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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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LG Infinia 65LW6500

Submitted by on October 19, 2011 – 5:55 am10 Comments | 3,331 views

LG Infinia 65LW6500

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get LG Infinia 65LW6500. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Customer Rating Decent, 2011-06-19
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    – Stereo interleaved lines are not noticeable for most 3D content and especially when seated at the recommended distance.

    – Gyroscopic controller does make it easier to deal with menu selections.

    – As with all micropolarized stereoscopic screens, side-ways off-axis viewing is excellent. Vertical offset will yield ghosting. But for normal viewing use this is unlikely to impact anyone.

    – For the price it is an excellent display- especially since you are using the same polarized glasses as in the movie theaters.

    – 2D image quality appears to be on par with other 65″ LCDs I have from Sharp. The only difference is that the screen is glossy because of the micropolarization overlay.


    – When you plug a laptop into it, there is noticeable lag. For example, when you move the mouse on the laptop there is a small lag to when the screen is refreshed. This is perhaps to be expected with most modern TVs that do so much internal processing. I am using it as my wall mounted monitor in my office so the lag is a bit annoying- especially for someone who’s primary business is computer graphics. To reduce the lag you can either plug in via the VGA connector or by turning down as much image processing as possible. If you do a search on AVS forum you’ll find suggestions on how to do that.
    Update: it turns out, even if you use the HDMI input, you will dramatically reduce the lag if you go into the input labeling option and relabel it as PC. I guess the TV is trying to be intelligent.

    – There is some inconsistencies in the backlight, but this is pretty good for a 65″ screen, especially when compared to screens with florescent back lights. Of course it is not as crisp as a plasma display. But then again it is also much lighter than a plasma screen, and you don’t have to buy the heavy 3D glasses.

    – The support stand it comes with is incredibly wobbly- it is essentially a cheap piece of plastic that is about 3 inches across on each side. This tiny hollow neck is supposed to support and balance the weight of the entire LCD screen. A Bobble Head comes to mind. Except the head is the big LCD screen- scary! Get a wall mount.

    Normally for large ticket displays I order them from local vendors so it’s easy to return. I had to order this from Amazon since the local vendors only had them on pre-order. The shipping company banged up the unit pretty badly. The top portion of the box was compromised when I received it. And the plastic frame around the display was dented. I took a picture just in case the unit didn’t work. Surprisingly the screen was not cracked and the display functioned fine. Normally this degree of impact will crack a display. Just an FYI….

  • E.L. says:

    Customer Rating Not perfect, but overall very good., 2011-07-24
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    So, I have the 65lw6500 I got from here. Delivered no problem in one week. It replaced an LG 55LH90.
    Here are my thoughts after a few days with it in no particular order. By the way, a little background on me….used to be REALLY into home theater, then I got married, so now I just enjoy it. I’m happy with the 80% solution. I have excellent vision and don’t get motion sick or anything else like that. I do not like active shutter at all. It just irritates me, and the dimming and flickering I see when I move my head is a total deal breaker. YMMV


    -it’s freaking heavy. Also, it just seems huge compared to my 55″. FYI, I sit about 10 feet.

    -2d is very good. Surprisingly even good on SD content from Dish Network and older stuff on Netflix. Completely watchable.

    – 3d is fantastic. Tangled is WOW! Of course, good source material makes a world of difference. Green Hornet added nothing in 3d, whereas Tangled was actually a more enjoyable movie in 3d. It was like a different film. I haven’t seen any 3d issues.

    -there is some flash lighting from the corners. I can tell a difference in blacks from my LH90 that had full local dimming backlight. (this does NOT have local dimming, unlike the 55 and 47 model 6500 listed in the table above. It’s slightly annoying to me, but my wife doesn’t even notice…also, I didn’t point it out to her. Some things you just can’t unsee. It improved as I adjusted the settings. The picture wizard is quite good.

    -the edge lighting is more viewable as you move to the opposite side. For example, if I sit left of center, the right side of the screen becomes “less black” because of that side’s edge light. Vice versa

    – the magic remote is pretty nice, but not totally necessary..I wouldn’t spend extra if it wasn’t already included. There’s not really any better way to explain it than comparing it to a Wii Remote. it also comes with another remote that has more buttons. Neither is what I would call a universal remote.

