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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Danation says:

    Customer Rating Sexy with no bleedthrough, 2011-06-02
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    I spent a long time reviewing TVs before making a purchase and I’m very glad I took a chance on this relatively new Sony. It appears to have all the features of the more expensive XBR series but uses local-dimming edge lit LEDs rather than back-lighting. This makes it thinner, which was more important to me than image quality for my application. I also like that it has a uniform thickness and looks great mounted on an island in my home. It is strange how few companies care about the view from the back…

    Update the firmware as soon as you get it so that the newer features like video streaming and iPhone media remote (available through app store) work properly. Qriocity didn’t work due to the recent security breach but should be back up soon. Netflix streaming and Pandora work perfectly. The presence sensor is nice when set to only do motion detection otherwise it performs poorly for facial recognition when you are heavily backlit. I have windows behind me and many times the settings page would say the presence sensor is not functioning properly. I thought it was broken until I tried later at night. It worked great then and was almost creepy how it changes the sounds and picture based on where you are in the room. I also like the feature which prevents children from getting to close to the screen. The facebook and weather widgets are based on Yahoo! widgets and I have to say that they are pretty gimmicky. They aren’t fast and navigating within them is nowhere near as nice as the other built-in features. Weather, Facebook, Stocks, etc are so much easier to get to by grabbing my phone than working with the remote. Speaking of, the remote is strange in that it is big. It also has an extra power on/off button on the back. It looks really cool and is recessed to prevent inadvertent presses.

    DLNA streaming leaves a little be desired because it doesn’t support MKV files, XVID, or other popular video formats. It also took a long time to start rendering/playing a plain mpeg file I sent via my Windows 7 laptop. Simply plugging in my WDTV Live for DLNA streaming from my laptop solved all that and worked so much better. Pictures and music seemed to work fine however. When hooked up to a Windows 7 Media Center PC via HDMI or DVI, the screen looked better than my own computer’s LCD. It was so clear and crisp that it can easily be used instead of a projector for presentations and Starcraft II looked amazing.

    The Gorilla Glass monolithic design is just plain sexy. I like it better than the D8000 Samsung. To me, the Samsung sets looked a little too plastic-y even though the very small bezel looked so awesome from far away. The HX820 looks like a solid piece of black glass when it is off. I receive a lot of comments from people just walking past it in the room. The stand it comes with is a very nice and sturdy with a sort of brushed/anodized look to it. It is very classy.

    Even though the screen is very bright, the glossiness is troublesome at time. There is a lower end Sony that comes with a matte screen and slightly lower feature set that would provide me with better viewing but it just doesn’t look as badass sitting up there.

    The internet browser doesn’t really work well and I found it troublesome that it tries to load Sony’s own web page upon startup and then after a couple minutes(!) fails with a message that the page is too large. So much for testing before shipping. I’m sure future firmware updates will resolve this and I love the idea that it updates itself. The only real area I feel Sony missed the mark with this TV is that they went through the trouble of adding the presence sensor and Skype but you still need another camera to use Skype. I know the built-in one is very poor quality but it seems like it would have been easy to make a dual purpose camera.

    Overall, this is the best TV I’ve owned. Add to that Amazon’s price protection policy if the price decreases after you buy it for refunds and you really cannot go wrong pulling the trigger.

    A note on shipping: It was delayed more than 4 days from the estimate given to me due to some ambiguous “external factors”. I’ll let that slide though because I assumed it was due to the tornado(s) in the middle states. The delivery service was very good about calling to schedule times and the guys that came did an nice job plugging it in to be sure it worked before leaving.

    Overall, great buying experience, great TV, and great shipping.

