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December 2012

If you are looking for the best in HDTV, we suggest you do check out our top 5 best rated HDTV of the month. Their rating are based on consumer reviews at Amazon.com. …

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Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch

Submitted by on December 12, 2011 – 12:12 pm10 Comments | 4,047 views

Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and get Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch. You’ve got all the valuable information right here about the products and now is the time to take a look at the popular Amazon.com website to find these products.

Why Amazon?

Because Amazon provides one of the largest databases of products from top brand names to up and coming manufacturers. The products are reviewed by professionals and customers from around the world. Specifications are displayed in detail and there is that classic Amazon customer service that keeps deep track of every sale, every seller, and engages in great effort to make sure you get the best price from the best seller available.

The products come with full warranties, tracking, shipping details like no other and that historic Amazon background that established marketing on the internet as it is today. Rest assured, any purchase from Amazon will be carefully guarded and bring you the multiple options any shopper for a high ticket item like these needs. You’ll be able to surf for sellers of that particular product directly via Amazon and each one is tried and tested beforehand.

Should something go wrong you’ll have the top notch staff at Amazon working with you night and day to get the matter resolved. It’s this kind of service that has made them legendary and a staple of commerce globally.[amzn_product_post]Now that you’ve seen the products here you know it’s time to act. This offer for Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch may not last long as these items can be gone in a flash. People around the world know a good deal when they see one and that’s why you should jump on these items right now. The prices might go up or the items will sell out as they usually do. You won’t want to be left out as you can see these items are of great interest and with the holidays coming up, birthdays, and more, you might turn around and find that they’re gone and you’ll have missed out.

How many times have you gone shopping and found a great item you had to have and there it was sitting right in front of your face for just the right price, just the right time and you then figured you would check on it later only to find it was gone? Well that’s just what might happen here if you don’t act quick. So take a deep breath and make that decision now before it’s too late.


  • Customer Rating Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    I had really hoped this monitor would be great. High hopes, low expectations, and rightfully so.The blacks on this panel are atrocious. The blacklight bleeds on the edges, which is fine, to a certain extent, but noticeable in darker environments. I could live with this.There seems to be a handshake issue between my laptop and the monitor. For the first two days, the monitor worked well. Sound and video were plug and play transplanted onto the monitor. But starting yesterday (this is about three days into ownership), everytime I default video solely to the monitor, it begins to quickly flicker. This does not stop until I select the option where the laptop screen is mirrored on the monitor, instead of the monitor being the primary screen. I’m sure I could find a fix for this. Aggravating? Sure. The TV is marketed as a 1080p set. Which is not a false claim. However, the default resolution is 720p. I didn’t know that. Still, it works at 1080p.The reason I’m sending this back is because of the atrocious text reproduction. No matter what I do, the text looks horrible. Super pixelated and choppy. This is unacceptable. On top of that, pictures and videos looked artificial. Colors were not reproduced accurately and at time made it look like I was watching something else when I’d compare the feed to the laptop.Never had a chance to hook up an antenna to use the TV feature. It is thin though. And very easy to set up.

  • Jazz Fan says:

    Customer Rating Great value and picture, 2011-03-23
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    I bought one of these at another store at a great price (a returned item) and have been really impressed so far. It has a much sharper and brighter picture that seems a lot more realistic than the 20″ Vizio that broke down and was replaced by this Coby.The only minor complaints that I have are that the audio out jack is located in the middle of the back instead of at the side and that it only has one HDMI connector.For the money, this is a terrific TV!

  • Customer Rating cheap price, cheap product, 2011-07-30
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    Bought this at Fry’s for about $170, new in box. While it has the features I wanted (except good sound), I struggled to find a color balance so that faces wouldn’t look gray and pallid while not blowing out bright colors like football fields. The color is, at best, a compromise. Then, the TV started coming on by itself after having been turned off. This is not pleasant in the middle of the night. Finally, 15 days after the 90-day labor warranty expired, the unit refused to turn on. It was a waste of money.

  • D. Bouley says:

    Customer Rating Nice to look at…painful to listen to, 2011-06-02
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    I bought the Coby LEDTV2326 after researching affordable tvs to replace a failing Audiovox LCD TV/DVD combo I’ve had in my kitchen for six years. It gets a lot of use, as the kitchen is the hub of our house. I decided to forego the built-in DVD player, as convenient as it has been, because I wanted to keep the price down, and I have two extra DVD players just collecting dust in the basement. One sits atop the fridge now.

    Upon unboxing, I was impressed with the thin, sleek build of the Coby. Five minutes later it was hooked up and searching for channels…it’s that easy. I have it connected to standard cable, so it found the expected 58 or so SD channels. I was surprised to see that it also found 45 HD channels…I expected some, thanks to its QAM tuner, but not nearly that many. Bonus.

    HD picture quality is beautiful. I can’t say anything more.

    SD picture quality is sub-par when compared to other HDTVs I own, and others I’ve seen. It’s not great…but its watchable.

    DVD quality (480p) is quite good. Not HD, but very crisp. Blows SD cable away.

    One more thing to note about the picture – I can definitely see bright spotting around the perimeter when the screen is totally black…this indicates poor back (edge) lighting. Were it my main tv, it would go back for this. It’s a kitchen tv. No big deal.

