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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch

Submitted by on February 1, 2012 – 1:24 pm10 Comments | 3,393 views

Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Customer Rating After years of dragging feet, this TV made me JUMP to HD…, 2011-04-26
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    …although I should thank Amazon Warehouse for first sending me a busted-up 50″ version of last year’s C8000 or I may never have experienced the awesomeness of the 59″ D8000!

    The great (and exhaustive) information at AVSFourm lead me to this beauty, which I purchased from BuyDig due to Amazon Warehouse hanging me up on a C8000 replacement, and then Amazon taking forever to get the new 2011 Samsungs into inventory and listed for sale. I’ve got mine paired up with a Samsung BD-D6700 3D Blu-ray Player using AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI Cable. I wall mounted the set with a Sanus Vlt14-B1 Super-Slim Tilt Mount bracket. I’m using Samsung’s SSG-3100GB 3D Glasses that came as part of the Shrek/Megamind 3D Starter Kit, which was included as a promotional item with this set.

    Regarding picture quality:
    – Simply outstanding. Crisp definition. True colors that aren’t overly bright or artificial. Inky black blacks.
    – No ghosting or shadows. Great with fast action and camera panning. Haven’t tried video games.
    – No sign of jutter or film effect; the high refresh rate makes any motion smooth and realistic, especially noticeable in-store when comparing this side-by-side with a lower refresh TV.
    – Not so hot as a PC monitor with respect to reading tiny text.

    If you’re worried about the size possibly being too big:
    – I thought I was pushing my luck after my wife commented that the broken 50″ C8000 that showed up at our front door (but was never mounted) looked “too big.” And I’ll admit, this 59″ TV is huge, but once we sat back to enjoy it, I don’t know how we suffered (*cough, cough*) with out 32″ Trinitron tube for the past 14 years.
    – With whatever up-convert happens between our DVD player and the TV itself, standard definition movies still look fine on this set. No, they’re not as amazingly crystal clear as high-def Blu-ray content, but they’re not at all blocky as I had expected.
    – You will want to take advantage of any HD cable, satellite or over-the-air broadcasts you might have available. Standard definition television picture quality will make you crazy after knowing the cleanliness of HD. (In our case, we’re sticking with Comcast’s most basic service but added their converter box, and are paying them about $28 per month.)
    – The VESA mounting pattern on the back is 800mm x 600mm, the largest size the Sanus mount I linked to supports. It’s probably worth checking that whatever mount you select is compatible with this pattern.

    3D movies on this set are simply outstanding. So far, I’ve only got the Shrek discs that came with Samsung’s starter kit to view, though I’ve got a couple more on the way. The big screen gives a really perceptible depth effect when viewed from my normal sitting position approximately 10 feet away. But we have a wide room and even from viewing angles of 45

  • TheBigB says:

    Customer Rating Near Perfection, 2011-06-29
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    I’ve had this beast of a plasma for about a month now and I am truly still being blown away. Like other reviewers, I was on the fence about Panasonic versus Samsung. I also wanted something OVER 60 inches, and plasma was the way to go to keep costs reasonable. It was either a Panasonic VT65 or GT65 or the Samsung D8000 or D7000. I read countless point and counterpoint discussions on the AVForum site for months…And when I saw a great deal on this 64D8000 I jumped on it and am totally pleased with my choice.