  • ALR says:

    Customer Rating Phenomenal tv, with 1 caveat, 2011-08-06
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    Most other reviewers (especially electronics guy) have commented on key details, so I’ll only offer the following observations:

    * the motion flow does make a difference. We compared this in home to the latest Sharp and Samsung TVs (love generous return policies) and it was clearly evident in a number of sports broadcasts
    * I find that the Internet widgets are really really easy to use. I have a Mac Mini hooked up to it for things like ESPN3, but I do appreciate the Sony interface
    * the tv does look great. Other people posted about it and I scoffed, but the monolith design really looks amazing when it’s off. If you put the tv in a room you do other entertaining in, you’ll love it

    The only negative I have to share is:
    * there is *significant* glare from this tv. If you have it in a media room, or have curtains in the room, you’ll be fine. But if you try to watch this tv during the day in a sunlit room, there is a ton of glare that can be very distracting.

  • Customer Rating Bravia Beautiful, 2011-06-13
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    Price and features were key when deciding to make this purchase. This unit replaced a 46″ XBR, which, is still running strong. The primary reason for the upgrade was 1st – 3D capability, 2nd – size. This unit, mounted on the wall, has the same footprint as the XBR did, due to Sony’s design, and therefore, was able to upgrade pic size without compromising space already allocated. Extremely pleased with this unit, however, a few minor items that I would like to disclose. The device does not have an S-Video input. It comes with a dongle, that accepts one component, and one composite connection. I was able to get an S-Video adapter to convert to the composite, so no issue. This connection is used for Laserdisc playback. This unit has sensors in it for various reasons, one being, detection of someone being too close to the unit, which throws up a message requiring your action to reactiviate the picture when someone gets to close to the screen. Not sure what keeps causing this to activiate on my set, as again, it is mounted on the wall and, activated a few times when I was more that 10 feet from the screen. I disabled this functionality for now. Lastly, WiFi ready, however, if you are not broadcasting your SSID, you may have trouble connecting to your wireless network. Not sure why this is the case, but I have only been successful connecting to a wireless netwrok that is broadcasting the SSID. I still give it 5 stars however, as the pro’s heavily out weigh the con’s, and I was able to get this at a great price point. You will not be disappointed.

  • Big Frog says:

    Customer Rating Sony 55HX820 VS Samsung 55C8000, 2011-10-02
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    I have this Sony 55HX820, which is replacing an old Samsung DLP in the living room. I have a Samsung’s 2010 Flag Ship model 55C8000 in my bedroom for more than 9 months now.Price:
    I bought this Sony 55HX820 for $1399, including TV, a Sony 3D Bundle/Narnia Glasses and a Sony BDP-S480 Blu-ray Disc Player (Black) at Frys B&M. I bought my Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV for $1900 from Amazon this January, also including 3D kit and 3D Bluray player. Both are super good deals. But you can see Sony really prices its Top Line Edge-Lit TV much more aggressively than Samsung.Picture Quality:
    Both TV’s picture quality are fantastic. But Samsung model is inferior in 2 aspects. First, out of box, the Samsung TV looks horrible. The color is just not right. I have to use the recommanded setting from CNet to make it work. This Sony, out of box, is close to perfect. I do not even bother to look for a professional setting. Second, this sony is able to deliver much better picture if the source is not perfect, say, a 480i source TV program. Same TV program would look much more grainy in Samsung, but much better in the Sony. Motion Blur
    The Sony is simply the winner. My Samsung suffers a little motion blur espcially for human face, mouth movement etc, but definitely nothing in the Sony. Samsung’s motion blur only appears in TV program, not in Bluray program. I have to say, for real life TV watching experience, the Sony is just better.Black and White
    Both are superb. I have absolutely no complain. The blacks are very deep. White is also bright. Flash Lights / Ghost Image
    Neither set has corner flash light. My Samsung has absolutely no ghost image in dark scene. But it does show some lighting issue for scenes like an acknowledge screen with a white actor name in the middle surounded in pure black. This sony has very few ghost image in dark scene noticable in a extremely dark room. It does exist though. I am extremely sensitive to Ghost image and other flash issue. I actually returned a Toshiba TV for that reason. But this issue for this Sony is not severe at all. Screen Uniformity
    Other than flash light/Ghost image, LCD may suffers other screen uniformity issue, such as Banding. My Samsung has a little vertical banding issue. It is the kind of issue that normal viewer would not even notice, but I cannot say it is not there. This sony has no banding at all.Glossy / Reflection
    Both TVs are a bit Glossy. The Sony is a bit more. But I think both are doing pretty OK.3D
    Image quality wise, both are pretty good and leading other brands. But watching Samsung makes me a little bit headache. This Sony’s 3D image is very very comfortable to watch. Thank you, Sony. But …, the Sony’s 3D glasses are really uncomfortable. I like my Samsung glasses much more.Sound
    Both are very good and much better than the returned Toshiba LED TV. The Samsung actually sounds a little better than the Sony. Connectivity / Net TV
    This Sony is much much better. It has Amazon Instant, Skype, Hulu, etc and etc. I cannot find anything it does not have actually. All in all, I would say, I love my Sony much more than the Samsung. It is just a better TV. It is not fair to compare a 2011 model to a 2010 model though.

