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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch

Submitted by on December 7, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 3,347 views

ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch

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  • Customer Rating Great 1080 bedroom HDTV, 2009-05-19
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    This unit’s main claim to fame is that, at this time, its about the only 1080p HDTV available in this size-range which has the full set of video inputs. I decided to take a chance and upgrade my old 23″ 720p “HD-ready” bedroom set, since I was hankering to go up to 1080 with a built-in ATSC tuner. And yes I can definitely tell the difference from 720.

    ATSC tuner: works fine, reasonable sensitivity, broadcast 1080i is spectacular of course.

    QAM tuner: I’ve just been experimenting with clear-QAM, which my CableCo now provides quite a bit of (I do not yet subscribe to digital cable, and have no set-top box). The only annoyance is that when I use the set’s handy programming function to manually “name” each channel (up to 8 characters I think) it sometimes looses some of the entries. Also every once in a while some “hidden” channels suddenly start showing up, and I have to manually “hide” them all over again. Luckily in Cable mode the tuner correctly intermixes legacy NTSC analog and clear-QAM digital channels transparently; I don’t have to switch modes.

    HDMI from DVD player: I use it with an upconverting DVD player; aspect-ratio has to be changed manually. Wide-screen DVDs look great.

    HDMI from computer: from my older Mac laptop’s DVI output; worked great and the Mac’s video auto-sensed the full 1080 screen size and set it up as monitor #2 which was VERY convenient; I didn’t have to adjust anything. The image was perfect. I suspect that if people experience problems with PC video, they may be encountering issues with their video cards or drivers, and not the monitor.

    Composite video: I’ve used it with an old VCR, no problems. The upconversion is OK; this depends greatly on the quality of the source of course.

    Sound: I don’t use the built-in speakers; I’ve got the audio-output connected to my sound system.

    I haven’t tried these inputs: VGA / Component / S-video

    The picture quality of the panel is reasonable for this low price-range – its certainly better than my old 720 panel, especially the black-levels – but its not going to win any videophile awards. Sometimes the blacks are a bit “plugged”. I notice a very small amount of light-leakage around the edges when the screen is black.

  • Kelly Jordan says:

    Customer Rating Two Tv’s, both defective, 2010-02-24
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    Received the TV very quickly, and worked fine when first out of the box and hooked up through component cables and a DVD player. After being turned off the first time, however, whenever I tried to start it up, it would go to the ViewSonic logo, sit there for a few seconds, then restart itself! No button input (from remote or the bottom panel) would work.
    I called ViewSonic, and the phone tech had me try the “hard reset”. Did not work. The said it was something defective in the hardware, and to return it.
    I requested a replacement through Amazon, and, again, received the replacement very quickly. The same exact thing happened with this one! It would work the first time, then go into a loop any time after that! I even hooked this TV up in a different room, thinking it could be some sort of power surge.
    I am guessing that ViewSonic put out a bad batch. No replacement this time, just a refund.

  • J. Greear says:

    Customer Rating Avoid this monitor at ALL COSTS!!!, 2010-04-30
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    This monitor is a KNOWN LEMON MODEL. If you just google the model number you will find NUMEROUS situations where someone bought this, it got the “endless loop startup logo” problem, they got it replaced, and the replacement did the EXACT SAME THING.

    I got the endless loop bug only the SECOND TIME I turned this monitor on. The CSR at viewsonic knew EXACTLY what the problem was when I told him and said the only solution is to send it back and get a replacement. Viewsonic is WELL aware if this more than common problem yet the only way they will acknowledge it is if you call them with a broken one.

    Amazon should NOT be selling this monitor at all. STAY AWAY!!

  • Scharn says:

    Customer Rating Worth its price, 2009-11-10
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    Overall I am very pleased with this TV and it suits the purpose for which I bought it: a 12×12 room with VESA wall-mount. The physical appearance is great and it’s very easy to use. I tried all of the inputs and here’s what I found:
    – HDMI is perfect for Blu-rays; the DVD up-conversion is so-so (there can be digital artifacts several times in an entire movie)
    – The component looked (to the naked eye) the same as HDMI
    – The composite looked much better for DVD than HDMI/DVD, but it still wasn’t awesome. This is why I rate the picture quality as 4 instead of 5.