    PICTURE: Unbelievable.. Out of the box, it was amazing. Midnight blacks and bright clean whites.. I mean watching the Boston Bruins play in the Stanley Cup was the first thing I saw when I had this on…the black shirts contrasted against the white ice was amazing. Close ups of the Bruins uniforms looked like the TV was powered off on that part of the screen. Really great. Blu-rays of course looked even better. Again the blacks stood out and colors really popped…TRON: Legacy looked UN-believable!!! Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I went into advanced options in the menu and entered a professional calibration result from a tester on AVForum. It took awhile entering in all those R G B settings, but it was totally worth it. (Saved me a couple hundred I’m sure) After my “calibration”, I saw the true power of this Samsung. The colors came alive. And the contrast and flesh tones became more realistic. Blacks were inky (definitely a popular but very true word to describe these blacks) and even darker than before! So, before I thought the picture was amazing, but now it was near perfection! I honestly can’t see how even the wildly popular, overpriced Panasonic VT series can beat this…(according to CNet reviews, they BARELY edge out this tv in picture quality). But you won’t be disappointed with this Samsung. I’m no TV expert but I’ve had lots of HDTVs the last decade, and keep up with the latest. Plasmas aren’t going away anytime soon… This is a big, bright, beautiful beast. Even more beautiful if you calibrate it, or “calibrate” it on your own.

    DESIGN: Very nice looking, when turned off. The dark titanium bezel is attractive (darker than the picture shown here on Amazon) with a nice glass edge to give it that classy look. The stand, I agree, is kind of ugly with it’s chrome spider legs..but you gotta hang this thing anyway. This thing is meant to hang on the wall. Its surprisingly thin for a 64-inch plasma. The screen is a bit reflective so it looks nice when it’s off, but plan accordingly if you want this in a room with lots of windows. The reflections will be noticeable. The remote has a nice Qwerty keypad for entering text, and I actually like it’s flip design…although that keypad should light up! It’s useless in the dark. There is an app to use on a smartphone that I have yet to try.

    3D: I’ve only watched Directv 3D channels, so I haven’t gotten a lot of 3D experience yet (no Blu-ray 3D yet either even though I’m ready for it). What I have watched is nice. I got two free pairs of battery powered glasses and one rechargeable pair that I paid for extra. The 3D is fun to watch and clear in HD. It is still a gimmick in my book, and I can only watch so much of it before I get annoyed. Bottom line, 3D on this tv looks good (dimmer, but still clear and nice) but I bought this for its 2D picture… 3D is nice to have though, and I’m looking forward to trying out a 3D Blu-ray sometime soon..

    SMART TV: Like the 3D feature this is nice. But not necessary in my book. I still use a computer for Internet features and YouTube videos, not my TV. That being said, I think the layout of this Internet connectivity is nice and smooth. Not as smooth as a computer or iPad but it works well enough. And it has built in wifi, so I had to try it out. I was impressed, and I have occasionally gone back to this for sports scores or a YouTube video once in awhile. Samsung has done better than I would have guessed with this “Smart TV” thing…I imagine some people, not myself really, will get a lot of use out of this..

    NEGATIVES: okay, so this not perfect. There are a couple things I will point out that people will surely notice. First is the reflective screen. I notice it even in my window-less downstairs room when lights are on and the scene on TV is dark… This TV is meant to be viewed in a darkened room with minimal light. Second, if you’ve read up on plasmas then you’ve heard about “buzzing”. Apparently, Samsung has had buzzing issues before. I tried to notice this right away but couldn’t. Then during a quiet scene of a movie, I sat dead center in front of this tv and happened to turn my head away from the screen and heard it. Now, to be clear, this is not a loud “buzzing” sound and I’m not even complaining about it, but if you are dead center in front of the TV in a quiet scene and you turn your head (directing your ear towards the screen) AND you listen for it, you can hear an ever-so-faint “ticking” sound. I can’t imagine many people would complain but I know some will… And lastly, again if you’ve read up on this model, you may hear about the anti-glare screen coating peeling away on the top corners. I have to say, that my two top corners are just BARELY peeling (or not completely sticking) at the tips.. It was like this when I got it and it doesn’t even reach the actual picture or affect it in any way, so again I’m not complaining and I’m not messing with it. But if it happens to get any worse I would certainly be calling Samsung on this known issue. As it is now, it doesn’t hinder my high opinion of this TV and is only noticeable if you get real close and look.

