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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch

Submitted by on November 5, 2011 – 5:55 am10 Comments | 3,329 views

Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch

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  • Customer Rating Amazing 3D HDTV Set, 2010-11-24
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    i researched these types of sets for months for the family. surprisingly there were hardly any reviews on the 55wx800u – none on cnet or other major review sites. since my family loves toshiba products (3 generations of toshiba buying family members) we decided to take the plunge on this tv. reasonably priced with a whole host of settings to customize your tv’s picture, if you like to tweak. if not, you can choose from some nice presets. overall, the color is vibrant, the set is very attractive – elegant, professional but not overly done like some other sets. prior to this tv, we had the panasonic s2 42″ plasma tv (which replaced a 53″ toshiba projection television)in the family room,as i wanted to try a plasma set and toshiba doesn’t make plasmas. happy with the panay, we were torn to either get the panasonic 54vt 3dtv or this set. pricing was similar – but internet was not built into the panay. the plasma consumes much more power than this set. also, the 3d glasses that come with the toshiba are much more comfortable than the ones that came with the panay. so without reviews and based solely on my family’s experience with toshiba, we bought this tv. we are extremely happy and i believe all the talk about blooming, clouding, flashlighting that comes with an edge lit set like this one is either overdone or toshiba has done an excellent job overcoming these issues. some quick things to note, connection to the wireless internet went smoothly and the widgets are very cool. there is a system update that takes about 5 mins – so make sure you update your system. also, when attaching the standing to the tv, it states slide and lock…it’s a bit confusing and customer service wasn’t very helpful –
    just slide flat so that the two tabs on the stand slide into the two openings on the back of the tv – so you don’t have to press down to lock in something the toshiba customer service (who apparently never put one of these things together) suggested. anyway, i wanted to put a real review up here since this is so lacking. if you have questions, ask. also, i will update in a couple months as to reliability. oh, lastly, don’t buy from JR.com – their policy states that they have to open the package and add some “protective materials”- well – that set arrived broken. i refused the package and reordered through amazon.com and they sent the package “factory sealed” and it was fine.

  • SaM4842 says:

    Customer Rating A gamer’s review, 2010-12-16
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    The picture clarity on this tv is amazing, the 240hz really makes a difference! I am using a PS3 as this tv does not have 2D to 3D converting.

    I have played four 3D demo games and 3 of the 4 had a significant ghosting, even after trying to switch the 3D modes (top-bottom, side-side). You still get the 3D effect; but if I had to choose between playing in crisp 2D and double visioned semi 3D, I would choose to play in 2D. The 4th demo called Super Stardust HD had no ghosting whatsoever and in one word the graphics in this game was simply breathtaking! I suspect this is because this games does not have a wide array of depths like the other demos (2 racing, the other is a block game).

    Also, there is a slight input lag while in 3D game mode. This lag is no where near as severe as when you are not in game mode (ie auto, movie, sports) but it is noticeable. This can be particularly detrimental when you are playing fighting/action games when perfect timing is crucial. As of right now (December 2010), Prince of Persia is the only 3D action game I know of(I have not played this game in 2D or 3D). The easiest way to see this lag is with the Move controller. When you are moving the controller from left to right (not particularly fast), the screen will show the controller to the right when the physical controller is already to the left.

    One thing about the Move controller is that you will always see a brightly colored floating orb reflection on this tv. Learn to ignore it. There is nothing that can be done about the beautiful gloss finish.

    A small note about this tv being an edge lit LED tv: when the screen turns all black, the upper middle portion of the tv is not as dark as the rest of the tv. This is not a problem during actual game play.

    All in all, this tv is huge, slim, has almost blur free images (still cannot compare to a plasma, obviously) and has great invisible speakers. The ambient light sensor is great, no excessive eye strain! Even if you don’t use the 3D features, the picture clarity and the price are unbeatable (in my totally “unbiased” opinion).

    Please check out my review for the 3D glasses: Toshiba FPT-AG01U 3D Glasses, Black.

