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Best HDTV of The Month

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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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LG Infinia 47LW5600

Submitted by on October 26, 2011 – 6:18 pm10 Comments | 3,356 views

LG Infinia 47LW5600

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How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • M. Davis says:

    Customer Rating WOW – I Love this…, 2011-06-26
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    I returned my Vizio and got the LG. What a huge difference. This TV is great. Picture great, with little adjustment necessary. Sound is great, at least compared to similar flat screens. Internet apps and browser are fun and 3D with cheap, included, glasses is great. Only complaint is that this TV needs analog audio outputs. It has headphone and digital outputs only. First one arrived physically damaged as the LG packaging is not really good enough for shipping. Amazon got me a replacement in 2 days. I had to ship the first one back, a pain, but that is mail order….

  • Customer Rating Great LED 3D TV, 2011-05-16
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    just picked up this sweet unit From a Retail store Yesterday Since they had a storewide 20 year anniversary sale (pick out the CAPS). BTW, prior to my purchase, I’ve been a proud owner of a Samsung 720p LCD TV of 8 years.

    The TV is great. Passive 3D glasses FTW. It really gives you a good feel for the depth of each element in the picture. Viewing angle on the screen is pretty good too. I have my living room set up so that a love seat is off to the side (perpendicular) to the TV and guests are still able to view the screen. There is a 20degree float to both left and right sides of the TV.

    User interface is pretty straight forward. I’m use to Samsung’s but LG’s interface isn’t very far off from being the same. My only problem is the lag between the remote control and the menu selection screen. Sometimes, I’ll click the down-arrow on the remote and nothing triggers on the screen so I have to press it an extra time. IMO, that’s very minor.

    Apps that I have tried are NetFlix, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Picasa. These apps work very very well. In addition to the remote control, LG has also bundled together a “Wand”-like remote control similar to the Nintendo Wii. It runs on AA batteries and all you have to do is point your remote at the screen, press a button to activate, and a cross-hair comes up so you can select buttons on the screen. Although, this is nothing new and groundbreaking, it is nice to see it integrated into a TV.

    The physical characteristics of the TV is amazing. I see it in the stores as thin, but bringing it back home, i couldn’t even see the TV looking at it directly from the side. The 2D to 3D conversion works flawlessly. I have over-the-air DTV and my fiance and I are just shocked at how simple free HDTV channels looked on the TV. That’s the best part about the TV, passive 3D glasses. Now, I don’t have to invest any money on those active shutter lenses.

    The TV is 120Hz and has a very fluid motion when characters move in scenes. But it isn’t over-the-top fluid like the Sony Bravias; I think those are just over kill to the point that the pictures don’t look natural.

    Bottom line: for $900 at frys electronics, it was the biggest bang for the buck. Go out and get yours today!

  • S. Phillips says:

    Customer Rating Excellent passive 3-D set., 2011-04-11
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    The passive 3-D works quite well, but you will want to be eye level with the set. (No above the fireplace mounting here) There is almost no ghosting at all, even on content which contains crosstalk on my 3-D plasma. Resolution IS reduced (I can easily tell) but it isn’t that bad and as long as you sit far enough away from the set, you won’t see scan lines. The 3-D from blu-ray 3D is bright and of course the polarized glasses are lightweight and easily replaceable. Directv’s 3-D channels are bit softer on this set but still acceptable.

    Is it as good as my active 3-D set? Not quite, as the active has better picture quality, but the passive set comes out on top even over the plasma as far as lack of ghosting/crosstalk goes. I think most casual 3-D viewers would be quite pleased. 2-D to 3-D conversion is probably the best I’ve seen also, though I would rarely use this feature.

    I wouldn’t call active obsolete (after all, 3-D content works on either kind of set, just as you can choose between LCD, plasma or DLP, you can choose active or passive) but if they can get the resolution to be better (full 1080p in both eyes) I would expect the market to go in the passive direction.

    2-D picture is excellent, and the various apps and internet features are well executed.

  • Customer Rating A Great Value, 2011-06-24
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    Summary – This is a good buy if you are looking for a LED Television with 3D and internet capability.