  • C. Hanson says:

    Customer Rating KDL55 HX820 very good, 2011-10-01
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    This set is very nice looking and has many features included that make it worth the price. If you can find it on sale, it is an excellent value. The picture is crisp and clear, the 3D is amazing and I like the fact that I don’t need the sync bar (which was required with the HX700 we had previously). Shipping the product from WA to AZ took a day less than estimated, but I picked it up at the trucking warehouse, so the “door to door” time could have exceeded the estimated time of delivery. Sound was just okay and I added a sound bar which improved the quality tremendously. Only a couple of issues to bring the rating down from 5 stars to 4….1) Installation with wall mount – the “universal” wall mount I bought was universal to everything except this Sony….the mount bolt pattern on the TV is at a slight inward angle from vertical (think of a V pattern). I had to widen the both the upper and lower holes on the mounting brackets so it would fit the bolt pattern on the TV. Not difficult if your handy with drills and such, but it slowed the install down and was frustrating. 2) After about one month, the set had been operating perfectly, then one evening it started acting up. It would turn on and off repeatedly, and after three attempts would shut down and the red LED light on the front blinked 8 times then stop for 3 seconds and then repeat. After some time wasted with the on-line help center I called Sony help line directly and got some clear info. The 8 blinks on this set means that an automatic software update was interrupted by a power loss to the set. Not sure how this happened because we did not notice any outage in our area, but that’s irrelevant. The fix was to do a “power reset” which returns all settings to “factory setting”. Be aware that if you pay for “professional” set-up that all of that will be erased by the power reset. You will have to redo the entire “initial” set up that you did the first day you bought the set. Once the reset was done and I reset all the preferences, passwords and internet connection, the TV has worked fine. But it was annoying to have the set go out so unexpectedly.

  • Israr says:

    Customer Rating Best tv for price vs performance, 2011-08-20
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    Got the tv for an amazing price (800 less than regular price) and couldn’t be happier. I am upgrading from a 40 inch Sony v3000 that I nought 4 years ago. That tv was amazing. But granted I didn’t know much about tvs back then. Later I learned all about ghosting and clouding and found out my tv had it too except I am not really sensitive to it. But I decided the next tv I am gonna get, I will make sure it’s as flawless as it can be. Wanted to get the hx929 but it was a bit out of my price range so I went for the hx820 instead. I saw the previous version hx800 last year and got that one for a friend. That tv was the best tv price vs performance wise according to many pro websites, and hx820 is supposed to improve over that too. So it was a blind purchase for me. Never saw this tv at a store and directly ordered it from amazon. Got it a week later with no shipping damage. They helped me to unpack it and plugged it in too to check if it’s working. The first thing I said after looking at the tv was damnnn that looks soooo sexy. The monolithic design is just amazing. Anyway I set it up and started watching some local hd channels over the antenna and found the picture a bit too over saturated and grainy (and I am not picky at all so I was surprised at how bad the picture is to even make me notice..he’ll even my mom noticed it and said something is wrong with the color. And thus began my very first try to calibrate a tv.