    -the built in apps are cool. If you have a receiver with ARC, it’s great to just click on Netflix, vudu, whatever and have the receiver switch over. The apps also work well. There are maybe 20apps or so? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon on demand (yes, watch the free stuff if you have Prime shipping), Pandora, Facebook, and some other ones that I don’t recall.

    -PS3 and Xbox 360 with kinect work just fine through my Onkyo r360 receiver. PS3 played Tangled blu ray with zero issues. I even put Ratchet and Clank in 3d conversion mode and it was pretty cool.

    -speaking of, the 2d to 3d conversion is fun. It doesn’t always work, but I’d say it’s probably 85% right. I played Spongebob from Netflix and it got it mostly right, but there were times where his body, pants and legs were in the foreground, but his belt would be put in the background. Stuff like that. Generally, though, really cool.

    In all, I like it. If you are the kind of person who NEEDS the blackest blacks, don’t get it. But, passive 3d, large screen and 3d conversion sold me vs some other sets.

  • Mike says:

    Customer Rating Nice, but not perfect, 2011-08-14
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    This is a nice TV but it has some flaws. Unfortunately all 3D televisions sold at this time have flaws so you have to pick your battles. I was torn between the 65 inch Panasonic Plasma or this set as both are about the same price. A friend bought a Panasonic GT30 series and has constant issues with burn in (real burn-in, not just IR) as the newest plasmas seem to have worse issues with that than the older 2009-2010 models. Not sure why the newer (3D) plasmas have issues with IR and burn-in like early plasmas, but I’m a gamer and I didn’t want to have to worry about burn-in. I already knew that the picture wouldn’t be quite as uniform and not to expect jet blacks so I wasn’t surprised when I saw some light bleed at the edges of this set on a totally black scene or some very faint clouding on perfectly uniform scenes like a white background in a commercial. Fortunately the mura and cloudiness are quite faint and are confined to the edges so they are not nearly as bad as the Sharp Aquos 65D64U 65 inch LCD it replaced. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons that I’ve found in just a few days of ownership.

    (1) Bright, sharp, very detailed picture.
    (2) No one in the family had issues with seeing lines in the passive 3D picture.
    (3) 3D picture is fantastic. No headaches from wearing heavy active glasses.
    (4) Vertical offset not really an issue at typical viewing distances, even with wall mounting.
    (5) Good smart TV apps, but I don’t use those much.
    (6) Off angle (side) viewing is excellent: very little contrast/color shift.
    (7) Massive array of settings/features: could be a “con” too as you can get lost in them!
    (8) Nice sturdy base has left/right swivel.
    (9) Tru Motion option is incredible: can smooth out any slow-frame-rate source.

    (1) ~150ms lag w/default settings, see […]
    (2) Can’t use optical audio out on TV to sync sound because it only passes stereo sound.
    (3) Blacks are not plasma black obviously, but not bad for an LCD.
    (4) Some mura and light bleeding but improved by massaging screen stress points w/cloth.
    (5) Incredibly annoying idiot warning w/3D content: can’t be disabled.
    (6) Glossy screen shows every reflection: reflections can ruin the 3D effect.

    Summary: overall I’m quite happy with this set. The passive 3D is better than I expected and comparable to my friend’s Panasonic GT30 plasma in quality. Half-res 3D due to the passive technology doesn’t seem to be a factor beyond about 8 feet. And no one should buy an LCD expecting perfectly uniform picture and jet blacks like a plasma. So from what I was expecting, I’m quite impressed. This set lost one star in my review for two primary reasons: the set can’t pass proper DD 5.1 sound from HDMI input to optical out, and because of the idiotic warning that pops up every time you go from 2D to 3D mode. LG needs to add a way to acknowledge that warning once and then not display it in the future.


