3 HDMI ports, not from any other input, like the tuner, wifi, or composite video inputs. This TV will detect one of the three types of 3D signals and briefly put a dialog box on the screen to put the tv into 3D mode, which you must act by pushing a remote button within a few seconds or it goes back to 2D mode. And the player putting the 3D content into an HDMI port must be recognized by the TV as an actual 3D source. So even with 3D SBS content downloaded from online the TV will not allow you to access the 3D menu unless the player is also electronically capable of handshaking with the TV and passing the 3D data handshake.

    Pros: for the money, it’s about the best buy in a 3D TV at this time. Easy to control, I never read the manual. Simple set-up with a standard 95 cent HDMI cable to the 3D Blu-ray player was about all it takes. Wireless wifi for web apps built or more you can download. And the remote has a QWERTY keyboard on the back. Decent sound but no bass to speak of. Has optical output for sound from the HDMI ports and presumably from the tuner or any other input.

    Cons: the TV is a bit slow to respond to changes from the remote. The TV is constantly watching for a lack of 3D input and is constantly trying to put itself back into 2D mode. It will not switch into 3D mode on it’s own, you must push buttons on the remote to manually start that mode. This is important: it will ONLY accept 3D input from the HDMI ports, not from the internet or any other input. 3D input must be from a player device which can handshake with the TV or the 3D mode never enables.

    Do not get suckered into buying a high priced HDMI cable, especially from Monster Cable, which is a total scam. A regular old cheapie HDMI cable works just fine as long as you dont need a really long cable run.

    Since the current 3D movie industry is still young you will see scenes in movies that make your eyes feel like the muscles are being pulled. I expect over time they will learn what works and what doesnt and fix this problem. Sometimes movies tend to over-use “jump out at you” scenes, which are okay for short bursts but not sustained and repeated use, which you will see today. Hopefully over time it will get better. This TV does depth well but in my eyes/brain the jump off the screen stuff often causes eye muscle discomfort.

    Follow-up comment Aug 2011:
    Having used it for months now I am still very pleased with this TV and the 3D effect. Wish I could get Avatar in 3D format. I am up to 10 BR 3D movies now, all are wonderful. Got two more glasses from the theater to use at home, which helps larger numbers of people in the livingroom. My only regret so far is having both a Vizio TV and 3D disc player with nearly identical remotes causes some confusion in a darkened room. My only complaints so far is that the TV will not go into 3D mode automatically when I play a 3D DVD. And it will not allow the TV to be in 3D mode from any device aside from those that tell the TV they are 3D machines. Side by Side 3D images and video from youtube or vimeo would work but the only way to play them would be to burn them to a DVD and play them on the DVD player that can do the 3D data handshake and enable that mode. Maybe a firmware update will enable this to work from TV internet apps like for Vimeo or Youtube. Otherwise it’s a great TV. Note: this TV will not allow 3D mode from the USB ports, only the HDMI ports.

  • J. Lee says:

    Customer Rating A good model, though there may be production issues., 2011-06-26
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    Let me start by saying that for the money, this model provides a rich feature-set and performs very well. Finding anything comparable–at this price point–will be difficult. Perhaps this is why I was willing to suffer through three returns before finally receiving a satisfactory unit. On each of the first three units I received, there was severe backlight bleed at the lower right hand corner of the screen and sometimes at the upper left hand corner. (For those unfamiliar with the issue of bleed, you need to view a black screen in a darkened room to best observe it. Bleed is observed as some parts of the screen being lighter than others, or a cloudy white effect on certain parts of the screen.) On one set in particular, the bleed covered about 40% of the screen, starting at the lower right corner, filling out in a triangular shape from there. I also noticed that with each of the first three I tested, applying gentle pressure to the screen (using a microfiber cloth) at the lower right corner would cause the screen to “snap” into place, as if it hadn’t been seated properly. Unfortunately, doing this often intensified bleeding and so I haven’t dared to touch the screen on the unit I’m using now (I’m a little worried about having to clean it for this reason).