    The few reviews that came out for this tv, only one of them mentioned calibration settings tvinfo.com or something. And there settings sucked even more (no wonder they rated the tv low since they didn’t know how to calibrate themselves). So I went to cnet’s hx929 review and used it’s setting. And wow..the improvement was just mind boggling. But I knew that’s a local dimming tv and I have to calibrate it more to make it look even better. But I decided to do it at night with lights turned off so that I can check the clouding and flash lighting too.

    So in the dark I was able to see some flash lighting and very little clouding but wasn’t alarmed coz I know every edge lit LCD and LEDs will have it. It’s inherent to the technology they use.. So I started playing with the settings again..specially backlight and brightness and I got rid of 99% of the flash lighting and all of clouding. And then I wanted to see how this setting look in the morning and found out it’s a bit too dark. So more playing with settings again and finally I was able to find that perfect balance in black level…color..no flash lighting and clouding …in short AMAZING PICTURE.

    Among other things..I believe it handles motion well although I am not sensitive to it. The viewing angle isn’t the best, it tends to lo
    lose contrast at 30 degrees and at 60 degrees it’s quite noticeable but it’s true for all lcds and not a big concern for me. Some pro reviews mentioned problems with fast motion in blu ray at 1080p 24p although no USERS

    3D looks amazing although I am not a big 3 D person. S will hardly use it. Sound is terrible. Even my mom noticed it. So u probably need some external audio system. The extra Internet features are handy and there are plenty of them if you want to use them. I don’t. I have it connected to my Mac (htpc)with hdmi and it works flawlessly in 1080p.

    All I will say is spend some time adjusting settings and it will look like a million bucks. If you are scared to mess with the settings get a pro calibrator. It will be worth it to extract 100% from what this tv can offer. Hope I have covered anything. Lave a comment if you have other questions and I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.

  • BME says:

    Customer Rating KDL55HX820 is great @ $2,451, 2011-06-11
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    Admittedly, I was holding out for the XBR55HX929 but when they dropped the price on the HX820 by almost $1,000 under MSRP I wasn’t going to pay over $3,700 for the slightly darker black provided by local-dimming LEDs. Honestly, after seeing both in a “box” store, I can’t really tell the difference. Picture is bold and bright but haven’t really noticed the MotionFlow 480 enhancements over the 240 Hz refresh rate of other TVs. The Corning Gorilla Glass does produce more glare than my older screens but a decent trade off for greater scratch resistance. Form factor is great with a very narrow frame. I upgraded from an earlier model 46″ XBR and the new 55″ is almost the exact same size! Little weird though; my wife swears the screens are the same size because of it. WiFi connectivity is great for NetFlix and Amazon movie purchases. Amazon Prime even has a great selection of free movies and price specials on new releases. Bravia Sync hooks right up to my Sony Blu-Ray player through the HDMI cable allowing full controls. Overall a great 2D TV – haven’t used the 3D functions yet.

  • ryan c. says:

    Customer Rating great TV, a few querks, 2011-07-06
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    I bought this TV with a lot of anticipation. After comparing it to the Samsung 8000, the Panasonic plasmas, and the LG LW series, it stood out as the best for watching movies, if movies aren’t your thing, a Samsung is probably a better buy, and yet comes with the free 3D glasses as well, whereas you gotta purchase them separately with Sony, which I will, and you also have to buy the skype cam, which I wont.

    Now for this TV’s features, the build quality and materials and fantastic, there is no “cheap” plastic on the set, everything is screwed together well, and the screen, in agreement with the other reviews out there, is superb, powered on or off.