  • ringnjc says:

    Customer Rating Amazing TV Set, 2011-07-08
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    Just received the TV yesterday via freight shipping. Package was in great shape and the delivery men wanted me to open the box and test the TV before they left. This set is absolutely stunning even when it is off! The great news is that it’s even more amazing on. It is fairly thin at less than 1″ and is a claimed 93lbs without the stand. It seemed alot heavier, but it may just be the sheer size of the TV that makes the weight awkward to handle. I mounted it with a super slim Sanus mount with the help of another person, of course, I’m no hulk! I did not have an inset electrical outlet, so I had to buy one of those flat three prong extension cords in order to be able to get the TV close enough to the wall to snap in the bottom. Since I mounted it above my fireplace mantle I got a tilting mount so that I could tilt the set downward since it sits about 5.5′ above the ground.
    I was most excited about the Cinema 3D so I will start there:
    -uses the same cheap glasses as in the theaters, which is great.
    -they are light weight and no worries if a kid breaks them, plus we have a collection of smaller glasses the kids get when going to see a 3D flick.
    -The 3D quality is bright, very dimensional, and does not give me a migraine like the active shutter sets do. There is no flickering and dimming.
    -True 3D content from the HD satellite Receiver or blu-ray is just gorgeous. better than the theaters as the screen is brighter.
    -2D to 3D actually works and adds dimension to almost any show you’re watching. It’s fun to play with.
    -My overall opinion is that Cinema 3D is the new standard until we can all go sans glasses some day

    2D HD quality:
    I am no videophile, but the pure 2D HD quality is fantastic, and amazing considering this set is 65″.
    Colors are vibrant, blacks are deep, overall i am very pleased.

    Apps and Magic remote:
    -the Magic remote is very much like a Wii remote and really makes using the apps, web browser and other features a breeze. you can also download the LG TV remote for your ios device and control the TV that way, worked really well.
    -There are the standard set of apps including netflix as well as other freebies and ones you can buy. There is 256mb of built in storage, but with a limited amount of apps, and most coming in under 5mb, storage space won’t be an issue, and you may be able to harness an extra USB stick, but I am not 100% sure.

    Wireless adaptor:
    I could not get the included wireless adapter to work with my d-Link wireless router, so I had to pull out my old trusty Linksys G router and the LG adapter recognized it right away. I tried many security options, and wireless speeds to no avail on the d-link, which works with every other device in my house, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Vizio TV, etc…

    For around $3000 I don’t think you’ll find a more desirable and feature rich set out there.

  • A Pritchard says:

    Customer Rating Worth the wait, 2011-08-13
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    I had been waiting for LG to release a 65 inch LED for months, and it was worth the wait. The picture is stunning. I read a couple reviews about the glossy screen after I ordered, so I was a little worried at first, but it’s not an issue for my set up. In fact, the colors are so bright, you don’t even notice when the TV is on. Two elements that I was disappointed with… The tv only has an optical audio output to connect to a surround sound system. I had intended to use my existing Bose system, but without the RCA outputs, that wasn’t possible. Second, I love the Smart Remote, I just wish it worked with my cable box too! Unfortunately, I connect via a digital cable box, so the channel change and search functions are not operative. Bottom line… The TV is fantastic. Now I need another one for my office!

  • Customer Rating Good, but glossy…, 2011-07-07
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    Ok there has been a lot of confusion about this 65″ LG passive 3d because I believe it is a lw6500 in name only and does not have the same features of the smaller versions of this model. It is only 120 Hz instead of 240 Hz and has a very glossy screen instead of the matte finish like the smaller lw5600 and lw6500. I ordered this tv knowing about the120Hz, but assumed it had a matte finish like the other lg passives- I avoided the 65″ Vizio because of the glossy screen. I believe I can live with the glossy screen- I may need to do something about my skylights… anyway besides the glossy screen and the fact that it is 120 Hz I am happy with the picture quality of this tv- it is not perfect- I can see some clouding, but not a deal breaker for me. The 3d looks great from comcast, panasonic 3d blu ray player and games on the PS3 (I played wipeout and Stardust HD so far). I don’t think I would be happy with active glasses for me and my family. The 3d looks awesome to me- looks very clear and I can’t tell it is not technically full HD… the average person will prefer passive over active- I already collected 9 pairs of passive glasses- including two smaller sizes for my kids….

