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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch

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Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • DrTweak says:

    Customer Rating Full 1080P in 3D!, 2010-08-16
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    I bought the Samsung LN46C750 LCD TV to replace my Hitachi rear projection 1080i TV that had developed a convergence problem. My feeling was that it was time to go modern and get a flat panel model with 1080P capability for watching Blu-ray discs in their full glory.

    To my surprise I found I could buy this Samsung 46-inch model with full 3D capability and 2D to 3D conversion for only a couple of hundred dollars more than the same size Samsung 2D-only LCD set, albeit, it didn’t come with the required active 3D glasses for that price.

    Hooking the TV up to my HT surround sound system was easy — in fact it was easier than installing Samsung’s swivel stand, mainly because the instructions were not as clear as they should be. The difficult part of getting the TV functioning in my system was figuring out how to set all the myriad settings in the multi-stage menu for optimum performance.

    You see, out of the box, with all the factory defaults in place the picture looks overtly bright and a bit washed out because of this. I read the manual and navigated through complex settings I’d never heard of and after a while I was able to get a very good picture with lots of detail, wonderful color gradations/transitions, and a more natural appearance.

    A few days later on a whim I looked for online reviews of this model and found an informative “expert” review at […] The author, Jack Burden explained that in order to get the best possible picture from the LN46C750, it had to be set in the “Movie” mode because that is the only mode where the comprehensive menu can be fully accessed.

    I printed out all the recommended settings from the review, went into the advanced menus and changed the settings one by one. When I was finished I had a picture that was so natural, detailed and vibrant, it was mind-blowing. Still I made a couple of minor tweaks to the final settings in a couple of areas and this improved my results a bit more. In stock form Samsung pushes the blue level up for dramatic effect but Jack Burden’s recommended settings balance it out so that the color balance is more even and natural. Here is a link to the review: […]

    The day my 3D glasses arrived it just so happened that Comcast Cable was running a 3D broadcast of extreme BMX games. In 3D it looked like the stunt ramp descended steeply to the bowels of the earth. What a great show it was! When the contestants were jumping high off the top of the ramp it looked like they were coming right out into the room. One guy getting ready for his run pointed at the 3D camera and it looked like he was poking me in the eye. In the following show featuring some colorful dirt-track car racing they showed some inside-the-car shots in 3D that were pretty exciting and at one point some gulls circling the stadium must have flown very close to the camera location because it looked like they flew out into my room and then back into the stadium. The best part was that the precision detail and focus of the hi-def experience was convincingly maintained in the 3D format. I’m ready for so much more of this!

    Note that I am running Comcast’s Motorola DCX3400 cable box into an Onkyo TX-SR605 HT receiver… although the Onkyo receiver has HDMI version 1.3 inputs/outputs, it passed the 3D signal through to Samsung’s HDMI ARC 1.4 input flawlessly.

    That said, I was not blown away with Samsung’s 2D to 3D conversion. Yes, it adds a higher degree of depth, but it’s not real 3D and the picture is already so lifelike and glorious in regular 2D that I don’t feel enough incentive to be confined to the glasses.

    The picture quality of my Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player is purely amazing on this Samsung. Regular DVD’s can fool you into thinking they are full HD because of the extreme detail afforded by the Oppo’s upscaling feature. And full 1080P playback is simply jaw-dropping. The shadings and color variations in the Navi’s forest home are indescribably glorious. Heck, I could see little specks of dust in the pores on Sigourney Weaver’s forehead after she’d been running in the forest. In some scenes, there was too much detail to the point where it was unflattering to the actors… being to see every line, wart, and wrinkle on their faces and all.

    I have not gotten around to experimenting with Samsung’s computer applications at this time but hope to do so in the near future.

    Reasons for my “4-star” rating — two caveats to note: (1) The Auto Motion Plus feature definitely works but it’s not always easy to predict which setting will work best. For most shows the “Clear” setting is quite good (recommended for fast motion). For the fastest motion you can turn Auto Motion Plus off, which is also good, but makes the picture a bit more jumpy in some scenes.