    EXCEPT for one thing, the TV sat lopsided on the stand- yes there was about an inch of difference in clearance between the left and right corners (as you’re facing the TV, the right lower edge dipped below the left edge). I called Sony, who were great and sent someone within a day to have a look, they fixed it by about 90%, that is, there was still 2-3 mm of difference between the 2 edges, which they said was a manufacturing defect, and although barely noticeable, I decided I couldn’t live with it and decided to return the TV, and here is where I CAUTION EVERYONE:

    When making such a huge purchase, don’t make the mistake of going through some 3 rd party retailers like I did, instead, buy direct from amazon, the 3rd party retailer would not absorb return shipping costs and I am $180 out of pocket for buying a defective product. Amazon has a free return shipping policy.

    Other than that the TV is a quality product, and I hope I get a set that is not defective the next time around.

    All in all, here are the pros: picture quality, picture and screen settings, build quality, looks, integrates seamlessly with sony stereo system (if you have one, you can operate both with your TV’s remote), good value for the money (price has dropped significantly from $2700 a couple of months ago)

    and the cons: remote not user friendly, harder to access online content, stand not too sturdy, some glare in bright rooms, a bit too glossy

    I will edit this review after I receive my replacement set and share my 3 D experience in-house

  • Customer Rating Beautiful Picture! Surprisingly Thin!, 2011-05-14
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    Mine arrived this week and it is beautiful! The monolithic screen design with the Gorilla glass / Opticontrast panel is totally black when the set is off. When it is on, the image is stunning. Pair this with a nice Blu-Ray player and it will knock your socks off. It’s bright and clear with great colors and the blackest blacks I’ve seen on a TV. The MotionFlow 480 makes for extremely smooth motion with no snapshotting that you see in sets with lower frame rates. It’s also very light. One person can pick it up with no problem as long as your arms are long enough to reach.

    It comes with a nice pillar and plate stand but I think I’m going to move mine to the wall. I’m really tempted to put a nice frame around it. Seriously. Another very nice feature is you can turn off the light behind the Sony logo at the bottom center of the screen. It’s visible enough for me as is and I personally don’t like all the extra lights that so many sets use to light up their logos. So nice and subdued it is. The set also locates where people are in the room. It has a camera (not sure how I feel about that on an internet-connected TV) and captures full-on images of you as you watch it. It uses this for adjusting the internal speakers, the 3D effect if you are off center, and to determine if nobody is watching to turn the set off to conserve energy. I might just put a bit of black tape over it and turn off the energy conservation so it doesn’t always think it is alone and shut down.

    This thing also synthesizes 3D from 2D images. You can watch regular TV or DVD’s/Blu-Ray, or any of the streaming functions in 3D if you want. It actually does a pretty good job and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you how they pull it off. It’s basically magic. For true 3D input it is absolutely amazing. You also have the ability to adjust the apparent depth to the 3D effect.

    I looked at other 3D sets and the images on the Sony don’t pop out into the room like some of the others. (Edit – this is a setting and you can bring images out into the room.) It’s almost like you are looking into the 3D scene as opposed to having it come out into the room (on the default settings). I think looking into the 3D scene is a bit more natural though not as startling or stunning as having things look like they are basically in your lap. That has lots of wow factor but seems more gimmicky and less realistic. There are a number of adjustments for the 3D image and it’s possible the Sony will push them out into the room too. (It can.)

    One other thing about the 3D effect – the Sony uses active glasses to produce 3D. Most others do too but one manufacturer does not – LG. Their 3D uses circularly polarized glasses just like the ones at the theater with the RealD 3D. Those are cheaper, lighter, and you can even turn your head sideways and still see the image perfectly. I liked the Sony’s features better than the LG which is why I went Sony. One was that the set with the plain polarized glasses is only 120 Hz while the Sony is 480. On the Sony with active glasses, and again most others, if you lay down where your head is 90 degrees from vertical, the images go dark. It’s surprisingly tolerant of head tilt, though, and stays bright until you are just about horizontal. This will also be a function of the glasses and I did not use Sony glasses. I used Xpand Universal X103 3D Glasses Compatible with Active 3D TV’s, Black.