    Background – This television is mounted on the provided stand and placed on top of a media chest. The television sits above the seated viewers. Replaces a 5 year old 40″ Sony Bravida LCD panel. Connected to a HD TiVo and a Sony Blu Ray.

    Set-Up – Fast and easy. The manual is adequate, but not excellent. The “Pro” video set-up is a nice feature and gets the picture looking its best quickly. The HDMI cables come out of the back of the television at a right angle on the left side rear. Placement is not optimal since HDMI cables have a tendency to be stiff and sharp bends are not recommended. There is enough room to make the gentle bend and align the cables, but tie wraps are a must for more than one cable.

    Stand – Basic. Swivels right to left, but a tilt feature should have been included. See comments about 3D for explanation. A cable management slot on the stand would also have been nice to clean-up the cables for those who are not wall mounting.

    Picture – Sharp and clear. No motion artifacts. Superior to the Sony it replaces, but this was expected due to the technology improvements since the purchase of the Sony.

    Sound – Decent for ultra-thin panel televisions. If you are looking for audio quality, I recommend an external amplifier and speakers. For normal viewing, the sound is acceptable and voices are clear.

    3D Blu ray – Comparable to my expensive active 3D television without the flicker and associated issues. Although the picture quality is not as high, I challenge most viewers to tell the difference. As stated in other reviews, there is some ghosting if the television tilt does not point the television straight at the viewer (A tilting stand would have been a nice feature for LG to add, but alas, it only swivels!). To the right and left of the television, there is no degradation of the 3D experience.

    2D to 3D – This television does a superior job of converting 2D into 3D. It seems to excel when the film has depth of field and the less action, but the overall experience is very good. Based on my prior experience with my Active 3D television, I expected far less and found this to be a compelling 3D experience.

    Internet TV – Linked to Amazon.com quickly and easily. Netflix was also excellent. Some buffering issues left me wishing that the television stored more of he content locally as the video streamed. Web Browsing was less than adequate and I did not find it a useful experience, with the television not always responding to the commands of the remote. Apps are limited and it made me wonder why someone does not develop an Android based television or a iOS based television so that there could be more Aps to access.

    Remote – The standard remote is decent and well laid out, but unless you own LG components, you will have to have multiple remotes. A learning remote would have been a nice feature. Key back-light is dimmer than I would like.

    Magic Wand Remote – Think Wii controller for a television. Similar to other people, I had trouble with the response of the remote and found it worked best when I was sitting straight in front of the television. I felt that the software could use further optimization and I don’t see this currently as product differentiation and I would not buy this television for this capability alone.

    Recommendation – I would recommend this television and I am satisfied with the purchase.

  • Customer Rating Got WAY more than what I paid for… Truly the perfect TV, 2011-05-31
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    I did A LOT of shopping around before I decided to purchase this TV. Even eventually went to look at a floor model in the store. I had been looking for a 50″+ TV for around $1000.00 dollars and most everything in this price range would get me 50″-55″ basic plasma or standard LCD HDTV. In order to get better LED or plasma with any additional feature (especially 3D) I was going to have to pay 1,500 or 1,800+ and I was even considering it. So when I saw this TV for around $1,200 dollars and I saw the quality of it in the store I jumped on it and I was more than willing to sacrifice the 3″ considering the quality for the price.

    I have got to say though I wasn’t very interested in the other 3D technology out there because not only would I be paying for the TV but an additional $150 dollars per set of active 3D glasses which would also have to be charged and I was told were very fragile. This TV not only comes with four pairs of glasses but it uses the same light weight glasses as the theater and requires not charging what so ever and makes it possible for all my family and friends to watch 3D when they come over. So since I already had a PS3 which can play 3D all once I got the TV I was ready to watch 3D nothing else additional needed to purchase. Not having truly compared active 3D to Passive 3D I can’t say how much quality is lost but the quality of the passive 3D is so good it doesn’t leave anything to be desired and if I am sacrificing some quality it was well worth not having the expensive glasses and is truly not noticeable enough for me to care.