    (2)The built-in speakers are not very good although they can be adjusted via the menu to sound acceptable. Personally I think you are wasting half of the experience of such a great TV if you don’t hook it up to a very good multi-channel surround sound system.

    If you get the picture settings right, like I outlined above, and install a sound system that has quality commensurate with the Samsung’s superb video performance, you’ll be in Home Theater heaven. And if your Home Theater happens to be located directly adjacent to the kitchen, you’ll have the best of all worlds. Highly recommended!

  • Customer Rating Broke After 2 Days, But Now Fixed., 2010-10-09
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    This is the best TV I’ve ever owned, it’s perfect in almost every way. I don’t think TVs can get much better than this. The only problem is that 2 days after I bought it, the screen went black and wouldn’t come back on. Luckily, Samsung sent a repairman to fix it for free, but it took about 3 weeks from the first phone call until it was fixed, which was a major annoyance. Also, a few days after I ordered it online, I noticed that Sears reduced their price to match Amazon’s. My advice is to buy it from a local retailer if you can get it for the same price, because if it breaks you can just take it back and get a new one. Also, if you get the 3D glasses, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM WATER. I accidentally had one of my pairs of glasses sitting in a shallow puddle of water for a few days (long story), and it completely ruined it (but I got a refund from Amazon for that, which was nice).

  • Brian says:

    Customer Rating Beautiful Picture and a Great Value, 2010-05-07
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    This is my first purchase of a flat panel television, I spent a long time deciding on what to spend my money on. I can say that I am very happy with my decision to buy this television.
    Although I have only seen the 3-d effect on the Monsters vs Aliens blu-ray, it is really incredible, very entertaining and mesmerizing.
    I am looking forward to additional availability of 3-d televised sporting events like World Cup soccer this summer.
    The one “negative” I would say is the auto-motion option, the “Spanish Soap Opera” effect is kind of off-putting when watching a movie. I have yet to watch a sporting event with auto-motion engaged so I am reserving judgment on that option until I do. Like the first reviewer, I turned auto-motion off, and think the picture quality of movies without that option is terrific.
    I am updating this review now that I have watched the NBA playoffs with auto-motion engaged, and I can say that it definitely makes a positive difference in the picture.
    Another nice thing about auto-motion, it has this great feature that allows the viewer to view half the screen in auto-motion and half without, thus making it much easier to compare which view is preferable. I see this as adding to the plus column when making a decision on whether to purchase.
    Additionally, the shipping and delivery were flawless, the items were delivered in the timeframes that they were promised, and the person who delivered the tv was polite and courteous.
    For the price, I think this television is definitely worth it, I am happy I waited to pull the trigger on a flat panel purchase until now.

    Edit September 8, 2010
    Verizon Fios broadcast the Giants-Patriots pre-season game in 3-D this past week, I watched the first half of the game with 3-D, and it was very entertaining. The 3-D gave the screen a lot of depth, but one thing I noticed
    was that the background (i.e. the stadium around the field) looked a little dim and fuzzy while play was in motion. This effect was very noticeable when comparing the picture on the channel displaying the game in regular 2-D mode.
    This tv continues to ‘wow’ me, I’m still very happy with the purchase.

  • melmacj says:

    Customer Rating Samsung still King, 2010-09-19
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    I brought a LN46C670 which is a exclusive model to Bestbuy. I soon discovered I could buy this 3D enabled one from Amazon for just 100.00 more. So I took that one back and ordered this one Asap. I have not been disappointed one bit with my purchase. I like how I reqistered the TV and Samsung gave me 3 additional months of warranty. A company only do stuff like that if they’re sure of the quality and build of their product. 3D is nice on this set and contrast ratio is extremely good for the aging LCD technology. Sony will be patching PS3 to support 3D bluray on September 21 I read. If you want to get into 3D now at a good price then this TV is it. Warning there’s some rumbling about 3DTV coming that don’t require glasses. I think the price won’t be too friendly so I’m happy with this for now. I have one small complaint Amazon ship this TV to me using a shipping company Ceva. Now Amazon service is fine but Ceva sucks. For 1 or 2 days no one new where the TV was and I had to have Amazon follow up. Be warned of Ceva shipping company.