  • Customer Rating You will LOVE this Television!, 2010-12-18
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    I normally do not write reviews on products unless I feel utterly compelled to do so. I have to say, this tv deserves a review. First, I was replacing a tv that I was VERY fond of. I had a 50″ Visio Plasma 1080p that I bought a couple of years ago and LOVED it every since. I plan on keeping it for many years to come. With that being said, it would have taken quite a bit to improve the quality and value that I found in that particular tv. I found it!The price is ridiculous. $1,600 with no tax, free shipping, and two pairs of 3d glasses? EXCELLENT! Toshiba makes great products and this 55″ beauty is no exception. For the price, I think you will be hard pressed to find a better picture in a 55″ size and sporting the latest 240hz LED technology. The television itself is attractive, light weight, and super thin. It weights about half my previous television which is really nice. The inputs are nicely laid out in the back and very easily accessible. My Vizio had them under a lip and in the lower middle of the set making them very difficult to find without pulling the whole TV out which was always a chore. The picture is HIGHLY customizable. **NOTE** the instruction manual outlines in nice detail the explaination of features, DO NOT WATCH BLU-RAY MOVIES WITH THE 240 CLEAR MOTION FEATURE ON!! It will make the movie appear jumpy and jittery. Watching it with the standard 60 frames per second gives that nice “normal and human” smoothness you are used to. The 240 Clear Motion feature is SO nice with sports, especially if you are a hockey fan like myself. Any fast paced sports program will really reap the benefits of this feature. NASCAR, Basketball, Hockey, Football all look fabulous with this feature on. The LED has the bad reputation for having even lighting issues, or bright spots in the corners. Toshiba utilizes a technology that pans the light and it looks even and the contrast ratio is really nice to boot. Blacks are black and whites are white. Great color balance and options to adjust the power of the LED backlight.My previous television also doubled as a heater. It would get the room VERY warm in the Summer which was one of the downsides (in addition to the screen burn-in that Plasma is prone to) but this tv is quite, cool, and takes very little power in comparison. Energy Star rated for those concerned with power consumption (as you should ;-)The apps? Well, I haven’t toyed around with them too much. Setting up the Wi-Fi was fast and simple, but I fear that the apps can act a bit “clunky” at times **(This is no longer an issue because I discoved that the wi-fi was VERY weak in the room where I have this tv, so I can’t honestly say if the apps are slow or not.) It doesn’t flow very quickly. What I mean is there is a bit of lag between the commands on the remote and the changing on screen. Is this enough to ruin the experience? Absolutely not, but something some should be prepared for if they plan on using the app features more than I do. All in all, this television in my humble opinion is well worth the money. Even my wife (who can’t tell the difference between VHS and Blu-ray) commented on how beautiful and noticable the picture quality was. Very pleased with this purchase, and I think you will be too. I hope this honest, non-biased review is helpful in your decision to buy or not.**UPDATE**I have had this television since December and I am still just as pleased with it (if not more once I got the optimal settings down) as I was the day it first arrived. Blu-rays are absolutely stunning and if you are looking for a showcase 3D movie (aside from Polar Express and The Christmas Carol,) Step Up 3D is a thrilling experience! The 3D is unsurpassed in my opinion and this tv really sets it off. The clouding pictures are you see in the photos are a bit exagerrated. Is the clouding noticable? Only between frames before a movie starts (i.e. in between previews, warning messages etc.,) but once the picture actually comes up the clouding is not noticeable and the color is vibrant and crystal clear. I think that the people that took those pictures may have had their backlight settings on max. Look, to sum it all up, if you are on a budget and are looking for an upgrade over your existing tv or you just want to experience 3D, you can’t go wrong. The price is unbeatable at this point (considering the size and quality) and the fact that you now get glasses and a blu-ray player free you can’t miss. I truly don’t think that you will be disappointed.**UPDATE 2**I have now had the TV for about a year and I still feel strongly that for the money, it is a tremendous value. The price has gone up dramatically since I bought it (because I believe that it is no longer being sold by Amazon,) however, if the price does come back down I would still highly recommend a good look. I haven’t seen too many better deals anywhere else for what you get for the money. While I don’t use the 3D feature nearly as much as I thought I would, I can say that I am very excited to see the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast (and other Disney classics soon to come) in 3D.