    OVERALL: I got this for a big, bold, picture and solid design and I’m not disappointed in the least. Blu-rays are unreal! Sports look better than I could have imagined. And 3D and SMART TV features are a nice occasional option. And despite those couple flaws which do NOT directly bother me at all, this is near perfection. 9.5 out of 10 from me.

  • coselect says:

    Customer Rating Could not be happier, 2011-04-26
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    My wife and I just purchased the pn51d8ooo about a week ago from Paul’s TV. I would have bet that we were going to walk out of the store with a led/lcd model. The salesman was extremely helpful with explaining the attributes of the models we were considering. He eventually steered us towards this model for consideration. It seemed strange to me that since they work on commission at this store he would try to sell us on the plasma (less expensive than the comparable led/lcd), it soon became clear that this salesman (Nick)not only knew what he was talking about but wanted us to get the best product for the money. This model is more full featured than anything else out there. It has full web browsing capabilities (yes, that’s right – you can actually surf the net, buy from ebay or Amazon, google anything etc., etc.) There is a built in wireless card unlike all of the others we saw which required you to buy a dongle or other accessory. The picture in the showroom was awesome. Although not as brightly lit as the led models, the colors seemed more natural to me. the blacks were richer (when viewing from an angle the led blacks turned more gray than black). We paid $2,069.00 which included the starter 3D kit (two pair of glasses and five 3D movies). The remote is awesome, a standard tv remote on one side but flip it over and you have a full qwerty keyboard and other keys which make internet surfing so much easier. I do have to say that my wife was concerned that we would not like the plasma as much as we would have liked the intense brightness of the led model.
    After getting the TV home we took a few days to set it up because we were waiting on a new console stand. I took that time to run a network ethernet cable to the tv location (wired is always faster and more reliable than wireless, but I’m sure that the wireless signal would have worked fine). Set-up was a breeze, stand mounts to tv easily, switching between apps, tv, and internet was very intuitive. We were concerned that we might need to have the tv picture calibrated (as recommended by other stores for $199.00 additional), but were thrilled with the picture right out of the box. There are four picture modes (Dynamic, standard, movie and relax), we are using dynamic which is extremely close to the brightness of the led models. The sound is more than adequate for us. With the wired internet, the set took literally 30 seconds to connect successfully. The netflix problems that I have read in one or two other reviews must have been resolved because I have not had even one glitch. The apps are great but there is a bit of a quirky apps account registration you have to get through. All in all we are extremely happy with our purchase. I haven’t tried the 3D yet but it has full 3D and I’m sure we will love it when more 3D titles are available. Hope this long winded review helps. p.s. We purchased the five year service agreement just to have the peace of mind that it offers, we had a smaller lcd previously that we had to have repaired and it was a bit expensive.

  • gls says:

    Customer Rating pretty picture, horrible buzzing, 2011-09-03
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    This TV has a great picture. Deep, deep blacks, very accurate color. 3D is awesome (and the glasses are reasonably priced as compared to Panasonic’s). One draw back to the picture quality is the TV’s habit of fluctuating the overall brightness. Some people refer to it as brightness pop. If you are watching a bluray in 1080/24p mode, this fluctuation can be reduced somewhat by turning on Cinema Smooth. As a side note, the Panasonic plasmas do this as well (I witnessed it on both brands at a brick and mortar store). But Panasonic is attempting to address the problem by updating firmware and changing hardware, while Samsung seems to be ignoring it. One other drawback to the deep blacks is that while they are some of the deepest I’ve seen, the shadow detail is somewhat lacking. For example, if a person is wearing a black suit in a dark room, sometimes the form of their body is indistinguishable from the background (its as if their head is floating). Or if someone is wearing black and a black car passes behind them in the background, the two shapes kind of merge. These are both acceptable shortcomings of the TV when considering the wonderful overall picture quality. What is not acceptable is the buzzing. The entire glass screen seems to act like a speaker projecting a high pitched buzz that changes frequency with ambient brightness of the scene. If the viewer sits off center from the TV, the buzz is almost an acceptable level. However, if the viewer is sitting in front of the screen (even as far as 4 meters away), the volume of the buzz is so high that it is unacceptable. It completely kills the mood of a quiet scene in a good movie. It’s unwatchable at night because volume has to be way up to overcome the buzz. I’ve adjusted every setting on the TV in an effort to decrease the buzz. Even with all of the brightness and luminosity settings all the way down, the buzz in unacceptable. I’m not the only one that has complained about the samsung buzz, there are entire forums dedicated to it. This is not the typical buzz of a plasma that most plasma fanboys will claim is just a feature of the plasma technology that you overlook to get superior picture. I’ve watched other plasmas and they don’t buzz to this degree. I did take a trip to several stores to see if I could hear floor models buzz. I could not in most cases (in one case I did hear a faint buzz if I had my head next to the TV). But I have a feeling that this is not a good test due to the loud ambient noise in most stores. With much regret, I’ve decided to return this beautiful TV and shop some more.