  • Gene Zarnick says:

    Customer Rating Pleasantly Surprised, 2010-05-31
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    After receiving the television, the 3D Blu Ray Player, and the Starter Kit I was eager to test out the product to see how the 3D looked. I didn’t go to the store to see how it would be, but just bought it without knowing because I always love Samsung TV’s and was planning on getting a new one for my living room anyway.

    I set everything up and went to turn on the 3D Monsters vs. Alien Blu Ray and there was no picture. I then tried the 2D to 3D conversion and there was no picture there either. I knew all about the TV and the settings beforehand so I looked through everything and for some reason there was no Auto Motion Plus setting under Picture Mode->Picture Settings. I thought this was odd and called Samsung. Usually Samsung customer service was good to deal with, but nobody there really could understand the issue and kept telling me to do the same stuff over and over. I even had a person tell me she talked to her supervisor and then five minutes lately I asked to speak to their supervisor and she told me there was no supervisor there.

    I’m guessing my issue was extremely unique and with my knowledge I assumed that for some reason the without the Auto Motion Plus and the 3D issue that the TV was unable to change refresh rates. 3D needs at least 120hz and I think it was stuck on 60hz the whole time. Every time I tried to tell Samsung my thoughts they basically were helpless and frustrating to talk to after over five calls and hours spent with them.

    I finally decided to just call Amazon and they were extremely helpful and they exchanged the TV. I got my new TV 4 days later and everything worked great.

    The 3D Blu Ray is amazing. It’s just like seeing it in the theater. I was amazingly surprised by the 2D->3D conversion. It’s not like most things are jumping out of the screen, but the depth is great to have and adds a lot to almost any program. It’s awesome watching sports and I can’t wait to see the World Cup in 3D.

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a 3D television.

  • C750 says:

    Customer Rating Flashlighting is a killer, 2010-11-04
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    Hello all c750 owners!

    Wow! Impresive tv. I won’t focus on the good and beauty of the tv. I own another sammy and if you do too youo can expect this from Samsung.

    I order this puppy last week and got it three days later. Shipping and ,as always, Amzon was superb.

    I began to watch some hd broadcast on the tv and noticed some flashlighting at the bottom two corners of hte screen; there is plenty of relfection on the tv (almost and mirror as a plasma), but you can expect that from these lcds. When it became dark. The two corners just at the bottom just leaked light (Really, like two small flashlights were placed on the corners pointing toward the center of the screen.

    I called Amazon and the y shipped another one. I tried it last night and the same thing. It is very similar to the other and like the other it has the same blotches of uneven lighting throughout the screen with bluray, hd and non-hd broadcast, all in dardk scenes.

    Please help. I don’t want to return it. I’m in love, but it hurts me to see the flashlighting in such an expensive tv. Is it normal? did it happen to anyone else out there?

    I read a review that there was some flashlighting, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone? Do I have a lemon? (more like tow!)

    please help!

  • Simon Pawlik says:

    Customer Rating Five star once it is set up correctly, 2010-10-15
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    I bought this TV from Amazon two weeks ago and it still knocks my soxs off. However, there are a few settings that are VERY important to set when viewing certain types of content.

    THE BAD:
    1) If you use games (Wii/XBox/PS[2,3]) on this TV put it in “Game Mode” (this is kinda buried in the menus). Otherwise, there is an very short delay on the screen that is hard to detect but will ruin your game play.

    2) When using DVD’s or Internet Streaming for movies put “Auto Motion Plus” to the custom setting of Motion Blur 10 and Judder Reduction of 2 (or just turn it off). Otherwise a move like Lord of The Rings looks like it was filmed like a documentary. (This is true of all movies)

    Although this is not “Bad” as there is a fix for it. No where does Samsung tell you to do this for DVD content, and the Game feature is buried in the full manual.