    Don’t even get me started on the remote and the direct link media share capabilities and the other many features this TV provides. I could seriously go on forever about this TV. I NEVER would have expected to get so much for so little and I am more than pleased with this TV. This is more than amazing TV and will be happy owning it for years to come.

  • Will says:

    Customer Rating Amazing quality for the price, 2011-05-21
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    So, I’ve been researching 45-50″ HDTVs over the last month since my 3 year old set started going on me about a month ago,. I really wanted a great 2D picture, but pretty much all the top tvs these days have 3D built in. I debated whether or not to go for active vs. passive – even after comparing the 2 in the store. Eventually, I narrowed it down to a Sony EX720, a Samsung D7000 or the LG LW5600. I almost pulled the trigger on the Samsung because of the picture quality, although it was more expensive and needs glasses. But I found a great deal on this set that was too good to pass up. Now here’s where the 5 stars part of my review comes in…

    I found a better price for this set than Amazon was selling it for at the time, and so I called in and Amazon agreed to price match and to still give me free shipping even though the price matched site charged shipping! I am an Amazon Prime member, and really wanted to get it on Amazon anyways….so I took it up.

    I got the set 2 days later, and I am ecstatic that I got this set! The picture quality and local dimming are great, although you really do need to change some default settings right out of the box (Real Cinema sucks and makes everything look like a soap opera). Again, I didn’t get this TV for 3D content, but I gave it a shot on some of the Direct TV 3D channels and it looked great! And, surprisingly, it converted 2D->3D really well (although it worked a lot better for animated stuff). I got 8 pairs of glasses with the set, so I think I’m set for life from that front. I still don’t know that I’ll use the 3D all the time, but it does look great on this set. I read around that people complain about the decreased quality of passive 3D, but it really does look great on this set and I can’t see any lines or ghosting at all.

    With all of the features and quality of this tv, the fact that it includes the wifi dongle and the glasses, and the comparatively moderate price, I think it’s one of the best 3DTVs out there. Couple that with Amazon’s price matching guarantee and I’m a happy camper!

  • MovieManTN says:

    Customer Rating LOVE IT!, 2011-05-18
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    Just got this at Best Buy (sorry, Amazon, they had a package deal that I couldn’t pass up!)…

    I haven’t even begun to delve into all the functions and capability that it has, but I am BLOWN AWAY by the picture quality. I have tested several 3D Blu Ray discs in it, and so far the most impressive has been “The Polar Express.” The image is STUNNING when using either cable, Blu Ray, or regular DVD. By far the best television as far as image quality goes that I have ever owned.

    The Passive 3D glasses are so lightweight, you barely realize you are wearing them. The set comes with 4, and they are FAR more affordable than the other types I have seen.

    The remote is extremely easy to use, as is the weird-but-fun “Magic Motion” control.

    Sleek, attractive, absolutely stunning. I highly recommend this unit.

  • gchinn says:

    Customer Rating Amazing TV!, 2011-06-25
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    I researched online for months comparing plasma, DLP, LED, LCD, and passive vs. active 3D. I finally decided that the LG 47LW5600 was the best TV I found, not even considering the price (which is a steal in my opinion!).

    I went to a certain major box store to compare this set to some other active 3D sets, and enjoyed LG’s passive 3D hands down. Not only are the glasses more comfortable and MUCH cheaper, but the 3D on this set just seemed to have much more ‘pop’ to it. The active sets were ok, but the glasses I tried were uncomfortable, and on top of it all, active 3D just didn’t seem to have the same depth to it. I had also read about passive 3D losing the HD quality and some people noticing resolution lines. That’s the primary reason I wanted to see it for myself. What I noticed in store and at home is that if you sit within a few feet of the screen, the lines do become slightly apparent in still shots. However, as I backed up to a normal viewing distance for this set (7-12ft), I no longer noticed any diminished quality. In addition to content produced in 3D, this TV will also convert 2D content to 3D, which I first thought would be marginal at best. After using this set for a few weeks now, I have come to enjoy this feature much more than I imagined I would and often don my 3D glasses for Netflix, cable, and non 3D-encoded movies. While not as good as 3D encoded content, the TV does do an amazing job of converting. Finally on 3D, make sure you get an HDMI 1.4 cable for 3D content, and should you need more than the included 4 glasses, pick up a few more for cheap!

