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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch

Submitted by on October 27, 2011 – 5:55 am10 Comments | 3,516 views

Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Tom Berenger says:

    Customer Rating Read if you don’t care about pointless apps and like games., 2011-08-09
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    I see a lot of people complaining about the lack of wireless capability and difficulty with obscure applications. If you are one of these, move on. If you are more interested in how this TV performs for games and movies, preyathee read on.

    First off, know that this TV has the incredible color, clarity, and brightness that you will only find in an LED TV. Even the the main menu in Xbox Live looks sweet. Things move with a smoothness you didn’t even realise you were missing. The brightness and colour are almost obnoxiously awesome.

    I bought this TV also to replace my 26″ PC monitor. After updating my Nvidia’s driver and adjusting the sharpness (+ other settings), I was able to get the picture nearly as good as the monitor’s, but brighter and more colourful. Games and video are better looking than on the monitor, however webpages have a slightly less natural look. Overall, great.

    Note, despite what the reviewer below stated, the optical output does throw 5.1, not just stereo. I use a Harmon Kardon receiver for all sound so I have not heard the built-in speakers

    A huge plus about this unit is the option to adjust or even disable the Auto Motion Plus. This is a huge benefit if you don’t like the soap opera look but prefer a more classic film speed.

    My only two complaints are that you can’t name inputs and the TV gives off enough heat to cozy up a studio apartment.

    Overall, and again, you probably can’t find a better gaming/movie/PC TV out there for the price. Perfect for you if you don’t care about connectivity, apps or on board speakers.

  • Riss says:

    Customer Rating Excellent Product!, 2011-08-03
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    This TV is excellent!

    Using the All Connect plugin in association with tvmobili I’m easily able to stream a large variety of video/picture/music contact from both my Windows and Mac computers. The Samsung WIS09ABGN LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter is a must have accessory for anyone wanting to explore the multimedia functions. Setup was easy and performance has been excellent with no connectivity problems.

    The picture quality has been well above what I expected. Blacks are black, not simply dark or faded. Colors pop, with no distortion. The additional settings from contrast to preset settings like “game” or “movie” mean that the performance is there no matter how I’m using the TV.

    The sound is excellent. It easily fills the room with an extended range should I ever really decide to go all out. While it has setup for external sound systems, I find that the TV itself has above average quality with nice definition which makes an external audio setup completely unnecessary.

    At this price, the quality is above anything I expected and I would absolutely recommend this TV to anyone looking for a mid-size option.

  • M. K. Lock says:

    Customer Rating High quality TV, 2011-07-21
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    I ordered this TV after a lot of research. There are a number of alternatives in the 32″ class and I was drawn to this TV because of Samsung’s good reputation and the high quality construction.

    The TV was for the lounge in my new apartment. I wanted a high quality picture, a slim design and a set big enough to give a great viewing experience, but not so big as to dominate the space.

    When it arrived I found set up to be a breeze. It took less than 5 minutes and I made only minimal adjustments to settings; the picture is that good out of the box. The set looks great and real premium quality. After living with it for a week I decided that it was actually too small and that I could easily go up to a 37″ or 40″ set, so I sent it back to Amazon with no fuss. I ordered an LG 37″ replacement that turned out to be a nightmare (VA panels, extreme clouding, poor sound) and finally settled on a Samsung UN40D6000 (the big brother of this set) that is really amazing and the set I should have ordered 1st time around.

  • James Head says:

    Customer Rating Awesome picture, 2011-03-14
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    Simply amazing picture. Easy menus and setup. As for the Apps, Netflix and Hulu both work outstanding. I can find my Dirctv whole house network DVR files on the all share, but can not play back that format of video.
    No regrets on this purchase. The video quality is really incredible.

  • Customer Rating Auto Motion Plus – the price disparity, 2011-05-18
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    After owning this TV for exactly a month I’ve finally decided to write a review, you know, after the excitement wears off and what not. Actually I’m still pretty excited about it. My previous set was also a Samsung 26″ LCD and upgrading to this one was worthwhile.