    1) It upscales low def content better than any TV I have seen. Also, I work with color in my profession, and although it took some tweaking of the settings, the color and shadow detail (most LCD’s lack this) are amazing.

    2) The only internet function on the TV I have used is Netflix, and the movies stream very nicely with it (and some are in HD).

    3) Also, I use broadcast TV (living in chicago you get about 30 stations several in HD), and the picture quality/tuner is much better than other TV’s I have seen. I get a lot less pixelization (or “square” effect) than other TV tuners. Frankly, I get a better picture from broadcast than my neighbors on Cable or Satellite.

    I have not used the 3D feature yet.

    Once you configure this TV correctly it blows away TV’s that cost much more. Everyone that I have show it to is rather amazed by the picture quality. The Netfilx right on the TV is really sweet if you are a member.

  • Shawn Scott says:

    Customer Rating Impressions after 1 week, 2010-06-29
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    Posted this on AVS forums and decided to post it here too since I bought the TV here on Amazon.

    Posted on 6/24/10
    Finally got the Samsung from Amazon after almost 2 weeks. Slowest shipping I’ve seen in a long time. I’d rather pay a few bucks than wait weeks for free.

    Initial impressions:
    Picture Quality: Out of the box the picture/brightness/backlight is very “bright” but varies greatly depending picture mode. Movie mode adjusts the picture settings to very close to the calibration settings for the C650 for movie watching (lcdbuyingguide calibration). I only took 3-5 mins calibrating each input for the devices I use and it took me a few mins to find game mode as it’s not in there with the picture modes. Very extensive picture settings and 5 Auto Motion Plus modes with a Demo mode if you’re not sure. Overall the picture is pretty jaw dropping with my HD Cable not to mention Blu-ray.

    Head to Head with Bravia EX700:
    Don’t have a preference in TV brands and wanted to try a Sony this time around. I still have the Bravia but it’s going back to Best Buy this weekend. To our eyes, textures and colors on the Sony appear more realistic and probably more accurate but it’s pretty dull looking. The Samsung is more alive and side by side with the same movies playing from the same source everyone here picked the Samsung no matter how much I brightened the Sony. The dark scenes on the Bravia don’t compare. Even with the backlight all the way up, it starts to wash out and just doesn’t have the same WOW. That’s the only way I can describe it. I also get bad contrast loss on the Sony if you move just 2 feet away from the center in any direction but I thought that was normal. I can’t detect it on the Samsung until you view from almost the side of the TV. Huge viewing angle. I only watch from the middle anyway.

    I could go on listing the features I like and dislike but this is getting long so I’ll just tell you my favorite one so far. I play tons of HD movies from my PC across the room. The streaming from my wired network to this tv works better than my 360 and PS3 hands down. There is absolutely no loading time. I have about 80 MKV’s (close to 1TB) in one folder and it loads instantly and streams them perfectly. This has to be seen to be believed. The streaming options are like that of a DVD/Blu-ray player with many nice functions. The Sony does not compare in this category at all. It wouldn’t stream mkv’s and it degrades the quality of anything it CAN stream. I just thought maybe these tv’s added DNLA for kicks but no REAL functionality. Not the case on the C750. The internet options and the AP news ticker are sweet too. I”ll leave it at that for now and maybe review the 3D if anyone is interested. So far I’m very happy with this tv and still looking for flaws. If you have any questions feel free.

    UPDATE on picture quality 6/29/2010
    Quick tip I’ve found that most people don’t do: For HD content, especially HDMI, turn your Sharpness down to 10 or less to get rid of jaggies. You will see a tremendous amount of jaggies out of the box on new tv’s as they set the Sharpness way too high. You only need to turn it up for SD content.