    Yes, the 3D is great and I just spent a good long paragraph praising it, but the other features and overall picture quality also deserve similar praise. Brightness, contrast, black levels, and just about everything else are superb. The LED’s allow the TV to produce quality blacks with no graying, no flashlight effect, and just an overall good, crisp, clean picture. The picture wizard does a great job of allowing you to adjust the settings for an optimal viewing experience for your room. The smart TV features are good, but could certainly use some improvement (hopefully more apps to come in the future). I mostly just use it to Netflix, but you can YouTube, check the weather, and other things I haven’t explored. The TV includes an Ethernet port for internet, as well as a wireless dongle should you prefer fewer wires poking into the back of your TV.

    Overall, I would recommend this TV to anyone, hands down. If you have any doubts about it I would recommend you see this TV in person and compare it to others before buying and I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.

  • Reviewer says:

    Customer Rating UPDATE: MUCH better than the 55″ model – comparison, 2011-08-25
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    Well, I just learned that bigger is not always better.

    We had purchased this 47″ version of LG’s new passive 3D line and were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the image quality… it is PRISTINE! (Easily a 5-star+ set.) In fact, we were so pleased with that unit that we thought we might want just a slightly larger TV instead. So, we ordered the 55″ model (55LW5600) and planned on returning the 47″ one.

    Well, amazingly, we’re sending back the 55″ TV. The image is noticeably less pristine (grainy/pixelated/dull – even on the highest resolution blu-ray content… and even more surprisingly, the 3D was making us sick. (So strange, since we totally LOVE the 3D on the 47″ model.) Too bad… because we were really excited about the larger size… but we’d much rather have quality over quantity.

    (Interestingly, it was my wife – who claims to not notice the “soap opera effect” of the new LCDs – who was most disturbed by the quality loss. It was glaringly obvious to her (as it was to me… though I didn’t want to admit it, since I really wanted the larger model). If my wife notices the difference, trust me… it’s there. I later did a side-by-side comparison between the 55LW5600 and the 47LW5600 which confirmed our suspicions.)

    Here’s a little more detail:


    On the 55″ model, image quality of even the highest resolution blu-ray discs was noticably less sharp, more pixelated/grainy, and overall just more dull. I played extensively with the settings but could not overcome these issues.

    Alternatively, images on this 47″ model are crisp and GORGEOUS. My hunch is that the resolution on both units is identical, but it is spread over a greater screen area on the larger unit, resulting in the ability to more easily see image flaws. I have not found specs to confirm this, though. We sit about 10-12 feet away from the TV, and we did notice a significant improvement in our perception of the image quality when moving back about 5 feet. But, the arrangement of our room does not allow us to sit this distance from the TV… so the 47″ is the obvious choice for us.

    I would say that you should not consider a larger version of this TV if you intend on sitting closer than 12 feet to the set. Further out than that, you may have a better experience.

    3D EFFECT:

    I also learned that 3D can (under certain circumstances) make us sick. Strange, because we’ve always enjoyed 3D in the theater… and we absolutely LOVE 3D on the 47″ version of this TV. But, on the 55″ model, there were some strange fluttering effects, especially in fast-motion video (using 3D blu-rays as our video source). We also noticed some kind of strange boxy/pixelated effect during quick scene changes, or when going from bright to dark (and vice versa) scenes.

    None of these 3D issues occurred with this 47″ version. In fact, not only was the image impeccable, but the 3D looked absolutely gorgeous (and truly appeared to be fully HD quality – despite the controversy to the contrary – with no noticeable resolution loss at all).


    So, if you’re debating (like we were) about whether to go with LG’s 47″ version (47LW5600), or to go a little larger with the 55″ model… we’d suggest sticking with the 47″ TV unless you will be sitting a fairly significant distance away from the set. Otherwise, this 47″ model is THE NEW STANDARD by which TVs (anywhere near this price range) will be judged going forward. Enjoy!