  • Atlasfxr says:

    Customer Rating Best picture I have ever seen!, 2011-05-07
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    This picture is so good that you can see the makeup cover-up on the actors’ zits, blades of grass and any imperfections that exist on a local news set. I did not know that the picture being this much better would show so many things that I did not want to see.. LOL! I am actually painting the chrome base because I find it a distraction while watching the TV. I had eye surgery 20 years ago and I have an annoying starburst with shiny objects but… everyone else loves the chrome base. The bright window next to the TV set has more reflection on this plasma than on my Sony Lycos rear projection that I replaced. That is my only complaint and I am REALLY PICKY!! The apps are way more than I will ever use. The set-up is a snap. The controls are extensive and easy to use. LOVE the remote with the keyboard. I got the Samsung over the Panasonic because of all of the bad reviews I read on Panasonic’s customer service vs. Samsung’s. I bought this online from a Plasma seller and had a wonderful experience. I bought this TV for its awesome 2D picture. I don’t give a rip about the 3D feature. BTW you can check face book and email while watching TV. A Techs dream!

  • electric6 says:

    Customer Rating BETTER than panasonic, better color, inky blacks, perfect tv!!, 2011-06-09
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    I will say first off that I am not a proffessional TV guy. I do not have a device to measure MLL, or light output.

    That being said, I researched exhaustively as my little 37″ Diamond series was getting a little small. For 3-4 months I had my heart set on the P65VT30, preordered at J&R. Then I started reading reviews by cnet, and other pros on the web about their previous sets. Blacks levels on pannys WILL degrade. That rating on their site which says it has better blacks will change, they will degrade over time, and very likely to a point worse than this set. I do not care how many people say that the VT30 has better blacks because 4300 dollars is just not worth it for a set that has worse color, temporarily better blacks, and a vizio-esque blocky design.

    I cancelled my VT30 preorder shortly after reading review after review regarding the above issue. It is due to how the set adjusts brightness, and is just the way those sets work – the issue is unavoidable, so don’t say I didnt tell you so when you notice while watching the super bowl later this year and the steelers jerseys are not as black as they once were!

    Now the samsung PN64D8000 is about as good as you’re going to get on a big screen pdp display – blacks ARE better on this set than the smaller ones, which I will address later. Blacks are Inky!! And I use that term because that is the most applicable word I can think of. Colors are delicious, with reds, greens, yellows, and blues all popping right off the screen and into your living room. I play a lot of HD games on ps3/360 and the first thing I noticed is how well the set responds to fast moving images. It is spot on, and at least twice as fast as my old LCD set was. Gaming on this TV is an absolute pleasure, and I cant stand it on my old mitsu anymore, as my eyes have become accustomed to nearly perfect response time.