  • BigOnAmazon says:

    Customer Rating Not a strong 2D picture, 2010-12-16
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    To start, we have a panasonic 58 inch plasma (S2 series) in the house, this is the standard we are measuring against.

    Once we unpacked the TV and installed the provided stand, we immediately noticed it was much more un-steady feeling than the panasonic, it would move/wobble when you would press the power button, (if you have a house that has much floor vibration when walking, you will notice it on the screen).

    The appearance of the tv is sleek, modern and on par for meeting or beating competition.

    The picture, first we must say it is highly recommended to see this tv in person, as it is a 3D tv with medium (at best) 2D picture quality (in our opinion). We viewed blue ray movies with motion/scenery etc…, played PS3 games and watched HDTV and non-HDTV channels. We have 5 in our family (3 in college plus mom and dad), it was a 100% decision to return the tv.

    There was at times some digital disruption during the playing of Iron Man II, the move in 2D but with blue ray in HD, gave a feeling of a cheap movie set, as if everything was filmed in front of a blue screen that later on was inlaid into the movie. The white backgrounds were the worse by far. The colors are bright and can be adjusted, but the 2D viewing was not over-comable by us. We worked with the settings, followed the manual and search the website for best settings to affect the issue, in the end, the quality just wasn’t in the same league as the plasma.

    The menus were friendly, easy to work with. The gaming was closest to the quality of our plasma of any testing we did, there was never a lag or issue when playing games, GT 5.0 and Demon Souls on PS3.

    If you are a 3D person and plan to use this heavily for 3D, then I would recommend it as a strong contender, but in our house, 3D was going to the be exception, not the rule, so the 2D quaility was super important to us.

    I imagine when we do go 3D next time, it will be with a plasma. We checked LEDs in the stores and they seem to be comparable with the plasma, but in our house they were not. The plasma won in both daylight and evening watching.

    The clarity of the picture on the Toshiba is very strong, but the overall feel of the motion/background interaction in 2D left much to be desired in our opinion.

    I have read other reviews on Amazon for the tv, and I will not argue their experience, it seems to be a very high end tv, but to us the 2D was the decision maker.

  • Customer Rating Tim finally finds a KEEPER IN THE 55 WX800 HDTV, 2010-12-25
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    I have been looking for a new HDTV for more than two years. I have tried VIZIO,LG,SANSUNG and have returned them all until this Toshiba HDTV. The Vizio had blurring on the 551 series which was because the 240hz didn’t do anything and eventhought the picture had great blacks it wasn’t life like. The LG was a 2008 model and wasn’t anything fantastic and the 120hz didn’t do anything either. Then just a few weeks ago I tried the Samsung 6400 series LED and the 120hz didn’t do anything plus the flashlighting in each of the lower corners of the screen were very distracting. The Internet wouldn’t work on the apps and when there were very dark scenes the contrast was very poor so I had trouble seeing peoples clothing.
    Now to the Toshiba 55 WX800 3DTV. The blacks are really dark the contrast in dark scenes is excellent and there is NO FLASHLIGHTING IN THE CORNERS OF THE SCREEN. If you have a WX800 with flashlighting in the corners then it has been dropped somewhere in shipping. CEVA shipped our TV and they didn’t have two persons handling the TV which it says it needs on the box! Luckily my TV doesn’t have any issues so it must have not been dropped. Send your back if it has flashlighting in the corners of the screen, it shouldn’t! Maybe Amazon should have someone else ship these TVs. I have heard some of these TV are shipped by Plot. I have been using this TV since Thursday 12-23 and have had it on at least 12 hours a day to fully check it out. Today I tried the 3D feature and it worked perfectly. It doesn’t have any crosstalk or ghosting when in the 3D. I have a new Sony 3D blueray model X57, so I don’t know if this helps? The only thing I noticed is the nose piece of the 3D glasses is too hard and makes your nose uncomfortable, so put some felt on the nose piece maybe? I have not changed any of the factory setting because the picture looks so great just by choosing the home setting at the beginning of the setup menu. Buy this TV before the price goes up even if you don’t care about the 3D feature.