    I’ve had enough time with the tv to properly test things out and I’m still very impressed. There is definitely a little contrast degradation at wide viewing angles. It’s not detectable unless you watch tv from the side of the room or you’re looking for it. One thing I didn’t like was how they named the Auto Motion Plus. Instead of Custom, Low, Medium and High, they call it Custom, Clear, Standard and Smooth without telling you what’s high and low. You have to figure it out through testing it and that just added to the learning curve when testing the tv’s functions on different stuff. I also noticed that if you set the Auto Motion Plus to high on some cable content you get some kind of judder/smoothing effect you don’t get on low or medium. I personally love the Auto Motion effect on most content though. At minimum, I use the low setting on everything except videogames and it brings the picture to life.

    If you play games online you MUST use game mode and there’s virtually no detectable lag. All the picture settings are adjustable in game mode except Auto Motion. When you first turn on Game mode the picture will look horrible as the default Sharpness is set to 50. Turn it down to 10 or less to get rid of the jaggies and the picture is pretty perfect. The TV can pull off some good visual tricks but the processing adds lots of lag so don’t turn any of that eye candy stuff on like Auto Motion Plus unless you’re playing offline.

    I can only imagine the horrible laggy, jaggy experience people are having if they don’t do minor calibrations. Sharpness alone can kill your HD picture but with game mode turned off, Auto Motion on and other smoothing techniques on, the lag is almost unbearable. Game mode fixes all that. Fine tune it if you can or get help.

    UPDATE on 3D 6/29/2010
    5 Day update: 3D impressions: I intentionally waited a few days get some experience with it. Where do I start? First I will discuss the effect 3D has on my eyes, then how it looks. I’ve been playing with the 3D a lot for the past few days and the results were very mixed. If you’ve seen the Monsters vs Aliens in 3D in the Best Buy setup then you know what to expect from animated 3D Blu-rays for the most part.

    I was surprised to see such extensive settings while in 3D mode. The 3D itself has depth and optimization options along with another set of picture settings just for 3D and the ability to use Auto Motion in 3D to fine tune your experience. Again, turning down the Sharpness, especially while playing 3D games has improved the picture quality greatly. Overall I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see so many adjustable settings because this is the most customizable TV I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t wear glasses normally but my girlfriend does so getting used to that is taking some time for me. The glasses bothered me a lot the first day watching cable TV while not bothering her at all. It was similar to the feeling I got watching Avatar 3D in imax. I feel the eye strain after 10 mins or so of sustained viewing causing me to remove the glasses every few minutes to rest my eyes. After 5 days though, I must note that I’m starting to get used to it and it bothers me less and less. However, while playing 3D games this is not the case. I’ve played for 30-60 mins straight multiple times. It does not bother my eyes at all (very happy about that). More on the games in a min. Monsters vs Aliens 3D and 1080p videos didn’t bother my eyes either, essentially proving the theory that the majority of eye strain from 3D comes from the source of the video you’re watching. In my case this was very true. Low reolution sources like 2D to 3D cable is a problem for me while 3D Blu-rays and 3D games and 1080p vids DO NOT have the same effect on my eyes even after 30 or 60 minutes. I haven’t watched a whole movie yet but will soon.

    First thing I tried was the 2D to 3D conversion for SD and HD cable. Not as good as real 3D content on Blu-ray by far but not bad at all. At far camera distances, the effect is not as high as when close up. Close up it looks pretty good. Looks like a “light” version of what Avatar 3D looked like to me in imax. The SD stuff seems to be such a low resolution that it’s probably only worth attempting to convert 2D-3D for HD stuff. I didn’t notice any artifacts, ghosting, crosstalk or whatever but I must note that we have the rechargeable glasses and not the battery ones and I’ve read that the glasses alone can change your whole viewing experience. In my opinion it’s not worth skimping out on the glasses after you’ve gone this far and bought the tv. Get the good glasses and avoid any silly issues others are having.