    Since this is a television, I’ll comment about the picture first. Out of the box it’s very good, after adjusting the settings a bit – excellent. The colors are very vibrant and no problems with viewing angles. I actually like my images to have a bit of contrast to them; I prefer black to be black and not grey. At first I was having a hard time trying to get it right, since my initial reaction was to reduce backlight and gamma, but crank up contrast and brightness. After a while, I finally figured out ‘brightness’ had the biggest effect. Around 30% was where it really kicks in, but it didn’t occur to me to drop it that low. It’s all about preference though, and this TV should have enough settings for anybody. Aside from contrast though, I don’t see an insane amount of difference between this and a non-LED set… Something I must mention about the settings though, depending on which of the 4 picture presets you’re on, certain selections like advanced video settings become unselectable for reasons unknown. Though I pretty much left that setting untouched. Despite that, I really like the fact that settings are saved independently across the 4 presets for EACH input source. So, for example, if you have 4 connections coming in, you can have a total of 16 presets – good stuff. I also tried the PC input through vga and found the picture to be very sharp. Colors are accurate though a bit strong and text is easily readable from a few feet out and this is coming from a practically blind gamer. The audio, I found to be pretty good. The bass isn’t going to blow your neighbors away, and it’s not going to replace any home theater system, but there is a very capable, customizable equalizer on board which should help a bit. Loudness for this set wasn’t a problem for me.

    Now I must talk about the 120Hz Auto Motion Plus(AMP) dealy as it seems to be the main feature that drives up the cost from lower models. What AMP does for you is, well, readable in the product description, so I’ll describe it. AMP made every thing move faster while maintaining picture detail. (more frames in the same amount of time = faster) So, to me, everything looked like either home movies or daytime soaps which, if you can picture them, tend to move faster than most television programs and movies. Despite the bit about daytime soaps, I generally watch movies and sports, and after a few dozen years of watching them in ~24 frames per second (a bit higher for sports), I found the added (double?) frames to seem unnatural. After a few days found myself turning the feature off completely even for sports. Though there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the image presented per se, I’d just prefer to see a blue flash go by as opposed to Ironman’s actual chest piece go by, for example. And it only really kicks in at what seems like certain intervals, so the inconsistency in framerate got to me as well. I did find a use for AMP while gaming. Everything moves at what seems like 60 fps even when the game is not natively known to. Though, again, it’s not 100 percent consistent in high frames (more like 60-80) and certain, very fast moving, games, like racing, cause what seems like screen tearing at the edges. You probably won’t notice it (AMP) on games that already run at 60fps, and also it won’t work miracles for games with already poor and inconsistent framerates. Overall, it looks fantastic for games, as I didn’t give it a second thought about leaving it on, but for everything else I finally decided not to.

    The main selling point for me was the Connectshare. I was thinking of purchasing a digital media player a while back, but here it’s already built-in and it’s a very capable one indeed. Though, there’s too many to list here, the TV’s e-manual actually lists suppurt for a dozen file types spanning several dozen video and audio codecs with bitrates as high as 30 Mbps for certain file types. It’s played pretty much every thing I’ve thrown at it and handled any ‘usb device’ I’ve used so far, which includes NTFS formatted sata hard drives with external enclosure, no worries. Though once in a while the audio cuts in and out on my .vob straight rips, and I’ve yet to test files with very high bitrates since I feel the tradeoff for file size isn’t worth it past 7-8 Mbps. Something I must mention about the media player is it does an admirable job of reducing video artifacting from down-conversion, however you’re not able to zoom past the actual video while maintaining aspect ratio. In other words it won’t crop the black horizontal bars for you on a 4:3 ratio video. You have to do it in the conversion. I found it strange since the option to zoom in is there for all the other video inputs.

    As for the Smart TV/Samsung App hub, I tried it briefly using the Youtube app under a wired connection(which stalled on the initial install). Videos streamed very quickly and it looked like the the app always plays the highest video quality. Most of the other apps never appealed to me so I found myself quickly deleting them off the TV but this was never a selling point for me anyways, just something to mess around with. As others have mentioned, navigating without a keyboard quickly became a chore. So, hopefully, somewhere along the line, Samsung will separately sell their qwerty remote that’s included with their 7000 and up series of TVs otherwise this feature could fade fast.