  • tjm says:

    Customer Rating Noy only best value–competes well for best picture, 2010-12-26
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    We also shopped for a long time for a new, larger TV for a multi-purpose theater/living room. I find too many reviewers of many products focusing on things like delivery services or the quality of the seller–while important, these have NOTHING to do with the product. The Toshiba WX800 is outstanding! It will take you time to find and set ideal adjustments to maximize picture quality (2D or 3D), which could suggest that a professional calibration is worthwhile. The few user reviewers I’ve read that question picture quality probably did not make appropriate adjustments.

    If you’ve done your homework on the types of TV options, you know that edge lit LED/LCD offer slim size benefits, but have some ‘flashlight effect’ (unlike 100% back-lit ones) as well as lesser sound quality (due to less space to put bigger speakers). Since we have attached speakers, sound was not an issue. The flash lighting does exist in every edge-lit I’ve seen. But we find the Toshiba WX800 experiences minimal detrimental effect (really only noticeable during blank screens–and not during TV/movie content, so watching experience is not impacted). Clearly the technology supporting this TV makes it a premier caliber. But marketing has suffered compared to the greater promoted 3Ds of Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. I wonder if the late-2010 introduction to the US market is the basis for the low price strategy. Do NOT be fooled by the price of the WX800. This is no low quality Phillips or Westinghouse or private label. This is truly a great TV. It is also an ideal alternative to Plasma (and only few of plasmas out there really can offer better picture quality). Side to side comparisons to LG, Panansonic and Sony (the last two with price tags greater than $3000) suggest this is has a better overall picture quality in all types of scenes (light, dark, high speed motion).

  • cdew002 says:

    Customer Rating Outstanding, 2010-12-15
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    SELECTING: I was in the market for a new TV, but I had no intention of getting a 3D TV until I saw the sale Amazon had that included the Bluray player and glasses for $1299. Too good to pass up since I was going to spend close to that on a regular LED/LCD TV anyway. There were a few sales on Samsungs and Panasonics, but I chose Toshiba. The TV being replaced was a 3.5 year old 50″ HD Toshiba DLP. That was a great product, so I decided to exercise a little brand loyalty. Additionally, because Toshiba was one of the last “big” manufacturers to release their 3D TV, I figured they would probably have the best picture since they had more time to perfect their technology. That may be incorrect logic, but it worked for me. There were almost no reviews when I bought the TV, so I kept my fingers crossed.

    SHIPPING: I waited like a little kid for this thing to get to me – even though I got it in 5 days, it seemed like forever! The box had a huge hole in it (looked like it had been kicked) and the back of the TV had a small dent. I signed for it with the acknowledgement that it was dented so if it didn’t work, I could send it back. These things are shipped via freight, and freight is known to be rough on packages. The dent didn’t bother me (provided it worked), so I took it home.

    SETUP: Got home, took it out of the box. This thing is skinny! It is also surprisingly heavy (not overly cumbersome, but it is heavier than it looks). The base attaches like it should – pretty self explanatory. Got it hooked up and turned on. The TV walked me through the setup as it should. The picture was great – I don’t have cable (I know, I know), but the OTA stations looked wonderful. It was a very clean look. The response time changing channels was very quick (it was somewhat slower on the DLP TV). The options Toshiba has to change the picture are limitless – I am still tinkering with the picture (although the way it is set up out of the box is great).