    On to BD’s. I have read conflicting reports of Cinema Smooth degrading blacks when turned on. I have not seen this one solitary instance. I watched the Matrix Reloaded twice – the first time with CS on, the second with it off. Blacks did not decrease any that I could notice, and I have a good eye for detail. Yes, CS mode does improve PQ on bluray movies, and quite a bit I might add. The picture, for lack of a better word, just seems more “together.” More details can be seen with CS mode on than off. This feature is really personal preference, but for me it improves an already amazing picture to a pq I have literally not seen before on a TV. This mode is what videophiles call the “96hz mode”. Technically means that turned on CS will match the 24fps, with that of the bd, which greatly improves pq. Modern films are filmed at 24fps, and CS mode basically matches that, by reducing from 60fps to 24fps using 96hz mode. Techno-babble I know, but moving on.

    Netflix. We’ve all got it, and we’ve all seen the input signal change mid-way through a movie much to our annoyance. It shows up even worse on a big hd set. Here is where I have one of my few complaints: while whatching netflix I have seen in only a few instances some mild fluctuating blacks. I’m not sure if it is due to the picture source(netflix) or the tv’s processing. I’m still trying to figure it out.

    I have seen FB only one other time. On the BD of Interview with the Vampire the blacks did fluctuate a few times, and if I was not so obsessed with detail I would not have noticed it. Its really a small issue, and most folks will probably not see it like some of us tech heads do. NOTE: Samsung did release an update for this tv, and after installation I watched the IWTV again. This time I did not see FB’s. None.

    The only time I EVER see fluctuating blacks now is when netflix is on a low quality for whatever reason. It only seems to happen when watching poorer quality signals like sd cable, or netflix, so really nothing to worry about.

    My review is mainly regarding picture quality, and ive got a tower for my internet. That being said, the internet on the tv is ok. A little laggy sometimes, but its bearable. Netflix straight through the tv is quite acceptable, and at least as good as from a ps3/360. Netflix through the ps3 has been the best overall, if it makes any difference(1080p streaming).

    Overall I would give this set a 9/10 just because the stand is so darn ugly, the bezel is not black like the d7000 and the few instances I saw FB’s. Blacks are amazing, inky, and you will notice them the first time you turn it on. Colors are spot on!! Response time is absolutely fantastic, and despite what those 18 year olds at best buy say, plasma is far superior for gaming. Burn-in is a thing of yesteryear, and there is absolutely no issues with that on this set. I would take this set over the Panasonic P65VT30 ANY DAY!! Samsung is better with parts distribution, service, warranty claims(not that you will have any), and over picture quality. Blacks are videophiles obsessions, and this set does them perfectly.

    So when you pull out your credit card for the VT30, just remember “i told you so” when youre cursing at your set come super bowl time, or neo’s trench coat isnt as black as it used to be…

    Hope this helps with your decision!

    Thanks for reading guys.


  • Customer Rating Samsung PN59D8000 – Excellent Networked HDTV, 2011-04-13
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    I just up-graded my older DLP rear-projection HDTVs to new flat screens. I chose the PN59D8000 plasma for my main TV due to its superior 3D performance compared to LED LCDs. I’ve lived with it for about a month, so can’t comment on long-term reliability, but my previous Samsung LCD & DLP HDTVs had no problems over several years.

    The picture on this TV is amazing – easily among the best that I have seen among all other plasmas. Blacks are very black and the color can quickly be adjusted from fairly intense (dynamic) to muted (movie) by the standard pre-sets. As usual, there are multiple picture adjustments that can tailor the picture to one’s exact preference.

    The 3D image is very good, with no ghosting and with very good depth. Samsung moved this year to Bluetooth shutter glasses and this makes a world of difference. My previous experience with IR shutter glasses from several manufacturers required that one not move around much (or even look around the room). Now I can wander into the kitchen for popcorn and still be seamlessly in synch when I return to the TV.

    Sound is OK and includes a pseudo-surround sound setting, but I run sound output run through my home theater receiver, so I can’t really comment.