    The sound quality is acceptable. It’s nothing to go WOW over but it certainly is clear enough to comfortably enjoy in a 12×12 room.

    As a computer monitor, the VGA hook-up is perfect. If I wasn’t using it as a regular TV, I’d use it as a PC monitor in a heartbeat. Crystal clear text and did not see any ghosting of any kind.

    If you are trying to code a universal remote to this TV, enter codes for Philips / Magnavox (if Viewsonic ones are not in your manual). With that said, I was not able to find one where the “Input” button worked on the universal remote (and I tried quite a few). Volume, channel, and TV power all worked fine with Philips / Magnavox codes.

    WARNING: Do -NOT- try to use a Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Disc Player with this TV; there was a terrible amount of artifacts (Blu-ray was bad and DVDs were unwatchable). When hooked up to different devices, both the TV and player work fine. I ended up switching to a Sony BDP-S360 Blu-ray Disc Player and it works perfectly with this TV.

  • Customer Rating Boy, was I pleasently surprised!, 2009-04-22
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    I began my search for an LCD HDTV/Monitor over a month ago and purchased 4 other similar items before purchasing this ViewSonic VT2430 and returned the previous 4 for poor performance. I was actually looking for a unit which included a DVD player for use in training lectures. But, I couldn’t find the right combination so I decided to settle on a unit without the DVD player, since those that are built in are all cheap players. This way, by keeping the TV and the DVD player separate I can always update the player as needed (BlueRay!).

    I looked at a LOT of HDTV/Monitors and chose the VT2430 for its native 1920×1080 pixel resolution. This works out perfectly with the 1920x1080i signals coming via my cable. And…the pictures are absolutely stunning! More so than I even expected, even already knowing the quality of Viewsonic monitors. And there are plenty of options for modifying and managing the images from all inputs. One reason for returning a Toshiba unit was that it’s native resolution is 1680×1050 pixels, which, when fed a 1920×1080 pixel signal (HDTV) stretches the image vertically…without any way of correcting the distortion. In fact, the manual states that “image size adjustments are not available with 720i and 1080i signals”! VERY poor planning as most cable signals are either 790i or 1080i.

    The PC image obtained with the VT2430 is absolutely awesome. I’m typing this review with this monitor with the resolution set at 1920×1080, a perfect match with my PC. There are at least 10 other resolution settings that work as well – just lower resolution results. Regardless of the resolution sent from my PC, the VT2430 automatically adjusts for the best picture with each setting. Very neat.

    The audio was another problem I found with all of the other units I tried. Most of them were either too low in volume or, when the volume was turned up became very distorted. Not so with the VT2430. Plenty of clean sound at all volume settings, including loud enough for filling the rooms where I do my training.

    The image I get from my (LG) DVD player, which upgrades to a 1080i output via an HDMI cable, is very good. I also have a BlueRay player which puts out a 1080p signal, which, again, perfectly matches the resolution of the VT2430, for a beautiful picture.

    The overall picture of this monitor is far more accurate, clean, and viewable than any of the other monitors I looked at. The dynamic range is very wide, including the darker colors and grays and blacks, not quite up to my 52-in Samsung (Over $2,300!), but closer than any other comparable sized monitor.

    Physically, I like the fact that the monitor can be tilted back for watching from higher positions. Also, the flat stand can be quickly removed for transporting in its original box, which I do often when I’m training.

    Great monitor. I would recommend it to anyone. I would, however, downgrade its rating by 1/2 point for not having a DVD player. But, that is not what it is! ViewSonic does sell an LCD HDTV/DVD Combo monitor, but it has a lower pixel rate designed more for 720i resolution, which is OK for most uses at this smaller size. But, having been a TV studio tech in charge of adjusting and maintaining studio monitors, I became too picky and always need(!) the best.

  • Customer Rating Easily surpasses expectations, 2009-06-03
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    Why a ViewSonic VT2430 24-inch 1080p? The VT2430 24-inch was selected as the smallest set compatible with our dinette area. The decision was helped by my experience with another 1080p. Some highly reputable reviewers tend to dismiss 1080p in a set this small (disclosure: We have a nice 19″ Sharp 1080p, too).

    One thing usually overlooked as regards sizing is how legible English subtitles appear at typical viewing distances. The 24-inch set gives ample legibility for the furthest viewer (11 feet) without sacrificing detail for the closest (7). Tech recommendations specify a minimum screen size of 40 inches for 10 feet viewing distance — much too large to keep in our dinette.