    3D SETUP: I bought A Christmas Carol, Open Season, and Monsters Vs. Aliens (off eBay) in 3D. Setup is identical to a regular DVD player, except I believe you need to have a 1.4 HDMI cable (not a standard HDMI) to transmit the 3D image. I wish they mentioned this up front, but luckily I did some research before the TV arrived and ordered an Amazon cable for $7. Not a big deal, but I would have been pretty irritated if I would have had to make a trip to BestBuy to buy a $50 cable. For the glasses, you just pull the clear battery saver tab (you’ll see it if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and you’re good to go. You can tell when the glasses are on because the light allowed through the glasses changes. I believe I had to change the TV to auto-detect 3D, but a message pops up and tells you what to do once it sees a 3D disc, so that’s all there is to it.

    STANDARD/BLURAY PICTURE: Fantastic. There’s not much more to it. It is a great picture with incredible detail. I thought the old HD DLP Toshiba had a great picture, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it again because of the improvement this TV is over that one. Bluray really did blow me away on this TV. There are countless adjustments you can make to the picture, which is nice (doubt I’ll use them, but it’s more of a comfort thing).

    3D PICTURE: Didn’t know what to expect. After I ordered the 46″, I began reading that you needed a bigger screen to appreciate 3D and got worried. Luckily, this wasn’t true! The picture is much more “crisp” than in the theaters. When I first put on “A Christmas Carol,” all I could do was smile. I had read a lot of blurbs here and there regarding the issues people were having with 3D TVs making “ghost” and “double” images. It actually did happen during one scene of “A Christmas Carol,” but I’m not really sure why (it was actually just a character’s nose had a ghost image during one scene), and it didn’t happen at any other part or with the other movies. I did figure out that the 3D picture is BEST when the TV is on the brightest setting. I’m sure someone can explain why, but I can’t. This was especially true during “A Christmas Carol,” which is a fairly “shadowy” movie to begin with.

    SUMMARY: Spend the money on the 3D Toshiba if you’re in the market for a new TV. The current Amazon deal includes everything you need for 3D (except for the 1.4 HDMI cable), and the picture is amazing. I think it will be a long time before the a 3D TV drops much lower than this (at least a good quality one). There is not much in the way of media in 3D at the moment, but there will be. I am glad I made this investment, and would do it again.

  • Customer Rating Amazing picture, 2010-10-12
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    Just upgraded from Hitachi Plasma 720p 42 inch. When I first got the Hitachi I did not think a picture could ever get better. Was in the market for an upgrade and spent a day looking at all the 50″+ LED TVs. Where the TV is set in the store makes all the difference in the picture quality and they have the mode set to brightest, sharpest, etc…, which you would not have in your home. Spent the evening researching LED TV technology and came to the conclusion that they all will be similar in the similar price range. Toshiba had the deal for 2 pair of 3D glasses and BD 3D player with purchase of TV which knocked out the Sony and the Samsung I was considering. 3D glases are specific for each model and will run you about $150 and 3D BD will run you about $250…so that was a $550 saving right there.

    Hook up was a piece of cake to Sat box and then watched PBS Evening news. If the program is not in HD, the the large picture makes the video TOO big and somewhat blurry, so you have to scale the picture back (easy to do with button control on the remote). Started up a recorded HD movie on my DVR, Star Trek First Contact…and wow, the detail, colors the black level were amazing and as good as any of the Sony and samsung similar TVs I saw in the show room. The Toshiba was a new model and relegated to the show room wall with about 30 other TVs and did not show as well. I can now tell you that it is GREAT.

    Do not expect great sound from any LED TV since the speakers have to be small. But the sound is adequate for watching news and normal shows, but somewhat tinny. Probably can adjust with the menu equalizer, but its a don’t care for normal TV viewing. Put in USB stick with pictures and it recognized it immediately and opened up to view photos…fantastic resoultion and photo reproduction with 8Mp camera…and fast.

  • T-Man says:

    Customer Rating Gorgeous display, gorgeous picture, clouding ruins some movies, 2010-12-12
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    It’s been awhile since I’ve used a Toshiba product. My last was an HD-DVD player, which I wasn’t overly fond of due to slow load times and a clunky menu interface.
    I know that they make quality products, but don’t have quite the glamor of Sony, Panasonic or Samsung.