    Next I tried a few of my 1080p mkv and m2ts files. We can’t detect any resolution loss here. Very impressive compared to cable in 3D. Still looks full HD and the 3D effect is much more evident. Tried Alice in Wonderland, LOTR, Matrix and a few others. Turn on Auto Motion Plus with it and it’s even more amazing looking to me. Not as “3D” as Monsters vs Aliens and there’s no off screen effects on anything I’m converting but this is far beyond what I imagined when I heard “2D-3D conversion”. We will definitely watch these 1080p movies like this on a regular basis now. It’s very refreshing to look at my large movie library with renewed excitement after seeing this in action on my favorite movies like Lord of the Rings and The Usual Suspects which I’ve seen at least 5 or 6 times.

    Lastly, I played some games on PS3 and 360 in 3D. Sony has put a couple 3D demos out so I tried MLB The Show 3D and Motorstorm Pacific Rift 3D demo. Both looked great but Motorstorm was exceptional. I liked it so much I went out and bought a used copy of this 2yr old game assuming there’d be an update to play the full game in 3D. Not the case. There’s no 3D mode on the update I was prompted to install. I was baffled that they would put out a demo of something you couldn’t buy and I’m still upset about their trickery but this gave me the opportunity to test the 2D-3D vs the 3D optimized demo. I’m almost certain that all the demo does is essentially put your tv in the proper optimized 3D mode and makes some camera adjustments because side by side, the 3D demo was almost the same as the full game running in 2D-3D. The demo however was optimized to extend the bottom of the screen out into your living room a few feet so at times, dirt and passing cars pop off the screen and fly towards you in a cool way. Very nice. I then tried a few 360 games this way. I tried Battlefield Bad Company 2, Blur, Red Dead Redemption and Modern Warfare 2. Blur didn’t have as pronounced an effect as the others. BF2 and MW2 were insanely better than I could have imagined going in to this. I’m playing the BF2 campaign over again and it’s really like a new experience. For lack of a better description, it feels much more like you are there moving with your characters in the dense jungle. There’s nothing popping off screen or any of that but the depth of the environments and characters make it hard for anyone to argue if this is the future for gaming or not.

    Reserve your judgement of 3D until you really see it because if there wasn’t the barrier of buying ridiculously high priced glasses, this is all most people would need to see to be sold on this technology. To have a TV that can do this stuff to 2D content at this price is just plain sweet as hell. Maybe my expectations were low but bottom line is if I knew the conversion was this good on 1080p film and games, I would not have been so worried about it. I guess seeing IS believing.

  • Customer Rating Great TV and a reasonable price for 3D Entry, 2010-04-28
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    The Samsung C750 is the most reasonable 3DTV on the market in terms of price. Not only is the television fully 3D compliant with the new standards, it also is an excellent 2D LCD television as well.

    The 3D aspects of the television are the most interesting and what separates it from most other LCD’s (including Samsung’s 650 model). Although there is not much in terms of content to try out, I have watched Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D, Played Avatar the videogame on the PS3, watched the Masters in 3D, and tried out the 2D to 3D Conversion on live TV, movies, and games.

    Unfortunately with all 3D sources, I have experienced some “ghosting” which is a problem where you see a double image. That said, I did manage to configure my Samsung 3D Bluray Player to the correct TV size (by default it’s 55 inches) plus I upgraded the firmware and that seems to have made a large improvement. I suspect the picture size spreads out the effect and will cause even more ghosting than normal. With Avatar the game, I left the 3D effect at 1, set the correct TV size and viewing distance, and chose side by side 3D (you have to set the TV to match this) and the effect was brilliant! I do still see ghosting during cut scenes, but during gameplay it looks fantastic. The Masters, was a bit of a mixed bag. It is also side by side 3D and at times it is brilliant (when the camera pans around the environment your jaw will drop) but the first time you see severe ghosting you are taken out of the moment. However, I think once Cable and Satellite receivers are more 3D ready, you should be able to configure for the screen size, depth, and viewing distance.