    The PN59D8000 is among Samsung’s net-enabled “Smart TVs” which gives you access to a lot of apps as well as a net browser. I have the TV connected via ethernet, so I can’t comment on the quality of the wireless access, but the ethernet connection works very well for most apps. Any problems with connectivity appear to be due to Comcast (since any problems seem to be shared with my computer). The QWERTY side of the remote works as advertised, but does take a little getting used to. **** An important note: For the initial pairing process for the remote, make sure that you hold the remote directly in front of the TV (as in 5″ or so) or it will fail to pair properly. Once paired, however, it works all over the room. My only complaint is that the browser seems vvvveeeerrrryyy slow.

    Finally, Samsung has moved to an “e-manual” (even including a specific button on the remote labeled “E-MANUAL”) rather than including a detailed paper manual. A major advantage is that it is easily searchable (as contrasted with the poor and inadequate index seen in most paper manuals) and can be constantly updated if accessed over the net. Given all of the potential adjustments and inter-connectivity options, an e-manual makes sense but I am sure there will be those that miss a 200-page paper manual to clutter up their coffee table.

  • mysharks says:

    Customer Rating The Search is Over, 2011-06-19
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    First off, let me say that I am extremely picky when it comes to HDTVs. I feel if I have to shell out over 3k for a high tech gadget, it might as well be perfect or near perfect. Let me exhale and say, that the search is finally over…I hope.

    To make a long story short, I have owned 6 different HDTV’s in the past 6 months. Some of them had annoying buzzing/humming sounds, others had blurriness when viewing fast motion scenes. And even others just didn’t even turn on right out of the box !

    It really came down to this model or the highly anticipated Panasonic 64 inch VT30. I owned the Panasonic model for about a week before I got annoyed by the loud clicking/humming noise during dark scenes and whenever I changed the channel. It was also a hefty price tag of over 4k. The glasses for the Panasonic also made me nauseous.

    I got this PN64D8000 @ Magnolia TV instead when it included the 3D starter kit in addition to a free 3D blu ray player.

    The picture is simply stunning!!! It is crisp for both for blu-rays and when I watch channels on Direct TV. When watching sports, there is virtually no blur during fast motion scenes, a prerequisite for me, since I watch tons of hockey and the likes. I was just thinking that the HD content on this TV is so clear, my eyes almost hurt!! I’m half joking! Even popping in a movie such as the Guardian on standard DVD, the picture looks like its in HD!

    The 3D content is tremendous when watching the Shrek movies. The colors are rich and vibrant, and for me the glasses were very comfortable and didn’t make me nauseous at all, unlike Panasonic’s glasses.

    Trust me when I say, if I don’t like a TV I return it, as mentioned above. I have had this TV for over 2 weeks now and continue to be amazed. My roommate is even raving about the resolution on it.

    The only negative thing, I can live with and not to bothered by is the initial buzz when the TV turns on. After about a few mins the buzz goes away. Either way, due to the fact it is a plasma and it is a large screen TV, I don’t think there’s a way around the slight noise. But like I said, this sound is acceptable and barely noticeable to me. And I am extremely picky!!!

    Buy, if you have the funds.

  • Mustangjoey says:

    Customer Rating Excellent picture, good features. Happy owner., 2011-04-19
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    Pros: Very, very good picture. Black colors are very dark, inky for my first time. 24fps, 1080P full HD is what it does best. 3D is better than what I was expecting. Apps are cool and launch pretty quickly. Off angle viewing is good, better than my older LCD.

    Cons: Pricey. Qwerty keyboard remote is funky, a little awkward. Browser needs improvement. 3D requires glasses, wish they didn’t. Plasma uses more power than LCD.