    Other points – the unit is very well packed but the shipping box is almost as thin (6″) as the set itself (1.1″). As far as shock damage if you have this unit shipped, I doubt there will be much of a problem unless the shipper is extremely careless. Something sticking through the box is going to stand a good chance of hitting the screen or the back of the unit though the cardboard box itself has very thick walls. Even the box was is great shape and the TV was perfect.

    This unit was definitely worth waiting for. Also, if you buy this from Amazon, you get a 2 week price guarantee. (Note – Amazon can change the guarantees at any time. Be sure to know the conditions and details when you buy yours.) The day before mine was to be delivered, Amazon dropped the price. I just notified Amazon and the refunded the difference. Nice. You also get a 30 day shipping-paid return if you decide you don’t like the set. I’ll only use that if something fails. This set is worth the price.

    Also, I am always leery of buying LCD screen items if returns are going to be a hassle if there are stuck or dead pixels. None of either on my set. I’m exceptionally happy about that! But had there been, Amazon’s return policy is better than the local stores’ policies. I’ve got 30 days for something like that to develop (always possible) to make sure I’ve got a good set. It’s hard to beat that.

    At least in my case, Amazon shipped using CEVA. I had not heard of them before and was a bit nervous watching the CEVA tracking page. I don’t know what they are doing there, but it doesn’t seem to have any basis in reality. It showed the TV going around the country in a big circle basically and finally arrived right back where it started. I thought for sure they would blow the promised delivery date. Amazingly, a few hours after tracking showed it arriving back at origin, I got a call from the local shipper to arrange delivery and it actually arrived a day early. Nice. But just a heads-up if you buy one and it ships CEVA. Something is very odd about their tracking page and it is basically worthless IMHO.

    I gambled on buying this through Amazon since they aren’t local to go see someone in person if it had been necessary and there was the risk of shipping damage. Neither was an issue. Not only did I get price protection (I waited through one price drop but a 2nd one came within days of ordering so price protection is nice), but there was no damage whatsoever and I didn’t have to get someone with a truck to help me pick it up at the store. I just helped the delivery guy carry it from his truck to my living room.

    The set itself is everything I had thought it would be and more. I had seen other Opticontrast panels before but it is absolutely stunning in my living room. As some apparently say about these sets, it does look more real than real.

    5 stars without a doubt. I have no problem recommending this set to anyone.

  • Customer Rating Compare with Samsung D8000 55″, 2011-07-03
    This review is from: Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820
    So I have owned both of these TVs over the last month. I am no expert and will break my review based on my subjective experience.

    This is a subjective matter (would encourage others to take a look at both the TVs at stores before final purchase). However I felt that the Sony TV has a much better finish as compared to the Samsung D8000 (My Samsung had top right end slight protruding out of the bezel edges). The Sony looks just like a picture frame and feels picture perfect with the all glossy Black finish. With a Sony you can also tilt the TV to a certain angle (The angle is fixed though), similar to tilting a laptop screen while working.

    Most important part. The Samsungs have really Vibrant color and they seem to come and hit you right in your face while the Sony seems more balanced and authentic (Compare a Bose system {Samsung} to the high end audiophile systems {Sony}.).

    The 3D, I felt looked better with an WOW factor (like in Movies) in Sony as compared to Samsung. Things seemed to fly out of screens unlike in Samsung.

    However I had a very interesting observation. While watching movies on Samsung I felt I was watching a Home Video (Video shot on your personal Handycam). With Sony I felt I was watching a real movie. Do others feel the same while watching a Samsung??

    Sony performs much better here and also has 5.1 output when connected to external speakers through an optical cable from the TV.

    Sony has some cool features like Presence sensor and automatic adjustment of picture while watching TV but they are not completely bug free. However compared to a Samsung this is an added advantage and just builds the WOW factor.

    Additionally the Sony has a Corning Gorilla Glass which is great (compared to the Sony, the Samsung screen feels like cheap Plastic.)

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