    2D to 3D is unique and has its moments of brilliance but also has severe drawbacks. Let’s put it this way, you won’t confuse Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D in it’s native 3D format for watching Monsters Vs. Aliens in 2D to 3D conversion. The conversion (you can change the depth) actually can be quite blurry with some material and most material isn’t worth watching converted. Some movies like Star Trek are kind of fun but I wouldn’t buy the television strictly for this feature.

    2D content is fantastic. The color (even the black level since you can configure the backlight without having to hack the firmware), sharpness, and overall features (such as MotionPlus) are astounding for the price range. I actually have turned off MotionPlus simply because it gives non sports programming a “Spanish Soap Opera” effect. I did run into a bit of a strange issue that seems to have gone away by resetting the cable box where the picture bounced up and down using a Time Warner HD Cable box hooked via HDMI (you need HDMI to view the Masters in 3D). I really can’t hold that against the TV, it was more the cable box but I’ve read of similar problems with some Samsung models so there does seem to be some buggy firmware with the box.

    Overall if it wasn’t for the ghosting issues still being present (it could be the content, but I cannot be sure, I’d like to test more 3D Televisions) and the 2D to 3D conversion being slightly underwhelming I’d give this TV a perfect score. As it is, if you are in the market for an affordable HDTV and want the 3D option, you can’t go wrong. You have plenty of inputs (plus two usb slots) and the TV is a beautiful compliment to your entertainment room so I highly recommend this television (it’s nearly $1,000 cheaper than the LED model of the same size).

    Edit as of 5/12/2010:
    I’ve had this TV now for a few weeks and gone through a firmware update, tested some more functions, calibrated it more, and updated the firmware on the Samsung 6900 3D Bluray Player twice.

    I want to change my comments on 2D -> 3D conversion. I don’t know if it’s the firmware upgrade or what, but now I definitely see a difference in most scenes (I have the depth up to 10). Games like Uncharted 2 with a map like “The Village” look fantastic converted. I’ve also managed to get Avatar (The Game) on the PS3 to look great with side by side 3D with minimal ghosting. Since the firmware update and the 3D Optimize option for the TV, Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D also looks very good.

    I did have a stupid moment where I noticed a huge lag playing something like Rock Band and finally realized there is a game mode. Since going to game mode, I have no issues playing videogames and the response time is virtually nothing now.

    I absolutely love the TV, it does have some flashlighting (You don’t see this unless the screen is ENTIRELY black) but 2D content looks fantastic and 3D is impressing me more and more. For a while it was even cheaper than it is now on Amazon but the price went back up. It’s still worth it. I see some people bashing the TV simply because the glasses aren’t included or it’s not competing with the Panasonic 3D Plasma models but they obviously haven’t seen it. Everybody that has reviewed this TV on Amazon owns the TV, some sites people are reviewing 3D Ready TV’s without actually owning it. I’ve seen reviews based on a 5 minute demo and they couldn’t even tell you the firmware level. Believe me this TV is awesome and once you experience a true 3D source, you will have little doubt 3D is the next wave in TV (it may be a few years until it reaches mainstream).

    I’m also giving it 5 stars since the firmware update since ghosting/crosstalk has gotten a lot better (it’s still not quite perfect but very impressive).

  • A. Brandt says:

    Customer Rating First HDTV, Great Choice!, 2010-05-11
    This review is from: Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch
    If you aren’t already sitting on a 1080p HDTV or are looking for the affordable angle into the upcoming 3D ready technology GO FOR IT!
    EDIT:I can’t say enough good things about this television. It has been well worth the investment even without using its 3D capabilities yet.

    I hadn’t taken the plunge into HDTV’s yet and was still watching on a 32″ JVC tube television. I’ll be a dork and admit that after seeing Avatar in 3D and with an upcoming birthday, I started researching the 3D ready televisions. Early reviews of the Samsung line were positive and only critical on the high end screens at an A/V level I won’t be concerned with as an HDTV neophyte. Upon seeing Samsung’s line up I had noticed the LN46C750 was the only non LED or Plasma offering, making it pretty much the most affordable 3D ready television out there. The info I found said the C750 should be like the B750 that CNET thought was quite good. Once the product showed up at Amazon, I went to big box store to check similar LCD’s as well as try the 3D display they had setup. Being impressed by both I bought the LN46C750 the next day. I got the tv for less (killer deal) than it’s going for now, but this price is still only about $3-400 more than a straight LCD of equivalent statistics.