    After all that though, I would definitely purchase this TV again if I had to (which I did – the 40″ UN40D6000 series) especially at the $700 price-tag offered at the time (thanks to the wacky commodities exchange-like fluctuating price system here). Even though the LED aspect seems to do more for your eco concerns than picture quality and I seldom use the 120Hz Auto motion, I’d rather have more functionality than less. Also, I can afford it. However, for the casual viewer, those on a budget, or old-school movie-goer, 120Hz is overkill. I could go with the UN32D5500 32-Inch and still be happy. As always, see it for yourself.

  • MetsFan388 says:

    Customer Rating Happy Ending, 2011-05-28
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    First off let me say that the picture on this TV is amazing and i really love the design. Super slim. I also really like the smart hub feature. The only problem i have with this TV is the clouding and flash-lighting. I don’t know if others have experienced this but when watching a dark scene in a movie or any widescreen program you can see white light coming through on two of my corners. It sorta looks like two floodlights are being pointed at the center of the screen. On top of that, when the screen is completely dark i also have some clouding at the upper and lower part of the screen. Now I’m not picky by any means and i tried just living with it, but after a couple of days it started distracting me to a point where i can no longer just sit back and enjoy. I know that you may have some flash-lighting on most leds, but at this price point this is unacceptable. So I’m going to have to return it.

    Decided to give this TV another try after reading on another site that if you update the software through the menue it could help with the clouding and flashlighting. Glad i did because after everything installed i watched a movie in a dark room and i have have zero clouding and very minor flashlighting on the bottom left coner. %100 inprovement over the last set i had. Maybe the update helped or maybe i just got a better set, i don’t know. But my suggestion is if you are having the same issues i had to try updating the software.

  • Tinker says:

    Customer Rating This is bad, very bad, 2011-07-17
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    UPDATED ON 8/2/2011

    Before you even consider buying one of these, search the web, and especially AVSForum, for all of the problems with Samsung LED-LCD’s for 2011. Bless Amazon, they were patient with me and allowed me to try three of these and took each one back.

    All three sets had different manufacturing dates, separated enough that you could assume they might have parts from different lots. All three were recent construction, since there were no firmware updates for any of them.

    The panels are poorly made. There’s no other possible explanation. There was light bleeding across the screen from all four corners (“flashlighting”), and it’s bad. You could see it in the day as clearly as you’d see it at night, and it’s there no matter what’s on the screen: dark, medium or brightly lit scenes.

    One of the screens had random bright spots (“clouding”). All of them had clouding to the left and right sides, where the LED’s are mounted, covering about half the screen. Clouding tends to wash out the colors leaving you pale, ghostly-looking images on the screen.

    If the panel quality were not bad enough…they failed in the panel circuitry, too. All three would (apparently) randomly go in the most intense over-sharpening I’ve ever seen. Everything on the screen would go into intense focus, from the closest blade of grass to the leaves on trees in the far background. That’s at least one full step beyond a “soap opera” effect. Images on one of the panels would stutter and judder so badly you’d have thought you were having a stroke, and all three had unacceptable juddering problems.

    (I was in a BB today to window-shop, and they had both the UN40- and UN32D6000 on display. Both were juddering badly. Curious, I drove across town to the other BB, where they only had the 40-inch on display and it was juddering obviously, too. I should have gone down and looked at these before buying.)

    Wireless connectivity was odd, too. I could not successfully connect to Netflix with any of them, but the speed-tests run by Vudu and Hulu when you first connect both had excellent signal strength.

    AND FINALLY: Although they were very pleasant and very nice people, what Samsung support told me to do was set the screen to it’s Standard settings and let it run that way for a week to see if it helped. That’s not a lot of help, but again, they were extraordinarily nice to talk with.

    I’m going to end this by adding that I tried various components and sources. It wasn’t one blu-ray disc on one player; I tried several discs, both blu-ray and DVD, on two different players and a PS3 console. It was no better with strong on-air digital signals or streaming through network connections, both wireless and hard-wired. I didn’t stop at one HDMI cable, I used three different, new and certified HDMI 1.4 cables. I spent at least three hours each evening trying every possible combination of guided calibrations and DIY voo-doo to get something I could live with on all three of the sets.

