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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch

Submitted by on November 29, 2011 – 12:12 pm10 Comments | 2,656 views

Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch

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  • j r says:

    Customer Rating Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    A nice TV for the price the picture quality is very good, but the sound leaves a lot to be desired. I have to raise the volume to almost full in order to hear it. I am thinking of putting external speakers.

  • Customer Rating Outstanding picture but sound is awful, 2011-03-30
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    The 24″ screen is perfect for our kitchen and the picture is truly spectacular. However the sound is just terrible. There is no distortion through the volume range, but the sound is incredibly tinny and phone-like. I am being totally serious in saying my bedside clock AM radio sounds better than this TV. That is what I don’t get with the sub-29″ TV market. They will mostly be used in locations where there is no room or need for a home theater system, and yet clearly the audio is an afterthought.

    So ok, I can maybe find space to install a PC speaker system to make the TV listenable, but it only has line-out audio jacks, so the TV remote will not control the volume, and there is no headphone jack.
    This is such a glaring problem on small TVs, that I am amazed, or more accurately, annoyed it has not been addressed. I will have to return this TV.

    Have you noticed it is impossible to evaluate the sound of a TV in a store where they have 100 TVs on and all tuned to the same channel?

    UPDATE: Returned the Toshiba after one week. I just could not get used to the audio. I got the 26″ LG LED LCD. Sooo much better audio, and with a headphone jack in case I do want to upgrade the sound, but don’t think I will need to. It cost an extra $100 over the 24″ Toshiba, but the only add-on powered speaker system I could find with a wireless remote was the ZVOX Mini for $199. Made no sense.

  • Customer Rating I wasn’t listening…., 2011-06-12
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    I already had a larger Toshiba TV and liked it. So when I needed a new TV for my kitchen, I was happy to get another. The 24 inch was the perfect size.
    Didn’t take long to set up, nice looking, sharp picture. My only complaint is that the sound quality was very tinny. Thought maybe it was because of where I placed the TV. Went back to store looking for speakers, salesman (who sold me the TV) laughed. He said alot of people complained about the sound and I needed to buy an amplifier to go along with the speakers.Plus, if I did that, I would need to control the volume thru the amp not the TV remote. If the salesman would have mentioned a sound problem, I might have spent a bit more money for a better TV!!!!
    Because it’s for the kitchen, it’s serving it’s purpose and not worth the effort to return.I set the audio bass on high and the treble on low,it’s a bit better but still not the quality to where it should be. I have learned a lesson for my next set,will listen as well as look at the picture, and hopefully by then Toshiba will have learned a lesson too!!!

  • Dave says:

    Customer Rating Frankenstein would say: Picture GOOD! Sound BAD!, 2011-04-25
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    As others have said, the picture quality of this set is very good, but the speaker quality is absolutely horrendous. The only solution is to add some form of external amplification and speakers or perform a warranty voiding modification to the set.

    Now this being a 24″ set, I don’t really envision this set as being the center piece of a home theater setup, but apparently Toshiba does with their pitiful built in speakers. Okay, so the speakers suck, why not just plug in a set of cheap computer speakers? Well, you could but the only audio outputs on this set are two fixed line level rca jacks-not variable. This means the volume of any external speakers cannot be controlled by the tv. Okay, so maybe like me you have an extra amplifier and speakers around that you can hook up. This works, but I found (at least on the one I got) the line level jacks on the tv produce a noticeable background hum. Not as noticeable when listening to programs, but once you know it’s there it is kind of hard to not be aware of it.

    The manufacturer of this set really dropped the ball with the speaker design. While this is just a 24″ set and there is no expectation of spectacular sound, this set is so below par in this area that it is hard to believe that what I previously believed to be a top tier home electronics manufacturer would let this product go out the door. It makes no sense for them as anyone who buys this set will be totally unhappy with the sound quality. I guarantee that this set will have an extremely high return rate because of its extremely poor sound quality. Most people aren’t going to go through the expense and hassle of sound add ons and will simply return the set. I understand that manufacturers are in a squeeze to cut costs,but products still need to provide a level of performance that is reasonable. I would only recommend this set to people who are deaf.

  • Abraham says:

    Customer Rating Adjust The Sound, 2011-05-26
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    The sound on this tv seems to be the issue with all the reviews. Did anyone know that there is a bass, trebble, and balance adjustment. After I adjusted these the sound is fine. The picture I agree with all, is excellent. I don’t know why but so many tv’s do not come with headphone jacks anymore. Like some one said for a tv that is a size most people use in the bedroom, headphone jacks would be a good idea. But let me say that a little adjustment of the bass and trebble and the sound is what I would expect from a tv in this range.

  • Andrew Mel says:

    Customer Rating Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    I bought this TV in a local store under the assumption that it seemed competitively priced and I was familiar with the brand. Big mistake. While the setup and picture quality were great the sound was TERRIBLE. Returned it immediately.