    Summary: I have owned my PN59D8000 for about two weeks now. So far it’s been excellent to good. First the excellent; the picture. This is what it’s all about to me. What’s the point of getting a new TV if it doesn’t produce a great picture. The PN59D8000 makes a great picture. I’m no Cnet David Katzmaier, I haven’t seen hundreds of TV’s, but I do know what I like when I see it and I think this TV makes a very good, to great picture. I really enjoy watching a good, well made, high visual content movie in full 1080P HD, 24fps. I have watched standard def, 1080 I/P HD and high def 3D. The standard def is good, better than my older 52″ A650 Samsung LCD in several ways, but no matter how you cut it, it’s still standard def. The HD picture is what it’s all about, it’s excellent, with blacks so dark and inky, the best I’ve seen so far. The contrast and detail is excellent. Very smooth transitions, panning. 3D is cool, different, awkward. At first, I tried watching some ESPN 3D NBA (Directv) during the daytime in a well lit room & I really noticed the flashing, pulsing of the 3D glass lenses off screen of the TV from the sides. To me this was a little nauseating, but during night or with the curtains closed in a dark or darker room, the effect was very good and comfortable. The 3D depth and detail was excellent, better than what I was expecting actually. I now wish that there would be more good 3D content available, kind of limited. The Good; the browser and qwerty keyboard is a little bit of a let down, but still good. I have a Home Theater PC with a hand held qwerty remote, at first I thought that setup was only OK, but compared to the Samsung qwerty remote/browser, the Windows 7/IE9/Firefox browser is really much better. Who would have thought. The Samsung browser is good, to get online and putz around, but the remote needs a touch-pad/trackball big time. The Samsung commercial showing the couple just breezing through web pages is a little unreal to me. Maybe with more practice and understanding I could be more proficient. Your mileage may vary. The Samsung apps are cool and launch quickly. Netflix pops up quickly and plays smoothly. Wired Ethernet here. 5 star picture. 1/2 a star ding for the browser/remote. 4 1/2 stars overall. The other TV’s that I was considering were the new upcoming 2011 Panasonic plasma’s. The 2010 Panasonic VT model plasma are very good as well, but at this moment the 2011 VT model is not out yet and the 60″ VT appear to be too expensive for my budget. So there it is, a LCD owner converting to Plasma, because of the picture, because of the picture. Enjoy.

  • RadTech51 says:

    Customer Rating Auto Dim problem out of the Box but still a good TV., 2011-04-18
    This review is from: Samsung PN64D8000 64-Inch
    Ok first I want to make it clear this is a great looking TV but requires some adjustment out of the box.
    I seems to be an Auto Dim problem with several of the Samsung TV’s including this new PN64D8000 Plasma TV.
    When I’m watching a movie or any other program for that matter I notice a very annoying Auto Diming of the picture as if someone had just taken my remote control and changed the display setting during a scene. This happens very often and not just during the credits where it’s very obvious but also during the program, I can’t seem to disable it no matter what I do. Its appears to be more noticeable in a darker room and I don’t know why I didn’t notice it sooner but now that I do It’s become very distracing to me and I notice it all the time. I even had to stop the picture I was viewing last night to try to figure out a way to disable this very annoying Auto Dim problem, of course I had No success.

    During my research into the problem I found several articles about this issue mostly on forums, and it’s apparently on other Samsung models as well. I even found an article linking this issue with some Sony TV’s.

    I called Samsung and all they told me was to turn the ECO Sensor to Off. Others said to work around this problem you need to put the TV into Game Mode and turning the Energy Saving and Dynamic Contrast feature to Off. Note: this only creates another problems with performance arguably worse then the original issue. Some others even referred to editing the service menu and disabling the CE DIMMING feature. Note: But I was told this would void our manufacture warrantee and also create other problems with the display, noticeably with leaking backlighting on dark scenes.

    Conclusion: Samsung’s advice is the best answer for now until a better fix is made. I tested it by disabling the CE DIMMING feature and it appears to help the issue greatly on my D8000 Plasma, not sure about completly though but it is a noticable improvement. Note: I can’t say if this will work on other Samsung TV modles, I will continue testing my D8000 more with this feature turned Off but for now this is my only solution for you. Turn the CE DIMMING feature to OFF. Menu > Picture > ECO Solution > to Off.
    F.Y.I you will notice a big difference in brightness to the picture quality when this feature is turned Off. And shame on Samsung for setting this feature to On by default.

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