    On the unit I have now, I can see the faintest bleed around the same area of the screen when the room is sufficiently darkened. I decided this was good enough since I wasn’t sure I’d have any better luck by exchanging again.

    This, to me, seems like an issue with production. While it was a hassle getting a unit I was happy with, I feel like it was worth the trouble. For the money spent, I find that this model has brilliant picture quality with nice 3D and a very nice set of features. I wanted something with a good 1080p picture, good sound quality, at least 3 HDMI inputs and internet connectivity with apps (particularly Netflix, Amazon, etc.) for under $500. I couldn’t find anything else that delivered at this price point and the 3D is a nice bonus. There are a few other small issues which I could nit-pick, but other reviews cover things pretty well. I don’t mind the “boot up” time (mine takes about 14 seconds). I find that if I wait for about 30 seconds after turning the set on, the CPU bound features (such as loading NetFlix) are much more responsive; it’s a bit like using a PC. While the sound isn’t particularly powerful (I generally listen at about 40/100) it has nice range and delivers very “full” sounding audio.

    On another note, Vizio technical support was very friendly and helpful. I spoke with two U.S. based technicians (they tell you their location at the start of the call) and they even offered to send someone out to my house to have a look at my set. Hold onto your Amazon invoice / packing receipt, as they will require to see it if they visit you.

    Hopefully, this is just a weird production issue that will be sorted out. With that caveat, I can definitely recommend this set.

  • Mike says:

    Customer Rating Too much ghosting compared with Vizio 42”, 2011-06-26
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    Sitting directly in front of or below the screen level gives you perfect 3D video. However, unlike the 42″ model with a better tolerance for ghosting/crosstalk, if you move 20 degrees to the side or only 3 degrees above the screen, ghosting becomes so obvious that the 3D effect is almost gone, leaving you with two overlapping images. I tried the 42″ model, which retains the 3D effect much better no matter where you move (of course within a reasonable range). I cannot figure out why the 42″ model is so much better and the difference between 32″ and 42″ is so big. I don’t believe it is because of frequency (32″ has 60Hz and 42″ has 120Hz), as one tester showed no dramatic difference between 60Hz and 120Hz.

    One other hassle for all Vizio models is the 2D/3D switch on the remote. I hope to click once between 2D and 3DSBS, but Vizio makes you click/move SEVEN (7) times (even using its 3D shortcut button) to switch to the 3D SBS mode, which is the most common mode for me(first click the 3D button, then click twice to move right on a “3D” icon, then click it, then move right once again to click “SBS”, then click a confirmation prompt – 7 clicks in total!!!). Switching back to 2D is no easier (first click “3D” button, then press a button to move right and click “2D”; Finished and you are back to 2D? No, it does not end here, you get another menu showing “2D”, “SBS”, “TB” and “Sensio”, then you press a button to move right again to “2D” again, and then you click it. How many clicks/moves? Go figure!). Please, Vizio, given us one click switch between 2D/3DSBS.

  • Andrew Fujii says:

    Customer Rating Best Deal for the Price, 2011-04-18
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    If you’re looking for a 3D internet connected TV, then this is the one to buy. This TV is probably the best overall value out there right now. Picture is incredible and sound is adequate. By “adequate” I mean that the sound is good enough if this is a TV for your room. If this is a TV is for a family or entertainment room, you may want to buy external speakers just to improve the overall quality of sound.

    The internet connectivity and available apps is really nice. If you are a Netflix or Hulu+ user, this will be extremely convenient. There is plenty of apps for sports updates too.

    3D is a really nice touch to the TV. I’ve tried a few things in 3D and can say that you really will get a solid 3D experience from this TV. However you can’t be sitting anywhere you want to. The manual comes with a diagram of “optimal 3D viewing”. From certain side angles you won’t get the 3D viewing.