    It’s the product, not the person.

    I wish I had learned a great deal more about these before I bought one and used up a lot of Amazon’s time and money shipping them back-and-forth. But look around: if you want to have a 120hz refresh rate in a screen under 40-inches and have no use for 3D, there’s basically two available this year, and I went with the Samsung.


    Picture Quality: Of the 9 various LCD screens we have, including the PC’s and spanning all cost/quality ranges, this is the worst of the batch.

    A. Flashlighting and edge banding: if my Dell 2209WA is a 10, this is barely a 1. Bright spots at all 4 corners, brightest at the upper left. Edge banding left and right, brighter on the left.

    I’m not that picky for televisions, but these are so bright that they’re distracting. Say you’re watching a Blu-Ray at 16:9, not zooming, and you have those narrow black bands top-and-bottom (“letter-boxing”)? Your eyes are constantly jumping to that white spot up there.

    B. Edge resolution: I mean only that the image gets fuzzy at the inch or inch-and-a-half edge of the screen, not that objects in the “sweet” spot are fuzzy. This is worse in SD broadcasts, but is still there with HD broadcasts and with Blu-Ray. Again, worse at the top and left.

    C. Color gamut: drops off significantly when viewing from above or below the horizontal plane of the screen. Not a good thing in a bedroom TV because, I don’t know about you guys, but that’s where I move around the most when watching TV.

    I have calibrated it as much as possible using Disney’s WOW. I haven’t updated the firmware, yet, but that’s going to have to have massive effect to make this screen approach acceptable.

    Interface: Clunky.

    Why certain screen adjustments are not available with certain devices connected or with some picture settings is a mystery. Why wouldn’t I want the image to auto-adjust size to the screen? Our LG does this and it works extremely well for getting the best picture quality out of SD formats. The owner’s manual clearly warns to keep the image at full screen size to prevent burn-in (!) but I don’t get a “fill-the-screen” option and instead have to badly distort the image with some pre-set zoom?

    Sound: Good.

    The only TV we have sound issues with is a 24″ Toshiba. That’s tinny. I’m not sure what everyone is doing – how loud they’ve adjusted the sound – but these sound fine to me. I’m not a high-volume kind of a guy, but at default settings, voice quality is excellent, and bass is more than acceptable. Unless you owned one of those 70’s and 80’s cabinet TV’s with stereo-sized speakers on each side, you won’t get great sound out of any portable TV, be it skinny-screen or CRT, so I’m not sure what people are doing when they complain about sound quality.

    But… no auto sound leveling? Again, our LG does this and it’s great to have. Satellite subscribers know that when the provider drops one of it’s advertisements into a channel’s signal, that ad is sent at a 30% or more increase in volume (you hear me DirecTv!?). An asinine ommission on a roughly $800 set.

    Stand: Swivels. I like the pedestal base; it’s the beefiest and most stable of the stands so far. Easy to assemble.

    Manuals and Instructions: What a joke! The printed manual is extremely thin and everything else is in the electronic manual, but you have to have an internet connection to get to all of it. Had to go otu and download the PDF version and print it myself, and even that just can’t be complete. I have questions but no answers.

    I could go on. This is a horrible disappointment, not just for a bad screen. I could replace the set with an identical model and still be very unhappy with the menus, settings, adjustments… It’s just not worth half the asking price, even if the screen were a 9 instead of a 1.

    We own a 22″ Samsung – the UN22D5003 edge-lit LED/LCD – and that’s a great little set. Because of how much we like it, we jumped into this Samsung UN32D6000. Now we’re going to have to go through the fuss and headache of dragging ourselves back out.

    Overall, ignoring the picture quality issues, it’s like the engineers had a pile of neat technology that they didn’t know quite what to do with, so they tossed it all in without worrying too much about it. They’re Samsung, afterall! people will buy it for the name. But what other brands give us, they skipped past.

    I’m sorry to all you who swear by Samsung, but last year’s LG does almost everything very well (but they havn’t released feature-rich 32-inch sets) and this is a turd in a bucket.