    Now for the sound…I’ve never heard worse sound quality from any tv in my life…and I’m a videophile, so I’ve experienced a lot of tvs. It sounds like you’re trying to listen via a pair of crappy headphones sitting on the table in front of you. It’s literally unbearable. Thank God they included a headphone jack. I bought a $25 pair of decent computer speakers to solve the problem. It sounds great now.

    Overall, if you’re looking for a good display for mainly HD or DVD duty, and you’re willing to augment (replace) the included sound with a cheap pair of computer speakers, buy this tv. It’s definitely worth two bills. If, however, you don’t like the idea of separate speakers and just want a plug-and-play tv, buy something else…one with forward-facing speakers (hard to find, but obvious due to the perforated grilles you’ll see under the screen). Any display this size with down-facing speakers (the majority) is going to sound like crap.

  • Dewey Hylton says:

    Customer Rating Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    i already knew the sound wasn’t going to be stellar based on previous reviews. but i wasn’t expecting the product to cost more than advertised. ADORAMA sold me the tv via amazon, and it arrived without obvious damage. plugging it in, however, produced lots of colorfully lit pixels all over the screen – with no input. the display is simply broken, and supplying an image doesn’t change the faulty pixels. i’m estimating 15-20% of the pixels are faulty. okay, so that’s the unit itself.

    i clicked away on amazon’s forms to generate a return request. 2 days later, adorama writes to say that they won’t work with me because i accepted the package that was delivered. they point me to COBY, the manufacturer.

    so i hit up coby, just to find that not only do i have to ship the unit to them – i also have to pay for them to ship me a replacement. this unit just became $50 more than advertised, meaning i could have purchased a better unit from a more reputable company in the first place. meh.

    my recommendation: don’t bother with either ADORAMA or COBY. just save yourself the headache, and possibly some money in the end.

    picture of the factory-fresh unit in all of its brokenness: [[…]]

  • J. Toso "JT" says:

    Customer Rating Coby LEDTV2326, 2011-05-14
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    Nice basic little TV. Made in the USA. Slim, light weight, nice picture. I have this and the 22″ model for my daughter. I like the picture and very competitively priced. As for some low rankings for sound. I absolutely found this to be untrue. These are small tvs for small rooms. I have mine in a new dining room addition of my house. The sound is great.

  • Customer Rating Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    This TV is a good buy for a value TV. It would be a very good choice for a den or bedroom, or for a spare portable TV. The picture is very sharp and has good color and brightness. Blu-Ray through HDMI looks great at 720P and 1080P. SD via Coaxial cable looks good, not as sharp as HDTV, but not as mushy and blurry as on some other value TVs. Other reviews have mentioned the LED brightness bleeding into the black picture. It is annoying when the screen is black, but nearly imperceptible when video is playing. As another reviewer noted, this is acceptable in a spare TV, but it does keep this set from being a good choice for your primary TV. This TV also works well as a computer monitor. The screen resolution from the VGA connection is sharp and clear, making this an excellent computer monitor. Sound is adequate, not great. This has been noted in many reviews. Keep in mind that this TV is very thin, as are most LED TVs. Therefore, the speakers are also very thin. Thin speakers are not typically the kind to produce room-filling, robust sound. For a small room, the sound will be adequate. Connecting a set of computer speakers will enhance the sound a great deal without busting anyone’s budget. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a TV you will use occasionally.

  • Patrick says:

    Customer Rating Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    I’ve tried with two different computers that are able to produce 1920×1080 resolution and with this TV monitor I’m unable using the HDMI cable. With VGA or DVI I can reach those resolutions but with the HDMI I can only go up to 720 not the full 1080 resolution.

    I purchased my monitor at Fry’s and disappointed since I wanted full 1080 via the HDMI cable. It’s unfortunate since the clearest picture should come from the HDMI cable.

    Plan on returning this one.

  • Customer Rating Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch, 1970-01-01
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    I purchased this Coby 23″ 1080p tv to replace an Insignia 19″ HDTV that only went up to 1080i. It has a beautiful picture and I’m impressed with it’s total performance visually. I patch my notebook PC into it to watch mainly DIVX/avi movies in HD and it does a great job. My new Blu Ray player is excellent with it. But the one glaring fault with this tv is it’s miniscule, tinny sounding speakers which have to be turned almost all the way up to hear. This surprises me because i have bought and set-up 5 Coby mp3 players, all having excellent sound (if you use non-Coby earbuds). I’m using Realtek amplified speakers which I also use with my computer to remedy the sound problem. With good external speakers, it’s great. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars; the sound. This TV is worth more than the approximately $200 I spent for it. I hope Coby will make improvements, i’m a fan of their products so far. I would highly recommend this HDTV, with the addition of external amplified speakers.

  • Customer Rating Great little TV, 2011-04-10
    This review is from: Coby LEDTV2326 23-Inch
    We bought this TV for use in our travel trailer and it is a perfect TV for the job. It is very lightweight, thin and easily sits on the smallish space reserved for it in the trailer. It was super easy to set up and they even included the batteries for the remote control. It got here sooner than they said it would and was in perfect condition. It’s a sleek looking TV with an EXCELLENT picture. It has several preset modes for the picture but I played around with the custom ones until I had it set just the way I like it, with very vivid colors and sharp, crisp contrast.

    The only down side to the TV is the sound quality. It’s got tiny little speakers in it so I don’t expect big sound from them, but it is the only weakness I can think of to point out. And, if you have surround sound, that won’t matter at all.

    I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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