    The range of available sound power available is stunning. Why have an energy-saving LCD HDTV, if you have to add a power-burning amplifier to get adequate sound? With our VT2430 a family member with some hearing difficulty has absolutely no auditory problem. Except to test, we have never used a sound level much over half what the VT2430 delivers. With my older Sharp however, the maximum sound level is inadequate whenever a window air conditioner runs in a 10′ x 16′ room.

    We were concerned about our over-the-air reception due to the effect of a new metallic roof on our attic-mounted antenna. With just a cheap, indoor, amplified antenna we pick up more stations than with pre-roof, standard TVs, and indications are that an external antenna will eventually restore the PBS stations lost due to their reductions of transmitter height with transition to DTV.

    Set-up and remote use are very easy. The best surprise was perhaps the on-screen DTV program “Guide” the VT2430 provides. The program listing was not expected and is sometimes very convenient, as our local newspaper does not carry DTV channel listings yet. Wish my old Sharp had that feature.

    With its many positives and superior quality this set would rate 5 stars. Since we have not owned our VT2430 a year, it would be unfair to attest to its durability so soon, however.

  • CABLE_GUY says:

    Customer Rating Research more before buying., 2009-12-31
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    At the time I bought it, it was the only 24″ 1080 tv available and 24″ was just the right size for my application. Sorry i bought it.
    The first one arrived and it didn’t even power on. Sent it back.
    The replacement came…
    *The sound from the speakers is terrible. I could swear there are two tin cans attached to the front of the unit.
    *There is a bug. When selecting Channel 53-1 the tuner automatically then changes 22-1 every time.
    *When you have a mix of analog channels with digitals the channel changing is very slow. Some channels take about 3 seconds to change (cable TV source).
    *The on screen menu is tiny. Hard to see the text.
    *I think the buttons on the remote are not layed out very well.
    *The pedestal does not tilt. It snaps into place (one time only) and locks straight ahead.
    *Had the TV about a year now and starting to see the back light seep around the edges. Don’t know if that will be an issue in the long run.

    *On the plus side, when you do get a good HDTV signal source, the picture is very good.
    Do more research if your thinking of getting this TV.

  • fried003 says:

    Customer Rating does the job, 2009-04-16
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    This replaced an old Panasonic tube TV in a bedroom. At first I bought a 22″ VIZIO that I couldn’t see the picture from where I normally watch the TV. This 24″ set is watchable from the same angles as the 22″ VIZIO that was un-watchable. The picture is fine.

    The old Panasonic volume at level 4 was much too loud & level 3 was much too low. This TV has a better volume graduation scale as I can hear at a suitable level.

    The TV has a sleep timer to shut-off after X minutes, but I wish it also had a settable clock function in order to have it turn-on automatically at a given time, like an alarm clock – but it doesn’t.

    Can be used as a monitor also. A decent-sized 1080p LCD-TV at a great value – what’s not to like.

  • K. Byrd says:

    Customer Rating Worked for 30 minutes, 2010-05-13
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    Plugged it in, nice picture and sound for a guest bedroom. Turned it off. Next day turned it back on…kept rebooting. Figured it was the cable box. Nope. With just the power cable plugged in kept rebooting….also noticed one stuck pixel. Called tech support. Told it had to be into service for the software to be updated. Asked if I could do this myself, negative. Nice. Viewsonic used to be “the” company for quality. Maybe this is a one off. Going back for a refund instead of replacement.

  • W. M. Barber says:

    Customer Rating Inexpensive TV with plenty of inputs – backlighting issues, 2009-09-11
    This review is from: ViewSonic VT2430 24-Inch
    We got this to go in our bedroom and tried to put it where our old CRT TV was (on top of a 6 drawer dresser a few feet from our bed) and it was too high the viewing angle from the bed was too steep and the picture was too dark. We moved it to a eye level position on a lower dresser and that was much better but we can still see the back-light bleeding through in the middle of the top and bottom of the screen – a minor annoyance and something we can live with

    A note to those of you with TiVo’s out there the Remote code for this TV is 0310 (it’s the Gateway TV Code – Viewsonic is missing from TiVo’s list)

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