  • Mary Ann says:

    Customer Rating Disappointing, 2011-06-23
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    I got a great price by buying an “open box” but now I see why it was returned. I read the reviews about the bad sound but thought I wasn’t that picky and it was just going to serve as a small TV for the bedroom. The sound is worse than bad–it’s almost annoying. After realizing I was just turning it off to eliminate the noise, I decided to return it too.

  • Athena says:

    Customer Rating Stunning picture ….deplorable sound options, 2011-04-01
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    I bought this television for my parents’ bedroom. The picture is incredibly beautiful and they both loved it instantly. One has significant hearing loss though so I was planning to add a set of computer speakers to improve the volume and quality of the sound. Unfortunately, that’s not possible on this TV because it doesn’t have a headphone jack. I even bought a Y-cable to connect the RCA out jacks on the TV to the speakers; only to discover that the audio out has no volume control.

    The salesrep at the store from which I bought the TV wanted to sell me a sound bar. When I asked her if she was seriously expecting customers to pay more than the price of the TV to get decent sound, she suggested that my parents could use wireless headphones all the time. I also called Toshiba about the lack of volume control and the rep there said the expectation was that customers would be using a surround sound system with its own remote control…for a 24″ TV.

    I really think that Toshiba missed the boat here. Buying an LED panel doesn’t mean someone will automatically be inclined to spend a lot of money on add-ons. And as we’ve seen, even if you are willing to spend something extra, nothing exists because a) without a headphone jack, the TV won’t control the volume for external speakers and b) *all* the short (i.e. 20″ or less) speaker bars made are in fact PC speakers. Toshiba could have made a major splash in the small screen market with this panel if someone had actually thought about about the sound issue. If the cost of an extra headphone jack was too much, a simple software option to control the audio-out volume would have made a huge difference.

    UPDATE: I took it back and got an RCA at Sears. It also has an LED panel and includes a headphone jack. So now we have a very good picture and have added some inexpensive computer speakers for much improved sound.

  • C. Olson says:

    Customer Rating Nice low power TV but with a couple of gotchas., 2011-05-18
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    I bought this little ten pound TV for the bedroom to wake up to, using an external timer. Fortunately it remembers the stations and most settings when turned on after having main power cut off by the timer. Power demand is 35 watts. The picture is very nice when viewed with center at eye level, but lying down in bed and viewing the screen from various points below the surface it’s standing on, you find the picture gets darker, with blacks behaving very oddly. The natural step to avoid this is to tilt the top of the screen forward, but the mounting base only permits tilting it backward – – no doubt for safety reasons. I found I needed a one inch thick bar of wood under the rear edge of the stand to keep the picture from darkening too badly, watching from my bed, but then if you decide to stand, viewing it from way above, the picture gets very light and bleached out. I added wires to hooks in the wall to keep the tilted screen from falling on me during an earthquake.

    Sound quality is indeed poor with very limited low frequency response due to the narrow oblong speakers required to fit in the cabinet. But stereo right/left RCA connectors and optical audio are provided for an external amp with larger speakers.

    A 60 page User’s Manual can be downloaded, and it helps a lot with navigating the menu system and getting the most out of this product.

  • J. Burley says:

    Customer Rating Sound quality is laughable., 2011-03-31
    This review is from: Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch
    THE TV.
    I completely agree with the review left by Steve P. Moss. I love the picture. Very sharp and vibrant. I haven’t given it a 1080p test but I’m not sure how important it is on a 24″. I love the thinness and the overall look of the set. along with a digital out it has an analog out (red and white) which I guess is hard to come by these days.

    I thought something was wrong when I first turned it on. It seems that the new and thinner sets are going lack quality. I guess there isn’t room to add quality speakers (so they say). And no headphone jack is a bummer. Seems like a bedroom TV so why not add it. I’m still going to give this TV a shot but if I can’t fix the sound, I’ll return it also. If you want to read my current audio fix read below.

    I also purchased a Cheetah mount and there was another issue there. The corner of the plate that attaches to the TV covered up both HDMI ports. If you decide to mount it, you may want to look at the smaller version or another brand.

    I am still trying to work out this sound situation after a week of internet searching. I have a pair of cheap Altec Lansing PC speakers that I purchased and are powered by the TV’s USB and using a Y adapter from the RCA jacks to the 3.5mm. Unfortunate issue is the TV cannot control the volume. I need to adjust it by the speaker’s volume. This may be fine for movies, but for regular TV watching may be a pain with channel surfing and loud commercials. If the TV had a headphone jack this would not be an issue.

    UPDATE: Sent this TV back and picked up the Toshiba 26C100U. After I set it up and turned up the volume, all I could say was “Finally. I can hear it”. Without jumping through hoops.

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