    UPDATE: As of today (7/17/2011) there are no firmware updates available. This is also a strange tale: it’s not connected wirelessly, so I went to Samsung, downloaded a firmware update that is supposed to be for this model to USB, and tried the USB/Manual update. No file found. So I wired it into the router and in fact, there is no update available. So this is going back for an exchange.

    I’m getting less-and-less happy with Samsung…

    UPDATE: 7/20/2011 – Amazon was quick and courteous about sending a replacement, but it’s just sitting here unopened. Stopped in at a BB and a local (frou-frou) audio-video store and have been told by both that they are experiencing higher than expected customer dis-satisfaction with both the D5500 and D6000 series. Their guess: Samsung is trying out a new “ultra clear screen” that has side effect of retaining/reflecting more internal light.

    These folks aren’t techs and this is only their best guess, but the issues they’re describing are pretty much exactly what I’m seeing, so the symptoms are the same, whatever the cause.

    Don’t want to open the new box and leave Amazon with two that I’ve opened and rejected, so I might send them both back at the same time. In this case, price is not an indication of thought or workmanship.

  • Customer Rating 32 ” Smart TV Samsung, 2011-05-28
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    TV is working Great. A few things that I noticed:
    1- The time display is very small and hard to see. A 32″ TV should be watched from a short distance and it is hard to read. No I don’t need glasses. Also the amount of time that it is visible seems short. You cannot keep the time displayed while watching.
    2- There is no App for Amazon that can be downloaded. Netflix and others are available but the Amazon videos available with Prime can’t be watched. Got the tv from Amazon yet can’t watch their movies.
    3- The TV was Delivered in great shape and worked right away. Plug & Play

  • kevin says:

    Customer Rating Great picture, poor sound quality, buggy SmartTV portal, 2011-03-19
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    This TV has great picture quality, but is very expensive, has tinny sound quality, and has a half-baked connected TV platform (“SmartTV”). Note that this TV does NOT have wireless internet connection built it; you have to buy the separate adapter.

    Setting up the wireless connection was a snap, but downloading the SmartTV apps was time consuming and confusing for those that required a separate account set up (Pandora, Netflix, Picassa, etc.). You also have to use an “on screen keyboard”, which is painful and slow when you have to enter email addresses and passwords for each individual app. But the worst experience was the ESPN app, which kept popping up over the TV program and could not be disabled. After 30 minutes on the phone with Samsung tech support (very friendly), I had to reset my SmartTV platform and start over downloading all of the apps and setting them up! Apparently you cannot delete individual apps once you’ve downloaded – a major oversight!

    I’m sure you can find a TV with comparable picture quality for half the price, and I don’t think the buggy SmartTV portal is worth the $450 premium.

  • nycjm says:

    Customer Rating Do your research before buying this Samsung tv, 2011-07-21
    This review is from: Samsung UN32D6000 32-Inch
    Make sure you do your research before buying this tv. In particular, referring to the 120Hz vs. 60Hz.
    This is my first flat screen and I was misinformed re/what this feature is for. Basically if you are not watching ‘action’ sports you will not use this feature at all-you will TURN IT OFF! So, why are you paying all this extra money? In fact if you turn it on for regular tv viewing, it creates blur! So, depending on what else you want (apps, web, etc) you don’t need this feature, which jacks up the price quite a bit.
    Beautiful picture, nice colors
    Menus user friendly
    Stand is sturdy, attractive model
    Sound is unacceptable, sounds like a tin box, and mine hisses on the “s” when people are speaking. For $800, this is outrageous. I don’t want booming surround sound and don’t want to hook up to my stereo, and expected a better quality speaker. Samsung needs a better solution for a high end tv like this. SOUND IS IMPORTANT!!

    Haven’t used any of the ‘smart’ features, so can’t comment. I am exchanging the tv for a 60hz model LCD and hoping the speaker will be a little better.

    Last note: The tv is not holding its settings, reset 3x already, also after one week already has a firmware upgrade that has to be mailed to you…and I still have some blur even with AutoMotionPlus off. Not sure what is going on.

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