    Delivery & Setup:
    The television came a few days earlier than expected! Box was undamaged and everything was in order when I pulled the set out. Having looked at LED LCD televisions in person that are sub 1″ deep, I still find this television looks beautiful even with its portly (kidding) 3.2″ depth. I have it set up on it’s cool looking “X” stand on the old televisions garbage entertainment center (to be remedied in the future.) Directions are straight forward, I plugged in my cable, power source, and a ethernet cord–the WIS09ABGN wireless LAN adapter came later. Auto setup found all of my channels, set the time on the TV and updated the pre-installed apps.

    I mostly have left the picture settings alone, other than obviously picking home use over store display. Standard def. Cable doesn’t look great, but I was expecting that as I’ve upped my PC monitor before and gone through the same issues. The free over air/cable HD channels are looking NICE! Unfortunately I do not have a Blu-ray player yet, and so I can’t test really high end content. What I can say is I have one of the cheapest Target-special DVD players out there and STILL standard DVD’s are looking great. SO good in fact that on some I have to turn down/off the Auto Motion Plus settings to avoid that re-shot-old-movie-with-high-end-home-video-camera look. The “mexican soap opera” look if you will. The exception is my animated selections. I tossed in Finding Nemo and it looks flat out amazing! Black levels (people seem to crow about this a lot on reviews) look good to me. With no signal in the lower 2 corners there is a bit of what I guess is “flashlighting” but nothing I find significant at all and when those parts of the screen are actually receiving signal I don’t see it at all.

    EDIT: I now have a PS3 functioning as my Blu-ray player and movies have looked amazing! Black levels look great to me, movies are chrystal clear and even a game like Uncharted from 2007 looks beautiful. I have now found that going with basic/manual image settings almost always displays a better outcome than letting the Auto-Motion and Anti-this-and-that take their shot at the images.

    WIS09ABGN Wireless LAN Adapter:
    Setup is no harder than getting a laptop to find your wireless router. Just plug it in after the television is on, and it will bring you through entering the password. Works excellent and given the shape of the back of this screen it fits in and won’t be a problem even if you were to hang the set flush to a wall.

    Apps (Incomplete): I have only really used the Netflix app as of yet. I have found that the HD streaming content looks great, and the SD streaming content goes from very good down to “meh” or even a bit jerky on screen. Given the HD content looks so good, I feel I can eliminate wireless bandwith issues. I think it is just a varying quality in the SD content they offer.
    EDIT: Either the television is hitting its stride, or turning off all of the image enhancers has greatly aided the jerky movement I thought I was getting from the Netflix streams. Everything looks excellent now.

    I didn’t anticipate running that much sound from the set, but since I’m streaming Netflix I find myself using the TV speakers more often than expected. I could use an Audio Out to my receiver, but I’ve found the sound to be surprisingly good (maybe it’s that chubby 3.2″ dept giving more room for the speakers).
    EDIT: I still use the televisions speakers for most cable tv watching and even some streaming movies as they are working out well enough too not always bother with firing up the reciever for 5.1/7.1

    3D Effects (Incomplete):
    Sorry no review content here yet. I can’t afford the 3D glasses right now–I didn’t get the package deal as I’m getting a PS3 as my Blu-Ray player/game station. I will say I tried the rechargeable Samsung glasses at the big box store with Monsters V Aliens and while not a theater experience, the effect was still very cool even with all of the glare of the ceiling gym lights they had on.

    I will update my review as I try/figure out new things. Let me know if there’s something specific you want to know from my not-expert-but-very-attentive viewpoint.

    EDIT: changed the final “term” of my viewpoint.

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