    The TV set itself is gorgeous. The thin bezel and glossy, mirror finish makes for a very modern upscale look, along with its slim form factor. It looks stunning even when off.

    The picture it produces is equally eye popping. The blacks are dark without being crushing. The backlighting is even throughout with no signs of bleeding, flashlighting, banding- all of which I’ve experienced in older CFL-lit LCD’s (but keep in mind that these issues are specific to each unit, not the model line so YMMV).

    I found the 240 Hz ClearFrame does generate the so-called “soap opera” effect (though less pronounced than on Samsung’s I’ve watched) which I despise and was happy to find that it can be disabled.

    The menus are easy to navigate and intuitive. The remote is backlit, and buttons are well spaced, but it does increase the size of the remote a bit.

    The icing on the cake was the great price and service from Amazon!

    I do not have any 3D Blu-ray movies at the moment so I cannot comment on that feature as of yet.


    After a few more days of usage, I found a negative. Changing channels (over the air antenna) is slower than I would like, even using just the Ch up/down commands. Direct channel inputs (4-1, 2-1, etc.) take a very long time, and there is no ‘Enter’ button to speed things up.

    Another negative I can give is for the weak Wi-Fi reception. It lists signal strength as low and had trouble latching onto my wireless network several times, even though my PS3 in the same spot under it was reporting 100% signal strength. My 802.11n router is about 20 feet away, with only 1 wall in between.

    The widgets themselves are just OK. There’s weather, news, channel guides, facebook, etc. There are many more you can download and customize but they are a little clunky and slow (perhaps due to weak WiFi strength), and not great to browse with a TV remote.
    It’s not really a feature I would use on a regular basis, especially when these features are much more efficiently used on a PC, but I guess they’re there for convenience sake and it works as advertised.

    These aren’t enough for me to knock a star off because I bought this TV to use as a TV, and that it definitely excels at.

    **Update 2**

    After more viewing on mine, I am seeing very slight flashlighting in the corners (on movies that don’t fill the screen, hence black bars top and bottom). It is very faint and not bothersome. However, an issue that I would consider major did surface, and that is clouding during dark scenes on some movies.

    In one movie, it was to the point where I was debating whether I should send it back or not. I tried a PS3 game afterwards and the clouding was no longer present.
    I tried another movie, and again, it was perfect; vivid colors and no clouding. Unfortunately, I no longer had my original movie that exhibited the clouding so I could not try that one again.
    This intermittent clouding issue has me worried and I will keep a watchful eye on it.

    **Update 3**
    Finally got the chance to view some 3D content (Despicable Me, GT5 on PS3).
    There is crosstalk when watching movies. It looks like double vision and nullifies the sharpness you’d expect from Blu-ray.
    There is no pop to the 3D. I don’t know if it’s the movie/game itself.

    Cloudiness is still intermittently present, but not enough for me to return the set.
    I’m knocking it down a star due to the poor 3D and clouding. It’s not a perfect product so it doesn’t deserve 5 stars.

  • Customer Rating Toshiba does it again!, 2010-12-13
    This review is from: Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch
    I ordered this TV and the accompanying Blu-ray player and 3D glasses, primarily because it seemed to have all the bells and whistles, and I had such good experience with my “old” Toshiba 46HL196. After hanging it on the wall and hooking up to my TiVo (cable), DirecTV (satellite), The 3D Blu-ray player, my PC, my bluetooth audio to my hearing aids, and my network bridge, I began the setup. Everything went so well that I thought I had missed something. The TV recognized the network instantly, the 3D channels on DirecTV were in beautiful 3D, the Blu-ray 3D movie “Clash of the Titans” played as advertised, the PC hookup (HDMI)automatically fixed the overscan problem I’d had with the old TV, and as a bonus, the TV downloaded a software update when I turned it on the next morning.

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