    Oh… so what else did I learn? It turns out my wife’s a videophile! Who knew?!? 🙂



    I was able to improve the 2D video quality of the 55″ model significantly by using the settings given on hometheater.com ([…]). Blu-rays now look extremely good… perhaps still not quite as good as the 47″ version, but MUCH better than the default settings. So much improved, in fact, that if we only wanted the TV for 2D viewing, I would no longer hesitate to keep the 55″ version.

    Alas, though the 3D image quality has improved on the 55″ set with the new settings, you still really need to be a minimum of 13-15 feet away from the set to keep your eyes from wigging out when viewing objects that are closest to you in 3D space. Objects that go back into the screen fare the best, and border on stunning… the closer the object to the viewer, the more likely eye-strain/sickness will result.

    Again, none of these issues were experienced with this 47″ set. This has made the decision on which set to keep much more difficult. For now, 3D is an important enough feature for us to keep us leaning toward keeping this 47″ set. Decisions, decisions… 🙂



    Well, we found a setting on the larger 55″ TV (which is also present on the 47″ model) that allows you to adjust the 3D image in such a way that it positions the image further back into the screen (essentially virtually giving us the additional 3 feet back we felt we needed). To access, simply click the quick menu button *while 3D content is onscreen*. Then, select the top option to adjust the 3D settings. From there, the bottom option allows you to send the 3D image further back (to the left) or you can also bring it further forward going the other direction. We found the setting of “-5″ (about half way to the left) to be a good compromise, improving the 3D image for us immensely (so that we no longer felt nauseous when viewing) and still kept us from seeing ghosting. (Going all the way to the left introduced some faint ghosting and didn’t seem to be necessary since adjusting it half-way seemed to alleviate the sickness we felt when watching 3D content.) So, with that, and the video settings we found at hometheater.com, we have now fallen in love with the 55” model.

    So, our FINAL VERDICT is that the 47″ model is better out-of-the-box. Plug it in and WOW! The 55″ model requires a little more work, but it can eventually look every bit as good as the 47″ set.

    Hopefully our trial-and-error helps someone out there. 🙂 We’re extremely happy with our decision now.

  • M. Granato says:

    Customer Rating Awesome!, 2011-04-11
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW5600
    No Flicker / Wider Viewing Angle / Brighter Picture / Cheaper Glasses / No Recharging / More Fun with more Friends

    Active 3D is already obsolete. If you don’t believe me do a side by side comparison at your local electronic store. Yes, you do have half the resolution when viewing in 3D, but you will not be able to tell. The pixels are spilt in half from 1080 to 540, but you see both halves of a 540 image at the same time giving you that full HD illusion. It’s amazing! I have 20/20 vision and sit 7ft away from my TV and I see no jagged edges. I have heard the bigger the TV the worse the picture looks in 3D with passive technology. I was sold after looking at the 55″ at the electronic store. It is every bit of the 3D experience you’ll find in an active 3D set if not better and more natural like the theaters. Check it out for yourself. I purchased this 47″ lw5600 and am very pleased.

    However, there is some negatives about this TV which is why I gave it 4 stars.

    1) The magic motion controller is to horrible for browsing the web. It’s worthless, think about having to point at every letter you want to spell, don’t even get me started on scrolling down a page. I almost developed turrets syndrome trying to use this thing. I’ve given up trying, so I just connected my laptop to the TV so I can use my wireless mouse and keyboard to surf the web. -1/2 STARS

    2) The stand is cheap. It looks good but the TV will wobbles when you move it. Don’t worry its not going to break but LG could have just put a little more effort in this TV’s stand. However, I do like that it swivels. -1/4 STARS

    3) This TV must be at eye level. 3D images will start ghosting if you looking down or up at this TV. This is no big deal considering you have a huge viewing angle and you can view 3d when lying down. Also, It can be mounted above or below you if angled correctly -1/4 STARS

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