    Overall not bad if you want a large 65″ passive TV- I would recommend buying directly from Amazon because of their 30 day return policy and price match…

    I still have yet to see a major review of this TV (not sure the demand for such a large TV), but the lw5600s received good reviews- I believe the future for 3d will be with passive-

    According to LG 4 out of 5 people prefer passive (cinema 3d) over active- I understand why…

  • Customer Rating Supreme value, 2011-07-31
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    Excellent picture, once you tame the showroom settings.

    -turn off trumotion. I have never liked frame interpolation on any set I’ve ever viewed.
    -turn sharpness down

    This set is capable of great things once you get the picture settings tuned. The 3D is splendid. Yes, you can see scan lines if you stand very close. But believe me, the payoff for not having to worry about $150 glasses for everyone in the room is great. The detail, color, sharpness, and depth are jaw-dropping in quality titles like Tangled,HTTYDragon, etc. I can hand glasses out to my kids and their friends and not concern myself with flicker, broken and smudged glasses, charged batteries, etc. You can even lay down on the couch and still see the 3d well. If I had a dark room with only videophile viewers, plasma with active might be preferable. But in our family room with its many windows and many kids, this TV is a solid choice. No regrets.

  • Customer Rating Beware, has a Glossy Screen and no Local Dimming, 2011-07-02
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    I waited since January to purchase this screen since it was supposed to have a Matte finish screen. It was the #1 reason I did not buy the Vizio Passive 3D screen. All of the other models in the LW6500 line have a matte screen, local dimming, and 240hz refresh rate. I think his model should actually be in LW5600 series. I am highly disappointed with the glossy screen and the lack of local dimming.

  • souldjer777 says:

    Customer Rating Amazing TV – It’s like being at the theater, 2011-07-29
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    The 65″ Cinema 3D TV with the passive 3d glasses really makes for a win / win. The TV is so large it’s like being at the theater and the passive glasses have no batteries or charging so it’s cheap and I can’t tell any difference between those and active! I’ve played Crysis 2 on the TV and loved it. I also played 3d movies like “Resident Evil” and “How to train your dragon” on demand from Comcast – all incredibly smooth… Beautiful landscapes, stunning 3d, incredible functionality and I can’t wait to combine it with Xbox Kinect! By the way, I am currently as I type this watching X Games on ESPN in 3D and OMG! Fantastic! Absolutely incredible – you have no idea what your missing.

    Couple setup hints… Turn off Tru Motion when you watch movies. It introduces a video camera feel to films – you’ll notice this in movies like “Inception”. And… if the tv goes dark periodically by itself, it may be that you have the “Energy Saving mode” or the “Intelligent Sensor” enabled, in this case, go to your home menu go to picture settings then locate any Energy saving or Intelligent sensor and turn it off and that should take care of your issue.

    Hope that helps everyone! I hope 3d takes off because man oh man, am I loving my home 3d theater 🙂

  • fla guy says:

    Customer Rating Super Performance, 2011-09-01
    This review is from: LG Infinia 65LW6500
    I’ll try and be brief, but there are so many good things to say about this TV, it’s had to pick just a few. Out of the box in the cinema picture mode, I had a very good picture. I have a “Spears & Munsil” Blu-ray DVD that I have used to get the best possible picture from my other TV’s and it works great to optimize the sets. However for some reason I could not get good results on the LG, despite repeated try’s. Then it occurred to me to reduce the back lighting to 0. Viola, when I finished the set-up I turned the back lighting up to where the picture looked the best and I was amazed at the clarity, color and overall detail the set is capable of. Dark blues stood out from black like I have never seen before. I would imagine that with professional calibration it would be exceptional.
    The 3D is amazing and quite bright. I don’t see any lines like the active shudder glass set makers would have you believe and we sit about 9 feet from the screen. I bought Final Destination 4 in 3D blu ray to try out on my LG BD670 player. AWESOME!!! What an incredible experience! The 3D from DirecTV is very good as well depending on the programming.
    Setting up the wireless adapter was a breeze, as the setup screen walked you through the steps needed and when I pressed the connect button on my Linksys router it found it right away and asked if I wanted to update my software. This was completed and the apps loaded flawlessly.
    In summary, if you are on the fence about this set, the 2D picture is amazing, 3D is incredible, just take the plunge, you WILL not regret this at all. I can’t wait for football!!

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