    The only major issue I’ve had with this TV is when using a PS3 to play video games. Ghosting (motion blur) can be an issue as well as awkward pixelations and lag when viewing in 1080p. Vizio support was more than helpful with this. They recommended changing the output settings on my PS3 which ended up fixing the problem for the most part.

    Overall I highly recommend this TV for anyone who is looking for the most advanced TV tech available, while still being able to afford it.

    **UPDATE 5/14/11: PS3 Settings to Reduce Ghosting and Eliminate Lag**

    After playing with a ton of combinations of settings I found the following PS3 settings to work best while gaming in 2D. These settings were based on MLB 11: The Show because that particular game had the worst ghosting issues out of my games. Other games, may not need these settings. The TV settings listed below are absolutely necessary to have. It will eliminate any lag that you might experience.

    PS3 Settings:
    –Go to ‘Video Settings’ and set ‘1080p 24HzOutput (HDMI)’ to OFF.
    –Go to ‘Display Settings’ and change ‘Video Output Settings’ to 720p. To change this setting you have to choose ‘Manual’ when it prompts you to choose.
    –The only other setting (which I’m not positive I actually changed or if this setting was default) was in ‘Game Settings’. I have ‘PS Smoothing’ set to OFF.

    TV Settings:
    –TV Settings: Hit ‘Menu’ on your TV Remote and go to ‘Settings’. Make sure the ‘Input Source’ is set to whatever input your PS3 is using. Go to ‘Game Mode’ and choose ‘ON’. This eliminates all lag while gaming which was a huge problem initially.

  • Dylan Gibson says:

    Customer Rating Great 3D TV. Gamer’s Review, 2011-06-09
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    Had this tv for most of today and I find it be be outstanding. The 3D in it seems to work perfectly. I play games on PS3 often and find this TV to work great on it. I did have slight lag at first, but after another reviewer said to turn it to ‘Game Mode’ that resolved the issue completely. The 3D glasses are both very nice. I wear prescription glasses myself and wasn’t able to use the ‘premium’ glasses but the normal ones worked well for me. I personally don’t have a huge problem with the firmware. This is my first internet ready tv, so my only issue is that it does seem a bit slow. Not anything horrible and it really isn’t a bother. All of the menus seem great so far, and as far as I can tell each individual input saves the desired display settings (brightness/contrast etc..)

    This TV comes with plenty of connections for HDMI, Component, Composite, USB, etc.. Everything I need.
    This TV has been perfect thus far. My only problem was that when I first turned it on my remote had a button stuck in and wouldn’t work so I thought it was broken. Once I realised te button was stuck and unstuck it, it worked great as well.

    Speaking of the remote, it has normal remote functions on the front and a QWERTY keyboard on the back. Great idea for this type of tv.

    Final Thoughts: If you want an 3D HDTV this size, you will not be disappointed with this one. I was apprehensive at first, but I love it.

  • Customer Rating Vizio 3-D is great!, 2011-06-08
    This review is from: VIZIO 32 Inch
    I love this 32 inch Passive 3-D Vizio TV.
    Everything looks as good as on the Panasonic plasma 3-D TV and everyone says passive 3-D is half the resolution.
    I cannot see any difference.
    This 32 inch 3-D TV utilizes inexpensive Reel “D” glasses so you can stock up on as many as you like so all your friends & relatives can all watch 3-D togeather.
    I’ve read some of the bad reviews including Samsung’s ad in SoundVision magazine and if I were Samsung I would make a negative comparison to Vizio/LG passive 3-D TV’s because Samsung is worried about future sales and they have a good reason.
    This Vizio is selling at less then half the price of Samsung’s 3-D TV’s.
    Finally companies like Vizio and LG are giving the public what they want at the right prioe.
    Next are the new generation of 3-D TV’s where no glasses are required.
    What happened to Toshiba?
    I thought they were coming out with a couple of 3-D TV’s last Christmas that do not require glasses, or maybe it’s this Christmas? Maybe 2012, 2013 ?????

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